Saturday, 27 March 2010

Time Liar Byers Went To Gaol

Some poor woman embellished her CV in order to get gainful employment rather than live off benefits, and is now doing six months in gaol, costing the taxpayer a fucking fortune and doing absolutely fuck all to protect the public.

An ex-cabinet minister and Privy Councillor blatantly lies on the record in order to try and get a new consultancy position at a vast daily rate.

Surely this is exactly the same thing?

Don't hold your breath, though!

The Penguin.


Catflap said...

There has to more to the story of that bird going to jail surely.
If not,then fucking hell whats going on?
The'Proffessional'classes sure seem keen to protect thier fucking patch if thats the case.

Dazed And Confused said...

Authoritarian Socialist Teacher alert!!!!

This cunts been running around the Libertarian blogasphere telling people what they can and can't say, on their own damned blogs.

And now he's created a post calling us "Lice".Oh Dear...

Catflap said...

What the fucking hell was he talking about?
I left a comment as well though.
We may be able to prove his bumsucking girlfriend wrong.
That in fact 10-1 people will pull his pants down and not come out in support.

bofl said...

i was sent on a course at the local ymca (govt. funded) to help me get a job.........(i have been out of work twice last company redundancy money or pension)......they told me to ' fill in the gaps'!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

next i went to see a job agency appointed by the govt......i left the gaps ..........this supposed advisor said...........'hmmmm, a couple of you know what i'd think'?

"no" i replied........


i laughed.stupid cunt. 8million out of work and if you dont have a job then you must have been inside!

there are millions that want to work but this country is full of so many effing idiots all finding ways to STOP people getting a job!

Ian said...

If true - that a woman has been jailed for lying, then every one of them encumbents are there in Westminster must be in line waiting to join her.

This story is f***ing unbelievable...

I cant count the number of times agencies have called ME up to embellish or re-write a cv to 'taper' myskills to some job on offer.

Something very not right here, but maybe just another signpost on the road to hell.

I am Stan said...

Yo! my feathered friend,

the hypocrisy the reflection of establishment arrogance..

Mrs McKay,who served her country in the Navy was at worst deceitful,at best foolish..

The job appears to be some kind of middle managment post... she was not operating on people or administering drugs,so I see no danger to the public..

I notice in the origional article`s comments, John from France suggests her NHS bosses and the Magistrates should have their CV`s checked...good idea but of course it will never happen.

She was foolish and dishonest but a danger to the public?!, I do`nt think so,as we all know much worse crimes are commited,often repeatedly by the same offender and they never see the inside of a prison cell , how many can say they have`nt spiced up their CV`S...she should of got a slap on the wrist..Byer`s should be locked up.

The law truly is an ass at times...too many times ;-)

Kit said...

A doctor who works in the same hospital as my Mother over claimed on his travel expenses.

He was arrested and put in handcuffs in front of his patients by the police. He was prosecuted, lost his job, home and pension and now has a criminal record.

Politicians over claim tens of thousands, are caught on camera, and fuck all happens.

What exactly do they have to do before people get pissed off enough to actually do something?

killemallletgodsortemout said...

Kit. Apart from angry fuckers on this and other blogs, no-one gives a flying fuck.

After all, there's strictly come dancing in wheel chairs on ice on the telly. What else matters?

Until this treatment is meted out to sufficient numbers of us, people won't stir their arses out of their armchairs, let alone contact their MP and tell them their concerns (and call them a thieving cunt).

I fucking despair, I really do.

wv: conmen

Kit said...

Maybe people really do get the government they deserve.


Time to reconsider emmigrating. Anyone got any suggestions as to where to go?

Ian said...

Peoples republic of North Korea sounds nice.

Weathers good this time of year as well I'm told...

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