Friday, 19 March 2010

State Banks to fund ID cards in the UK

Nope. They said they'd scrap them but the power you can weild over the populace with an ID card is just too great, just too tempting. Step forward the nationalized and State owned banks.

March 17 (Bloomberg) -- Prime Minister Gordon Brown’s government may ask U.K. banks and supermarkets to subsidize its national identity-card program, paying for documents for poorer customers to attract business.

Home Office minister Meg Hillier said companies might offer to buy the 30-pound ($46) cards for people who wouldn’t pay for them otherwise. She named Royal Bank of Scotland Group Plc and Lloyds Banking Group Plc, both part state-owned, as candidates.

“I am keen to hear from business,” she said in an interview in London late yesterday. “Banks do give incentives to people to open bank accounts. If they are doing that for some clients, would they think of doing that for other groups? Over a lifetime they do make money out of people.”

The government’s 4.6 billion-pound program may see fingerprint readers installed in banks, post offices, courts and schools as a means of checking people are who they say they are. The main opposition Conservatives, leading in opinion polls before an election that must be held by June, say the idea is a waste of money and they would scrap it if they win power.

Hillier said the government has ruled out making the cards free. As banks already give incentives to encourage customers to open accounts, such as cards giving students discount rail travel, they could also consider offering ID cards, she said.

“Every customer has got a potential,” Hillier said. “Some of the banks are, of course, owned by the taxpayer.”

We have become East Germany. State owned Banks issuing state owned ID cards to State owned citizens to exist in State owned Britain.

It isn't going to stop is it?

Here is a picture of Meg "Magda" Hillier to attach to your dashboard. Watch out for her on zebra crossings.

Must try harder at the little moustache

PS. Hear my dulcet tones ranting on the House of Comments podcast yesterday, along with Mark Thompson of Mark Reckons, Stuart Sharpe of Sharpes Opinions and some fat ecoloon Labourlist man hating lezzer I've never heard of.


Dominic Allkins said...

They're not even trying to hide their intentions now, are they?

Wonder if it's worth putting a tenner on Broon invoking the Civil Contingencies Act??

I am Stan said...

Scary stuff Holby,

There is an unresolvable paradox here. If I already have a reliable form of ID then why do I need an ID Card? If I don't have any reliable ID then how can my ID Card be reliable?

Catflap said...

Bastard wankers,they know that they don't need to create a law to make carrying an ID card compulsory.
The banks and shops and every other cunt will do that for them.
"Hello sir,drawing out some money are we? can I see your national ID card please?".
This bollocks about under 25s having ID to buy drink or fags is just that,Bollocks.
Have you seen that paper add where the ID wankers are offering themselves as a solution for 18+ year old pisshead smokers?

manc_ill_kid said...

Sounds like a fine time to start a Facebook group for people to promise to cancel their bank accounts with any bank who signs up to such a thing.

Ἕκτωρ said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Ἕκτωρ said...

Keep up, OH, you're two days behind....

Demetrius said...

I have a very nice ID card. They may call it a bus pass (alas without actual bus services) but you would not know the difference. Then there is the driving licence, next time round that might have some added features. For those that need it the emergency medical tabs do the job as well.

bofl said...

as i said yesterday.the 'tax payer ' will NEVER see the money dished out to rbs/hbos.........

so now after being financially shafted they are going to spend the money on keeping tabs on US!!!!

take your money out......

and holby you are right..they wont stop until someone stops them....

'a future fucked for all'......

RantinRab said...


you have mail.

Reason said...

The Register covers it here:

I like the paragraph at the end:

"So try this scenario. Someone with no utility bills, credit history or whatever but £10,000 in crumpled fivers walks into a bank and asks to open an account. Today, the bank probably wouldn't be keen, and would likely file a Suspicious Activity Report (which in itself is often just a box-tick, effectively). Tomorrow, if Mr Used Fivers waves an ID card, does the bank just say thank you very much, and count itself as covered?"

Anonymous said...

If this comes about???we are but a step away from chip implants.

Old Holborn said...

VeriChip already makes RFID human chips and has just bought up...wait for it....

this company

Old Holborn said...

Your credit status and life expectancy, emplanted into your arm

Joe Shmo said...

fat ecoloon Labourlist man hating lezzer?

That klilled me.

Then I spent 30 seconds reading her site snd the ensuing laughter burst several capillaries then made me pass out.

concrete pump said...

A very sneaky method. For a few years now banks have been refusing new customers bank accounts on the grounds that their I.D isn't good enough, unless you have a passport, you're fucked.

This looks like a perfect opportunity to sneak I.D cards in.

Everyone needs a bank account these days.

No bank I.D - no bank account.


418 said...

@ Demetrius

"Bus passes for over-60s could be axed and replaced with ID cards.

Read more:"

418 said...

@concrete pump

"A very sneaky method."

It has a technical name: "parasitic vitality", coined by the equally-Transylvanian-sounding Sylvanus Vivian.

Anonymous said...

So, how many people in the first year of findgerprint readers in banks, are going to have fingers cut off by theives after money.

Instead of looking over your shoulder to get you pin, and swiping your card, (pun intended) they would then be forced to attack the individual to get their fingerprints.

This will put the innocent in harms way, all for the convenience of the state.

Katabasis said...

Sorry a bit O/T, however this Inspector Gadget post really deserves wider attention.

This quote absolutely chilled me:

"With new probationary officers (now called Student Constables)
encouraged to note down any “inappropriate” conversations between their
peers, the ability to “challenge” ones colleagues for politically
incorrect language... a prerequisite for career advancement and the new
Police Regulations making it an offence to even hear something “inappropriate” without reporting it, even the van is strangely quiet."

Anon1 said...

So, how many people in the first year of findgerprint readers in banks, are going to have fingers cut off by theives after money.

Sharia law will do all the hardwork for them lol. There will be an abundance of hands lying about.

The banks are all for Sharia.

Field Marshall Watkins said...

Verichip is owned by IBM I believe, no coincidence that IBM was responsible for the computers that calculated the work-plans and life expectancies of the inmates in Hitler's prisons.

Beware of Geeks bearing GIFs said...

Heard you on the House of Comments OH - very good!

Looking forward to you standing for parliament, whatever the political colour.

british insurgent said...

Sooner or later the Banks were going to get involved in this.

Was there not a trial involving account number tattoos & readers in ATM machines somewhere?

They love this big brother shit anyway without the mutual fascist lovefest of the state elites morphing into one state entity with the remnants of the private banking sector.

State owned Banks were always going to be used as a bridgehead to social engineering & control by the Governments that bailed them out with our cash & our childrens futures.

There was always going to be a heavy price extracted by the State elites for their intervention.

The opportunity & temptation is just too great for the Lab / Con / Lib Party in Westmonster, the home of authoritarian nepitistic control freakery.

One of us will have to go - the big brother state or the free thinkers.

Dark days for Great Britain.

fruitcake said...

Sadly, I once had a pair of curtains like that Hillier outfit....on the upside, I've never had a Hillier like that in my bed/back-of-taxi etc.

Fausty said...

So now we know the REAL reason for the bailouts.

Perhaps it's time to close your bank account, if you bank with Lloyds, RBS or the Rock Bottom.

Move it to a nice, friendly, local, private building society.

Fausty said...

PS: many building societies offer the same services as banks - DDs, standing orders, etc.

banned said...

Your previous stance on this issue Old Holborn "I don't need an ID card, I know who I am", suits me fine as a slogan and battle cry, ta.

Anonymous said...

er.. this story has been about for years. Jaqui Jackboots suggested that Tesco, Boots and other stores have fingerprint and iris photocard machines so you could get your ID card when shopping. She also suggested that it would be the only form of ID for a bank account.

Anyway, the ID plan has never been shelved. Johnston said they would not be compulsory, but the ID card database is the passport database - and they are nearly compulsory.

The Grex said...

"Watch out for her on zebra crossings."

Just beautiful OH, just beautiful.

Fuck Off!! said...

I don't want the cuntin thing!

What's Meg Hitler gonna do about that, eh?

Her and the rest of nulab feminazi scum will be consigned to the dustbin of history, very shortly.

Anonymous said...

You don't want the cunting thing I don't want the cunting thing. But you're gonna get one or else they'll fine you £1000 and/or chuck you in the nick,

Anonymous said...

Dear Mr Holborn

The ID card is here already: it is called a credit or debit card with an RFID chip, readable at 10 paces. ID cards are a smokescreen while full integration personal data continues. A key link is bank account to passport, as required under EU ‘money laundering’ legislation.

Nationalised banks are the perfect agents to enforce electronic only transactions (cash will become illegal in Greece for transactions over 1,500 euro), and help government sweep all its livestock onto the database system.

It would be interesting to learn what else the police steal from falsely arrested people apart from DNA and fingerprints - credit/debit card numbers perhaps? Passport, NI and driving licence numbers?

Doubtless both Labour and Conservatives can promise us ‘a future fear for all’ even after ID cards have been ‘scrapped’.


Anonymous said...

Fuck you Meg Hiller, privately educated snot, slumming it with the 'bruvvers'. Shame you got voted in again at the last election. ID cards & now Climate Change - ha ha ha don't you mean 'man made global warming'

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