Thursday, 1 April 2010

Don't forget


John R said...


Brain like a sieve though. Need to be reminded closer to the event to make sure lots of folk get the link!!

Anonymous said...

i missed Heather Brookes name there.
Only at her insistance did we find out the Truth.

Catflap said...

Thats right She was the real hero.
I had a bit of a ding dong with this bloke on Guido called RAM about the changing face of Journalism.
The expence scandal and Climategate would be nothing without non affiliated folk like Heather Brookes and Anthony Watts etc.

Middle Seaxe said...

Does anyone know the absolute latest date they can call an election, it seems to be getting on a bit to me.

Even assuming they allow us to have one of course.

*Straightens tinfoil hat*

Anonymous said...

Middle Seaxe, no need for tinfoil hat mate,just google Agenda21 and local agenda21 these are UN plans for all of us in the 21st century,even CMD is advocating local agenda now.

Anonymous said...

That cannot be right. Prescott only claiming £4800 for food. Or Lard Pies must be cheap.

Fidel Cuntstruck said...

@Urban11 "Or Lard Pies must be cheap"

Yep, especially when bought by the dozen.

One for for arrr Pauline

RAM said...

Catflap? More like pissflap.

Anonymous said...

@Middle Seaxe
I was thinking the same... he's expected to call it tuesday but think it can be left for another week after if needs be.

What worries me is that I'm due to fly that week and don't want there to be a national emergency which means he can't get to the Queen.
But then he'd probably say that he had to urgently go and congratulate some winner of some ITV competition and so didn't get round to going to the palace.

And we'd scream in outrage for a few minutes before realising that there isn't going to be riots and the populus and media are just happy for us all to be buttfucked, and we'd take it.

Rightwinggit said...

"i missed Heather Brookes name there.
Only at her insistance did we find out the Truth."

Elizabeth Filkin?

this is bullshit! said...

The expenses scandal was NWO stage managed using their NWO media, the NWO opperatives got off scott free while they damaged the reputation of our democracy by association to these crooks.

Win win for the NWO, plus they get to dump some of the MPs outside the NWO loop and get in their placemen that they cant smuggle in through the lords.

Oh yes, everything you are lead to believe is bullshit, 99% of TV is lies and propaganda.


Fausty said...

The b@stards probably believe that because we're no longer talking about them, we've stopped thinking about them.

Nothing could be further from the truth. If ever we were to have a terrorist attack, that is one sector of society which wouldn't be missed.

caesars wife said...

Enjoyed QT Ken must have enjoyed watching Johnson try and do a houdini on the spin "worst chancellor ever" and with further damage being done by more business leaders calling for halt to NI rise , Darlings press brief has become unemorable as well as untelligable . CW thought Darlings press briefing sounded like Blair imposed, totally different to ruins hand in opening lines of chancellors debate .

Ms Corens description of bad date Blair was fun , as was little johns "sold all the gold for a suitcase on Peckham market". and compulsive liar .

I still dont know how Darling intends to reduce the deficet by half in 4 years so it was bit rich calling £22bn hole watch by Liam byrne .
Sarah tether seemed to be on interrupt duty I thought mansion tax had been erased.

CW is fascinated by pounds sudden upturn and the small rumours that the ruin will bottle may the 6th , how the public will love that, june 21st during the holidays , botched economy, botched election welcome to botched broon and bust. Now that everyone who had an old banger to trade has new one wonder how it will play out, could really have been a rubbish miscalcualtion to have overprimed an important tax revenue source .

Dazed And Confused said...

@Caesars Wife:

"Worst chancellor ever"?

Wouldn't that be the current sock puppets predecessor, who sold our our gold for a handful of beans?

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