Thursday, 15 April 2010

Don't change the Menu at the Devil's Kitchen

What you see above is painful. Not because it showed a mauling of Devil's Kitchen by a seasoned professional mauler, not because it highlighted the hatred of new media by old media. It's painful because it has changed something. DK has deleted his old blog.

I am not a member of the LPUK, although I was once. Herding cats is never going to be easy and Chris was always onto a hiding. I can sit here all day spouting "he should have said... etc,." but I wasn't there. Brillo Pad wasn't doing it to me.

What HAS shocked me is that the Devil's Kitchen blog has gone. An award winning blog has been silenced by five minutes on a lunchtime show on BBC2.

Five minutes seen by very few has undone the work of years. Because Chris has decided that is what Andrew Neill can do. And because Andrew Neill has decided that is how pwerful he is. You, the reader aren't being asked if you care, you're being told that you must care.

Biting the head off a dove or swearing on live TV never did Ozzy Osbourne or the Sex Pistols any harm. What we saw yesterday was Mickey Most and the controller of Radio Three telling the Clash they couldn't play nice songs and how dare they try. And the Clash now trooping off to get nice haircuts and a suit.

If we want alternative politics, then we are going to have to be alternative, no matter how much Andrew Neill hates it.

Think again Chris. Take a deep breath and carry on doing what you do. Be the change you want to see. You won awards, you started a political party and you did it your way. Are you going to let a shredded wheat wearing Scottish media whore undo years of award winning work because he simply thinks he can?

Plenty of people came to the Kitchen to study the art of Libertarian blogging, myself amongst them. If Gordon Ramsey says the food tastes shit, then Gordon Ramsey can fucking eat elsewhere. Don't change the menu on his behalf.


Anonymous said...

Exactly - the answer is to defend yourself better in interviews.

People aren't stupid and know he's not a leftie and doesn't really want to literally bleed people, it's just a character - AN gave a perfect opportunity for him to say that by asking the difficult questions.

If he whusses out at that then I don't see how he ever hopes to get votes.

The Penguin said...

I totally agree with Old Holborn on this - it would be a real shame to lose the Devil's Kitchen.

The Penguin

Electro-Kevin said...

Gordon Ramsey can eat elsewhere anyway. He's far too common for my gaff.

Anonymous said...

Looks like the glibs will have even less members after this!

The guy has no balls and crumbled in front of brillo.

Why they don't join ukip and try and work for their agenda within that party i dont know seeing as UKIP is about the closest they could hope to get to a libertarian party.

All this lot would do is dilute the other opposition votes anyway!

Time the glibs closed shop!

Uncle Marvo said...

Hopefully his ratings will recover :-)

Who's Gordon Ramsay?

Lurch said...


Many of us LPUK members were members of UKIP - including DK.
We found it to be very far from a libertarian party and becoming less so daily.

king chillout said...

.....and now try to imagine just how Nick Griffin felt when he was thrown to the Question Time baying mob of lefty arseholes.
But he just got back up and carried on.

This is the greatest test in politics. Do you REALLY believe what you say and think ?

Ampers said...

It would be nice if Andrew would, himself, bleed to death.

But it would be terrific fun if he did it on television.


UAF Glory Boys. said...

Would D.G.Haslam of Downham Market Norfolk know anything about this? O'H you may have the wrong ID for Henry Rohan. Yours In Anarchy, Brother Khaled.

OldSlaughter said...

It was rather savage and rather rude.

Very pompous by Neil.

It would indeed be a shame.

RantinRab said...

Brillo is a fucking cunt and deserves to bleed to death.

I hope I get invited onto his programme. The prick.

Electro-Kevin said...

This time it won't matter to me if a fringe party is not viable. In the absence of a 'none of the above' option what am I to do ? This is what I posted on John Redwood today:

I will answer ‘I don’t know’ [to pollsters] because I am yet undecided on which fringe party to put my cross by. I would prefer a ‘none of the above’ option to make clear that my spoiled paper was not an act of mindless vandalism but one of political activism. If you gave us that option you’d see record turnouts; I suspect there isn’t a ‘none of the above’ choice because the political class don’t want to be confronted with the truth – that they are not wanted.

By now we should be clear what all parties stand for but we aren’t and an ‘earth shaking’ offering at such a late hour would so obviously be a gimmick.

Cameron’s cap on immigration ‘from outside the EU’ is but one issue on which he shows how disingenuous are Tory politics and how disasterously out of touch he is with millions like me who used to vote Conservative but who are now without voice.

Yes. Five more years of Brown. That should bring down the edifice in quick time rather than the perpetual drip-drip erosion brought by the cosy bi-party system which serves the politicians. It should hasten the bankruptcy of the welfare state which is doing so much damage to us all and force the tough decisions which have been such a long time coming.

We can’t go on as we are. But going on as we are is more or less what Cameron is offering.

Oldrightie said...

DK should fight back using his blog to savage the pompous, smug, overbearing cunt,.

Uncle Marvo said...

I suppose we could all fight back. If only I knew what the bloke said - I can't watch vids at work.

Jules said...

The answer is not to "defend yourself better in interviews". The answer is not to post things you'd be embarrassed or ashamed to have to defend in public. I look forward to the day that OH has to defend his post titled Educated Apes to the average Cambridge voter ( Let's see how that vicious ranting goes down with real people.

Uncle Marvo said...

Wot Jules said. Wise words.

I'd not seen that post before. I find it offensive. *I* do. That would imply that it *IS* offensive, although I may be biased because one of my cousins had Downs'. Result of old parents, I believe.

Having said that, I understand what OH is saying.

I must also point out that in our local Boots, the chemist's as opposed to the DMs, there is a "mong" on the till and she is actually more efficient and more pleasant than most of the rest.

OH often says things that I don't particularly agree with, most often when having a pop at the Jews, however he has the right to say anything he wants to and I will defend to the death that right. I can choose not to read him.

But I do read him, every day, because most of the time he is a provocative git and I guess that's what gets him 1000 times more readers than I have. That, and the fact that most of what I write is cock.

Anonymous said...

Absolutely hilarious, just like a naughty little schoolboy squirming in his seat being admonished by the headmaster for calling Tomkins Minor a stinker and a swot. Mighty bloggers indeed.

Anonymous said...

OH, do you know DK personally? Perhaps (if you choose) you could talk to him & tell him not to be such a chump. I've only read DK a couple of times but didn't find anything so terrible that it calls for the blog to be deleted. He did do it himself? It wasn't a response to Brillo's comments by his ISP or anything?

score one for the criminal conspiracy said...

It's an odd turn of events, that's for sure. Let others learn from DK's mistake.

If you meant no literal harm (and who does, for fucks sake), apologise for nothing, retract nothing.

I'd've been much more interested to see DK explain exactly why that particular person was the target of his ire.

He could've just asked for a printout, quickly scanned it to jog his memory and then made some friends by explaining his thinking - which is usually very easy to agree with.

Dick the Prick said...

Ah bollox - 'twas a decent blog. Shame.

Middle Seaxe said...

15 April 2010 10:24

I think it was more to do with it possibly brining the organisation he works for into disrepute. Something that has affected other bloggers in the past when their views don't "fit". Indeed, I believe some of them have even lost their jobs over it.

Regrettable but understandable I suppose.

Dick the Prick said...

Ah, bollox. If someone's a cunt then they should be called a cunt - just saves time really.

Old Holborn said...


I'm not ashamed of anything I write and am happy to defend it to anyone.

That's why my money is where my mouth is, in a general election.

Don't like what I write or what I say? Then don't vote for me. I'll live.

J Demetriou said...

Good article!

Dame Davina Pancake said...

I totally agree with Holby on this - it is a sad day when Chris feels the need to curtail the voice of what after all is an internet persona - any of us who have heard Chris speak as himself know that he doesn't swear quite as much as the Devil. Another nail in the coffin of free speech. Oh and Brillo is a cunt, so there.

Davina x.

Tazer said...

Weird thing about these bloglords,
beat the crap out of them in an argument and off they go with thumb in mouth.

OH threw his toys out of the LPUK pram when DK thrashed him, or was it OB ?

Whatever, common pattern: stop getting their own ikkul way - take ball and sulk.

Neill unfair ? Define "fair". In a way that isn't, at least transparently, pandering.

bofl said...

time to get some perspective here....

imho words dont really mean much.'sticks and stones'.......

if dk wrote something 'offensive' then that is no different from the millions of people who swear or post on the many of us have called blair and brown 'hoons' and wished for painful deaths for them and others?

what i find offensive is the continual lying of GBrown....the farce of pmqs...which is an insult to the viewers........

i find it offensive that THEY are sacrificing young people in Afghanistan.

i find it offensive that they are fighting for 'democracy' when the people of the uk are under attack from its own govt.

i find it offensive that peter mandelson is allowed anywhere near govt.

i find it offensive that nearly all the 646 and the lords have stolen £billions........

we all swear--we all say silly things sometimes...but it isnt important.........

perhaps if some of our politicians actually grew a spine then they might get some respect?

put your blog back up dk.......andrew neil was bullying what?


Anonymous said...

I wonder why the short spot given to fringe parties should have been allowed to be turned into the spiteful shoeing of an individual? No time given to the principles, ideas and ideals of Libertarians. THAT, surely, is the remit of that programme and that slot.

Jules said...


Good for you. I respect that. However you do realise that the content of your blog posts mean that it's unlikely that you'd ever actually get elected anywhere? Does that matter to you?

Nevertheless I applaud the effort you're making in standing for parliament - not that I'd vote for you.

Spartan said...

Decisions made hastily are usually wrong because they are made emotionally and not logically.

l don't see why DK had to change his blog so quickly. Why the rush?

l hate the 'apologising society' that we live in because the apologies given are hardly ever sincere. They are just given in an attempt to appease the MSM.

More refreshing and truthful would be 'No, l'm not apologising .... fuck you'

Guthrum said...

DK has done exactly the right thing and none of of the Libertarian Party NCC have given him anything but unequivocal support.

Let me tell you all why you are all using 'nom de plumes' when writing on the blogsphere, is because we are all scared, we are scared that if we speak out we will be targeted, we will lose our jobs and living. What sort of State are we living in ? something akin to that of the former DDR.

Let me tell you another truth despite the 'Electoral Commission's- Get Involved Campaign

If you get involved as an officer of a political party you are targeted, strange things start happening to you, I want to write openly about what has happened to me as an officer of the Libertarian Party, but under legal advice I cannot until after June 24th.

I don't want to write under a nom de guerre, but I have to to protect my family and my business.

I have just moved business banking facilities to a foreign bank, because of the massive charges imposed by UK banks for the risk of being designated a PEP (A Politically Exposed Person) I am 53, I have a lot to lose, DK is recently married, loves his job etc these are considerations he has to make.

Professional Politicians and washed up hacks like O Neil do not exist in the real world, they are paid by the state, and only have to go for a job interview once every five years, the rest of us have no such immunity from the state.

I have opened the party post this morning, at least three letters had been opened. We are not an extremist party, we just want Freedom and Liberty and protection from the State. Believe me it is real. We are all being watched, but some are being watched more than others.

The State is serious, we are serious, yet until we stand together the rot will go on.

The upside to this is that Libertarian Party membership applications have flooded in, also the donations.

For that the struggle is worth while.

Anonymous said...

Chalk up another victory to the Stasi and Thought Police.

There are people in powerful positions who would close down, not just every political blog, but the whole internet if they could get away with it.

Anonymous said...

He should have stood up to Brillo and told him where to get off.

Dave said...

You wrote "I'm not ashamed of anything I write and am happy to defend it to anyone."

Me too. You and DK both write under a pseudonym. He got outed. His boss saw him on TV.

I applaud you standing as an independent in Cambridge. Are you standing as OH or under your real name?
If you use your real name will anyone know who you are?
Will it be like TV wrestling of the 60s when Kendo Nagasaki wrestled in a mask and his opponents tried to tear if off him?

Hmm. I'd pay money to see that.

Fausty said...

Another BBC ambush.

Although I'm sad to see DK go, I believe he did the right thing.

While I abhor PC, lies and spin, they are a political reality and the press and the political elites will go after you, if you are a threat to them. They have all our money on their side. They only have to find one item of filth - a dog whistle to the masses - to throw at you, and the masses will be squealing in horror.

The drones believe most of what they say.

Sad fact. It's a tightrope walk for the brave.

shot by both sides said...

@Dave: "He got outed. His boss saw him on TV." Thought his boss knew about the DK blog?

Kinda odd - bizarre, even - that DK didn't anticipate Brillo bringing up something from his blog.

Guthrum, fair enough, with what you say, but DK could've pulled or just toned down his blog at any point in the past. The stuff you mention, as important as it no doubt is to those who choose to stand against the three party monopoly, is, to my mind, essentially orthogonal to the issue of DK making an even half decent defence of his blog and, by extension, blogs of a similar tone and/or disposition.

Given all the time and effort that DK has invested in expressing and promoting his opinions, with which I largely, it pains me to critical at what must be a low point for him personally but he got murdered through lack of elementary preparedness.

In any case, the very best of luck to DK and LPUK, and here's hoping for a better defense of calling a fuckpig a fuckpig next time around.

itszone said...

Excellently stated Guthrum.

It's very easy for people who never put their own necks on the line to have an opinion on the tip of the iceberg they see floating above the surface. That's because the mainstream is skilled at turning everyone they come across into a shallow caricature, suitable for sound bite TV purposes. And so the triviality "rages" thereafter.

I'll have some respect for indoctrinated, ignorant shits like Andrew Neill when, instead of asking a courageous amateur silly questions about swearing on the Internet, he demands of Gordon Brown, "What are your thoughts having participated in the slaughter of maybe a million Iraqis?"

Of course such a question could never get past the BBC filter. I should know, for years I've been trying to have a constructive dialogue with the people at the broadcasting corporation I OWN! But we don't speak the same language and my views are far too humanitarian for public consumption.

Let's get real here for a moment. We are governed by killers, thieves and liars. You all have the ability to strip away the spin and just look at the facts, I take it? It is the job of state approved repeaters such as Neill to dispose of "insignificant upstarts" who express an interest in drawing public attention to these facts.

I'd say the mistake here was agreeing to appear at all. What chance would anyone have to explain a concept as profound as liberty to a machine entirely geared to an opposing agenda?

I'm an insignificant upstart too. Have been for many years. And I don't negotiate with politicians or their lackeys. I run them from the door. I think we are rather beyond talking to these "people". Our constituency lies with everyday folk in the streets, those are the minds that must be engaged with. Reasoning with the machine is pointless.

I also believe you should treat others as they treat you. That's why I'll always be civil to a stranger but would like to see Peter Mandelson, for example, bleed to death. If it's good enough for his victims then why the complaints? You can go ahead and quote me on that. And, as you're probably aware, it is no great task to peek behind my anonymity should you wish to do so. If I was a single man anonymity would be of no concern to me. Yet silence based on fear is hardly an option.

I choose Mandelson as an example because if he succeeds in his long term aims it won't just be Devil's Kitchen that goes missing from the Internet.

Catflap said...

I don't know the fella and I wont watch the clip.
I know some very capable people who are smart and sincere in what they do and this guy sounds the same.
Put them on telly or radio however and they are a disaster.
Shit bags have a thick skin.
That's what makes them shitbags.
But they are born naturals on telly.
A shitbag would have lied or denied and changed the subject in the neil interview.
I hope this guy does not pack in, but learns for free what all our politicos and journos get trained and paid to know.

Anonymous said...

If I recall correctly, Neil scored about 104 in the BBC Test The Nation IQ programme in May 2002.


Edgar said...

I stopped blogging because what I wrote was some kind of catharsis, not really my rational thoughts. I would have been embarrassed by having those things thrown back at me in public. So, I disagree with you. DK's got it right here: he needs to restart and follow a route that he will be able to defend next time.

black hole sunset said...

Ey up, Mr Edgar. In fact, there's a post up on devilskitchen, as of 2:44 PM, outlining DK's thoughts on this sad turn of events.

Looks like he's going to continue blogging, though, so more power to him.

J Demetriou said...

Guthrum's right.

I am Stan said...

Chrisy boy was MAGNIFICENT!,youthful, articulate and made saggy face look like the flabby,worn out threadbare old establishment armchair that he is.

Scrap tax....YES!

0 guvmint borrowing....YES!

5 man band? were the Beatles you old fart!..HA!

You dont like DK then dont read it you sweaty ,creepy, saggy, old troll!..

DK`s gone now,ah well!,anger does get the better of one.

Electro-Kevin said...

That would have been a fantastic reposte, Stan:

Lighten up, you saggy old troll ! We'll be around long after you're dead and buried.

Anonymous said...

OH - "That's why my money is where my mouth is, in a general election."

Do you mean, that why other's peoples money (donations) is where my mouth is...?!

Electro-Kevin said...

... you don't have to win the argument to win the public.

Drill said...

Brillo was a very agressive cunt in his days with Murdoch.

He repeatedly told a BBC interviewer to "shut up" when he was being questioned about some very dubious things his paper wrote on the Gibraltar assassinations. This was broadcast. A proper interview.

The key really is to know how to handle yourself in these situations. And Chris obviously wasn'r prepared for this line of attack

All Chris had to do was say that the blogosphere was a more strident and honest forum in which people expressed themselves more as they would in the street. Done well this could have made the BBC and Neil seem behind the times and out of touch.

Dazed And Confused said...

Hopefully the rest of the Libertarian alliance will have learnt from this episode in future appearances on the BBC.

Attack, attack, attack...... The BBC are not your friends.

Next time, I nominate Holborn, Obnoxio or J Demetriou to face the questioning of some hostile BBC twat. Now that would be interesting. As sometimes the worst type of publicity can have you arrive in the public conscience.

Ask Bill Grundy.

Paul Weston said...

DK was/is a revolutionary site.

Actually, that is not quite correct, DK is a counter-revolutionary site.

But he ran into a man whose revolution smashed the barricades 40 years ago, a man who has honed his political acumen in front of Tv cameras and a man who is capable of rendering media virgins speechless.

As was the case.

A "teaching experience" as perhaps Mr Obama would call it.

IE: Don't go on the telly until you have no fear of public speaking/TV cameras.

Which 99.9% of outspoken bloggers don't.

I know how I would react, being a media virgin myself - badly.

You are standing as an Independent I believe.

I am standing for UKIP in Cities of London & Westminster.

I note from various electoral sites you are down as Old Holborn of Jury Team.

I am aware you are no longer part of Jury Team, but can you actually stand under a pseudonym?

And as an exrea question, how do you think you would react under the pressure DK was subjected to?

Yours curiously

Paul Weston

UKIP candidate

I am Stan said...

Westy said-
But he ran into a man whose revolution smashed the barricades 40 years ago, a man who has honed his political acumen in front of Tv cameras and a man who is capable of rendering media virgins speechless.

Noooo he ran into a flabby faced establishment troll who`s agenda is supporting his puppet masters and playing the celebrity circuit to line his pockets with license payers cash while boning the odd bit of posh totty.

Old Holborn said...

Paul, you can stand under name you wish

Page 25

I would have told Brillo Pad to shut his stupid fat fucking face. If you don't like my blog, don't fucking read it.

Dazed And Confused said...

Yep....Knew that I'd come across the name Paul Weston before.

Paul Weston said...

@ I am Stan

Had to pause for a while before replying, in order to get off the floor....

Amusing comment, but nonetheless the flabby old bastard still put the young revolutionary firmly in his place, much as we may dislike the reality.


I had no idea that was possible. Does this mean we could put forward candidates with derogatory names linked to various unmentionable apertures
and current prime ministers?

Ron Broxted said...

Am I alone in thinking Peter Mandleson has an air of intoxicating sexual menace about him? He certainly get my bum juices flowing.

Anonymous said...

Andrew Neil = Cunt.
Andrew Neil = Cunt.
Andrew Neil = Cunt.
Andrew Neil = Cunt.
Andrew Neil = Cunt.
Andrew Neil = Cunt.
Andrew Neil = Cunt.
Andrew Neil = Cunt.
Andrew Neil = Cunt.
Andrew Neil = Cunt.
Andrew Neil = Cunt.
Andrew Neil = Cunt.
Andrew Neil = Cunt.
Andrew Neil = Cunt.
Andrew Neil = Cunt.
Andrew Neil = Cunt.
Andrew Neil = Cunt.
Andrew Neil = Cunt.
Andrew Neil = Cunt.
Andrew Neil = Cunt.

That is all.

extest said...

Paul Weston.

There are limitations on the names candidates may register with. The primary one, believe it or not, being that the name must not be along the lines of (for example) "Lord Labour Sux" or "Ms. Smee Don't Vote Torreee", or some such. I trust you get the idea.

Offensive monikers are out too.

Can't recall the statute chapter and verse off-hand, but if OH insists (little stickler for the rules that he is), I'll do a rummage and find 'em.

Anonymous said...

At the end of the day he´s an eton rifle!

Lord Snooty said...

The truth is DK proved himself effing useless when confronted with a real live human being rather than a computer screen. The name Tim-nice-but-dim kept coming to mind...

Antipholus Papps said...

I thought Chris missed an open goal there at the end, when Brillo said something along the lines of 'candidates from other parties would have been deselected'. If the past year has shown us anything, a NuLab MP could be caught raping underage bunny rabbits and we'd still be told that 'lessons have been learned' and 'it's time to move on'.

I am Stan said...

You knockers are fools popinjays,

can you not see ,are you blind open your eyes watch again,the bagpus faced old soak was exposed,as the past,as the old guard trembling in front of the new dawn,knowing that their day has gone.....from this will come a groundswell of new Libertarians...The Liberati...the establishment is crumbling..Wiggy showed their desperation and fear of what they know awaits them..banishment,disgrace and
ridicule in the streets.....I can smell their fear HA!,BRAVO! Chrissy boy! BRAVO!!!!

Ron Broxted said...

What a shame that Nick Glegg is a heterosexual, something that is somewhat unusual for a Liberal MP. Mandy watch out he is much younger and fitter than you. He doesn't dye his hair either, and his arse looks really pert..........slurp slurp. Cameron, does he shave yet? I think he should his lips fattened up a bit.
Gordon on the other hand is making the bells ring on my Gaydar.

caesars wife said...

It would seem that DK is not the only victim of the general election . Two years ago he was part of that band of appreciated rousers that were using the internet in a new way , things move on , who would have thought a blogger would be putting themselves forward as an mp ??

His educated style gave a lot of cred , but he just didnt change his site like the others , end result herd moves to site that has caption comp , bar charts and realtime add ons , as othersites had developed visceral language.

Andrew neil clearly wasnt out to see if LPUKs polices would work and DK seemed a little caught in the headlights (remember fawkes first go behind the screen on NN).
If DK has removed his site due to being batted on his language compared to professional journos , he might re invent his site , but its a getting crowded now the MSM have brought in micro comments sections .

Looked more like a bit of professional umbridge and dishing out a lesson from a pro.

I think he was caught in the wrong time of the cycle of Blogging despite being one of the early footsoldiers of busting the spin media fakery , as fawkes would say "the trend is your friend"

Anonymous said...

Wiggy looked less than sober.

Sweating like an MP in the dock.

Ron Broxted said...

If Andrew Brillo Head had dared to speak to me in that way, I would have soon showed him that the introductory 1 hour class I spent at Karate school for vulnerable ladies and men was not wasted. He would have soon learned that I am Spartacus and lesser men fear me Grrrr.

Dr Rohen Kapur said...

Look Im running a campaign in Hornsey and Wood Green a marginal seat for the Lib Dems

I want to retain my deposit I need 1600 votes

If anyone would like to help or veen donate just 20 p that would be welcome

Even a penny would be better than nothing

Thanks for your attention

You're not a doctor anymore, fuckoid said...

Fuck off Rohen, you fat mong.

Everyone who knows you knows you're pants-shittingly mental.

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