Friday, 26 March 2010


When I lived in Germany during the '80's, I used to get a lot of mail from East Germany (don't ask).

All of it had a little cross on the back of the envelope because the senders knew that unless they put some sort of seal on it, it would be opened and read by the State - for their own protection of course.

Within ten years, they decided enough is enough and threw the totalitarians out.

So I read with interest this morning:

Officers will be allowed to intercept any suspicious mail anywhere in the country and open it before it is delivered, under plans being drawn up by the Government to amend the Postal Services Act.

The measure is billed as a bid to crack down on tobacco smuggling. However, a HM Revenue and Customs spokesman said the powers could be applied much more widely.

Currently, Royal Mail staff have a legal right to intercept suspicious letters and parcels in mail centres and sorting offices and pass them to HM Revenue and Customs.

Tax inspectors must then notify the addressee and agree a mutually acceptable time to open the letter or parcel, before deciding whether to take any enforcement acdtion.

However the Government is now proposing to remove the legal requirement which will now allow inspectors to open suspicious post without asking permission first.

We have become East Germany.


Anonymous said...

The UK govt has been doing this for years - nothing new, now move along...

Uncle Marvo said...

That's where several hundred fags went, years ago.

I didn't bother paying to "rescue" my package.

Old Holborn said...

The postman started nicking mine and selling them down the pub.

Revenge was mine though (no further details offered)

Uncle Marvo said...

No further details needed. I have a vivid imagination.

You might actually be a bigger cunt than I am, but it's unlikely.

If you are, though, my hat is doffed.

Billy Blofeld said...

It is time to ship all the socialists off to the Falklands.

There they can live the socialist utopian dream together. They can spy on each others post, pay high taxes, use their ID cards to buy fags to smoke in the rain and hold as many trans-gender awareness workshops as they like.

That would leave the rest of us to live our lives without a few oppressive arseholes constantly jumping on our backs and ruining it for everyone else.

Herbos said...

Some years ago, I used to get mail from friends in Belfast. Mail was always tampered with, sometimes with a "security services" notification, but majority of time covertly.

I believe letter "spinning" was used.

The Penguin said...

Time to buy a tin of that nasty anti-vandal paint, some tough plastic sachets and a heat sealing device, and post out samples to all of your acquaintances, having warned them in advance not to open them but to "pass them on".

The Penguin.

Anonymous said...

Another political tool,
the state gives itself powers to control everything including other parties and democracy itself.

Dave will roll back nothing the NWO has implimented other than a token guesture of fox hunting or some such irrelevant crap.

want to challenge the police state - vote BNP.

The only anti NWO party in town.

Then watch them shut down even the pretence of democracy - then the people may wake up.

Maturecheese said...

Billy Blofeld, good idea about the socialists but can they take the Muslims with them? They can build Mosques all over the islands and wage Jihad on each other.

Uncle Marvo said...

And the telephone sanitisers, please.

And the Health and Safety executive.

scunnert said...

"Tax inspectors must then notify the addressee and agree a mutually acceptable time to open the letter or parcel ..."

Horseshit. When I was living back in the UK in the seventies I had letters from Canada opened and read with a stamp put across the back to let me know they done it - oh yes they did.

Giolla said...

Scunnert: Stuff coming in from abroad or going abroad can be opened by HMRC without notice already. The change is this affects stuff moving within the country. Oh except if the postal workers thinks the contents may be dangerous or dirty pictures then they can just open your post.

More details here:

Anonymous said...

I'm too fearful of the old bill and jail time, so I had best keep my pees and ques straight and not raise any fuss. I don't want to upset the status quo as they'll just claim it's all for my health, safety and security and the government, courts and media will publicly come down on me if I stick out above the crowd for complaining. My children will be better off for my behaviour as well and grow up to thank me come their future. That's the ideologically pure and lily clean world of the future the three parties combined into one have promised us. And I wouldn't want to disobey my betters, now would I.

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