Tuesday, 23 March 2010

Old Holborn's Support Team.

Another day, another career change. Nothing unusual in the life of Ms Raccoon, who never was a woman to say No.

Old Holborn has agreed to stand for election as the candidate for the Jury Party in Cambridge, and he, in turn, has asked me to stand as his election agent.

Quite apart from my habitual willingness to master any passing challenge, I wasn’t a bad choice as it happens, for election law is complex and extensive and it is the job of the election agent to make sure that the candidate doesn’t fall foul of it.

Even with my legal background it has taken me four days to give it a cursory read through, and I will need to be letter perfect to ensure that Old Holborn doesn’t accidentally fall into any of the electoral pot holes that await him.

So far I have been able to advise him that if he is caught buying anyone a drink in the belief that it might induce them to vote for him, he is liable to a £5,000 fine and up to six months imprisonment under Section 114, Representation of the People Act 1983; so no name calling if he doesn’t stand his round in the pub – he’s under orders!

Old Holborn is a brilliant choice as candidate – the events of the past few weeks have taught me a lot about his beliefs and his honesty. He is exactly the sort of person that Parliament needs.

He is not interested in promoting his real life personae, in raising his profile as a person to be appointed to boards or committees, he prefers to remain anonymous.

He is not interested in belonging to a powerful group or tribe, or toeing the party line. He prefers to be independent.

He is genuinely interested in hearing the views of his fellow citizens, not just the approved, politically correct, views, but all views.

He has a heartfelt belief in the ability – and right - of each of us to live our lives responsibly without ‘Nanny’ supervising, whilst reserving his sympathy for those who, through no fault of their own, need protection.

He understands that being ‘represented’ in a democracy isn’t just a box ticking exercise, performed every five years; but should be a process that you, the voter, are engaged in at every step of the way – not just at election time.

Most of all, he understands the real meaning of a fiduciary duty – that when you place your confidence and faith in someone to do something – to act as your representative in parliament - then they have both the power and the obligation to act in a manner which displays total trust, good faith and honesty.

Too many politicians misunderstand that duty, they believe that once given power, it is theirs to use as they see fit, and will vote in ways which assist their party or their own career progression, and lose sight of the trust you placed in them to act in YOUR best interests.

You, the person who gave them power to act in the first place. No one else.

That is my sort of Politician, so I will be doing every thing in my power to help Old Holborn enter parliament legally – dressed as Guy Fawkes.

It also promises to be enormous fun and a campaign like no other!


Dazed And Confused said...

Taking of career changes....

I always knew that she find her vocation in life eventually.

D.G.Haslam said...

Fuck off Tim.

The Filthy Engineer said...

Small amount donated. Best of luck.

BTW how is Nick hogan?

Edgar said...

It's a bit early, but this IS an April Fool prank, isn't it?

Isn't it?

Five minutes ago, OH was going to be the pillar of freemanism ... what's he got planned for half-past seven?

Old Holborn said...

If you think I can't help Common Law by standing in Parliament, you have some work to do.

It's all an ACT (of Parliament)

Ron Broxted Esq said...

My experience of MPs is that they can be quite rough. One spent all night with me in a Premier Inn and I left covered in scratches and bruises. I felt like I had been riding a delivery bike over cobblestones all night without a saddle. Three days later I took a shit and found that his wristwatch was not only waterproof but was still ticking. I kept it.

bryboy said...

You will always get the 'troubled'. Good Luck in your quest because we need every injection of new blood that we can get. We need courageous entrepreneurs prepared to confront the establishment. I just hope that the electorate in Cambridge know what they are in for! I just wish it was Loughborough!

Anonymous said...

"The best way to control the opposition is to lead it"

I give you - OH - MI5 asset

Anna "Willson" Raccoon - MI5 asset

Useful idiots both

Absolute Ball Bag said...

What's 'e standin' as, then? Old Holborn?

Edgar said...

Ah. you're going to 'change it from within'? Is that it?

There'll be 645 of them and only one of you ...

TheBigYin said...

Not trying to piss on your parade OH but have you read B&D's blog recently?

Do you have anything to say that may be 'newsworthy' to the blogosphere?

Rogerborg said...

Bastard Old Holborn was an honest chap. I'm not sure who this new fellow is, with his carefully censored site and his Mission Statements and such.

Can we have the old Bastard back please? He was much more entertaining.

Ron Broxted Esq said...

I can hardly control my bladder and contain the contents of my gaping rectum ! I have just had a call from a well known Sunday rag offering me a large sum of money to tell all I know concerning one of my old well known male clients. They will pay extra for any old photographs and letters he wrote to me. What should I do.....Oooh matron.

Max Clifford said...

I expect you also know what really happened at Michael's house party that fateful night Ron?

Kingbingo said...

Bollocks, he has just PROVED he's the same as the rest of them.

Its disgusting how fast he abandoned his principles.

Ampers said...

I am amazed at the number of fair weather friends you have collected over the years OH.

If you get nowhere over this Cambridge thingy, you will at least have got rid of these pisspots.


caesars wife said...

Anna Racoon ro be agent , CW advice is be courteous to your election officer who will indeed go through it with a fine toothed comb are you authorized by party , your agent , voter backing etc etc .You will find it very tedious and there deadlines are final so stand there until its checked and authorised .

So its budget day , everyone touting a dull and drab Darling discourse on "it was nae me" , the backdrop is interesting , the fink has pointed out how perhaps the ruins biggest crime is not authorising a spending review early on . Over 2 years have passed since we entered the debt spiral which CW lays squarely at the ruins deliberate running of the economy and massaged figures .

CW is unsure what ecnomic theories are now in play "endrogenous growth" "re capitalisation" or just make it up as we go along . The idea being touted is that carefully targeted goverment investment will deliver much better growth ,CW has some difficulty with this theory capital investment should always be based on a asset pay back on the sale of its products , subsidisng projects in the 70s was a by word for keeping inefficient businesses going or morrismarina ecnomics.
The new markets this goverment plan to create are slightly dubious , particulary if you consider global warming as spurious or can see the benefits all round of going organic .

Tommorows budget will be interesting as it will try not to reveal how wonk and corrupt socialist ecnomics really are , an awfull lot of debt has to be reapid and CW is quite convinced that it will be 10yr problem to sort , which makes labours 1997 election win look like a triumph of spin drugs rather than worth .
Darling will be doing his best not to point out how it all could fall apart and leave us all with a totally unproveable theoretical utopia, so much detail has been missing for so long we have almost become accustomed to the limp explanations and diversions.

CW thinks the ruins ecnomics have some horrible side effects as he has created a huge octopuss based on efficient delivery systems and a huge pension bill with hardly any bearing to the term "trade" at all ,in ecnomic terms a large state is unsustainable , no model proves otherwise ,end to boom and bust ? well yes if youve made a few million, taxation will be mild incovenience .

still on the brightside 10 years from now people will still throw abuse at the ruin wherever he goes !

Anonymous said...

Count on my 200 postal votes.

Pablo (yo) said...

Great blog!!
If you like, come back and visit mine: http://albumdeestampillas.blogspot.com
Pablo from Argentina

subrosa said...

Good luck to the two of you. I'm sure if anyone can do this you two can.

I'll be watching your progress with interest. :)

Anonymous said...

Would have supported you two to the hilt as an independent, but not as part of a Jury Team/Christian Party Alliance.

Still Baffled

a closer look at OHs policies said...

* Holding a referendum on the status of the UK within the EU

Good stuff, vote winner, pro democracy.

* Setting up an English Parliament

The scrapping of the other pointless expensive balkanising regions parliments should be the priority. That would lower taxes and corruption!

* Reducing the number of MPs by a third (from 650 to 433)

See above.

* Changing Commons elections to proportional representation

Far enough.

* Requiring referendums on petition by 5% of the electorate

Mmmm im all for referendums but 5% seems a bit low? 20% perhaps and how would these be counted, electronically? How would the elderly have a say initialy?

* Limiting government borrowing to 10% of expenditure

Goverment should not borrow false stop, it feeds the NWO international banking mafia. How about canceling our debt that we don't owe? take a look at iceland, they are not so stupid!

* Protecting bank customer deposits from casino banking

OK, but what about bank charges and the capping of interest rates or a national bank that benifits the people?

* Limiting benefits to 80% of the after tax minimum wage

Far enough.

* Sentencing violent criminals to 'army style' punishment

Good. Deport all criminal immigrants, saves tax and lowers national crime.

* Limiting UK troops in Afghanistan to the NATO average

Oh dear! big vote loser, bring the troops home, we do not need to fight the world for the NWO to get rich of it with their military industrial complex and loan shark loans, would help to limit the warmonger lobby and reduce tax and debt.

* Requiring private medical insurance for non-EU citizens

Good, only extend it to Europeans on the scrounge as well, a federal Europe has no mandate and ban all benefits for European citizens - coincides with referendum on Europe.

* Establishing a 10 year residence requirement for UK Citizenship

Ban all further uk citizenship applications, the people reject it, and have always rejected it.

* Allowing state schools to opt out from local authority control

This achieves what?
bring back grammer schools close the private school class gap and poverty trap, ban all lessons on social science, social work nonsense and other brainwashing social malarky.

* Requiring stores to let customers leave excess packaging

Huh! This is a priority?

* Making myself the biggest pain in the arse to Parliament I can.

Being a pain in the arse is not much of an agenda and chances are with this agenda you will be nothing of the sort where it matters, freeing the people from NWO slavery however is.

Fausty said...

Holby will make a fine MP. Couldn't ask for a better candidate.

Best of luck. I'll be rooting for you.

Anonymous said...

Now some useless defunct state quack wants to ban smoking in all cars and various outdoor areas:


"It's for the kids".

No, you overpaid senile wanker, most of the bad air is from the exhaust of the cars in front, Duh.
And it's also the piles of chemical shit the kids are exposed to, like disinfectants. Smoker's kids have actually have a 20% lower risk of catching lung cancer than those of non-smokers.

BTW OH, you should go on the ticket of "watching the watchers" (since Lizzie has abdicated that role). The dumb sheeople will only ever vote for mainstream parties anyway, it's us with our own marbles who don't get a say.

Glosman said...

Holby will make a fine MP. Couldn't ask for a better candidate.

Better Candidate on the Christian-Facist-Banker's wing?

Cos thats what this shite is!
Its Disgraceful and obnoxious,
but you pays your money...

Anonymous said...

One of Holbys backers:

Fausty said...

Glosman, I assume you're BNP!

Colin Berry ( Expat) said...

If you include repatriation and compulsory English lessons for any johnny foreigners who cannot speak English and chose to remain, you are assured of my postal vote OH.I also post on similar subjects on my site Sciencebod the Nutty Professor and on my telegraph as Browned Off.

D.G.Haslam said...

Is it true, Mr O'Holborn, that you are, in fact, Kendo Nagasaki? For all your accounting needs come to Kirby & Haslam, Kings Lynn. Guys named Wladislaw sucked off for free.

I am Stan said...

Colin Berry ( Expat) said...

If you include repatriation and compulsory English lessons for any johnny foreigners who cannot speak English and chose to remain, you are assured of my postal vote OH.I also post on similar subjects on my site Sciencebod the Nutty Professor and on my telegraph as Browned Off.

Hahahahaha,foolish expat,I hope your host country doesnt "repatriate" you back here to Blighty,but I do hope you have some "compulsory" language lessons,taste your own medicine!

Stop sniping fool!...you fucked off...now fuck off!

bofl said...

the only reason we are in the EU is down to the vainty and powerlust of our delusional politicians......

just as the french and germans want to rule Europe then so do our tin pot dictators like Blair and Brown...

the uk has always been a trading nation.for thousands of years.

we run a huge deficit with Europe.
there is no need to be shackled with thousands of their laws and the gravy train too......

we should just trade with them.....
they take our money on balance......if we revert back to trading status they are NOT GOING TO REJECT US as great minds like grdnon brwon say.........that would be like cutting off their own noses etc.........

Switzerland is geographically at the heart of Europe and they have done alright although they are being pessured by the EU......and they dont spend £billions on fighting crusades..........

the whole of our system is built on greed and vanity........can anyone doubt that after the byers/hoon/spewitt debacle?

or that hoon of all hoons Blair swanning around the globe like a narcissistic whore?

government funding needs to be cut back to the bone..interest on interest only makes the bankers rich and everyone else poor.

income tax (and the rest) are legalised theft.....all dressed up as being essential...but nearly all the money is wasted or targeted by self interest groups.....just look at what the unions are up to now!

your money is stolen .then given to the bolsheviks.........it is EXTORTION!!!!

anyway holborn.good luck......

DS 501 Danny Lawrence said...

Stan, "Colin" is really D.G.Haslam of Norfolk, a BNP supporting cunt (is there any other kind?)

Anonymous said...

A Lab/Con supporting cunt?

Twisted Root said...

It's a good job that those 'libertarians for Labour' B&D are around to tell us, like insecure sixth-form student common room bullies, what's acceptable and what isn't.

The state wants to look at your wife and kids naked said...

I see some airport security cunt has taken a picture of a female colleague going through one of those nude scanners the cunts have forced upon us.

How is anyone going to trust these fuckwits at airport security not to abuse their position, when every other cunt in public service is doing precisely that?


The whole country's a sick fuckin joke, from top to bottom.

D.G.Haslam said...

Yes Anon, even Lib cunts. But they can read without moving their lips.

Catflap said...

It's going to be very hard OH for you to keep everyone happy.
The same way Bob Dylan was seen as a sellout when he went mainstream.
You are now choosing to make something of all the work you've put in over the years.
Good for you,why not? But why allie yourself with anyone?
As a brand 'OH' is better known than the jury team,which I myself had never heard of.
Use the mask to get into Parliament,make your allies with other non LibLabCon members and become a celeb MP with no obligations.
That way you can stick the boot in all day long on QT,Newsnight and Sky news.

Glosman said...

Fausty, 24 March 2010 10:00

Glosman, I assume you're BNP!

Certainly NOT! They are filth.
Im just pointing out OH right wing Nu-connections.

Conformist slurs - start the witch trials for the indigenous said...

Fausty said...
Glosman, I assume you're BNP!

24 March 2010 10:00

Fausty, so what if he is or isn't? What we have here from you is a state formulated conformist slur used to undermine the indigenous and all nation states that acted as a buffer against corporate takeover and the race to the bottom that is globalisation, with the control grid that is enabled by the balkanisation and fragmentation of the country.

Besides Fausty, I see your blog is rather anti Islamic, why would that be then? is it because you are not a Muslim?

something the BNP would have prevented becomming an issue from the start, however you were more than happy to back the ethnocide of the British as you have a personal interest in their downfall and culture.

Hence the state fed slurs.

Now piss off fausty with your state oppression tactics, you are exposing yourself as the 5th colunist troll taht you are mascerading like all the other faks as a Libertarian.

Ron Broxted Esq said...

Aleksandr Lebedev's purchase of "The Independent" can only be good news. Cash injection plus wise direction=rising readership. I wonder if he will take kindly to my daily input of meaningless drivel on his organs live journal? I do so hope so, if so he might make me editor, that would be my idea of a dream job...Oooh matron.
That aside readers I have been offered money by a well known Sunday rag to sell my story of my rent-boy years and subsequent life of debauchery and perversion. They want me to name names. My silence can be purchased for £2 million and a new passport. Famous arse rippers you have two weeks to buy my silence. Free Tibet.

another state brainwashed mug said...

Glosman said...
Fausty, 24 March 2010 10:00

Glosman, I assume you're BNP!

Certainly NOT! They are filth.
Im just pointing out OH right wing Nu-connections.

24 March 2010 14:32

Yeah the country is so much better today than when the country had policies that reflected closly BNP policy.

Full employment
almost zero race attacks
almost zero gang rapes
lower crime
lower tax
not ruled by EUSSR corporate dictators
almost no kids shooting each other in the head
low divorce rates
Britain leading the world for invention and industry

Youre right, I'd much rather have broken, balkanised, bankrupt, corrupt, foreign dictatorship, postal voting fraud, feral kids, propaganda TV, high taxes, social engineering, indoctrination deadbeat schooling, warmongering dead end Britain.

Brainwashed twerp.

Filth are people that invade other countries slaughtering innocents, filth are people who sell your democracy out from under you for profit, filth are those that assett stripped the country of the publics assetts, filth are people who racially and culturally ethnocide a nation against its wishes for its racist masters, and filth are all the clowns that go along with it after being indoctrinated at school and brainwashed by the corporate media to think it is filth to counter this!

Next you will be telling bus you back, Che, Gandhi and Marx!

All of whome were extreme racists!


Colin Berry ( Expat) said...

Ron, so they are interested in your story. From what you have told me about your antics flogging your arse when you were younger I expect your planned memoirs will create more than a ripple! I trust that our little secret will not be subject of part of your kiss and tell deal? You did promise what happens in Victoria stays in Victoria. X

Anonymous said...

DS 501 Danny Lawrence said...
Stan, "Colin" is really D.G.Haslam of Norfolk, a BNP supporting cunt (is there any other kind?)

24 March 2010 11:50

He didn't support murdering Iraqis, he didnt support the bank bailout, he didnt support mass immigration and he didnt support the destruction of British industry.

C*nt you say?

Do you have a mirror?

Arthur Rank said...

DS 501 Danny Lawrence, aren't you the investigating officer who dealt with K McEgan's arrest for that nasty business at Hertfordshire Polytechnic? Please give us the inside track on why you described him as being the most disgusting and depraved individual you ever dealt with. I for one am very pleased to know you still have his DNA on file. I expect his bedding/sleeping bag is smothered in ejaculated semen as he is such a wanker!

Anonymous said...

"bofl said...
the only reason we are in the EU is down to the vainty and powerlust of our delusional politicians......

just as the french and germans want to rule Europe then so do our tin pot dictators like Blair and Brown..."

Wrong, the EU is an extension of the NWO which is a banking and corporate/royal cartel, its placemen are in all goverments and head the EU, Mandy is one such person.

The aim is to gain total control of the world ending democracy as we know it.

They have ruled the financial world for centuries and now they want to secure their position by gaining total control.

The politicians are nothing but puppets that have been bought or blackmailed.

They wage war for profit and start most of the wars and conflicts around the world for influence and gain.

They are behind the enslavement of africa and crash all economies in order to buy up all the real assetts at rock bottom prices with the fake money they control.

Further to this after they crashed the economies they got their puppet politicians to borrow money from them at loan shark rates and assett stripped many countries as part of the bargin.

The media are part of their cartel which is why the media never highlight the real issues and the real power.

The group is also behind the global warming scam and mass immigration, everything to tax control and remove nation state democracy.

the EU is just one part of a tri, the trilateral commission based in the US has stated the agenda, we have royals and Mandy etc on the trilateral commission and in Europe.

We will see further mass immigration, the scapegoating of muslims, further wars - leading to world war 3 with Russia and possibly china, Iran and Pakistan - they will also sponsor further uprising to destabalise other countries using state terrorists resulting in many deaths and will continue to march forward with their totalitarian plan, of which Dave is the next Selected puppet to lead us to doom while oppressing us and feeding us lies.

jgm2 said...

Ron Broxted.

Make sure the cheque clears before you tell those Sunday paper fuckers anything. they have lots of form for reneging on deals after they've got the story.


Johnny Cadillac said...

Anonymous, Broxted is an inveterate liar and lives a life of pure fantasy. He has a long history of mental illness and addiction. He is a closet gay. He belonged to the National front in the early 1980's before he was outed as having an unhealthy interest in children. He then became a member of the Socialist Workers Revolutionary party. The joke being the lazy fat cunt has never worked in his life. He still likes to spout his crap and mingle with young and impressionable young students. He also likes to pretend he was at Brixton and Grunwicks along with supporting the miners strike. The truth is he was locked up in a secure unit for the criminally insane during this time. When he was given parole in 1996, he went to live with relatives in that shithole Belfast. He has however gone on a number of gay pride marches, and on one occasion alleges he was beaten up by police. The truth however is rather different, he was given a kicking by a butch dyke for stealing her girlfriends purse.
Ignore the sick cunt and hopefully he will go away.

Hopalong Heffron said...

It is true the real Ron was SWP but the above one is David Gordon Haslam of Norfolk. He tries to blogge on the Torygraph but was asked to leave after his Mum died (rogered by a large Angolan man in Dec 07). Haslam was in the Met and left over child porn (boy variety) being found in his closet. His wife is a resaonably priced whore in Downham Market & Kings Lynn.

Sir Michael said...

Delighted to see you are now willing to join one of the 646, and dont forget dear Boy:

the Receipts.. the Receipts!

Anonymous said...


For hire, anytime, anywhere...

Neil Platypus said...

David Gordon Haslam. You don't think those brain dead runts that call you Dad are yours? You wife (& Mums) legs were open for half of Ingerlund & most of Poland. The one with frizzy hair that likes reggae is mine.

Boris J said...

Golly gosh K McEgan is also posting here as Neil Platypus!!! Must remind him of the short time he spent in Australia as a young boy when his idle and cowardly father and old hooker of a mother emigrated there for ten quid. Shame the pair along with McEgan Jnr were sent back after a year because the bloke his mother said was his father got banged up for abusing his daughter. Fuck me what a family, they make the chavs on Jerry Springer seem like young Conservatives.

Anonymous said...

I have heard that it is not just buying drinks for potential supporters, but that any political campaigning in a pub is illegal. I'm no expert and can't point to a link though. But it might be worth checking.
Good luck with the campaign!

Stormfront White Aryan said...

Boris J? Same I.P address as that trolling cunt who is always upsetting the site? Fuck off you Special Branch Prick, the Duty Sgt is screwing your wife!

Raymond St.C said...

Go for it OH!
Make us Freeman proud!

Boydica Pankhurst said...

Good Luck OH
Don't let the narrowmined self serving idjits get you down


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