Tuesday, 6 April 2010

Blue Pill, Red Pill


denverthen said...

Ah, you've gone native.

You've therefore served your purpose as far as I'm concerned, "Old Holborn".

If you do get elected, (lol), to me the distinct likelihood is that far from blowing up Parliament with what you no-doubt regard as your highly important, personal brand of political gunpowder, you'll become just another self-important, self-serving, undeserving, troughing twat.

The signs are unmistakable. Already.

Still, people should understand that popularity and a whiff of power often corrupts even the most ardent, self-proclaimed, "libertarian", pseud vigilante.

Just another pathetic wannabe demagogue, in reality.

After all that effort, too. Pity.

Anonymous said...

Old Holborn may be a bit of an asshole, but as long as he rattles the cages of establishment "conservatives" like you denverthen, I know he is doing the work of angels.

Old Holborn said...


That actually made me laugh. And the dog.

denverthen said...

Lol. Excellent.

Felt good, too.

denverthen said...

btw, 'anon': Old Holborn has been a trusted lightning conductor for the deepdown, scatological discontent of desperate, slightly phony-conservative, visceral, otherwise very meek, Brown/Labourist-haters like me for some time now. I reckon that's why he's so popular (and now, it seems, why he's so terribly, awfully, dreadfully vulnerable.)

It's complicated. Or maybe it isn't. Who honestly cares?

caesars wife (interesting view out the train window) said...

Quite a day , it was a relief to at least hear the ruin mutter the words "after an audience with the Queen....." surprised he didnt exit Buckingham palace having been savaged by a regiments woolfhound and clutching a gunshot wound.

However the ruin droned on and goodness knows what fate awaits the people of Rainham after he dropped in for a cup of tea .

Dave did well in his second speech and William Hagues go at Ed Milliband was highly entertaining.
CW visited a Europhile Labour seat today and the ruin was most evident , could make my mind up if it was a gulag or open prison , full of bad Labour policies .

Took umbridge at Cleggs opening line "65 years of two party rule, same thing year in year out" well not quite , Clegg is perhaps a dsigrace to history , I pressume he would have rolled over at the Falklands or the cold war , "were not like the others line" could get a real pasting when people realise that the Libs are . Besides how can you be different when you didnt even a vote on Lisbon that you promised in the Lib Dem manfesto , you could have supported the promise and then campaigned for the bigger in our out vote later , total sham what Libs did. If the roads are any thing to go by battlebus will probebly fall into one of the potholes.

I keep wondering if shagtastic ,grooveybaby physcedellic clegg mojos likes the ruins Austin maxi , I cant tell the difference eurobrit seems like the idea that the perforated condom would be a success .

However big day but 31 days to go CW is giving some thought to ecnomics , the ruins cess pit of complex finance is only half the story , how hes shifted the role of goverment into corporatist state is another , left a huge and expensive clean up , which will take time whoever gets in , the moneys all gone on vanity projects so he couldnt possibly have ended boom and bust , as the moneys gone on no return and creative accountancy to enrich clients and controlling the vote.

sold out said...

david cameron is tendering for the mcbuggerup (uk) plc franchise and, if successful, will manage and exploit this country on behalf of the president of the united states of america. this is most frustrating - not because i am in any particular sense patriotic or nationalist, but because i happen to live in this fucking dismal dump. i am thus left with the painfully pressing decision of electing on which candidate to take out my frustrations...

...and, almost as if the current political climate magically mirrored the permutations precipitated by my personal life, i will now move on seamlessly to the major issue of the day: who smeared me as a dirty smelly homosexual and why? indeed, i would say that this is the crux of the matter.

first and foremost, despite a handful of rather unfortunate habits, i can, as a devout atheist, swear before god almighty and his choir of charladies that i am a fundamentally clean-living person - in thought, word and well, scrub that, maybe only deed ie. i shower daily, do my laundry, my dishes, and get the hoover out once in a blue-moon...and i have witnesses too...i can also attest to the fact that i am a fully-fleeced heterosexual and have the scars of a recent relationship with a greater-titted inhabitant of the stepney-whitechapel border region to prove it. regrettably, the young lady in question took it upon herself to disseminate falsehoods and informed all her friends (including many who frequent this blogging community) that i was a nasty queer sort of a feller - although, strangely, this did not deter her from spending inordinate amounts of intimate time and space in my company, introducing me to her family, and generally getting it good and hard in every imaginable position at every possible opportunity. why 't' should have embarked upon such a perverse course of action, i will leave to my readers' imagination...but suffice to mention that there was undoubtebly a cuckoo in the nest who periodically enjoyed standing in for a turn...well that's the long and the short of it really...however, i can only surmise that the nigerian community is hugely relieved to know that jocelyn jee esien is actually carpet-munching her way to the top of the pile purely for show, and has in fact been getting her fair share of draught-excluder in every nook and cosmopolitan cranny (at least, as far as i understand the case). there again...what her swinging celebrity sistahood will think of this undercover closet action, one can but guess...

desperate dave lammy said...

dave for prime minister!

desperate dave lammy said...

dave for prime minister!

jack rabbit said...


call me paranoid, but i've got a sinking feeling that, even if we manage to knock dave cameron out of the ring, the cia are going to exploit a hung-parliament to pull david lammy out of the prime-ministerial hat (sort of robert mugabe-style).

grass-roots perspective said...

how about some relevant points of discussion here, old ho? like...how many cream buns is it possible to stuff up ninia benjamin's arse-crack?

the beast said...

Our OH may indeed be a pissed up red faced failed organ monkey but at least he has a go (when not selling windmills to German cunts)
I hereby pledge 5 pence to his election campaign.

ninia "roll-on-roll-off" benjamin said...


i prefer cream buns orally. hey, thanks for the offer anyway.

and you'd never of guessed it, but i love cooking - and funny enough, it's the only activity i'm happy to do without an audience

doctor truth said...


so why did 't' give you a drugged chocolate cake, spark up?

ukipwebmaster said...

A hung parliament will be healthy for democracy because we are not electing a government now - Just choosing second rate managers for our government in Brussels:


caesars wife said...

David lammy for PM , I can only ponder how much amnesia inducing propoganda the BBC would churn out.

nasty things smears especially when excuted by vengfull yet intoxicating women , No such thing as free love , just have to serve your sentence for haveing second helpings and not to do it again and hope fences can be mended .

Bit off topic but being as Cheeta woods is back having had treatment for sex addcition CW thought cheeta didnt seem too badly affected , however I remember a TV program on dating some years ago with a lad who was in right mess as he had got into kinky and voyourism , 3 somes etc scenes .To put it mildly , when the sex hit enjoyment time spans had become shorter and shorter , he became a narrower person and his life got cheaper and cheaper .

Not that it gives any insight into socialist mind control methods or anything !

the medicinal muffler said...

00:09, 00:57

yes, there's definitely been a dastardly plot against you spark up. i've heard on the grapevine that temptress 't' is well-acquainted with david lammy - looks like he was trying to take you out of the game for some reason. stinks of cia standard operational procedure if you ask me.

spark up said...


sex addiction? threesomes? the chance would be a fucking fine thing. screw the fences.

caesars wife said...

I rather liked the one (Billy crystal I think) "ime not saying my sex life is bad but the other night my hand fell asleep"

liberace said...


don't worry, i'm sure spark up will soon grow accustomed to becoming a gay porn icon

Uncle Marvo said...

I don't watch videos on blogs because they are seldom produced by the blogger. I'd rather have a link and I might watch them later.

However, I will say that Cameron is the best choice of leader as far as the Labour party goes. If he was a gorilla in a V for Vendetta mask wearing a blue rosette NuLab wouldn't stand a chance.

Vote OH. I trust him.

Anonymous said...

OH nows wants to be apart of the rotten system itself.

You cannot reform it from within or "without". Its ROTTEN to the core.

Im not voting for anyone, thought about ukip early on... that soon went the way of the pear.

Money troughrers ALL, and I suspect you and yours just want a piece of this geld.

Old Holborn said...

What on Earth gives you the impression I want to be part of the system?

I just want a key to the door. Let me at them

Anonymous said...

I just want a key to the door. Let me at them

BEHAVE.... dont take us for CUNTS!

Fuck all politicians !

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