Monday, 12 April 2010

Dig deep, Taxpayers

Had enough yet, readers? I'll be in Cambridge on Saturday. Join me if you can.

If you wish to Email the lawyers representing them..


Anonymous said...

How can people on salaries of £65 k plus expenses get legal aid? Not a rhetorical question.

Norton Folgate said...

Fucking cunts

Joe Public said...

I thought your headline was about their intended grave........

Biffo said...

I'd like to ask the same question - and add the same term of endearment as Norton Folgate - fucking cunts - fucking thieving cunts!
When are they in court next?

Anonymous said...

4th-6th May I think Biffo.... I can't see what the vid is that OH posted as am at work but I'm guessing the 3 little piggies are getting their Legal Aid. Fuckers!

Go here to get the email addresses of their lawyers and demand a gulty plea:

Anonymous said...

Legal aid has to be paid back, its a loan unless you get SENT DOWN ~ as in a criminal case.

Biffo said...

My blood pressure zoomed so high after watching this announcement & making my earlier comment that I shook with sheer rage & then shot over to
and gave them a piece of my mind.
Thanks for the link Anon 17:15, that's my next port of call.

Ampers said...

"Legal aid has to be paid back, its a loan unless you get SENT DOWN ~ as in a criminal case."

If this is true, then if they get sent down I will be happy, whoever pays for their defence!!!

Volatile Barry said...

This has clearly been decided at a high level and shows the utter contempt in which they hold us. They couldn't give a fuck about what we think a couple of weeks before an election. Imagine what the cunts have got in store for us afterwards.

The thought of any of the LibLabCon Alliance arriving in Downing St on May7 with 5 years of unfettered lawmaking in front of them is truly frightening.

caesars wife said...

unbelievable : trough gate aquires more tax payer money to make defence .

I liked daves go at cost of politics in loughbrough .

how do you get legal aid when your on 60k a year ??

Catflap said...

Legal fucking aid I will tell you about legal fucking aid.
My mum had 'treatment' for a bad back many years ago.Like many others.
The result of this 'Treatment' has now solidified in her spine and nervous system.Like many others.
A class action was brought by victims against Glaxo.
My parents approached the law firm dealing and were told to pay £600 for a private medical consultation to prove my mother actualy did have a case.
My parents paid and were told what they knew already,that my mum did have the condition.
The Law firm then advised my parents NOT to proceed because they didn't qualify for legal aid.
My father asked if after the first test case was proved against Glaxo my parents could then proceed as well.
This cunt law firm said,
'Because by having the £600 medical and being in touch with the law firm my parents were now subject to the statute of limitations of 3 years and the case against Glaxo will run for at least five'
In other words by being in touch with the Law firm and paying for a £600 medical my parents had fucked their own case.
A case against the law firm was not possible.
Because my parents don't qualify for fucking Legal aid.
I tell you working and paying taxes and pensions and saving and buying your own home is a waste of fucking time in this shithole country.

Balin said...

For one brief transcendentally glorious moment the universe was a brighter place:

Catflap said...

My parents agreed that they didn't want to risk everything they own and worked for.
That they didn't want to be in legal battles and have the shadow of bankruptcy hanging over their head.
That they didn't want half of whatever years they have left fighting and worrying.
They accepted their lot.
Puts that grasping Cunt Sharon Shoesmith in perspective,the fucking whore.
And these bastard fucking MPs as well.

Joe Public said...

Apparently, according to Peter Fakename on Times Online

"In the Crown Court, where these matters will be tried, legal aid is NOT means tested, but is only subject to the 'interests of justice' test. In the vast majority of cases, defendants in the Crown Court pass this test, and in this case, the significance and complexity of the charges mean that these MPs pass the test too.

The test for getting legal aid must be the same for everyone... just as the justice that the court will (hopefully) mete out to these MPs will be the same as it would be for the rest of us."

However, "the rest of us" would get the sack (and some would even forfeit their pensions) for fiddling expenses; these effing troughers don't even get suspended.

Pipe smoker said...

Completely OT:
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righty right wing (mrs) said...

New Labour have killed the concept of shame.

I am speechless at the depravity these low lifes can sink to.

J Demetriou said...

So people shouldn't have legal representation anymore then? Point of publishing the email addresses?

You're such a shameless hypocrite, you went mental when your details went up online and Obo went "looksy here", but you're happy to publish peoples' personal details so they can be subject to your hate-whipped attacks.

Do you not see the issue here? These people are doing a job - defence has always existed in law, what would you rather see then?


Anonymous said...

Cue faux outrage by the tories. As if they're above such hypocracy.

Old Holborn said...

John Demented

"These people are doing a job -"

Paid for by you and I. Therefore I reserve the right to publish the Email address of MY public servant.

If they wish to act privately, paid for by the accused, I will happily remove their details. Unitl then, they work for me.

You really have NO idea, do you?

Catflap said...

Fuck them fucking Cunts
and their fucking lawyers.
Politicians are mostly lawyers as well.
Fuck them all off to hell.
Britain should have a cap on legal costs. £25 an hour is fair.
What is the worse that will happen?
A Brain Drain of fucking Lawyers.
Fucking good.Piss off then.

J Demetriou said...

You nob. Legal aid, if gained by virtue of due process of the law, is a fucking right. If you don't like that, appeal to Parliament, but don't punish the fucking individual lawyers who are doing their jobs.

You are the one who doesn't get it, Holby. Jesus, man, can't you see that?

Hamish said...

Surely the question should be why they need lawyers, not whether they deserve legal aid.

Anyone who is competent to represent us as constituents is surely competent to stand up in court and defend themselves.

A simple plea of innocence clearly stated and backed up by facts would win the day. No need for lawyers, so, a fortiori, no need for legal aid.

David Blair and CW said...

caesars wife said...
unbelievable : trough gate aquires more tax payer money to make defence .

I liked daves go at cost of politics in loughbrough .

how do you get legal aid when your on 60k a year ??

12 April 2010 17:37

F*ck off with your EU police state Dave, cast Iron guarantee, eco loon, war mongering, war criminal standing ovation, racist pc selection cheerleading you deranged imbecile.

You want to cheer on fascist `dave` the corporate cartel puppet then get on over to guido's blog of trivia and commiunist style censorship where all the party clowns and slimeballs gather.

woman on a raft said...

Suppose we accept for a moment that the ex-MP is entitled to legal representation and that we have to cough up for it. Then, I suggest a good-value high street solicitor advocate who is perfectly capable of defending any petty official who has been accused of fiddling his expenses, and carrying the case through from investigation to trial without the duplication of expense.

The MPs seem to think they are entitled to run up a bill for Julian Knowles who is part of Cherie Blair's coterie.

There is nothing 'novel' in this case requiring Knowles' services, except their wicked attempt to usurp the moral concept of parliamentary privilege, a tactic which has squarely condemned them as a bunch of thieving tossers who deserve to be guillotined.

If that is Knowles being 'brilliant' by getting his client hanged before the case, then with legal advice like that, who needs enemies?

bofl said...

why arent all the others being prosecuted?

gordon brown was shocked..........
that he got found out..........!!!!!!
was it £500 for doing up his toilet?

what didnt they understand about expenses? money was to be spent only on bona fide items and should not have done anything to bring the house into disrepute.........> ALL GUILTY!!!!..

If they couldnt understand this then they shouldnt be mps...however i believe they ALL KNEW WHAT THEY WERE DOING.........for some bizarre reason they seem to think they are better or more deserving than the rest of us......

just where the fuck do they get that from? gordon a failed tech lecturer ....darling a commie.....mandy caught out twice for dodgy financial dealings and passport favours.fat jacqui!!!!

etc etc.........where do they get the notion that they are better than everyone else?

better than a nurse? a doctor?a soldier that is fighting THEIR wars?

salfordian said...

unfuckingbelievable,the grasping bastards make me want to puke my fucking spleen up...

Catflap said...

No you dont get it, the reason Lawyers can charge £150 an hour is BECAUSE of legal fucking aid.
And because of that, Millions will be denied justice because they don't qualify for legal aid and they also can't afford £150 a fucking hour either.
Dentists are the same.
They charge ex amount because the NHS told them they are WORTH ex amount.
You either get free treatment or you can afford treatment but most people don't fit in either category.

Joe Public said...

If someone is entitled to Legal Aid, shouldn't the taxpayer nominate the brief?

[He who pays the piper, calls the tune]

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