Tuesday, 23 March 2010

Threatening Letters OHMS

John Mann MP gets a bit touchy when he asked about an expenses repayment he made of £2,395.02

He says he claimed it on the wrong forms, and can't be arsed to reclaim it.

Every time somebody asks him about it, they're threatened with a libel action.

So, how about it, John, sue me if you like, but tell me what the money was for.

H/T Rantin Rab

Seems a complete reptile, still he cannot sue us all


Anonymous said...

I think the Mann video was done by the Fat Councillor. He is currently in the air on his way to the sun, but I am sure he will beg you for a link when he gets in tonight...


RantinRab said...

You've screwed up the 'click to enlarge' bit. Save the enlarged pic and use that on the post.

ukipwebmaster said...

Here's Sir John Butterfill in action:


Rogerborg said...

Can there yet remain people ignorant of the Streisand Effect?

Little Black Sambo said...

What happened to the throbbing organ? Didn't people love it any more?

Catflap said...

Sorry OT:
The type of election campaign you want to run OH should be dictated by your final objective.
If it is about publicity then go full guns against the LibLabCons and get known,I mean WELL known.
So on the hustings at the result announcment you will be more than just another anonymous 'Monster Raving Loon'type candidate in a funny outfit.
If you actualy mean to be an MP then the mask will have to go eventualy but use it to great advantage.
Build an air of excitment amongst voters as to who and what you stand for and then as a climax.
Umasked have your own 'Martin Bell' moment pulling the pants down of the LibLabCon tossers.
The local press will fucking love it.
Get into a local junior hack now with an offer of exclusive access to your exploits.

Anonymous said...

Jury Team, who the fuck are they? Last heard of doing crap. Why dont you stand for LPUK?

Remember, the google, "Old holborn closed and gone"

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