Monday, 29 March 2010

What is the EU for?

I'm trying to wittle down the exact reason the EU exists.

So far, it appears to me that it was created to stop the Germans constantly starting wars, was then hijacked by French farmers and now appears to be in the hands of a few unelected post democratic ex communists for their own very expensive benefit.

Seriously, could someone tell me why the UK spends £45 million a day on being a member?

UPDATE: Guardian nutter alert

there ought to be a family of taxes at a European level that would allow the EU to develop a degree of autonomy ? carbon taxes, for example, or taxes on international speculation (the Tobin tax)."


Odorica Ion said...

Salut !!!!!!

Ampers said...

Personally, O.H. I think you have it in a nutshell!

But if you want to bring it down to one word, then that word is:



Anonymous said...

It's about trade blocks. Everyone is forming them.
It's also about a common currency to rival the Dollar monopoly, which the Euro has essentially succeeded in being. It's the dollar being used as the world reserve currency that has put the US where it is today, by being able to print Trillions of $ of worthless guarantees and exchange them for goods and oil.

It's also about military alliance.
It's the old but true "divided we fall" mantra.

On the whole it's a necessary thing, to counter big countries or military alliances. A block has more clout in the world than a defunct lonesome country.

Unfortunately it's beyond the average thicko in the street to understand.

Billy Blofeld said...

The EU web-site says this:

What are its aims?

Peace, prosperity and freedom for its 498 million citizens — in a fairer, safer world.

What results so far?

Frontier-free travel and trade, the euro (the single European currency), safer food and a greener environment, better living standards in poorer regions, joint action on crime and terror, cheaper phone calls, millions of opportunities to study abroad … and much more besides.

What a waste of fucking money that is then...........

My view: The EU is the battle ground where people seek to exert feudal power over the unwitting.

I am Stan said...

anon 10:32-Unfortunately it's beyond the average thicko in the street to understand.

The average "thicko" understands that the EU is a big pile of expensive shit!..cheeky anon!

WV-pasty....yes please!

cornyborny said...

Sorry, anon, but the EU isn't "a necessary thing" at all. Talk of 'blocks' having 'clout' in the world is outdated and misguided. The Warsaw Pact doesn't actually exist any more, you know. But then the justifications for the EU shift with time and circumstance, of course.

Military alliance? What a hoot. Peace in Western Europe has been kept for 60 years by NATO (mainly the US). The EU in its various incarnations has always been useless in this respect, and actually contributed to making the situation in ex-Yugoslavia worse.

The Euro is an artificial currency - imposed on wildly disparate economies - that is held together by political will and rule-bending only. It won't last.

Trade? The EU is a customs union, not a free trade area. This means it is, as Richard North puts it, "a dirigiste, inflexible, regulation-bound system based on the very antithesis of free trade, designed not primarily to promote trade but to protect member states from it." In short, the EU shafts developing countries.

We, and the world, don't need the EU. Small is beautiful.

bofl said...

the eu was started by ex nazis to create a new reich.....without having a war......

germany and france still want to be the top dogs.........and we are being cooned because our glorious leaders also have delusions of grandeur...

the EU has nothing to do with helping anyone.except the people at the top!

time to ditch it!

Anonymous said...

I agree with Ampers - it's about power. I've asked myself the same question for years now, and that's the only answer I can come up with.

If we don't learn from history, we're doomed to repeat it. Until recently, when I wrote that, I would point to the Roman Empire as an example of what is going to happen to the EU. These days, sadly, I think it's more in line with Stalin or Hitlers regimes.

PS - a FYI, although it should be clear, I'm NOT the same anonymous as the one who thinks the EU is a good thing!

libertyscott said...

It had a laudable aim of removing barriers on trade, labour and investment between similar economies. It was hijacked by socialists who lost the Cold War to use it to subsidise everything from inefficient French farmers to building motorways in Poland and setting up Euronews.

All that is good from it could remain if it was replaced with a small judicial body (like the WTO) to prosecute and punish governments that impose barriers to free trade and investment across borders. The free flow of goods, services, capital and labour can continue, indeed Norway, Iceland and Switzerland are already in this arrangement with the EU through EFTA.

However, for this to work countries must be able to ban non-citizens from being able to claim welfare, taxpayer funded health, education and housing. Which of course should be a prelude to weaning their own lot off the same.

Anonymous said...

i suppose you'd call me a pro european anti EU type. I grew up in europe speak a few of its languages but am very anti the EU. It's a deeply undemocratic, corrupt, unaccountable club that benefits noly those in its higher echelons. It's animal farm in action and needs to be reformed from top to bottom or scrapped.
If the federalists get thier way i fear for the future too, every federal state that has been enforced from the top down not the bottom up collapses, usually badly be it the ussr, yugoslavia or the "nation" of europe, learn from history and dont repeat its mistakes.

bryboy said...

As an average thicko from the street I cannot for the life of me support an undemocratic organisation which is so corrupt it cannot be auditecd. I am amazed that all three of our Westmonster parties support this sham... but there again perhaps not! It nicely fits the stench currently coming out of parliament.

£45 million per day and you wonder why we are so much in debt? When we repair the country's economy we should begin here and then move onto foreign aid!

Tarquin Geezer III said...

I thought it was about a common market for steel, coal and energy, that's what Heath told everyone anyway. Nothing like the monster today.

Anonymous said...

Like I said, it's beyond the average thicko in the street to understand.

Let's make it simpler: If a country does something GB doesn't like, it'll keep doing so. If a country does something the EU doesn't like, it stands to loose a lot.

What country wants £ Pounds in the world? No one.
Who wants € Euros? Most of them.

I'm wasting my breath here though, GB is on the road to nowhere. Thanks to the little Englaender attitude and delusions of grandeur it's doomed to become a pointless Island off Mainland Europe. That's what all the main parties know but can't tell the sheeople because they want to go down with HMS Brittania. Good luck to ya, Plonkers.

418 said...


cornyborny said...

Fucks sake. There really is no penetrating the righteous shield of socialist bigotry, is there? The two posters above illustrate just how the EU, and all other baleful ideas, take root and grow. Sheer wilful ignorance. If something isn't spouted by some politician or printed in the op-ed pages of the Independent, it just doesn't go in, does it?

418: so the small matter of who governs the place you live is "boring," is it? Labour voter, are you?

Anon: even if the UK, emancipated from the EU, became "a pointless Island off Mainland Europe" (which it wouldn't), why would that be a bad thing? Who actually wants to be a superpower, with global military projection? What does that actually do for Joe Public, here and in the places we'd go and fuck with?

"If a country does something the EU doesn't like, it stands to loose a lot," you say. Hahaha, I say. Because you're talking shit. The EU is the ultimate paper tiger; it's like tits on a bull in any form of crisis. If Russia said boo, everyone in Brussels would instantly touch cloth. But your claim has a more sinister edge, of course. The idea that, united, Greater Europe could be a mighty power bestriding the globe. Take that, America! Bow to your masters, China! The dimensions of your rear-view mirrors WILL be standardised, Papua New Guinea!

What is it with socialists and imperialism? Is it the uniforms?

Trade is what makes people the world over wealthier and healthier. Not (oddly enough) top-down bureaucracy. Outside the EU we'd be free to trade on our own terms with the entire world once again. Good for us, good for our trading partners.

adrian said...

It's about Power for the few over the many, think Soviet Union, China, it's a pyramid scheme, all those penpushers think they are doing s decent days work have no idea of the real agenda behind the bits of paper they shuffle.
They should all be fired and made to do something useful like building cars, ships, or planting and harvesting food for our people.
We had a Great system, it has been dismantled, we dont need to reinvent the wheel. just go back to what we had, it was a beautiful system.

We need to take it back, we British need to Unite or at least work for the same goal, taking OUR Country Back.

I am an Englishman

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