Tuesday, 20 April 2010

£100 a minute

Mark Thomas, although being a BBC luvvie, has been on a personal crusade against Section 44 and the right to protest wherever he damn well likes.

The Metropolitan police stopped and searched Thomas after he gave a speech at a rally against the arms trade in 2007.

The police searched his shoulder bag and wallet for weapons, which they said could be used to cause criminal damage.

A police officer recorded on an official form that Thomas may have been carrying weapons as he had an "over-confident attitude". Nothing was found.

In January the European court of human rights ruled it was unlawful for police to use arbitrary stop-and-search powers against peace protesters and photographers under terrorism legislation. Kent police admitted conducting unlawful searches on 11-year-old twins and other activists at an environmental demonstration.

They detained him for 12 minutes, against his wishes without actually arresting him. Those who know the law (like me), know that is unlawful.

He has justed banked £1200 for being unlawfully imprisoned for 12 minutes by the Police.

Remember the golden words - "Are you detaining me?". I use them constantly when the Police want to have a quiet word with me (and they always do, can't think why). They HATE it. Unless you are committing a crime, the Police have no right to stop you going about your lawful business. Remind them as often as possible, unfortunately they need it.

Just for interest, another ploy they use with me is: "You are not allowed to protest here"

Simply reply "I'm not protesting, I'm walking around in a silly costume. Just like you in fact. Goodbye"


Uncle Marvo said...

"Walking around in a silly costume just like you".


RantinRab said...

And there's more,


I am Stan said...

"Remind them as often as possible, unfortunately they need it."

Hahahaha yeah right on,

Last time I tried to walk away from the coppers (its my right you know) I got a hand gripping my throat and a dead leg for my trouble.

My crime?....walking home after 0100 am while in the possession of black skin,fuzzy hair and thick lips.

nochet said...

"A police officer recorded on an official form that Thomas may have been carrying weapons as he had an "over-confident attitude"."

They expect us to kowtow.

Rightwinggit said...

walking home after 0100 am while in the possession of black skin,fuzzy hair and thick lips....

Were you walking on the cracks in the pavement?

I am Stan said...

Were you walking on the cracks in the pavement?

Quite possibly,or I may have been walking with an "over-confident attitude".

I was walking with a limp for two days by the time they had finished re-adjusting my attitude.

Inspector Knacker - Neasden CID said...

Still I wish Mark Thomas would do an impression of Blair Peach! Unfortunately I think his skull is too thick....unlike Blair's of course. Why? Cos he keeps being described as a comedian and he isn't he's a cunt and about as funny as a fatal road collision.

Anonymous said...

Mene mene tekel upharsin. The writing is on the wall for the corrupt, cowardly, mendacious, murdering, racist scum that are the police.

thespecialone said...

Sorry OH you are wrong about being stopped only when committing a crime. For instance if a member of the public phoned in or stopped a police officer and said he thought he saw someone lets say putting a screwdriver up his jumper. The member of the public said that the person hiding the screwdriver was wearing exactly the same clothes as you (yes ok a long shot), or if someone wanted to piss you off (who would do that?) If I came across you as a police officer, I have the power to stop you under section 1 of PACE and to search you. At this stage you are not under arrest. I have to fill in a form called an R65 and if I dont search you then I only then need to ask for your name and DOB. If I search you then I have to fill in your address and the various other questions. This form was brought in after McPherson. There are many other reasons that a person can be lawfully stopped without being arrested. If I find said screwdriver on you, you would be arrested. If I found nothing on you then I would offer you a copy of the form and bade farewell. Demonstrating peacefully is not one of them of course but not all demonstrators are peaceful.
There is a lot of confusion about the differences between a street detention under S1 of PACE and an actual arrest.

Neil Platypus said...

As to the above comment. What a load of shite. In a de facto police state the sub human excreta in blue can of course
1. Fit you up. Sion Jenkins et al.
2. Murder you. De Menezes, Tomlinson.
3.Subject you to internment without trail. Like North Korea.

Old Holborn said...



You're new here aren't you?

Neil Platypus said...

The cunt reads PC Ellie Bloggs, nuff said;)

thespecialone said...

Yes I read Ellie Blogs and I read Inspector Gadget as well as this blog and GOT and Guido and Subrosa and Governmentitis etc. All I said in my posting above was what happens in an ideal world. I am not saying that everything that the police do is spot on. It isnt. Just like everything that bakers and candlestick makers isnt spot on. Oh and Neil. Can you tell me exactly how you consider the Tomlinson death to be murder? Was it premeditated?
OH I am not new. I read this blog every day when I can and mostly agree with everything you say. All I was doing was telling you what should happen and the fact that the police can stop you if he/she considers it appropriate. That is a fact. The law. The police get it wrong. No doubt about it. The police enforce the law, not write it. The law is fucked up because of Labour and other politicians admittedly. Dont forget that more criminals with solid evidence against them get let off with yet another community service, or let out to rape or murder again.
Background about me? 28 yrs in the armed forces, put up with lots of crap, been to war and married twice. Likes freedom of speech, fairness. Detests MPs of all parties. So I hardly think that qualifies me as a cunt Neil does it? Or maybe in your eyes it does.

Amusing Bunni said...

I wish I could go see you in action in person, OH. I bet the coppers are dumbstruck!

Neil Platypus said...

Many laws yet little justice.

Lord T said...

You should produce a handy guide of what to do when stopped by plod. Something to fit in a pocket.

Then something a bit more substancial on how to live Free in an oppressive society.

thespecialone said...

Lord T. Please if you are going to abuse the police then spell correctly. It is substantial, not substancial.

From ex-navy. Left school with 2 O-levels. Now got 6. And an unpaid Special Constable sorting out stupid arguments amongst the underclass at weekends in my own time. Unpaid!!

Clive said...

Stan (Tuesday, 12:19):

No point getting a haircut -- the fuzz will just strip-search you in the street (using the Try To Stop Us And We'll Shoot You Act), and arrest you for possession of curly pubes. But if you suck on the prescribed five lemons each day, your lips will pucker like Harriet Harman's arsehole, and they'll assume you're one of the Righteous.

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