Thursday, 29 April 2010

++++Daniel Zeichner deletes his twitter account+++

Luckily, I have the screen shots of Daniel calling Gillian Duffy a xenophobic bigot with BNP views.

I'm at the Anglia Ruskin University in Cambridge tomorrow from 11am for a hustings with Daniel. Thanks to your generosity, I shall be presenting him with a brand new spade to bury himself with. Do come along, I promise it will be fun. Bring cameras.

UPDATE: If it hadn't been election time, Mrs Duffy could have been prosecuted for "hate crime".

We have become East Germany

UPDATE 2: Nice to see that Tony Juniper (greens, Cambridge) has been endorced by a man who wants children to have anal sex.


Daniel is spinning so fast, his head might come off, like in that film

Cambridge’s Labour candidate Daniel Zeichner said: “I think most of us have said things we regret, but the key thing is how you deal with it, and he was right to apologise in person, which must have taken courage.

“Actually, it could just be the moment that brings the election alive. I’ve been saying on platform after platform that immigration is a key issue, particularly for working class voters in Cambridge.

“Julian Huppert says it doesn’t come up. It does, and we need to treat the worries that people like Gillian Duffy have very seriously.”

I await Daniels public apology to Gillian duffy for calling her a xenophobic bigot with BNP views



Anonymous said...

Make it a burning spade - set it on fire before you give to him.

Not sure why - say it's iconic/ironic or something. Is more likely to make the news.

bofl said...

i thought that you were in favour of 'free' labour movement?

so that you make a nice commission?

immigration is about big business wanting to employ the cheapest available workers.they do not care about the indiginous people.

the problem is that so many jobs have been taken by foriegners or 'offshored' that the brits are now finding it tough to get work........

and it isnt just 'lazy scroungers'...remember the recently qualified doctors who were surplus?

in the labour world of 'fairness' the uk people are just pawns.......

dont mention black kidz killing each other in london in 'postcode wars' or gangs in north london or croatians being given free driving lessons(buses and trains are so passe).....stating facts means that you are a bigot!

ps when i worked in frankfurt just after the re-unification i was paying 57% income tax! more taxes await the eu peoples to pay for the vanity schemes of the politicians...

INCOMING!!!!!!! said...

OH get the mask off and stick the nut in!

Catflap said...

Well done OH and stick that fucking Socialist pig tonight.
God Bless ya.

Billy Blofeld said...

"Cambridge’s Labour candidate Daniel Zeichner said: “I think most of us have said things we regret, but the key thing is how you deal with it, and he was right to apologise in person, which must have taken courage"

How is Zeichner "dealing with it" then? Will he be apologising in person?

Ron Broxted said...

Will "Bigotgate" be the end of Brown and Labour?

Can Brown hold on as Labour leader after "Bigotgate"? Lame donkey is the most apposite term, as Brown is now a liability to ZaNuLabour. Mrs Duffy spoke truthfully about 1 million Poles availing of housing, social welfare and healthcare. On my trip to Poland I saw no reciprocity to U.K citizens in terms of free handouts, more is the pity for I would have stayed. The alienation of the white working class vote has been utterly disgusting, but Brown will never learn, unlike Nick Griffin leader of the BNP. His attempt at ramming through the Crime & Security Bill 2010 contrary to Strasbourg and E.U human rights legislation which Brown (nominally) agrees to it symptomatic of his administrations dying days. Small wonder the "Downfall" (Untergang) spoofs are disappearing. Labour's hope rests in a new Gay leader but this close to the election it would be a suicide note and I am committed to supporting the BNP, our only hope voters.

Lightweight Cast Iron said...

Splendid work, OH

JS said...

Even the DDR was,nt this bad. In my youth I wrote for Radio Berlin International, and had many easy german contacts. Granted many were probably Stasi, but on average the citizens of the Democratic Republic were,nt all that bad off. Bog standard TVs, cars, etc, but different from the rat race we in the West now face ourselves with.

Rightwinggit said...

Get the Spade to bury him, after he tops him.

Anonymous said...

Struth, first Duffygate and now I've just heard that Kerry McCarthy is under police investigation for revealing on twitter results of postal votes that had been opened, it being a crime to reveal any results before close of voting. She was described in the report as Labour's social media expert - says it all.


Anonymous said...

what's up with 14 year olds being able to decide what they do?

Given there's people that want you hung for seeing a child's half-nipple, wouldn't it be best to seperate the middle age men co-ercing sex with 8 year olds, and the late-teens fancying someone a few years younger?

Old Holborn said...

No, read the article by Tatchell. He finds it perfectly acceptable (and wishes for it to be legal) for 14 year old boys to anally penetrate 11 year old boys.

I don't. It might be the norm at Eton but it ain't in my house.

So fucking sue me.

Ron Broxted said...

Peter Tatchell can carry my satchell....Oooh matron!!!

Adam said...

Where are you getting the 11-year-old thing from?

that article advocates lowering to 14 the age of consent for both gay & straight sex. Is your argument against simply that you don't like it?

Old Holborn said...

Adam, read the article again.

Chalcedon said...

A xenophobic bigot and the BNP has made such views fashionable? What a dickhead! She just expressed a concern about being swamped by Easter Europeans from the EU and no doubt alluding to pressures on services in areas affected. This is real. I live near Peterborough and we have had a large influx of Poles. the numbers impact on healthcare and schools in particular. She is right to be concerned. Nu Labour could have contained the numbers arriving here but couldn't care as they seem to have an idea only 13000 would arrive instead of half a million.

What is my name? said...

Ron/Haslam blogging at midnight? Wife busy with Angolans again? Fnnr fnnr.

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