Wednesday, 14 April 2010

Cambridge University to offer pole dancing classes

Cambridge University will offer pole dancing classes to its students to relieve their exam stress, according to the Cambridge Union Society as reported by the Times.

It is the first time that pole dancing lessons will be offered by a Cambridge University society, but the classes will only be offered to female students with no previous experience.

The class, consisting of four "pole-fitness" sessions, will start on April 25.

Juan de Francisco, who is responsible for arranging the dance classes, admitted that the classes might trigger controversy but were meant as "harmless fun."

He said: "The classes are for fitness and well-being, and are not intended to be sexual."

The Union, a student society at Cambridge, already offers weekly yoga and pilates classes.


Has Isalm said...

No dear you have it wrong it is Pole dancing. The mazurka.

Catflap said...

Send them Gals to us in The Killing Fields of Lincolnshire.
The physical stress of beating shit out of the Latte/Pilate fuckwits is going to get a bit much.
Watching some middle class art student shake her dimply fat arse up a pole for a Turnip will make our day.

caesars wife said...

Dont blow your election fund all in one go !

After seeing clegg , thought it was Imelda inpsired , same problems same verbs , same party that has never attacked any Labour policies and bottled EU manfesto pledge .

double glazing leaflet , need new sofits and pvc windows , or snake oil rot cure , took a second look and thought whats the point . Vince detonated figures no one has mentioned much , so appendix should be fun .

Ampers said...

B;eddy Hell, did you notice the size of those (th)eyes?

microdave said...

Now we know why O/H is interested in Cambridge....

@ Ampers - I take it you are imagining those (th)eyes being wrapped around you?

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