Wednesday, 21 April 2010

BBC Interview

You can listen to my dulcit tones on the BBC Drive Time programme today

HERE (1H22M in)

Ladbrokes have me at 100-1 to win in Cambridge. It seems the concept of being the first person to ever stand anonymously is gaining popularity. After all, if I win, anybody in a mask can enter Parliament. All 61 million of us. They'd HATE it, wouldn't they?


Anonymous said...

Not bad OH, you are fairly articulate, though myself I would back UKIP in this election.

As getting out of the EU and fast is paramount.

thelunaticarms said...

What dodgy music they have employed. And she sounded as if she was throwing up with "Blog-ger".

You narf sound posrch though, and a little nervous at first but picked up. Very well done. Better than DK - and boy they could have tore a few holes. Anon - sheer class.

Bet you went to school everyday???sic

I may lay a few quid on you, Griffin and Farage. Even Simon Derby may be worth a punt as everything the Establishment do backfires dramatically (okay, I over-exaggerate, so sue me).

Corruption in a Public Office - will you seek to make it a retrospective and hanging offence?

If so, I can mobilise a dozen Somalians to 'reside' in Oxford and help out with the 'voting'. Sure I could even coax I am Sam out to assist.

Scratch my back and I scratch yours - welcome to the murky
world of Politics Mr Smith.

Hairy Arsed Bloke said...

"Corruption in a Public Office - will you seek to make it a retrospective and hanging offence?"

Can you add drawn and quartering as well. It's traditional innit.

Mist said...

I'm sure you're popular in the UK, but you're also known in Barcelona.

A pity my english ain't good enough to translate your blog with the proper words and sense(I mean, Google translator is NOT an option). I think many people in Spain could share your concept of democracy since we also have a lack of it, even in Justice issues.

My respect and recognition for your hard work, and for make us think about what we've REALLY got.

Big hug.

Kit said...

When in that 2 hour clip is OH?

Ampers said...

Of course he was nervous, but even so, he performed well.

Branded in fire, I think he may well go on to better things.

Well done OH. Listen carefully, learn from mistakes, and progress your strengths.


Anonymous said...

When anti British and false science propaganda reaches this level, you just know the gas chambers and black bagging can't be far off - was anyone else disturbed by this subversion of the democratic process?

Time is running out, democracy is about to slam the door shut for good.

Old Holborn said...

Yes, I was nervous

You don't get a second chance to make a first impression on a live broadcast.

I'm an anonymous candidate. I'm ALL of you. If you could have done better, email me and you can do the next one.

Happy voter said...

Are you sure that after the nominations close a rule debarring anonymous candidates won't surface?
Be wary.

@Kit 1:22

bofl said...

a bit tetchy about being nervous holborn?

just treat it like any other gig........

oh bugger.i forgot you were turned down by depeche mode!!!!!

never mind...that only cost you about £50 million!

Dazed And Confused said...

One hour, twenty two minutes and thirty seconds into the programme. For those whom don't wish to listen to the dulcet tones of some BBC local.

theIMFiscoming said...


Is that not a good option for translations ?

That was a good interview OH. She seemed fair with you. Thought you would have mentioned the expenses scandal though. And won't all the loonytunes on The Sun etc be trying to unmask you now ? Might be a nuisance.

Anonymous said...

You say "Erm" more than David Beckham...

Old Holborn said...


I developed a stutter aged 12. It absolutely ruined the career I wanted, an airline pilot, so I became a butcher, aged 18. Then a top musician, then a Rally driver in Germany, then an IT expert. In Germany.

I don't like public speaking, especially on the BBC, live.

but I'll do it.

Mr. Jolly said...

Congratulations on your debut OH. It really could have been much worse. Lose the slight quavering in your voice and you'll come across well to the public. No sign of Messrs. B & D standing anywhere yet I suppose? Thought not.

thelunaticarms said...

@ HAB - do you know how much it'll cost to remove the blood. Bloody barbarians, sometimes I wonder if it is only the Islaminutzis who seek violent bloodshed. Hanging is cheap, efficient and not too gory for the children!

@ OH

I know we all would, first impressions for sure.

Practice practice practice and you'd be able to give Alistair Campbell a run for his money ;p

Somalians are on their way. And with their surnames, I reckon could get a few thousand slips. For you do mean I could perhaps borrow the mask, pay a few hookers to do the biz and get a 'hanging' bill pushed through?

Got seventeen quid and half a kitkat that could find itself in a safety deposit box of your choice? Would have been a full kitkat but gave a bar to those Somalians - got to feed them something, can't be too cruel. Bastards when they flee.

itszone said...

OH, don't know if you were on a standard handset or a boom mic but if you try to hold the receiver or position the mic around your chin so it is closer to your chest you should get more bass and authority. You have to balance that with upping the volume a touch, but not shouting.

Give yourself some thinking time between making your points. To you it will feel like an awkward pause but it works well for the listener, again giving authority and allowing people to digest what you are saying at a better pace.

If you really want to fuck them up, slow your delivery down just a touch in some places and then speed it up, ever so slightly. This serves to reset the listener's attention span.

Plus always stand up if you can and for the bits where you need passion walk around and make hand gestures as you would in normal face to face dialogue. Sounds silly but it works.

You did well though, considering these are early steps into the beast's domain.

J Demetriou said...

Did you work in the GDR?

caesars wife said...

At least you did it ! thats guts in itself .

Anonymous said...

It's never easy first time. Not a bad effort at all and I'm sure you'll get better with time. Good luck.

The Penguin said...

I've always hated doing piece to camera or to microphone (publicity for events, not politics!) and the current telephone set up for radio is even worse because of the relatively rubbish quality of the microphone in the phones.

Old H, if you're not too busy Friday or Saturday or Sunday (not evening we'll be gone!) there's a pint with your name on it available in the Beer Barn at Cressing Temple. If you want to turn up in the day time in character it might be a good photo opportunity with folk in shiny armour or from the 95 (Sharpe's Rifles).

The Penguin

lilith said...

Very well done OH.

Anonymous said...

Is that a typo in your graphic? politicians running, your life........

Surely "running" was meant to be "ruining"

RantinRab said...

Good stuff OH, you came across well. My wife was impressed too and she hates all the political stuff so if you made her listen you can make anyone listen.

I am Stan said...

Nazi said-

Sure I could even coax > I am Sam < out to assist.

Nazi,learn to read!.....its STAN...

Anonymous said...

Well done OH. If you get another chance maybe you could try to raise the questions of the troughing,illegal wars,and the EUSSR. Onwards and upwards!

Mr Armageddon said...

Good work OH even my dog (vatman) wagged his tail with approval; mind you Gordon the goldfish said nothing at all and just kept swimming round in f@cking circles

woman on a raft said...

Good interview.

TheBigYin said...

Holby you wouldn't be the first man to ask for votes while being behind a mask, have you heard of the Hartlepool monkey who got elected as Mayor?

So you are in with a chance mate.

Anonymous said...

Eddie Douthwaite, Chairman of Freedom To Choose (Scotland) interviewed on Leith FM Radio on 20 April 2010.

Worth listening to:-

Anonymous said...

I am Stan said...
Nazi said-

Sure I could even coax > I am Sam < out to assist.

Nazi,learn to read!.....its STAN...

22 April 2010 09:23

Nazi? does he support Labour and their ethnic cleansing policy, or the EU and their undemocratic totalitarian takeover of Europe??

I am Stan said...


dunno go ask him,but he does support an Ultra Left Socialist Nationalist authoritarian party,the BNP you know,the Nazis ....

behind every anti racist is a racist said...

Stan, let me educate you one more time -

Ultra left? er that would be communist, the BNP are not, you see the BNP believe in capitalism. only not on utilities. They also believe in social mobility unlike communists, which is why they want to bring in grammer schools to give the brightest working class kids a chance to go on in the capitalist maket and make something off themselfs, rather than trash any hope of training for the youth by bringing in fully qualified people from over sees living 10 to a house - ultra left wing huh!

National socialist/Nazi?

Nice try, But I think you will find the BNP are Social democrats with a nationalist slant, much like the UK in the 40s and 50s when the county was a world leader.

Rather than the fragmented shithole we have today.

If anything the BNP are a conservative party in the truest sense of the word, they wish to conserve what was great and what made us great.

it is the Labour party that with no mandate and much opposition has a plan to flood the country with immigrants to deprive the people of their identity and culture, which has many drastic implications and costs billions each year.

Yet the left cry and screem when they talk about red indians in the US and the evil europeans that destroyed their identity and culture that now sees them scraping a living on reservations.

The BNP are simply resisting a unmandated wonk racial ethnocide program, no different the the red indians, or were they Nazis too?

Nazi, yes it is a nice smear tactic but when muppets like you over use it and use it out of context it loses all impact so when a party or group which does have true Nazi like intentions takes over, no one listens.

Such as the undemocratic, totalitarian and oppressive EU.

You see you clearly know nothing about either the BNP or Nazis.

Nazis were not even true nationalists, they were imperialists, they were warmongers.

Unlike the BNP who said right from the off that we should not go into iraq and kill millions of muslims, however the Labour party had no such qualms. so you see if the BNP were Nazi then they would have been all for it, right?

and think on this, any group of elites UK/US prepared to murder millions of innocents in Iraq will have no problem doing the same to you.

Nazis had id cards

Unlike the BNP - more like Labour

Nazi were against free speach - unlike the BNP more like Labour.

Now the EU, they have been given the right to do anything they please without any democratic accountability!

Now if history has taught us anything it is that, that is a recipe for mass murder and black bag gangs.

Just admit it Stan, You are a racist, you hate whites and want to make sure that no white has a homland, while all other racial groups do.

You are also a ignorant brainwashed conformist that uses the media driven consesensus of anti British hate to vent your racist bile at those who wish to not have their culture and heritage deliberately destroyed, which has lead the country to becoming a fragmented shithole where gang rape is now common place, with this ethnocide and undermining of British culture leading to a takeover by a foriegn undemocratic fascist regime.

The irony!

I am Stan said...

Nazi said-

"lead the country to becoming a fragmented shithole where gang rape is now common place"

The Irony

June 2007 Robert Bennett

Robert Bennett, the convicted gang rapist who oversaw the BNP leafletting campaign in Oldham in 2002, is arrested for his part in a assault on his next door neighbour which began when they ask his son David to leave a BBQ after he began using racist language. David attacked his neighbour after refusing to leave . He returned with his father and the pair subsequently attacked both the male and female neighbour. Robert Bennett who admitted affray was sentenced to 150 hours community service and £250 compensation whilst his son, who also pleaded guilty, was sentenced to 250 hours community service and ordered to pay £500 compensation.

Seems your beloved leaders would know all about gang rape eh! and general thuggery....

Fausty said...

The "your manifesto" gambit is sheer genius. She couldn't exactly attack it, could she?

Dave said...

Anyone care to bet on which will happen first?
The banning of burquas or the banning of V masks?

Jim Baxter said...

You could hear the nerves. I've done live radio to the whole bloody country and anybody who doesn't get nervous the first time has his head right up his own arse with his own self-importance. Brave of you to admit to it. Admire that.

Otherwise, you sounded like a right ponce.

thelunaticarms said...

I am Sam

You remind me of the character from that Sean Penn movie. No, not the coke-sniffing high-flying lawyer (although I could imagine you biting the hand that feeds you), but the retarded one.

Other than that, are you interested in earning a a bite of a kitkat stick? I'm sure you've got at least a dozen african sounding names we could utilize... or have you already sold out to Labour?

I'm not a socialist, although I am not a rampant capitalist either. Tbh, my idea of economics is "give me your fucking money punk!" - works though.

For all intensive purposes though, I'm a nationalist, and if saving my nation means some will have to fuck off, bye Sam, "been nice but you're a fuckwit Britain could do without".

I am Stan said...

@ Lil Hitler,

Oh dear,touched a nerve have I Nazi.

Shame that....

thelunaticarms said...

@ Monkeyman

Yes, I'm quite upset and will be seeking therapy... /sarcasm.

Rather be a Stormtrooper than an African, that is for sure.

Got a joke for you though.

How do you make Stan shut-up?

Lick his lips and stick him to the window.

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