Saturday, 10 April 2010

Caption Contest Winners

Right, the Tuscan has now sobered up and read the spectacular entries to the caption contest to the above photo. He declares Catosays the winner with:

Catosays said...
We've come about the B&B. No we're not married...but he is gay.

One brand new copy on it's way. Let me know where you want it sent.

Tony was also very impressed with
Minekiller said...
"Good morning, we're from the Government. We've just called to collect the remainder of your money"
So has decided to dig into his famously deep pockets and send Minekiller some poofy Italian Chocolate

Please get in contact with an address.

PS. an honourable mention for

The Boggart said...
HARMAN: "I Will Check Her Purse"
BROWN: "I Will Check The
Medicine Cabinet"

Close, but no choccies or books for you.

If anyone else out there wants to plug some crap or other to our discerning readers, get in touch and we'll run a weekly election Caption contest. No sharp things


Constantly Furious said...

Robbed. Fucking robbed.

Old Holborn said...

I agree

Constantly Furious said...

Mind you, CF-ette #1 is fast approaching her politics A-level, so we have a copy already.

Mind you, il cioccolato italiano mi avrebbe fatto piacere...

Scrobs... said...

Well, I reckon that's a bloody fit up!

Mine was the funniest ever caption, and possibly the best ever play on words describing a confrontation with the disgusting Eddie Balls and his ugly wife, and the subtle inneuendo which was obviously disregarded - or even not noticed!

Tuscan Tony has a lot to answer for - not least that I'm immediately going to the pantry, and seeking the previous oil bottle, won fair and square and without the interference of so many bystanders, and sending it to the local Charity Shop for sale at a measly £5!!

This is a black day for the Scrobs household, and I'm going to drench my membranes with copious amounts of Sainsbury's Corbieres.

Catflap said...

I never win nuffink :(
A lot of bloody good captions and very hard to choose from.
Worthy winners though,unlike the old Blue Peter competitions.
Piss taking vote rigging bastards.

Catosays said...


I agree CF, I thought your entry was bloody funny.

Catosays said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Constantly Furious said...


As was yours, matey. And you're magnanimous in victory. :-)

Anonymous said...

oh google seem to have dropped you almost entirely from thir search results. Probably the domain change, but not good news :(

caesars wife said...

Caption competion every week !

I see mrs OH made a guest appearence on Dr Who , the mask wasnt quite right but not a bad effort.

Catflap said...

Just an update about the physco cunt bitch.
She pleaded guilty to common assault on both me and my stepdaughter.
£75 fine for my case,£95 for my stepdaughters case.
The other offence of smashing a lads car windows with him in the vehicle is still to be heard.
So that is it.
I will no longer trouble the Justice system with my problems again.

Anonymous said...

Took bloody long enough didn`t it!

Catflap said...

No, just the usual time to get to court I suppose...

Do you mean announcing the winner for the caption competition?
Yes it did a bit,and I gave up a romantic foot spa weekend so as not to miss the result.
To what fucking end I ask myself.

RantinRab said...

Fucking fix!

Anonymous said...

Yes, I was referring to the caption competition Catflap. I Hope that the psycho cunt bitch will move on to different targets like traffic wardens or PCSO`s next time.

Barnsley Bill said...

I am surprised Il Bloggone did not offer a gallon of his Olive Oil. I was lucky enough to recieve a botlle from him a year or two ago and my lawn mower engine loved it. Loved it I say. It has not missed a beat but does seem to go faster in reverse these days.

killemallletgodsortemout said...

Fit up.

There's corruption everywhere. Mine was by far the best entry.

It's a fix, I tell you, a fix.....

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