Tuesday, 6 April 2010

Campaign update

Right you lot. Thanks to your outstanding donations of over £3,000 , I'm hitting the streets of Cambridge running.

I have now ordered:

50,000 Flyers, a copy of which will soon be available on my campaign site
1,000 Posters
1,000 stickers
1,000 Balloons
An office in Cambridge
Pig masks galore
A megaphone
Volunteers (not enough)

Events will be:

  • Throwing rotten fruit at three MPs, dressed in pinstripes with pig masks, in a cage, in the middle of Cambridge. On a Saturday. For the nice Tellybox people from BBC Look East etc.
  • Mass Guy Fawkes gun powder punting down the Cam
  • A mass Vendetta Rave with top DJ's. Students only
  • Bonfire Night, come and burn an MP
  • Ugliest baby kissing photo competition
  • Guerrilla Email contest. Most outrageous election promise from any party wins a prize
  • Free screening of V for Vendetta
  • A 7ft by 5ft Guy Fawkes mask parked by the M11
  • Taxi for Hire - £5,000 stunt
  • An entire Model Agency walking through Heathrow in their knickers as a protest against body scanners
But I need help. Until now, I've been on my own. Someone local perhaps to help me put up 1,000 posters? Someone to blow up some helium balloons? Someone to help hand out flyers? Or shout at the Police through a megaphone?

We have 31 days to make a difference. 31 days to upset their applecart and create a scene. 31 days to show there could be another way. 31 days to stop them doing it all over again. For another five years - it's up to us. Now or never.


Uncle Marvo said...

I *knew* you'd get those models in eventually.

Well done, OH. Can't be there, but thoughts are.

Katabasis said...

OH you are a hero!

Best of luck with everything - I have put the call out to see if anyone I know in Cambridge is up for helping you.

Anonymous said...

Holby, check your Twitter DMs. If I'm not going to the Rave at Dave's Place this weekend I can offer some help

Let me know


Atheist Ranter said...

I'd due at Heathrow on Sunday, terminal 3 - any chance the 'models' will be there then (pant pant grunt..)?

Anonymous said...

I hope they're female models because no-one, other than Iain Dale and Mandy and possibly Mark "Shit On Me" Oaten, wants to see men in their skants.

Also I hope they have their tits out. The female models, that is. Not Iain Dale and Mandy.

RantinRab said...

You need more stickers and balloons. Kids love them and will happily wander about with them.

sconzey said...

Shit, OH! Even if you lose, it'll be an election campaign people will be talking about for years. :D

bofl said...

so why are you in cambridge?

why not where you live?

i would have come to your patch.but i cant afford the squirt to cambridge.....fucking £1.16 a litre thanks to the labour cnuts....

4.55 litres to the gallon......
petrol is now £5.28 per gallon!!!!!!

and still the people snooze and watch soaps......and the world cup is on soon!!

fucked up arse-sideways!

Anonymous said...

You mis-spellt the word "irrelevant" on the other site as "irrelevent" below "Why the mask?".

Wyrdtimes said...

The problem with V for Vendetta is that it lays the blame on England.

"England must prevail" the fascists cry.

The truth is that the real fascists in power won't even say the word "England" and are doing all they can to see England abolished against the will of the English people (see EU, the English "regions" etc).

Despite it's many faults England lead the world on personal liberty. A free England means a free people.

England must prevail - as a beacon of the individual freedom that made it great. If we let them abolish England darkness will fall.

Glad to see you standing for an English parliament. Independence would be much better but recognition and representation for England is a good start.

ArtCo said...

"Also I hope they have their tits out. The female models, that is. Not Iain Dale and Mandy."

I think youll find Ian Dale & Mandy have there tits out and campaigning already.


Dick Puddlecote said...

Sounds a lot of fun. Do link to any press coverage you get, OH (as if Ithink you wouldn't). ;-)

Michael said...

The Shofar has sounded... let the Standard be raised, and the name of JESUS CHRIST be upon the hearts of men.

Anonymous said...

@Anon 2 - AND straight females! Obviously a lot of men, heck, MOST men we wouldn't want to see wandering around in their undies, but male models? Oh, I think you'll find plenty of us girls wouldn't mind them at all! :-)

extest said...

Games for children are all very well, but what baout the important stuff, like, you know - have you got that nomination form in yet ? It's important.

Anonymous said...

Are you actually a candidate yet?

Catflap said...

Do well you crazy spoon.

pointless pantomime said...

Do the BNP have a candidate?

Wouldn't that make a bigger protest vote?

Wouldn't that be a bigger kick in the bals to the NWO?

rather than some masked film icon that will be lucky to scrape 500 votes together!

If not the BNP then UKIP, OH will just be diluting the protest vote unfortunately.

Old Holborn said...


You are VERY keen for me to get my papers in aren't you?

And I know why.

I'll will lodge my papers when I am ready.

Jacqui Smith said...

My hubby wants to know when the protesters will be walking thro' Heathrow in their knickers?

bloke with nadgers said...

OH, I went out today and bought a postal order to contribute to your campaign. Sorry for being thick but if I make it payable to "Old Holborn" and send it to the address on your campaign site will you be able to cash it under that name?

Anonymous said...

Is it time to rethink the ballot box?

If the turnout for a general election is below 50% then surely there can be no moral, nor legal mandate for any government. Recent comments on Britain being a "democracy" sits ill with the introduction of internment without trial, a national DNA database including mine contrary to international law!!The abolition of the right to silence and trial by jury. We are told to register to vote, yet last time I did this several years ago I found, a week later, a letter demanding I purchase a TV licence! Fucking cheek, the only thing I watch is the Grind Channel on Sky...Ooh matron. We should keep what the school nurse called "clean hands" and have nothing to do with the two main parties who are but shadows of each other, reaching out to a mythical middle England. As for the poor Liberals they started well but fizzled out. Smaller parties may do well yet in essence the BNP policies are starting to look good to me. We have no credible left wing alternative. To the gents bogs at Victoria Station now for some more hokey kokey and cheese splitting..Free Tibet. Nick went to Cambridge and the bastards want to strip him of his Desmond, bastards.

Fantana said...

Well done. Could be almost interesting.

caesars wife said...

Is throwing down the mask different to throwing down the gauntlet ?

cell number 5

bloke with nadgers said...

Buggrit! I'll send my puny postal order to you payable to "Old Holborn" and if you can't cash it we both lose. Arse! Best wishes. Givem hell.

J Demetriou said...

31 days to cram as much self-adulation and hagiography into your teeny, tiny, ego-bursting cranium.

It's all about you, isn't it? You and Raccoon - it's all about you and your profiles. Pathetic.

Anonymous said...

I say, Demetriou, shouldn't you be whining about Greek candidates in Greece? This site is about little Engleanders choosing who to run their isolated little backwater at the back of Europe.

J Demetriou said...

"I say, Demetriou, shouldn't you be whining about Greek candidates in Greece?"

No. You dick head.

caesars wife said...

J Demetriou : I dont go along with holbys libertarian line , but that is because I see society as having a social function/purpose which I see as being defined free and conservative . Where OH has been right is that parliament has ceased to function with any regard to its people .This may have been going along for some time .

Some may poke fun at his underground tactics inspired by V, but he makes his point and thus far he has kept his origins of being advert free and determined to revive the long lost ideals of being responsible for your own life and thus outlining an end to the socialist corruption of our lives .

even if I disagree with him , his argument that somthing is really wrong is compelling.
If Anna Racoon and OH upon there journey , cut back all the sludge and discover somthing authentic to diseminate , I cannot complain ,it may only be matter of time before somthing really mindblowing enters into the national conciousness after all this mind control by the NWO rainbow corpratist marxists , we may have to thank him one day .

extest said...

"And I know why."

No you don't, you don't have even clue one.

Uncle Marvo said...

OH: "And I know why."


"No you don't, you don't have even clue one."

I'd be amazed if he didn't. Even *I* know why.

Anyone here not know?

I am Stan said...

Somthin to do with name registering innit?

Harry Hill said...

J Domestos

Envy is a terrible thing.

So is projection.

Anonymous said...

Deed Poll is a simple affair. Swearing a Statutory Declaration is simpler still. Plus one can always switch one's original name back again afterwards. No problem.

J Demetriou said...

Fuck off Harry you anonymong prick.

Wrinkled Weasel said...

Best of luck OH. You don't need me to tell you that right now, they know where you live and what you had for breakfast.Keep safe and I hope you haven't too many skeletons about to be assisted out of the closet.

MI5 The Security Service said...

As I'm sure you must be aware Olde Holbourne, the security of Grate Britian is our highest Priority.
It has come to our attention that you are attempting to buy online explosives.
Although we believe these to be election props I wonder if we might arrange an interview sometime just to clarify matters.


Johnny English MI5 intelligunce occifer

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