Friday, 5 March 2010

++Target Reached++

Just a quick update to let all those who donated to the fund to release Nick Hogan that the target has now been reached.

I am transferring the money from Paypal to a proper bank account and hope to update you on his release shortly (anyone who knows Paypal will know the hoops they make you jump through).

Many, many thanks and well done to the blogosphere

More to follow soon

UPDATE: It appears Freedom2Choose, after a week of silence, have managed to step in and release Nick before your Paypal funds have cleared. As you know, the donations were via Paypal and things take time. Alas, demands were made today to me by Freedom2Choose to transfer all Paypal funds (£9712) to an un-named and unknown individual immediately, something which Paypal or indeed I was unable to do. I would like to thank you all and on confirmation of Nicks release by an un-named and unknown donor will be refunding all donations. I look forward to Nicks release this evening as much as anyone. I wish him all the very best.

Anna also has the news

UPDATE2: Apparently Nick has not been released this evening by Freedom2Choose. Despite their promises. But they are still furious at Paypal (and me) that I wouldn't hand your hard earned donations over to er....somebody...can't tell you who.

Enough nonsense. YOU free him. As fast as we can.


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Oleuanna said...

Nice work...

The Filthy Engineer said...

Congratulations all round I think. Amazing how quickly the money was found. It shows that there are people in the Blogosphere who care about injustice. Oh and without the help of the MSM.

RantinRab said...

Fantastic news!

Serial Shagger said...

Lets hope he doesn't need his arsehole re-elasticated as well.

Anonymous said...

Next Stop Joe Glenton?

Angry Squaddie said...

Anonymous at 1716,

Why would we want to raise money for a coward and a deserter?

Where was his moral courage and integrity to speak out about his objections to the war while he was swanning around the world? Funny that he didn't mention it until he thought it might save him from Colly...

Kit said...

So how long will the bureaucratic scum be able to delay his actual release from prison?

Captain Ranty said...


Pat yersels on the back! Twice!

What a great way to end the week.

Thanks to everyone who chipped in with money or words of support.


Mac the Knife said...

Top kit! Money well spent.

Now for a deafening silence from the Main Stream Masturbators...

Anonymous said...

He's not out yet.

Anonymous said...

Hey Angry Squaddie, where are you then?

Taking orders from Milliband, ROFLTMAO!

scorpy66 said...

Congrats one and all, and huge thanks to OH for organising!

Dominic Allkins said...

Fantastic. Well done everyone - and OH for setting it up.

Money well spent.


JD said...

Great news - well done.

Rogerborg said...

Wow... what's this sensation? Like a tingling in my soul...

No, it's not the cheap plonk, it's that... I feel... good.

Hat tip to OH for stepping up. The war goes on, but this battle? Ours.

Anonymous said...

Knowing Paypal they may even suspend your account and freeze the monies.

They are a BASTARD comnpany.

Im very suprised you took on their services.

Anonymous said...

Yes, Paypal can be bastards when they choose.

I am Stan said...

When does he get set free from jail?

Free Hogan NOW!

Pat Nurse said...

Well done Everybody, especially OH for managing all of this. I would willingly pay something monthly into a fund that help other businesses that fall foul of this stupid law!. Yaayyy! We won!

Old Holborn said...

It seems Freedom2Choose are springing him this evening after demanding that I pay all monies to them today. Immediately. No questions asked.

I didn't . I couldn't. I wouldn't

They are not very happy about it

Petr said...

I don't want my contribution back if there's another worthy cause, for instance Leg-Iron's non-poster of a silly "don't do what you were not going to do" notice. Can you keep the donations in trust until something is worked out for the fund?
(Posted on Ms Raccoon's site also)

Fausty said...

Credit to you, OH. Very well done indeed!

Now, might you contact Andrew Neil and get a spot on his Daily Politics show?

It'd put the MSM on the spot. Would Neil be game?

It'd cost you your anonymity, though.

Serial Shagger said...

LOL Holborn take the money and run

Ok maybe everyone else is not as corrupt and morally devoid as me.

Anyhoooooo it's friday night any respectable women looking for a suitable date?

Harri said...

Now do we get an invite to his pub, for one almighty lock in !

And free beer.

Where the fuck is his pub by the way ?

Mind you, all us dissidents in one place, and all at the same time ... perhaps not.

Anonymous said...

Well done OH, right on the money.

That's made my day, that has.

Anonymous said...

Never heard of freedom2choose before today. They claim to be fighting for smokers yet they seem to want to avoid any publicity of Nick's release.
I'd rather OH was involved than f2c or UKIP because f2c are an unknown one-trick Pony and UKIP are a political party with it's own "agendas".

If Nick doesn't need the money I'm happy if my donation goes to something else, like pianowire and hemp rope, or whatever.

Demon said...

Trying to make sense of the somewhat hysterical post on the f2c site. It seems Nick will not be sprung till funds are transferred from paypal. Or am I missing something here OH?

Serial Shagger said...

Fuck the f2c trying to cash in on the blogospheres and Old Holborns success. Dodgy fuckers, probably run by a Labour MP.

Serial Shagger said...

Only joking about the f2c but seriously what would of happened if the guy topped himself after we all got the money raised for him lol.

Old Holborn said...

F2C seem to be mentally unstable

Kit said...

Let me get this straight.

OH arranges a campaign to raise money to release this poor man. Another organisation steps in and announces that they are going to pay the fine to release him and demands that OH should immediately send them all the money. When OH hesitates to send all the money to a complete stranger they abuse and insult him.

Is that pretty much it?


Old Holborn said...


It's been a long week

Every fucker with a vested interest wants the money and the glory

YOU did it. Not them.

The blogosphere will set Nick free. Or I will refund every penny.

Serial Shagger said...

Phil the shifty swine from f2c was probably going to be sipping tequilas in Mexico this time tommorow with all the money while his mate Nick rotted in jail.

Serial Shagger said...

I get carried away sorry only joking but still he is a shifty bastard.

Probably grassed Nick up to the feds in the first place lol.


I will behave.

Kit said...

Hmmmm, they want the glory of releasing Nick but want OH's campaign to foot the bill.

And then get really, really angry and outraged when OH won't give them the money and actually apply emotional blackmail to Nicks wife.

Wow, the world really is full of syphilitic cunts.

I want to see a nice big photo of OH in his mask and 'Freedom Warden' jacket standing outside that prison welcoming Nick out. OH organised this, he inspired it, he must use it for its full propaganda purposes.

Anonymous said...

- Are you People's Front of Judea?

- Fuck off!

Anonymous said...

I think F2C are shooting themselves and everyone else in the foot, silly buggers.
I see a claim for wrongful imprisonment complete with large compensation for hardship in the offing though.

Old Holborn said...


Well done


Anonymous said...

People fighting for the chance to spring Nick is pretty good publicity in itself though, LOL!

Katabasis said...


This is hugely significant.

Her Majesty's government is now on notice that we WILL NOT STAND for and DO NOT CONSENT to their insane laws and victimisation of upstanding citizens.

And as the Filthy Engineer said, we did it without the useless MSM.

I personally, now pledge that every month I can stump up the same amount of cash to help any other poor soul on the receiving end of the state's unjust attentions.

The only dark spot in this is F2C's response, which I consider to be utterly disgusting and I expect them to make a retraction and apology to OH and everyone who generously donated.

OH took on the onerous task of stewarding this fund and so took on a duty of care. No one in their right mind would have released the funds in such cloak and dagger circumstances.

To OH - YOU sir are a gentleman of great standing, and may Merry Olde England grow many more like you in the dark times we have ahead of us.

max splifford said...


oh dearie dearie me, these sort of larks almost always end in squabbles...and maximum pub-licity all round!!!

just want to say well done to old ho and donators for freeing the poor sod. funnily enough...i was about to make a donation...but then i read your post confirming that the total had been i'm too late...god-damnit!

so freedom2lose wanted to take your readers' money, and the credit for busting nick out? fucking priceless! i think old ho's taking a sensible approach. my advice: give the money to nick's mrs and let her choose between refunding the anonymous philanthropist-cum-sneaky spongeing spoiler and splashing out on a brand new fitted granite 'n oak kitchen (including smoke detectors). should make riveting reality television.

Matthew Miller said...

Surely the problem is solved if money is paid to Denise Hogan's account. She can then take money to custody officers? Or some other person trusted by OH?

Angry Squaddie said...

What a bunch of cunts! I notice there is nowhere to comment on their post, or am I missing something?

Freedom2choose? Freedom2fuckrightoffimmediatelybeforeIpunchyouveryhardinthethroatyouannoyingcunt more like!!

monty zuma said...

probably the best free-a-plonker campaign since nelson strolled out of victor verster prison on 2nd february 1990.

so is denise free for a date tonight?

Billy The Fish said...

OH, what's going on?

Wh the fuck is this Johnson tool? Is he really asking you to hand over all the wedge so that he can take credit for Nick's release? Is he really getting all shitty about it when you said no?

Who the fuck is this fuck? I've never heard of him or his fucking organisation. YOU did this, OH. Anna threw the ball out, you picked it up, ran with it, made the play and scored the try. Now, some unknown got wants to collect the prize for you? Bollocks!

I too wanted to see the photo of you in full costume welcoming Nick from Her Majesty's pleasure but obviously we're not going to see that now that Phil Big Bananas has paid the fine himself. Or did I read that bit wrong?

I tried to comment on Johnson's site, but curiously, there's no comment form like on here. No 'transparency'. And this wanker wanted you to just pay up, did he? Fuck him.

One angry Fish here, OH. Don't let this tool get to you. You're a hero (so's Anna) and everyone here knows it!

Demon said...

Are these throbbers at f2c having a rethink now? They seem to have pulled the link from their home page to their rant and also pulled the comment option.


Anonymous said...

Well done mate
Fuck F2C, who the fuck are they.

You may want to check your grammar i.e. Nicks should be Nick's

With best wishes.

Kit said...

I've registered at the f2c forum and am politely letting them know what i think.

It looks like some of the members there were given the impression that it was f2c that had actually arranged the campaign! They are now realising that they have stirred up a whole shitcan of bad publicity.

I think it interesting that an anonymous donor could be ready to 'immediately' release Nick, but only if he is immediately given all of OH's campaign money. Otherwise he can't.

Hmmmmm, send me just £500 in fees and i'll be able to send you your lottery winnings of £100,000. Honest.........

Narkybeast said...

My (sadly small) donation was sent to OH who organised this campaign and that's who I want to manage it for me. I do not want my money back, if someone else chooses to pay, I'd like it to go to a cause that OH chooses please.

Thanks for the opportunity to participate and feel like I could do something worthwhile OH, much appreciated.

I'm not a smoker anymore but it's in spite of the authorities rather than because of them - they almost make me want to smoke in protest at their evil, manipulative, sanctimonious behaviour.

righty right wing (mrs) said...

** Applause **

Katabasis said...

Congratulations again everyone – especially Anna and OH.

I originally cut this clip below to honour the various climate sceptics who have remained steadfast over the years, but it is just as appropriate to this cause.

To everyone who joined the battle, here’s what we do next: CONTINUE FIRING

Spartan said...

So F2C say they had the cash and said they would pay the fine??? ... but they want the fund collected paying into some account first??? WTF?

Oh and Paypal? ... last time l tried to transfer money to my bank account from my PayPal they stopped it for 2 f'ing weeks whilst they checked into the amount as a security measure.

The amount? ... a staggering £300 so you can see the concern they had as the total was an extremely big amount! ... Tossers!

lt ain't easy getting money transferred from Paypal!

nelson rolihlaha mandela (free) said...

a truly momentously momentous moment in history and a decisive victory in the struggle for civil rights which will resound all around the globe. i take my hat off to the man...what a superstrength trooper...i just cannot imagine what he's had to endure in that dank smelly old english dungeon.

nick for prime minister!

Rogerborg said...

Individualists Behave Individually Shocker!

'Twas always thus. Laugh it off; these F2C clowns don't even deserve your contempt. We all know where the credit is due.

By the way, my contribution was freely given, and I'd prefer that it went in Mr Hogan's pocket, regardless of whether he's sprung by F2C, the Tooth Fairy, or Man Friendly Lesbians in the meantime.

lilith said...

It's a bloody heist! Who are these F2C bastards who want our money?

Old Holborn said...

Why thank you Rogerborg

No Nigerian with a northern accent is getting his hands on £9712. No matter how hard he tries.

I will be your representative, outside the prison, to set this man free. With YOUR money.

do please read Annas take on it

Old Holborn said...


You woudn't believe it

I'm surprised the RSPCA haven't threatened me

camp kommandant theobeka said...


hi darling...if you don't catch the plane tonight, you'll be getting bollock-porridge for breakfast tomorrow (mama's special recipe). verstehst du liebling?

Junican said...

Well done to OH and AR. You started the ball rolling and took on the duties involved in arranging the collection system.

Reading between the lines, it looks as if someone connected to F2C agreed to put the money up straight away to get Nick out, provided that the person was re-imbursed quickish.

Whoever these people are, they obviously did not realise that OH is holding the monies IN TRUST for the purpose for which the funds were donated. It is not possible just to hand them over to a third party just like that. If someone did provide the funds immediately and produced the receipt, Nick having been released, then it would be in order to pay him back.

I cannot understand why F2C behaved in the way they did. They should have known better.

Anyway, let's not let this silly incident spoil our pleasure.

It has been a great joint effort and shows that we are not just a bunch of whinging poms!

Anonymous said...

To be fair, Freedom 2 Choose have been following Nick Hogan since the ban came in 2.5 years ago. They also raised the issue of Hogan's imprisonment when the MSM ignored it. Luckily many of the main libertarian bloggers are MEMBERS of Freedom 2 Choose so they took up the baton of publicising it. OH is probably the widest read of these bloggers (who, while he isn't a member knows many of its members) so when he decided to cover it it was good news all round.

Obviously, kudos to OH for ALL his hard work - this is clearly his project and he's come up fucking trumps! But the Johnny come latelies here spouting off about F2C need to realise they were there years ago and it was they who raised the issue on the minute he was jailed. Unfortunately, they don't have the clout to make an impact. OH does, and as a fellow freedom-lover he manfully took on the job and gave the issue coverage.

It's a shame though - OH and F2C have worked together for a long time on a number of issues (and why shouldn't they? Both exist to combat the Nanny State) so I hope this doesn't signal a falling out between the two.

That said, the F2C post does seem uncharacteristically hysterical.

Still, this is a time to show that the freedom-loving blogosphere can raise 9 grand in 4 days - double what ASH raised in donations in all of 2008-2009, despite all the media coverage they get. We need to remember who the cunts are here - and we have collectively showed them that they are an unrepresentative minority who should be ignored. It's Nu-Labour and ASH who are the enemies and we need to capitalise on this. We shouldn't turn on each other....

I don't know where the misunderstanding has come from but I see two good guys here having a (hopefully temporary)falling out while a bunch of fuckwits jeer from the sidelines.

Fuck ASH. Fuck Labour. And congrats to OH on doing the business.

stun said...

I think that in the interest of the obvious cuntishness of F2C that you should be required to publish all email correspodence between the cunts and your own cuntish self, and demand a libertarian FOI on that basis. You will undoubtedly be exonerated.

PS: I approve of letting the poor bloke and his missus keep our donations if, by some magic, F2C aren't actually talking about the OH / Anna money but something altogether different. Otherwise, they can fuck off.


Anonymous said...

the f2c bashing here doesn't make much sense to me.
oh is obviously collaborating with forest (at least on this occasion) and i wouldn't be surprised to see a smiling i'm-only-in-it-for-the-money simon clark at the prison gate, making a publicity stunt out of your money.
and i don't know whether oh cares about nick's dignity. nick might not be interested in being photographed and filmed at that moment.

sizakele said...


i don't know why he took you anyway...and now you've gone and lost the randy old bugger to a pub-landlady...and a white one at dozy fucking bushcow...i really wanted to meet queen lizzy give her a slap round the mush for apartheid and nicking our royal african diamonds, the precious saxon bitch.

jez said...

Freedom to Choose (Scotland) is this the same bunch? I've sent them a cheque for £30 c/o The Dalmeny Bar Leith Walk, Edinburgh after a post on this Blog advised that it was a safe alternative to Pay Pal.

What ever I hope it ends up in the right place.


Serial Shagger said...

I do enjoy a cigarette after sex and a cigar at Christmas.

RSPCA said...

Obviously we will be taking Mr Old Holborn to court as it is clear to us that donating bloggers wished to see their donations doubled by a separate campaign being run by an anonymous donor to F2C who prefers cats to smokers.

Old Holborn said...


I might just do that. Or Anna will

You wouldn't believe the shit we've been through this week

max splifford said...


ah...thanks for the putting us maybe the guy who paid stopgap was a genuine well-wisher trying to help get nick out before the weekend, then everyone got a bit excited and started to cut corners...but don't blame you at all old ho...can't be too careful these you said, these nigerians can use juju to appear in any form they choose...usually a begging bowl with chip and pin facility.

stun said... is F2C actually paying too? Confirmation required, before you get too arsy. FFS, it wouldn't have got going at all if the cunty (sorry Anna) bloggers hadn't brought it to everybody's attention. Are you saying that the anonymous donor couldn't step up beforehand?

Anonymous said...

Our duty now is to smoke as publicly and defiantly as possible.

sizakele said...


and my arse is bigger and bulbouser than yours bantam bimbo

lilith said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
monty zuma said...


yeah right, we couldn't justify paying for a whole row of plane-seats on public expenses, could we?

stun said... least you've got some F2C posters in. Going back to 21:23 Anony post, I hope the same. But if they're being difficult, I'll set my dogs on them for a good licking.

timmbone said...

OK Nick got 6 months. Because of this non F2C appeal, his debt will be paid, and he will be out. If Nick spends a few days longer inside because it is not rushed, and his release is accompanied by hopefully national publicity, what a bonus. Imagine if he was got out as soon as possible and only we knew about it, what an anti climax.

I say this with reservation, but what I have seen on their front page confirms the fact that I have not been onto the F2C forum for a long long time.

Anonymous said...

So. You've managed to raise 10k to give to Gordon.
Have i missed something?

siz said...


waaaaaaaaaaaaaaaah! you can talk you great greasy lump of phutu.

stun said...

@22:09 Anony - So if your gran was imprisoned for not paying her fine for "inappropriate" contents of her wheelie bin, or even the way in which she may speak to non-English speaking people, because she was not financially capable of paying it, would you be making the same judgement? As OH pointed out, any unpaid fine levied by the court can lead to impisonment. Are you really OK with that?

how about busting immigrant families and their kiddies out of immigration and nationality department concentration camps? said...

just get ooop north first thing next week old holborn, and make sure nick walks...but don't wear your mask and cape till you get to the prison...or you you'll be mugged before you reach euston...either that or you'll have 20 nigerian wives by the time you set foot in lancashire...i'd take protection if i were you

G.O.T. said...

Thanks to Anna and OH for all their hard work behind the scenes and to everyone that gave their hard earned cash to such a worthy cause.

You should all be very proud of yourselves.

Incidentally, the Phil Johnson statement has also been posted on the F2C blogsite.

I have posted my comment THERE.

Just saying ;-)

Anonymous said...

@stun- He tried to play the big i am in full contempt of the Law. That just gives them the excuse to slap him down.
The comparison with Granny's bin is ridiculous. He point blank refused to pay
Plastic revolutionaries are seduced by such acts of martyrdom

pc fuckoff said...

i'm investigating the possibility that freedom2choose have been involved in a conspiracy to defraud.

i'm also concerned that nick hogan could well be back in the slammer next week, for the selfsame offence. however, i'm confident that you boys and girls will break him out again.

i suggest an immediate campaign to release the yorkshire stripper and black panther angela davis.

TheBigYin said...

so freedom2lose wanted to take your readers' money, and the credit for busting nick out? fucking priceless! i think old ho's taking a sensible approach. my advice: give the money to nick's mrs and let her choose between refunding the anonymous philanthropist-cum-sneaky spongeing spoiler and splashing out on a brand new fitted granite 'n oak kitchen (including smoke detectors). should make riveting reality television.

First of all the blog post made by the chairman of Freedom2Choose, Phil Johnson, was presented as a "news" item for general consumption and I made no comments on it myself.

Second, I, and many of F2C members were/are fully behind OH and Anna's appeal, giving generously.

Third,It was only today, after I spoke to Phil, that I was told of Nicks mental health state and Phil's wish to have him released today now that the money had reached it's target. I know Nick personally and have made many videos on Youtube about him addressing our North East meetings and was shocked to hear of his health situation.

Fourth, Phil said to me that he would seek a private donor to have Nick released today as the Bolton Court officials would be striking on the Monday and Tuesday, further causing him mental grief. The only thing that Phil Johnson was asking OH, as far as I know, was that the 'mystery' donor be re-embursed out of the fund what he paid for a rapid release of Nick, without fanfare or publicity for Freedom2Choose. That 3rd party (the donor) only needed a letter of confirmation that OH and would release the donations anytime after Nick was released and understood the problems Paypal throw up.

Phil Johnson made a Facebook account before the paypal button was put on your site OH but after you did he was more than happy to get behind it.!/group.php?v=info&gid=343427274680

Tonight Nick still languishes in prison.

Serial Shagger said...

I would swap places with him if i could.

Is it legal for courts to strike? what is that all about, you can tell this country has gone right down the shitter under Labour when even the judges are taking the piss.

So Wednesday is the earliest Nick will be released?

Balls to the wall and his mouth shut for five more days hopefully and the nightmare will be over.

Kit said...

Phil Johnson, the F2C guy has this to say on his forum, his story is in direct contradiction of what OH says happened today.

''will clear this up once and for all:-

Thank you for your response, to which I will explain further to totally clarify the situation.
With the relevant amount having been donated to the fighting fund set up by OH on his website (with thanks of course), it was blatantly clear that Nick could be freed at any time, pending the payment of £8,774.18p today, to HMP Forest Bank. Hamish Howitt, extremely worried for his friends mental state of health, asked if a donor could be found until donation fund could be released, so as to get Nick out today. Nick is not coping well at all.
Because the fund was guaranteed; ie more than actually needed to be paid, a selfless 3rd party offered to pay the money today so as to secure Nick's release asap and did not want the donation fund 'immediately sent to them'. In fact, all they wanted was a short letter, sent to me and forwarded on to them, from OH guaranteeing re-imbursement sometime next week-irregardless of what day that may happen to be. I already had the 3rd parties bank details to pass onto OH - whenever they were needed for re-imbursement purposes.
There was no conspiracy or even thought of such. in actual fact, the 3rd party was prepared to risk £8,774.18p in order to 'get Nick home', on the basis that public donations would re-imburse them at the earliest opportunity. I was requested to be the 'middle man' in my capacity of Chairman and also to protect the 3rd person's anonymity. Nobody ever suggested that OH even attempt to transfer any PayPal monies today, tomorrow or any other day that the funds were not settled in that account.
The whole thing was simply free-ing a man, who is under severe mental stress, by the quickest means possible, knowing that the funds could be returned to the 3rd party sometime next week.
I cannot undertand where such a simple exchange of monies, over a period of a few days/week can have become such a mountain of contention. The 3rd party is at a loss as to understand why they are not £8,774.18p short in the bank until OH could release that amount from PayPal in re-imbursement. They also cannot understand why Nick is still in prison when their sole intention was to ensure Nick's release tonight.
The whole process was so simple. A letter of confirmation was all that was needed to secure Nick's release tonight.
Yours sincerely

Phil Johnson

Serial Shagger said...


I'll stop being an annoying hoon now


Anonymous said...

at Anonymous 22:35:
... and wankers believe the Daily Mong.

twister sledge said...


sounds like a fuckup of monumental contortions...especially if it's true what i hear about old holborn being the mysterious 'third party'.

Spartan said...

Sorry but l don't get this whole F2C thing. The money raised is going to Nick to do what he will, that was always agreed so why does F2C need a letter?

If Nick was in bad a way as they say ... just pay the money and get it back later from Nick.

If F2C need a guarantee before Nick is released it would seem the question of money is more important than Nick's health.

Regarding his health, l could see a problem if he was in there for 6 months and knew it would be that long but knowing funds have been raised to get you out and you only have a few days to do should not put you under a great deal of pressure.

ls he really under suicide watch? lf so, the man is broken and it will take more than a release from prison to help him.

Whatever the situation l wish him well and a speedy recovery.

Anonymous said...

Civil and public "servants" (LOL!!!) strike:

The stinking leeches are whining about having to tighten their belts in a recession.

This is another scandal in itself.

sloth investigations inc said...


maybe the third party is guido and now old holborn's left him with the bill. wizard wheeze. i had my supicions and now i'm positive: holborn must be a nigerian.

Don't Give Up The Day Job said...

Finally, a victory for Common sense

Anon 1 said...

anon @23.26.

Just following OH's link.

lanacashire hot plot said...


no, this is an ancient feud, this goes all the way back to the battle of watford gap. butt out. the last thing we want up here is for a bunch of southern wogs to free our boy. piss off back to your privet hedges you poofy soft home-county pussies.

Mr A said...

It's not so hard to believe Nick is in a bad way mentally. The prison is a rough one. Even a few days would put a non-criminal businessman like Nick under stress. Also, bear in mind, since the ban came in he's been to court several times, been bankrupted, faced an extortionate fine he couldn't pay... He's not exactly had a good few years. Being locked up with murderers and rapists after all that isn't exactly going to make you see the bright side of life.

Anonymous said...

someone has offered to pay the money to get nick released and was willing to pay immediately because the payment would not have been taken until next wednesday as the court is striking on monday and tuesday. this person was willing to pay the money today on the understanding that the money was returned to them when it had cleared paypal. so all it was is that someone was happy to 'lend' their own money with a guarantee of getting it back so that Nick could get out today. Nick is still inside and what was a good deed has turned rotten. freedom to choose have been campaigning for Nick from the beginning but do not have the coverage as the bloggers to be able to raise the fine. all they are a crowd of people that want to get the smoke ban amended they get no money from anywhere and they rely on their members for donations. they do a lot of campaigning and if they had the money or media behind them they have the facts and figures to lift the ban tomorrow. so anyone that would like to smoke in a pub again should take a look at what they do and not assume that they are trying to rob anyone or get the glory on nick hogans case.

subrosa said...

As I said to Anna, well done the two of you. As Paypal didn't like me eventually my under-gardener came to the rescue.

relate - kills 99 percent of all known blogtiffs said...


true. but hopefully, if he's being kept up-to-date about all the commotion to get him out, he'll be reassured...if not laughing his fucking nuts off.

Belinda said...


I am in charge of the Freedom to Choose (Scotland) account (or at least our Treasurer is. We are a different organisation from Freedom2Choose but with the same aims. By the time donations are ready to be paid over Nick is likely to have been released from prison and so consultations about what to do with that money can be made directly with the family.

Spartan: the third party account did not belong to freedom2choose or even to a member of f2c as far as I know. But it was that person who requested a guarantee, and f2c merely conveyed that request. You do not know the circumstances of the person concerned.

I can only echo what I know from my contacts, which was that their purpose was to avoid a media fanfare because of the state of Nick's health.

TheBigYin said...

freedom to choose have been campaigning for Nick from the beginning but do not have the coverage as the bloggers to be able to raise the fine. all they are a crowd of people that want to get the smoke ban amended they get no money from anywhere and they rely on their members for donations. they do a lot of campaigning and if they had the money or media behind them they have the facts and figures to lift the ban tomorrow. so anyone that would like to smoke in a pub again should take a look at what they do and not assume that they are trying to rob anyone or get the glory on nick hogans case.

Exactly Anon. The members have raised money to pay Nick Hogan, Hamish Howitt and Tony Blows fines since the start of this bloody ban. Unfortunately the thousand or two we raised for each couldn't dent the tens of thousands they were given in fines.

Still sterling efforts by OH and Anna, there is no way F2C would steal anybodies money.

Belinda said...

'By the time donations are ready to be paid over Nick is likely to have been released from prison and so consultations about what to do with that money can be made directly with the family.'

sorry, by this I mean the cheque donations that we offered to collect from people who wanted to donate but don't have or don't like paypal.

Brankach said...

Although I am not from the UK I still made a small contribution. I think I saw there were also contributions from other countries so one could almost say that it was an international action.

Congratulations to Old Holborn and all the contributors.
Note also that I learned about the action from F2C forum so also credits to them.

Fuethermore, the whole thing should be viewed as success rather than anything else.

So, now to "the next logical step" :))

stun said...

But there should be some publicity about it - we've all (well, most of us) given something to help him out when he was making a protest against authority. Having done that, I'd hope that springing him would be something he'd like to be public. If that means a few extra days in Playstation hell, so be it. I hope he agrees so that the effort put in by the bloggers and the money donated achieves more than just releasing Nick.

I'm way too serious now, and and getting annoyed. Be nice now, or the dog gets it

asterix said...

i see bloggers are celebrating in the only way they know how - with an almighty bloody dust up

stun said...

@ateririx ..and your point is? Tosser. I was beginning to be polite. Now you've reminded me why some people aren't really intellectually equipped to step beyond amoeba status.

cuntsniffers and co - private investigators said...


yes, this 'no publicity please we're worried about nick's health' does rather whiff of mandelson machinations - he's definitely got the bare-faced gall to pull a stunt like this. let's just hope nick gets through his ordeal and can soon sit back and chuckle at the political hysteria he's provoked. good man.

Leg-iron said...

It's worth emphasising, I think, that if Anna and OH had not done this, Mr. Hogan would have months, not days, before release. Let's not forget that while doing the shouting-down and blame-throwing so beloved of the internet.

OH - couple of trivial details. Remembering that you are up against people who really don't like to lose, please keep in mind:

Where you're going and how much cash you'll be carrying are in the public domain. Don't tell us when you're going or when you're on the way. Tell us when it's done.

If you are stopped with more than a grand of cash on you, it can be confiscated as drug money. Watch out for that one.

Perhaps a few cruising cars with the passengers (not the drivers0 wearing V masks, might be a useful distraction?

Leg-iron said...

Asterix - oh, the gall!

Too late. The internal spat is over. We fight as one unit again.

obelix said...

ils sont fous ces bretons

Anonymous said...

Now, the question is - where is the MSM coverage? Where is Deborah Arnott from ASH trying to explain why her beloved ban gets anoumous strangers to give up their hard-earned cash in only 4 days? Where are the Labour MPs saying that 80% of the public love the ban. I want to see these fuckers squirm as they realise the ban is going nowhere and people will fight and fight until it is lifted!

I hope to see this soon....

Anonymous said...

Whoops - I meant "the fight against the ban is going nowhere". I had a slight ASHism i.e. a loss of reasoning and mental awareness.

stun said...

@obelix - va t'enculer. Mange moi (not sure about that bit). Branleur. And they say we're xenophobic....ha!

Paddy said...

Dear All,

might I just enquire:

what's the real difference between an "un-named and unknown individual" and Old Holborn himself?

Do you think that the homonymous writer of this blog was christened "Old Holborn"?

Apart from that facetious observation, Old Holborn is to congratulated for his activism in the cause of all individuals. Our rights do not emanate from ANY government authority or grant of law. They are birthrights and cannot be regulated to any extent whatsoever.

Mesmer said...

From Canada:

Excellent job OH and Anna.

Judging from some posts it's true that no good deed goes unpunished.

However, IMHO this is one small step for man and one giant leap for mankind in the necessary march against totalitarianism.

banned said...

Congratulations Old Holborn, Anna and all contributors.

stun said...

You're quite right. Many people have donated to a fund run by a totally anonymous person. I've never met him, but I think he knows what he stands for, and that means that he isn't in it for himself. If he rightfully gets some MSM attention for it, or inspires the public to get angrier, then it's all good.

He's still a cunt though

bofl said...

o/h.......why have you and anna had a bad week? has someone been leaning on you?

if so the details need to come out!

nick has made a stand and is probably depressed.i have visited a friend in winchester and belmarsh and its not much fun..........however he should take heart that he will be out soon.....a lot sooner than expected due to your efforts than if he was just forgotten about.......

seeing his actions and video i think he should try to get as much media coverage as possible...otherwise his fight will just be brushed under the carpet and forgotten.............

our whole 'justice' system in unfair....

we have possibly millions of laws that none of us voted for.........why should the wishes of cunts like brown,blair,mandy and the rest of the leeches warrant any higher ranking than the wish of the people? i wouldnt let them clean my shoes or my khazi because they would fuck it up and then blame each other.

i wonder when plod will bang up 400+ well known thieves?

well done everyone...but getting sanity back in the uk is going to be a hard road.

Anonymous said...

Fuck your publicity get the poor man out NOW.Don't you think he's done his bit already for the cause? Some guy has stumped up the cash pending a letter of guarantee nothing more!.Fucking professional campaigners make me sick. I bet ASH/TMA are shagging each other.

Anonymous said...

Nick Hogan has always supported Freedom2choose to fight the smoking ban.Many F2C members have donated through the Old Holborn website.
Comments from F2C blogspot:-
OH has already said he'll never do anything like this again. I sincerely hope that's a "hangover-style never do it again" rather than a serious conviction, as the world needs the likes of OH being a pain in the arse to those who oppress us with our own money.

F2C and OH have been mates for a long time - I hope that they may continue to be so.

obelix said...


ça vous intéresse de prendre livraison d'un gros menhir, chérie?

herbert flashman said...


fuck me, this is the greatest coup for the common man since my mate stood up and exercized his civil right to post photos of his nob to an officeful of civil servants. simply inspirational. keep up the good work.

Anonymous said...

I have ploughed through all the stuff written on the internet about this rather unsavoury affair. While it is true that OH & annaraccoon have completed the marvellous task of accruing the funds for Mr Hogans release (next Tuesday?) it seems a great shame that if the man is suffering mentally because of his incarceration, he could not have been freed today (friday) by the good offices of an unknown "3rd party" who, by all accounts was sourced by the Chairman of freedom2choose with the only proviso being that a guarantee of repayment of the £8,774.18p was forthcoming sometime next week.
I see nothing wrong there whatsoever! Freedom2choose initiated this campaign on facebook and happily, OH & anna (both major bloggers) took up the challenge of fundraising, something that freedom2choose knew they could not do in such magnitude. The reality is that Mr Hogan could have walked out of that prison tonight but hasn't so somewhere down the line there has obviously been 'a crossed wired communication'.
Despite the furore by OH's supporters and readership a simple reading of all that has happened in this hectic week is that all forces have united to gain Mr Hogan's release at the earliest convenience. The "3rd party" obviously did not want to tender any release funds until enough had been collected by OH-fair enough!
The fact that the "3rd party" did actually step forward is also a testament to the good will of people, insomuch that they were prepared to foot the bill until repayment from the fund was available. No doubt the full truth of this glorious (but slightly soured) effort by all parties will emerge after Tuesdays fanfare release in Manchester. I would advise caution on opinions until then when Mr Hogan will be able to tell the tale for himself. I will be interested to see how this turns out.

max splifford said...


I would advise caution on opinions until then when Mr Hogan will be able to tell the tale for himself. I will be interested to see how this turns out.

he'll probably reach the conclusion that most of have come to already - namely that old holborn is a maximum publicity-seeking cunthead.

Anonymous said...

Couldn’t all of this have simply been avoided if F2C had used a bit of common courtesy and, instead of rushing in to tell OH that they were paying the fine (and then expecting him to reimburse them), they had asked him if he would be prepared to organise the payment the way they were suggesting? Common courtesy, too, would have dictated a gracious acceptance of a perfectly understandable, under the rather mysterious circumstances, refusal, rather than a childish, foot-stamping rant (which I am pleased to hear has now been removed from their site). F2C seem like a basically well-meaning group, but perhaps they simply need a bit of extra training in good manners and old-fashioned politeness. I hope that this silly squabble is now over and done with, because anti-smokers around the country must be rubbing their hands with glee at the prospect of the “opposition” dividing into grumpy little isolated groups the minute they have the opportunity to show a united front against this unfair and spiteful law.

Anna Raccoon said...


'did somebody lean on you'

You don't know the half of it mate. I have been reduced to tears by some of the back biting, whispering, glory chasing, publicity seeking, insidious allegations and e-mails that have followed my decision to blog on Denise's behalf.

The only thing that has kept me going is the knowledge that I have Denise's full support, and Old Holborn's calm repetition of 'take no notice they're just ********s' at two hourly intervals.

All that pales into insignificance compared to the stress Denise has been under all week, forced to keep a smile on her face in the pub all day, and field myriad telephone calls from people who have (variously) informed her that lawyers were 'at that moment' about to spring Nick from jail legally, anonymous doners were 'on their way' to the jail to pay the bill and release Nick.

Denise's original comment that prompted my blog was 'all the people who encouraged Nick - where are they now?'

I didn't know, but I set out to find another group of people who would help her, and with Old Holborn's more than able assistance, we made it happen.

As Old Holborn has said - we have both had a shit week since that Sunday afternoon, neglecting home, partners, blogs and all else in between as we worked round the clock to get links in as many places as possible.

Anybody else was free to do the same. Old Holborn is famous for posting anything. It costs nothing but your time and effort.

But by Christ, there will be one hell of a blog coming from me once Nick is safely home. I am beyond angry.

Just for the record, Nick is not on suicide watch, of course he is depressed, you would be if the people you thought you could rely on to pull together were busy infighting, but he was perfectly happy and content with all arrangements this morning, which was the last time his wife, who is a better authority on him than anyone else in the entire world, spoke to him.

Just look at that, it's 4am, and I'm still awake worrying about it all.

Anonymous said...

I donated from the US and am one of the interntional audience on this affair of getting Nick Hogan released.

I hope Old Holburn, Anna Raccoon, the F2C people and all the other bloggers who worked toward this release in one way or another keep to the target goal of the release itself, yes - but also making the most political ammunition of the whole situation possible to take a stand against what are fascist illiberal governments turning up all over the world, not only in UK - though yours is certainly among one of the worst abusers of dictatorial control, some of our states here in the US almost as bad, in some areas of control perhaps worse.

It's the over-all goals of inspiring people to speak up freely and toward becoming unbound from the chains placed on us this last ten to fifteen years, however long these dictates have worked entrenching themselves into positions of total authority and control, that should remain of paramount importance - the light at the end of the tunnel - and without in-fighting over petty misunderstandings.

I hope Nick survives the next few days or so - I'm certain it will be difficult - but with heaven's good grace and the spirits of hope and love standing behind him, well wishes coming in from all over the world, and him being totally informed of how many people have stood up for him - this being an international affair and not just an UK affair - perhaps the power of those feelings will assist him in the next few days and for next week to find himself free again from what was essentially a political imprisonment similar to the type we used to see only in the former communist countries.

This incident could be in fact the start of something big, the crack in the eggshell with the insides going to begin oozing out along the break.

I'm certain that would be an important goal to be aiming for, the cracking of that state-owned, operated and fully controlled eggshell and getting to the core of it.

Barking Spider said...

Well done OH and Anna, shame that there has been all the background backbiting in what has been an extremely worthwhile cause.

I also don't want any refund should Nick not need the money - please keep it and use it for some other worthwhile cause of your own choosing.

Junican said...

One wonders where the likes of max spliffed appear from: cannot spell, cannot create a proper sentence in the English language, and are unable to add one and one and make two.

Of course, OH, you do bring it upon yourself by virtue of your ‘ejaculations’ and ‘throbbing organs’! These phrases are very encouraging to the imbeciles. Unfortunately, they also reflect upon those of us who are reasonably sensible and intelligent. The imbeciles would not have even the foggiest idea that it is possible to disprove the ‘accepted truth’ that second hand smoke is harmful is wrong, and probably could not care less.

The idiocy of some of the comments make me think, sometimes, that these people are actually paid employees of ASH, who are deliberately trying to undermine our best endeavours, using the words (‘bad language’) that you yourself use.

May I suggest that the time for ‘ejaculations’ and ‘throbbing organs’ has passed? These things may have been necessary in the past in order to grab attention, but are no longer required.

Much better to continuously bring attention to the lies perpetrated by the passive smoking zealots. It has been shown that the possible harm from passive smoking is vanishingly small.

Nick Hogan REFUSED TO ACCEPT that he was an agent of the State. That is, that he is an enforcement officer. He may seem to have been imprisoned for not paying the fine, but the fact is that he was imprisoned for refusing to accept that he was an unpaid, unaccredited State employee. That is the crux of the matter, and that is what we must all fight against. Otherwise, we will all be told be the State that we must ‘shop’ any ‘offender’ that the State deems to be an ‘offender’.

This principle is simply not acceptable.

One more thing.

There is some uncertainty about what to do with funds contributed in excess of what was required. May I make a suggestion?

The funds contributed were specifically contributed for the purpose of paying off Nick’s fine and costs. They cannot be used for any other purpose – and yet, what is to be done with any surplus? I think that it would be generally acceptable to all contributors if the surplus funds were donated to our gallant lads and lassies who are fighting in Afghanistan. I find it hard to believe that anyone would object (even if they are against the wars in question). The idea of maintaining some sort of perpetual fund is so fraught with so many complications that the idea is too awful to contemplate.

White Van man who still smokes in the van fuck you clipboard carrying cunts said...

I think OH should spend the surplus on himself as expenses. As a donor I don't mind one bit if he spends it on tobacco.

Ron Broxted said...

That's the trouble when you live in a police state they ban everything. I stuck a cucumber up my ex-boyfriends bum because he asked me to and the next thing is I am being interviewed by plod.
Read my other adventures on the Indy live journal blog site, or on My Telegraph where I now write as 756th.

Anonymous said...

We know OH likes attention, that's the whole point of supporting him. Completely pointless supporting someone who just whines and cowers, like most of the posters and in fact most of the lame and cowardly british population. Brits are far more Cowardly than the French and Italians who they forever call chicken. They at least turn out when it's time for action against the state.
That's also why Nick got my donation. I'm not sure I like the chap but he had the guts to stand up and that's what counts in my book.
I'll be very interested to read what really (and truthfully) happened.

I notice more and more pointless worms are beginning to leave comments on this blog. That's a good thing. They are most likely bored minions of the very penpushing machine we all hate. Lets expose them and use them.

Billy The Fish said...

Anna, OH - as one of the myriad contributors, I seriously recommend that any monies left over be put toward a case of something silly and the two of you (and your respective families) sit down with Nick and his family and get well and truly wankered.


Anonymous said...

OH why not take the cash in a brown paper bag and deliver it yourself? You deserve the credit.
Well done!

Anonymous said...

OH, what about doing this for other issues. The power of the people. remenber the largest oak tree started as a seed?.

Old Holborn said...

I do think it was a little unkind of F2C yesterday to ring Denise (Nicks wife) telling her that a mystery donor was on their way to prison to release nick immediately.

And then not bother to tell her they weren't.

TheBigYin said...

That you would have to take up with Phil Johnson OH, he knows more about what was said to Denise than this humble blog writer does.

pygout said...

Colour me paranoid, but this mystery benefactor strikes me as a con-job.

If this purported individual were so concerned with Mr. Hogan's welfare, and not his own pocket,
there would be no insistence that the donor be re-imbursed before attending the prison with the moolah. What donor wants their money back before donating, ffs ?

Not saying the scam is f2c's. Au contraire, I think they were being scammed too. This individual was watching OH's campaign, saw it take off, saw it land, and thought "I'll have that".

Promising funds but demanding re-imbursement up front is classic 419.

Belinda said...

Don't get the point of the scam, pygout. If they are paying money to the prison and simply getting reimbursed for it, the profit is nil.

You don't know what resources this person had or whether that money was otherwise committed.

TheBigYin said...

@pygout There was no intention of the mystery donor being paid 'up front.' All that was required was a letter of promise to reimbursement to pay the required amount anytime after Nick was released and the Paypal people released the money.

All that was wanted by F2C was Nicks release on Friday. I myself do not know who this third party is so can't varify if he was the real deal but I trust Phil Johnson, chairman of Freedom2Choose, to have vouched for the donors integrity.

I do understand your concerns though and acknowledge them.

Anonymous said...

cant some of you degenerates read. Despite the initial spin, it has since been made quite clear that nobody demand that the cash be handed over! No scam, no limelight stealing! All that was required was a note of acknowledgemet that the funds would be paid to the kind donor upon release from Paypal. He would then go ahead and pay the fine(before receiving ANY money himself). Fucking simple, and straightforward.
Just shows what fuckwittery is born out of the comprehensive education system.
Thick fucks the lot of you

Old Holborn said...

My point entirely Belinda/Big Yin

No one knows who this mystery third party is. Or why.

For future reference, Old Holborn will not be handing over other peoples hard earned donations to Bob Geldof, the Pope, the Salvation Army or nigerian scammers.

He will be delivering in person as fast as he can.

bofl said...

holby.if i were you i would just do what YOU think is the best.......the other guys may have been involved for longer.........but have not come up with the goods!!!!!!!

tell them to bugger off!phoning denise and then letting her down must have been a real kick in the davinas!

get the man out and let them squabble afterwards.......

the bleedin money has been sent to you-so why all the fuss about a guaranteed re-imbursement?

pygout said...

@Anonymous I have not seen any source of the promissory note assertion on f2c's site, except as quoted in these comments.

Both the f2c news page to which OH refers, and the statement page referred to by TheBigYin have been pulled from f2c's site, making primary sources for this assertion somewhat scarce.

I did see a comment on Taking Liberties, by "disaffectedf2 member" apparently quoting Mr. Johnson's dismay at OH's reaction. It makes no mention of a promissory note.

What I did read was OH's update, which spoke of a transfer, not a promissory note. OH has not resiled from his statement
that an up-front transfer was sought. Moreover,he has stated more than once that he will not be handing any money over to unknown,
or even world-famous, donors. He doubtless has good reasons for that stance in preference to acceding to an exchange of promises.

@ belinda, the whole point of 419 is to promise, take a "deposit", and then never deliver, as I am sure you know

@The Big Yin. I do not impugn Mr. Johnson's integrity, as I pointed out in my post.

vervet said...

As one who made a small donation, I should make it clear that all money was given for the benefit of Nick Hogan and nobody else. Whilst OH & AR have done sterling work here, their input was and must remain voluntary.
There have been many suggestions about how this money, and any surplus, should be disbursed. There is only one person that has the right to decide and that is the beneficiary, Nick Hogan.

TheBigYin said...

I do not impugn Mr. Johnson's integrity

I understood this to be so in your post pygout.

@bofl as Anna said above Denise's phone was wringing off the hook yesterday and I'm sure Phil Johnson DID keep her up to date, if not her Hamish Howitt, who has more contact with her than Phil has. I'm sure he will answer that particular question set by OH.

Mr A said...

I don't care what happens to the money. Nick Hogan won't be the last individual the State tries to crush. Good work to everyone involved on this.

Anonymous said...

It's amazing how quickly people, from all over the world, managed to donate enough cash to get Nick released. And that's the most important point, surely, that Nick will be home very soon.

We're all fighting for the same cause here – which is indeed freedom to choose, and for publicans to have the same choice, and for their employees to have the same choice too.

Irrespective of what F2C has done behind the scenes, it's OH's publicity that made this work. So thank you OH, and Anna, and everybody else who put links on their blogs, because without them people like me wouldn't have known, and wouldn't have been able to donate a few pounds.

It may be that more money will be needed later, for other fights, and I would donate again. But I won't be able to if I don't know about it.
(Mrs R)

Mr A said...

Yes, the positive thing here (despite freeing Nick) is the fact that whilst we all feel like we know each other, at the end of the day I don't know Nick, I don't know OH, and I don't know Anna. Yet I (and many others) coughed up cash regardless.

That says a lot for the power of the Net in uniting people against things that they see as being plainly wrong. ASH may have the funding, the media resources etc but at core they are just wrong.

It's been said many times but bears repeating. Despite their (taxpayer-funded) publicity machine, ASH raised £4000 in public donations in all of 2008-2009. The British public raised double that in 4 days. Who is the real voice of the poeple here? Who should be listened to by Government and who should be ignored?

I hope some MPs can take some time away from fiddling their expenses to see what is going on here. Ignore the wishes of the people at your peril. ASH won't help you when you get destroyed at the election when people, in desperation, start voting for minority parties.

Start listening to the people you bastards, or things may get messy.

Belinda said...

For information, since Freedom to Choose (Scotland) offered the facility to accept cheques for the Nick Hogan fund, we have received six cheques totalling £120.

Cunt spotter said...

Cunts. Cunts. Total fuckin cunts, the lot of them.

Belinda said...

OH My understanding was that the third party was motivated by bad reports about Nick's state of mind.

I entirely accept your wish to deliver the cash personally rather than entrust to cyberspace acqnaintances.

Let us hope that Nick's state of mind will be restored with some letters and cards of support until his release.

Papa_John said...

F2C tossers!
Jumped on the OH/Anna bandwagon...
"We'll have some of that... thank you..."

john in cheshire said...

OH, as far as I am concerned, you are welcome to hand my small contribution to Nick and his family; I wouldn't be surprised if they need the cash regardless of someone paying his fine.

Anonymous said...


You are a retard.

Retards are why this country is fucked.

Now go and vote Labour like a good little mong.

Anonymous said...

OMG what the fuck is going on? It's like watching True Romance in real life.

desperate dave lammy said...


I stuck a cucumber up my ex-boyfriends bum because he asked me to and the next thing is I am being interviewed by plod.

well, that's what comes of going to some dodgy grocer's on ridley road market - the fucking thing totally contravened all eu regulations pertaining to size and shape. in fact, fuck me, i could swear it felt like an african one. as a puritanical protectionist, i feel tainted.

max splifford said...


shame. i've been quite enjoying your posts until this long provocative dribble punctuated by a turd - i suppose we must be thankful that you managed to make a relevent point about nick hogan at all.

clearly, both old holborn and freedom2choose are well-meaning publicity whores with hearts of gold - and old holborn, being the bigger tart, ended-up winning the scrap. nick now has to slum it in his cell for a couple more days, enlightened by the realization that there ain't no such thing as a free 'get out of jail with maximum publicity free' card. i think we should all thank nick, freedom2choose, old holborn, anna racoon and the nigerian scammers, who, like nietzchean viruses attacking and exercizing the human immune system, have helped train our british bureaucratic mentality to be become ever stronger and greater - the phone call seems to have been a blatant hoax by someone who'd spotted a chance to clear up the loose change, or the entire pot, and was not made by the actual 'third party' donor at all. furthermore, the scammers have undoubtedly been eavesdropping on a raft of mobile-phone conversations and may also have been politically motivated to delay nick hogan's release until wednesday, or screw it up completely - which could even throw suspicion back onto old holborn, who isn't beyond arranging to have a spanner thrown in his own works. there again, if the mysterious 'third-party' samaritan was the scammer, then it's definitely a political ploy to get nick out without fuss and flashlamps. my good god the permutations are bloody endless - i just wish we still had jade's great big bouncy knockers to take our minds off of all of this. can't wait to hear the final score.

as for using the money to send smokes to our boys in afghanistan, they chose to be suppressive agents of the state, as you well know - i bet you sent pizza to the israeli defence force too you cunt.

Anonymous said...

Popped along to the F2C site,
fuck me I thought it was the BNP,
with Winnie givin' me the two fingers!

Large Melot Please said...

I am David Atherton on the Executive for Freedom2Choose (F2C) and would like to put the record straight. Firstly with an apology to Old Holborn (OH).

Just to give you a bit of background, F2C were set up on 2005 just around of the smoking ban debate by Bob Feal-Marinez a Swindon publican and I joined a three years ago. Our association with Nick Hogan goes back to 2007 on the first day of the ban when the bulk of the people who turned up at his pub were F2C members. (1) In the intervening two to three years I have had had numerous communications with him, and was in Hereford with him for Tony Blow’s of the Dogg Inn show trial, the “Save The British Pub” debate organised by the IPPR in 2008 with the Labour Licensing Minister Gerry Sutcliffe and in TICAP conference in Brussels in March last year. To accuse us of being Jonny come lately type people would be wrong in respect of Nick. I was informed personally by the press office of UKIP on the 26th February 2010 of Nick’s sentence. The Facebook page was set up by F2C on the 27th February, so we can’t be accused of arriving late, which OH has been generous enough to contribute to.

Without trying to sound like a one man PR machine F2C broke the story of the G20 smoking rooms in Docklands, (2) were successful in stopping hospitals banning the general public smoking in hospital grounds (3) and on the science on passive smoking (the reason for the bans in the first place) ASH refuse to debate me in public . I have had work published in the British Medical Journal and currently have two papers pending. (4)

Let me get to the point. While the Chairman of F2C had a legitimate point to make, it should have been done in the privacy of a private email and we judge the publication of a front page and blog posting an error. Last night, 5th March I spoke to OH personally and apologised and would like to take this opportunity to do so in public.

In plain English the monetary target to release Nick would never have been reached without OH’s involvement who can claim most, of the credit for Nick’s release. Can I also thank personally Anna Raccoon and Guido Fawkes too.

In these days of an oppressive, stifling, government out best protection is the power of the blog and a united front in the face such illiberal provocation is compulsory. It is a tribute to us all out there that so much has been achieved.

May I wish OH well on his visit to Manchester, and thank him for his pivotal role in releasing political prisoner Nick Hogan. I hope we can all move on now.





Old Holborn said...

Sorry Dave

You still don't get it.

When I started this campaign on my blog, I had no idea F2C were involved. I have yet to see anything that says as an organisation that they were. Your chairman contacted me this week attempting to take ownership of the campaign on my blog. Yesterday he demanded I hand over all donations from MY campaign to someone who he refused to name and then publicly denounced me on the F2C blog for refusing to submit to his demands.

" Let me get to the point. While the Chairman of F2C had a legitimate point to make, it should have been done in the privacy of a private email and we judge the publication of a front page and blog posting an error. Last night, 5th March I spoke to OH personally and apologised and would like to take this opportunity to do so in public.

In plain English the monetary target to release Nick would never have been reached and OH’s involvement he can claim most, of the credit for Nick’s release. Can I also thank personally Anna Raccoon, Simon Clark of Forest and Guido Fawkes too."

I fail to see what legitimate point he has at all. I fail to see what the executive of F2C have done other than abuse me, make false promises to Denise and attempt to hijack a successful blog campaign for their own ends. They certainly didn't start the campaign. Anna Raccoon did. They certainly didn't start a fund. I did. Their members have contributed in bucketloads. I did not receive one penny from the executive of F2C.

I thank your members for contributing to the fund and when Nick is released they can give themselves a hard earned pat on the back. F2C on the other hand need never bother to contact me again. If you do, expect a similar response to last nights telephone conversation.

jocelyn jack esien said...


coincidentally, it was a nigerian woman named sandy (with her bee in her bonnet about the smoking-ban), who first made me aware of this blog - so i sympathize with your theory that old holborn may be a manically twisted nigerian fraudster who has craftily scammed himself. this latter conjecture would make a good sense if it were ever proved that anna raccoon and old holborn were one and the same person...more likely, of course, that anna raccoon deliberately set old holborn off on the smoking-trail with the intention of scamming him at a judicial moment. my personal view: obama-supporting nigerian mafia scammers, who are cosy with the british government (whether that be labour or conservative), have somehow tried to derail the release of nick hogan and scupper the publicity scoop. not that i'd want to blame nigerians for a huge fuckup made exclusively in britain, by britons, for britons...but i could probably live with it.

Old Holborn said...

Bollocks to this

some Emails for you

Originals available on request

Dear OH,

I am Phil Johnson, Chairman of freedom2choose and creator of the facebook cause. I cannot thank you & Anna enough for your inestimable support for Nick Hogan but I must ask that no funds be given to either Nick or Denise as yet-and definitely not to pay off the outstanding balance. There are things going on that you don't know about my friend-hence nio monies must leave the fund yet. Please understand that I am not at liberty to divulge any further information at this moment but I do ask you to trust me on this.

Best wishes

Phil Johnson



cause creator


And the next....

Hi OH,
It's great to see the fund rising so quickly. I sent my donation by cheque via f2c scotland. But I am a bit concerned that the way things are going, you may be able to secure Nicks release before March 13th.
Obviously, for Nick the sooner the better, but from a larger point of view, a demonstration against injustice only carries weight while Nick remains inside. And his release shortly after such a protest would make a bigger point.
I know this may sound callous, but I'm just being my usual devious self. And I don't want to have to cancel the protest.

Best regards, HairyChestnuts

I will release Nick as soon as the funds are available

Katabasis said...

"Obviously, for Nick the sooner the better, but from a larger point of view, a demonstration against injustice only carries weight while Nick remains inside. And his release shortly after such a protest would make a bigger point.

I know this may sound callous, but I'm just being my usual devious self. And I don't want to have to cancel the protest."

What. The. Fuck.

max splifford said...


so phil johnson's a nigerian who has abducted nick and is demanding a ransom? i suppose the £8664.50 is a nice round number in nira?

Old Holborn said...

As explained Katabasis, it's been a long week.

Please give Anna your full support. She's been on the phone all week to Nick's wife.

Nick will be free the MINUTE I can release the donated funds.

Katabasis said...

Of course.

Did you get my email by the way?

Old Holborn said...

I did

I'll be in contact

Old Holborn said...

I did

I'll be in contact

Anonymous said...

"I am David Atherton on the Executive for Freedom2Choose (F2C) and would like to put the record straight. Firstly with an apology to Old Holborn (OH).

Just to give you a bit of background, F2C were set up on 2005 just around of the smoking ban debate by Bob Feal-Marinez a Swindon publican and I joined a three years ago."

In truth, Freedom2choose seems to have started a little earlier, but the current bosses seem to be keen to distance themselves from their real roots. Try googling "The founder of Freedom2Choose was Rod Bullough, managing director of Blackpool-based tobacco vending machine supplier Duckworth" for evidence of where they really started out.

Kit said...

To send an email to OH stating that
''Hi OH,
I am a bit concerned that the way things are going, you may be able to secure Nicks release before March 13th.
Obviously, for Nick the sooner the better, but from a larger point of view, a demonstration against injustice only carries weight while Nick remains inside. And his release shortly after such a protest would make a bigger point.''

and then to publically abuse and insult OH claiming that he is delaying Nick's release seems positively insane.

Perhaps this Phil Johnson has had some kind of mental breakdown? It would certainly explain a lot.

Dazed And Confused said...

My guess is that if Johnson had got his hands on OUR money, he would have delayed Nick Hogans release until the 13th of March, to coincide with HIS demonstration..

Self serving Cunt!

holborn hypocrisy saves day said...


my thoughts entirely.

i also agree with paddy (who posted earlier) - the quote of the week must surely go to old holborn for his refusal to transfer funds 'to an un-named and unknown individual'. fucking priceless!

Dick Puddlecote said...

Kit: The two e-mails were from different people. Same to Dazed and Confused.

Not being confrontational here in the slightest, just clarifying.

Anonymous said...

Hmmmm, I can sniff an anti stirring up trouble. Not like ASH to pay their members to post on the weekend. I note the poster claiming that tobaaco machine vendor Rob Bullough was the founder of F2C is also anonymous.

In fact these are two distinct organisations and the one set up by Bullough has not been in operation for several years.

Interestingly, however, ASH (and especially ASH Scotland) have been keen to promote this little lie for a long time as they feel it undermines F2C's credibility in being run exclusively by, and for, concerned members of the public.

Only yesterday Leg Iron (who is normally one of the most perceptive bloggers around) said he smelt the interfering hand of Righteous antis stirring up trouble and now it seems he was right. Sadly for you, Anti, I too know how to use Google, and typing in "Freedom 2 Choose Bullough" didn't bring up many hits but most of them were either from ASH Scotland or from various committees where ASH were busy smearing their hateful, lying shit. Such as this memo from ASH Scotland:

You are an ASHite stirring up trouble and I claim my £5. Now fuck off back to your fascistic trade you greasy, unwashed cum-bucket.

Still, Old Holborn must know he's hit the big time when paid minions of the state are employed to post on his blog. Heep up the agitation, OH. They don't like it!

Anonymous said...

Anyone with any semblance of intelligence could see that OH is an arrogant fuck out for massaging his perverse ego. Although collecting the money is commendable, not providing assurance it will be released to secure his publicity stunt is a disgrace. Any decent blogger could have done this better and with humility. No wonder B&D didnt support it. Worse still, is the transparent twisting and lying to justify his stance. Then of course the ASH trolls and his mindless followers' blind ignorance post support.
I wouldnt be surprised if he is a state funded psuedo-Libertarian. Lets face it, with egomaniacs anywhere near the fore(and a job this twat isnt), Libertarianism does not stand a chance in UK.

Anonymous said...

Eeerm, the the whole point of supporting OH is *because* he seeks publicity, Dimshit.
Not much point in rocking the boat quietly, is there!
What have YOU been doing then, Labourite?

Belinda said...

Dazed and Confused

You are confused. The demonstration on the 13th was the work of Phil Williams, who planned it before there was any ghost of a possibility of Nick getting out on the back of publicly raised funds. Not Phil Johnson. As far as I know the demo was nothing to do with F2C and was planned in cooperation with parties ouside it.

Anonymous said...

Mexican stand-off. And the poor sod's still in clink.

Anonymous said...

They don't need Hogan for their demo, there's a huge choice of venues and Idiocies to protest against. There are always demos outside prisons for scrotes or innocents and nobody hears of them anyway.

They should go to Heathrow T1 and see the anti-smoking fanaticism there. It sure would attract a lot more attention.

Anonymous said...

I am no ASH employee - far from it.

I do think OH should see just what a bunch of lying scumbags those in charge of freedom2choose can be.

He's already seen what they are capable of, criticising him for not handing over the cash to release Nick early while they also want to keep Nick in prison till after their protest.

It makes sense when you look at their tobacco industry roots. If you want a source outside ASH why not have a look at a flirtyhousewives blog post from 2007?

Belinda said...

Anon: Why not tell us who you are then? Anonymous attempts smear are not in very good taste.

'Cinderella', whoever she is, is quite simply incorrect. The judicial review papers were lodged in 2007 by people who are connected with Freedom2Choose, which was formally established in October that year.

Duckworths had no connection with Freedom2choose.

Kit said...

Anonymous, why are we supposed to be convinced by a randomn blog posting?

Apart from anything else, who cares who started F2C? All that matters is whether it is fighting a good fight for a good cause, not whether people associated with the scary evil tobacco business are supporting it.

@Dick Puddlecote, thanks for clearing that up about the identity of the email senders, it did seem extremely bizare!

Frederique Dupont said...

I Have Just one thing to say Knownning the time spend as well as this effort it take to achive what you have done both of you Anna and OH. If i had a hate I will take it to your Feet.
I just talk to Hamish and ask him to tramited to you too.
Merci de tout mon coeur

PS Obelix Stop your insanne disgusting sentence in French. It is not funnny it is unpolite, rude..

max splifford said...


can't you see that the emails at 21:18 are but a poorly concealed attempt by old holborn to dump the blame for this publicity-focussed fiasco on phil johnson? who the blazes is 'hairychestnuts' for pete's sake? guido?

Anonymous said...

Belinda said
'Cinderella', whoever she is, is quite simply incorrect. The judicial review papers were lodged in 2007 by people who are connected with Freedom2Choose, which was formally established in October that year.

Dave Atherton said
"I am David Atherton on the Executive for Freedom2Choose (F2C) and would like to put the record straight. Firstly with an apology to Old Holborn (OH).

Just to give you a bit of background, F2C were set up on 2005 just around of the smoking ban debate by Bob Feal-Marinez a Swindon publican and I joined a three years ago."

And back in 2007 Cinderella said
The Freedom2Choose campaign is backed by businessmen, licensees, members of the public and a local Labour Party chairman.
It was started by Rod Bullough, managing director of Blackpool-based tobacco vending machine supplier Duckworth. The smoking ban in England follows similar moves in Scotland, Northern Ireland and Wales.

The origins of freedom2choose seem to be a very moveable feast. As does their some of their membership's desire to keep Nick in prison until they've had a protest.

Belinda said...

Unfortunately Dave Atherton is also wrong. I have just written to correct him.

Anonymous said...

Unfortunately Dave Atherton is also wrong. I have just written to correct him.

The trouble with trying to rewrite history is that you need to burn all the old sources of information that tell the inconvenient truth.

Like this one from ASH Scotland in 2005.

It says
Another new opposition tactic came with the launch of the ‘Freedom2Choose’ campaign, which took place just a few weeks before the end of the consultation process. The launch took place at the Doublet Bar in Glasgow (the proprietor - the SLTA’s President, Alistair Don). The founder of Freedom2Choose was Rod Bullough,
managing director of Blackpool-based tobacco vending machine supplier Duckworth. Freedom2Choose had a Scottish spokesman Liam Stratton, general manager
of a wholesale tobacconist and vending machine operator in Glasgow.

Belinda said...

I'm not rewriting it.

I am in possession of minutes from October 2007 of the inaugural meeting of freecom2choose. That means the organisation did not exist in 2005. You are not presenting evidence, just assertions by parties who are misinformed or that you are quoting out of context. Present as many such nonsense links as you wish, the other readers are alert enough to see them for the nonsense they are.

Kit said...

Anonymous, do you really think that people are going to accept a statement by ASH as being reliable and trustworthy concerning F2C?

Give it up.

Pat Nurse said...

Anonymous. Who gives a shite if F2C was founded by someone connected to a tobacco vending machine company or not. Antis don't have the moral high ground anymore becaue of the corrupt tactics they use to trawl in big money for Big Pharma.

Belinda is an honourable person, so are many of those I've met from F2C's membership and executive. Good people who don't neccesarily have good PR skills. I've no doubt that Phil Johnson's rant was borne from impatience, frustration and anger at not being able to get Nick out immediately, rather than any real malice towards OH, or underhand motive.

However, as most of us put our money in OH's hands, then it is from his hands we expect the handover - cash for Nick - to take place. We should trust implicity his decision to wait until until the money is properly released.

It's also true to say that F2C has been involved in raising funds for a long time to help those businesses that fall foul of a stupid law before Nick Hogan found himself in this predicament. What we should be asking ourselves is not where, how, or by whom, F2C was founded, or who is right or wrong in this whole scandalous row about the anon third party, but how can we all work together in future and what will we do next? Just look at what we did. A massive achievement because of our common aim. Anti gripes about the roots of F2C show how bitter they are at our success.

Old Holborn said...

We should be asking what F2C have done about Nick Hogan

fuck all appears to be the answer

Kit said...

''Old Holborn said...

We should be asking what F2C have done about Nick Hogan

fuck all appears to be the answer''

That's not fair, they set up a cheque only account in Scotland and raised £160!

At that rate Nick would have had his fine paid for in only about 50 years. Slow but steady don't you think?

Kit said...

and i'm sure that after they'd had him released with the money OH raised, after various appropriate delays for publicity stressing Denise out into a photogenic nervous breakdown, they'd have been happy to shake Nicks hand in front of the cameras.

Afterall, they are such an obviously classy bunch.

Anonymous said...

"Anti gripes about the roots of F2C show how bitter they are at our success"

Ah, the success!
You've known that Nick faced a ten thousand pound fine and costs since early 2008, when he was convicted. Did you raise this so he wasn't out of pocket fighting your battles for you?
No, so he went to prison.

And one of your members wants to keep him there another week so you can have a protest, and then spring him. Is THAT a success?

What are these successes that people should be proud/bitter about?

Anonymous said...

"Statement from Phil Johnson

As you will all be aware there has been considerable outcry concerning
events last Friday, 5th March when a serious attempt was made to free
Nick Hogan from HMP Forest Bank, Manchester.

Fact:- I was asked by Hamish Howitt if I could possibly find the
required funds to have Nick released due to his concerns about Nick's
mental stability. As Chairman of freedom2choose I accepted this

Fact:- Some hours later I had managed to find a generous benefactor
prepared to place £8,774.18p (cash) in the hands of Denise Hogan and her
trusted aide.

Fact:- No reimbursement was required from the Paypal donation fund, Old
Holborn or any other person on Friday 5th March 2010.

Fact:- The most generous 3rd party (who's anonymity I totally respect &
will continue to do so) was quite happy to wait for a few days-even 10 days if necessary.

Fact:- I phoned Denise at 2.30pm to inform her that the money was there
and needed to be collected from the bank. (I had another important appointment to keep)

Fact:- She duly went to the bank.

Fact:- The money was available, as arranged, but the only matter stopping the release of Nick was the fact that neither OH, nor anyone else would sign a simple promissory note to confirm reimbursement to the 3rd party once Paypal funds were 'cleared'.

Fact:- Denise was told (by OH or another) that if "Nick was sprung" then
all Paypal donations would be returned to the donors; ie, the 3rd party
would not be reimbursed from the fund!

Naturally, this situation could not occur. Therefore Nick Hogan still sits in HMP Forest Bank.

Throughout this entire situation I have ensured that the integrity and good name of f2c have not been impugned. I have ensured that f2c are above suspicion including the protection of the 3rd party who's anonymity is their right.

The tragedy is, quite simply, that a well intention act of humanity has gone awry due to misinterpretations of events by some, whereas this should have been a massive, united effort, to free a man from an injustice.

Yours sincerely

Phil Johnson

Thank you all for your support-this subject is now closed."

Kit said...

So, Phil Johnson called Denise to tell her the funds were available for release when they were NOT available for release.

''Fact:- I phoned Denise at 2.30pm to inform her that the money was there
and needed to be collected from the bank. (I had another important appointment to keep)''

Old Holborn said...

Oh dear

F2C have closed the thread daring to criticize them and the Politburo.

We don't do that here. Ever

Kit said...

''this subject is now closed''

Well, that's us told then isn't it!

I wonder where this mysterious generous donor is now, afterall, if the funds are there in the bank and he or she is so caring and concerned why does it matter what OH is doing?

Or was it all just a case of getting OH to pay for F2C being able to claim that 'they'd got Nick out'?

Seems pretty obvious to me.


Anonymous said...

I've found a 'success' that freedom2choose can claim -

"On 10th November 2004, Freedom2Choose handed a petition with 14,000 signatures to Downing Street asking the government not to
ban smoking in public places. FOREST threw its weight behind Freedom2Choose, who argued against smoke-free legislation on three platforms – inevitable economic decline, lack of public support and the effectiveness of ventilation and separate smoking areas.

Dazed And Confused said...


I would be in little doubt that initially, "Freedom2choose" set out to support Nick Hogan with the best of intentions, but what they have failed to grasp here, is on this particular occasion both Holborn and Anna Raccoon were in a far better position to help him financially.

There's two certainties about this end of the blogsphere. 1) The majority of us are cunts, pure and simple, and the second is that we detest big government, our other views often differ but the fore mentioned are veritable law. Oh yeah, and we're awfully likely to back up our protestations with cold hard fucking cash.

So fine, certain members of "Freedom2choose" may well have supported Nick Hogan longer than us, but to attempt to turn this sorry affair into a political football, freeing Nick Hogan at their own time of choosing, doesn't wash with me in the slightest.

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