Monday, 26 April 2010

Delusions of erm...

From Tony Juniper, Green Party twitter page

From the Cambridge News

Cons 29.8%
Labour 11%
Lib Dems 21.3%
Greens 4.8%
Others 3.2%
Not sure 11.7%
Can't be arsed to vote 3.2%

I'm off to cut down a tree using a 4x4 with the aircon full on for that, Tony. You MADE me do it.


Ampers said...

I blame the education system... and parents!


Anonymous said...

The greenies make Liebour look Libertarian !
And that's saying something.
Year 0 springs to mind with that lot.
Straight out of the Pol Pot, Mao tse tung handbook.
Millions will die.

Catflap said...

All enviromentaly friendly people should be willing to have their sexual reproductive organs removed and any existing fruit of their loins gassed.
Put your money where your fucking mouth is Swampy and then I might listen.

Mr Mauve said...

Hang on, hang on...

"Across all the 10 constituencies in the area covered by the News, the Tories took top spot with 29.8 per cent saying they will vote for them."

Across 10 constituencies? Well, of course they did. The rural constituencies surrounding Cambridge run through a gamut of hues from "safe Tory" to "ultra-safe Tory". No news here.

At the bottom of the page, they show results for Cambridge constituency, and you know what? Juniper is absolutely right:

"Based on the responses of those readers based in the Cambridge constituency, there is potentially good news for Tony Juniper of the Green Party.

If the city’s voters followed the trend of our respondents, he would be first past the post with 24.2 per cent of the vote.

He would be followed closely by the Lib Dems’ Julian Huppert on 23 per cent, the Conservatives’ Nick Hillman on 20 per cent with Labour’s Daniel Zeichner trailing on 10.3 per cent."

Now, they don't say how many people answered their survey, and in any case it's a self-selecting online poll so it's useless - but you've still got no excuse for misrepresenting it.

NWO media control you said...

The exact same article in three different papers.

NWO propaganda machines

john in cheshire said...

Jennifer Juniper lives upon....goodness knows what, but the truth it aint (with acknowledgement to Donovan).

Dr Rohen Kapur said...

Today I'm wanking in my marigolds.

Fuck! Fuck! Fffffuck! I'm spurtin' here! This is some hot shit!



Luke Walter said...

Actually, the numbers your quote Holborn are across ten constituencies.

In Cambridge constituency itself the figures are as follows:

Greens: 24.2%
Lib Dems: 23%
Cons: 20%
Labour: 10.3%

Oh, and nothing for others. Look's like your campaign isn't getting anywhere in the city.

Luke Walter said...

I should of course link to the actual article.

You can find the full story here:

Anonymous said...

Might have known it'd be the UAF protesting - bunch of cunts - they're more fascist than the BNP. Only the views of the 'leadership' of the UAF will be considered....'Fuck off little man and do as we tell you'.
The UAF by their often thuglike behaviour - claw hammers etc - are probably doing more to boost BNP membership, donations & votes than the BNP themselves.

how the greens destroy the marxist vote - the irony said...

OH don't know the green party too hatrd they are your friend even when they are your enemy!

Here's why -

They split the Marxist Idiot vote 4 ways, lib lab and cons leaving the BNP and UKIP plus others offering a real alternative with less votes to find!

Thanks greens, you weaken the marxist (including the marxist EU Tories) vote considerably, if you didnt exist, we would have to invented you!

Ron Broxted said...

There is only one party to vote for, the BNP, and I say that as a Yosser/Jamaican/hybrid. Go Nick Go Griffin. All da rest are ras clarts, except OH who I think looks a real turn on in that outfit.

Hopalong Heffron said...

Rohen are you REALLY wanking at the herbacious border?

I am Stan said...

Dr Rohen.....heal thy self!

WV-MUZZLERO....A Muslim ice cream?

bofl said...

greens-bollocks.......caz lucas was asked to help re hollie greig......

Caroline Lucas and company ... 'We'd love to help ... but, er, what excuse can we think of??'

Dear Stephen,

Thank you for your email and for asking Caroline to look into this case. Much as she shares your concern about Hollie, the reports of a police cover up and the risk to numerous other children, she cannot at present see what she can do in her capacity as an MEP. Certainly the Green Party would back the calls for a full investigation but it seems to me that legal action is required here. I am sorry we cannot help at present and thank you again for getting in touch.

Kind regards,


Cath Miller

Constituency Coordinator and Researcher

Office of Dr Caroline Lucas

Green Party MEP for SE England

But hundreds of people who are not even an MP of any kind are helping Hollie Greig. How about helping in your capacity as leader of the Green Party? How about helping out of sheer human decency and a sense of justice?

Pathetic Ms Lucas - pathetic.

But then this is the lady so disconnected from reality that she says travellers who regularly jet off to foreign holidays are threatening the lives of others (through non-existent human-caused global warming) - and she says they do as much damage as thugs who stab people in the street.

caesars wife said...

That will be funny if you get more votes than the greens .
Labour party candidate suspended from party (but not from election) , what an interesting election your having OH , by the 6th you could be the only credible candidate left to vote for .

Tony Juniper made a few mistakes in his celebrity green campaigning , electric bikes was one , everyone went wow , its soooo much more greener that a car, and then they foundout how the batteries were made ! I dont know if he had much to do with the skyscraper farms , which in terms of carbon payback were found to be prime cockwaffle , or for that matter how they worked on the side that the sun didnt shine so much .

Enviroment debate this afternoon was a bit of a mess , as no one seemed to have said how many TW (terra watts)are needed , and I am waiting to see how big these new offshore wind turbines are (as big as blackpool tower) is Big , but why arnt they being made in the UK or is that another deal for the socialist/facist EU they dont want you to know about .

CW thinks I might have a solution that is deliverable before 2014 will post it after may 6th ,if it adds up!

Hopalong Heffron said...

CIRA blew my legs off! Cunts!

Tragic Sharon Beshanivsky said...

That's nothing some Somali shot the fuck outta me!

Michael Hewitt said...

I see K McEgan is back here posting comments as Hopalong Heffron and Tragic Sharon Beshanivsky. What a cunt. His mother and sister were known to pull the train for the uniform old bill at Peckham back in the late 1970's.

Lets go whoring in Goring said...

I knew K.McEgan when he worked for me as my Gimp at my Henley On Thames executive gentleman's club. He was a horrible fat little middle-aged old poof with a squeaky cockney voice.

Catflap said...

We have some of them big bastard wind turbines off Skegness coast.
Inland or offshore the view is shit either way now.

Naked Gerbil said...

Goring, you don't even have the dude's name. After 3 years. Not much of a stalker are you? is that why plod got rid of you? Or was it the "incident" with that young boy?

Ron Broxted said...

Got my book and film deal nearly sorted, busy week ahaed. Of course once it is out under my real name I surrender anonymity. However I will have a large number of gay barristers and Q.Cs looking after my interests. That is one advantage of being a regular cottager. This is called a win-win situation.
Has anybody got an old type writer they don't want? My old one I have had for thirty-five years has packed up. No matter what I type only crap comes out.

Anonymous said...

Lawrence Hill ward was formerly in Kerry’s Bristol East constituency, but is now in Bristol West following boundary changes. Why then are Bristol East ballot papers being sent to Lawrence Hill postal voters? Enquiring minds wish to know……

free ringstinger in Blackburn said...

How come Jack is allowed to feed curries to 700 voters in Blackburn ?

Stormfront White Aryan said...

Ask P.C Haslam. No, you won't get owt coherent. Since his Mum died he has been in a bad way. His best pal got knifed today in a drug deal. Silly cunt.

J Demetriou said...

Greens are more in the lead than you are, you sad jealous dick.


Lord Denning said...

Haslam (fake Ron) you sad old fucking queen. Wife chucked you out (again) for that "sports massage" you give Wladislaw? At least he is over 16 (just) you nonce. Take Katz advice, slit your throat, do the world a favour you talentless brain dead fucking failed special constable. New Scotland Yard delenda est.

Anonymous said...

Even considering the figures were spread over the 10 constituencies of Cambridge they are still incorrect. The 4.8% figure applied to the greens is actually UKIPs share of the vote. The greens fared much better with 14.9%. Beating Labour into 4th.

Man in a white coat said...

K.McEgan has now started pretending he is from Yorkshire and a white Aryan Stormtrooper. What a cunt, hasn't he got a life outside the Internet and cottaging? Hey dude you really should take your medication people are sniggering.

Dr Rohen Kapur said...


And I'm spent.

Mum! Mum! Clean me up!

WV: dogfelcher - fancy that.

Anonymous said...

"Mr Mauve said...
Hang on, hang on..."

While i personally think OH is ignorant you are moreso, why because you ahve not read what OH wrote but are reading more into what he wrote than is there.

OH is correct and 100% factual.

again READ what he wrote, digest it, understand it and the think before you type, before OH gets backs and makes you look like a fool.

Anonymous said...

The Inquisition had the right idea with Greenies,boil them in
polyunsaturated oil,,,slowly.

Dominican Renaissance

Anonymous said...

Hire a squad of pikeys to tarmac that Green cuntidate`s garden while he is out whining about the environment.
That would be a fucking good laugh!
I also hope you take the opportunity to twat any BNP cunts that come near you whether you are drinking or not.
While I`m at it - whenever you are on the telly? - mess with the cunt`s hair. They invariably go mental.


caesars wife said...

The trolling pro PR luvvies dont really understand "whoever gets in we must ensure that we get PR to hold them to account" .CW took it that the troll had no knowledge of Italys system that does sod all except perpetually collapse in corruption and scandle .

I just weep that it even gets a section on a paper without any mention of why PR fails .

UAF Glory Boys. said...

D.G Haslam. Queer uncle (Navy). Failed constable. Also a failed blogger. Lacks intelligence and resents those that have it. Thinks he is better than other bloggers. Unhappy marriage, feels trapped, unloved. Will die soon.

My Paternal Grandfather was a Coward said...

K.McEgan now posting comments as UAF Glory Boys, what a cunt. Tell us porky dwarf, does UAF stand for Ugly Arse Fucker in your case? Is this a man love thing with Haslam? Did he reject your advances? I can now see why the exceedingly ugly fat Beth told you she no longer wished to be your fag hag. You are mentally unstable.

Ron Broxted said...

The Grunts are taking no more bull, Harriet.

The U.K government has asked for another delay for the retention of innocent DNA samples, nine test cases of which are before the ECHR. They have asked for one delay too many. There must be compensation paid in these cases, I speak as someone whose DNA is on file it should be not less than two pounds sterling for my settlement (£2). It isn't Rupert the Bear or The friends of Dorothy holding up the Marper ruling, it is the lovely Harriet. Equal opportunities for human rights abuses in Britain. Only by paying £2 will the U.K government learn that it cannot abrogate Articles 8,9,10,11,12,13 14 of the ECHR and It is quite plain that if there is any delay in this pay out anyone involved should head off to the pub or social security office, or wherever and inflict in excess of two pounds worth of damage, economical, political, and/or exploit the social security system, I do to harm British interests. They could have settled for far less years ago. A bit of cunt is a must have for an Infantryman when on leave. We shall see who blinks first. Ain't just going to be a hot summer, going to be a warm autumn
as well. In the land of the blind a one eyed man is well lumbered. I do like using all the old clich├ęs don't I?

caesars wife said...

Are the lib dems the condorcet party ? I think thats a good way of looking at it .I liked the hung parliament party vid even if it didnt go down well in other areas .

Having listened to TW I realised that imeldas presidential style was for this EU idea , softening us all up . I cant help but wonder if the fabians are helping Mr Clegg , come to think of it he talks like a fabian .

Its bizarre isnt it (not that we whould just stand around staring at it) , the policies should be being weighed up , but instead theres this idea of new (not that it is new) , The libdems ecnomic polices are not that accurate , yet people somehow believe that it will be better which is just a theory , so why are some people feeling attracted to a theory ? It may be perfect symetetry and a flaw in the fear , state control methods of operation , you get dumbed down just trying to analise it.

The ruin did his "I could walk away line " today , but brown camp seemed to get a bit hot under collar about clegg demands but not Alan Johnson , so lib dems could really start ripping the so called Labour safe seats open .

having a think , I am pretty sure its flawed , as its a bit phoney somehow , butsomehow people arnt reading it as that , but definitely some mental positioning going on , to make you behave policy averse , very odd and yet explains a lot about how these droids work , with mind trickery .

Think harry palmer as he pushes that nail in his hand , while hes being mind bended in a fake GDR priosn world .Nick clegg is the GDR eutopia, one party state , curing the ills of the other two and perfect . he is asking you to sacrfice yourself to the state and not a leader . The video wreeks of it .

Not like the others europtopia , some undefined state of belonging , ether like , it looks at you, talks at you and wants you to join somthing undefined , cuddly and fuzzy as you will be happy , is it a cult ! like the moonies .

night all mandelson and Ken Clark on tommorrow afternoon 2:15

g1lgam3sh said...

"I'm off to cut down a tree using a 4x4 with the aircon full on for that, Tony. You MADE me do it."

Blissful slap. I ROFL'd a bit.

Catflap said...

The mindset of a labour voter I am trying to understand.
Not the Middle class plastic socialist but the guy from Shitsville.
Not wanting to vote Tory makes them half right but sticking with Labour after being sold out by them over and over again makes no sense.
Maybe Labour should win the next election and then be forced to lay in the stinking bed they have made.
Including all the cuts,strikes riots and hardship.
This might knock the basic instinct to vote Labour out of them.
The fact that the Conservatives are doing so badly in the polls, when they should by rights be forging ahead shows Core Tory voters have learned from the past and are willing to make that break.
Until the Core Labour vote do the same, Britain will be stuck with this turd called Labour half sticking out its bum.

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