Sunday, 21 March 2010

Smoke and Mirrors

Here was I, minding my own business when a tweet from the BBC news hit my state of the art newsdesk

Has the time come for greater transparency?
Stupid question, I thought (and told them so). But nevertheless, I was intrigued to follow the link and read what Pravda could possibly add to the debate. Sure enough, a little vested interest piece designed to show the ever stupid public that matters are in hand, no need to panic. Or ask questions. It even included a quote:

When the public can not see how public policy is being influenced then we have a problem
Tamasin Cave, Alliance for Lobbying Transparency

Who? Never heard of them. Off we go to the Alliance for Lobbying Transparency website.

Wow, these guys look tough. They've set their targets on some right dodgy people

After the expenses scandal, we deserve a new type of politics – it’s vital that prospective MPs are fully transparent about their links to lobbying.

I agree. Tell me where I should look. But first, tell me where you get your money from. I'd hate to think there were any vested interests at play.

Action Aid

Campaign Against Arms Trade

Campaign for Press and Broadcasting Freedom

Corporate Watch


Friends of the Earth


National Union of Journalists

Pesticides Action Network


SPEAK Network


Unlock Democracy

War on Want

World Development Movement

sigh...they just don't get it, do they? If you want a job as a Lobbyist, you could do worse than watch the W4MP website job pages, where many of the above listed fake charities advertise for er...lobbyists.


Rastus said...

Set a thief to catch a thief comes to mind as does kettles and frying pans.

goverments within goverments said...

Fake charities, NWO influencing wonk groups paid for by the public, with all well paid top positions occupied by their chums.

No need to be elected, just be in the inner circle of treason.

No one asks questions about such groups and the groups are always ramped up never down yet meals on wheels etc that does real work gets slashed.

It is their unaccountable army of subversives.

Communist purpose being key, want to climb the public sector ladder - better be a traitor tio the country and pass the treason test, then the skys the limit in their post democratic world - fascism.

Funny that no one asks questions about this closed shop racket!

Anonymous said...

I would like job on a quango.
Any suggestions for a
married,non disabled,working class,
skint Grammar School chap.
Specialist experience at slapping
Trots in the DDR(72-75)
Pet Lover

Thick Twist

microdave said...

@ Anon 21:32 - Add "Sense of Humour" to your list. You're going to need it.....

Ron Broxted said...

Enough of this boring crap, now for something really interesting from my quivering quill.

Can the ten minute mile ever be broken?

To Belfast and preparations for the Old Queen's 5k Race on 31 March. Laura Love,previously known before her gender realignment surgery as Lawrence Angel) was there when I came in with 19 minutes for my mile. She/he was laughing at me as I collapsed like a sack of shit on the finish line. I was bemused to see a three legged Jack Russell terrier lapping me whilst running/limping, and extremely pleased when at the finish the three legged mutt grasped by short fat leg and started humping it. I must dash off and do a few hours weightlifting shortly or my obesity will be the death of me. My physique is similar to that of Humpty Dumpty. My waist measurement is 44 and my chest is almost 39,I am shaped like a fucking onion.
Other matters. Tuesday 23rd March at 2p.m. sees the Libel Reform Campaign at Westminster trying to amend the current legislation which, as in most things connected with justice in Britain, favours the rich and not impoverished old queens like me.
Milad Asadi is held prisoner in Iran. Another student activist who has not used violence and merely spoke out against his Islamic government, he should be shot immediately. I demand it, nay command it.
What of Johnny Wilkinson? Fitted up for a shoplifting he did not commit he is still classed as Category A nutter like me. As you can see it is not just Asia that has regimes where the light fingered are imprisoned.
27th March is 'Hope my sister doesn't bring one home and say they are getting engaged day.' Gays Unite Against BNP Wankers Day of Action. I shall not be leaving the safety of down town Belfast for England for that my friends, mainly due to the fact that I learnt my lesson at a Gay Pride march, the only demo I have ever really been on. I copped a good spanking off the filth that left me with with a wonky eye and a traffic cone rammed up my ample but well used arsehole. I was lucky not to be arrested also for possession of some Cat 4 pictures in my rucksack, that I was using for research purposes, honest guv. The ugly brute of a lesbian PCSO bitch who illegally beat me up and detained me, and for no reason gave me a bloody good slapping, whilst waiting for plod to arrive. Luckily for me, she allowed me to give my rucksack with the real evidence to my boyfriend at the time Ahmed, thus I avoided some real awkward questions. As for the traffic cone stuck up my arse, plod said I must have fallen on it whilst struggling, yeah right you ras clarts.

M de Plouquenet said...

Excellent post as usual Ron.

Mark Wadsworth said...

Good work. It just never stops, does it?

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