Tuesday, 27 April 2010

the Common People


OldSlaughter said...

Class war wank. Probably written by the type of cunt who doesn't see the shame in bankrupting the country and then accusing the Tories of cutting.

Name withheld said...

Terrific Video, needs a wider airing!

I am on the Sunday Times Rich List - fairly high up in the top 100.

Under Gordon Brown I have seen my wealth increasing at just over 47% in the last year.

There is no way I would vote for David Cameron or Nick Cleg.

I, and all my family, are going to vote for Gordon Brown. And if we can persuade them, all our friends, colleagues and acquaintances as well!

Rebel Saint said...

Yeh, clever, successful, well-educated people shouldn't be running a country. What could we possibly learn from them?

What we need is common people like Blair & Brown & Balls & Mandelson who really know what it's like to be poor. They won't screw things up.

Idiotic video that shows how shallow socialists are. "We can't come up with any policies that work so we'll attack you because of something you had no control over - you're upbringing."

Dame Davina Pancake said...

What a load of shite. I hate this sort of crap. Holby - you might not like the Tories, but I'd rather have them than Cleggover (who made £310,000 profit on the sale of his house in Brussels whilst receiving £150K pa to cover accomodation - today's Guardian), or the one eyed, mental cunt from jockland. Every time Labour get in, the Tories have to fix the bloody economy.

Davina x

Ampers said...

I think this is aimed more at the Cambridge constituency, than the entire country :-)

I've made up my mind to vote UKIP, and if a surge of votes doesn't get them an MP, the larger numbers will spruce up jaded workers at ground level and give them another lease of life to try even harder next time.

thespecialone said...

What a crap video. Typical socialist rubbish done by someone who probably went to a fee-paying school. Why is it that rich socialists have a go at people who just happen to be born to wealth.

From thespecialone, brought up on a sink estate and a Tory.

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