Monday, 15 March 2010

Roll back the Iron Curtain

The East Germans managed to enslave an entire nation with jobs for life provided by the State, free healthcare, housing and a plethora of "state benefits". Of course, it just served an elite Fabian and Marxist few

We are on the same road. It leads to tyranny and oppression and the abolition of the individual. It ends freedom. It ends in revolution. It alway has, it always will.

I was born unique. So were you. You are a precious human being with but one life. You are not a cog in a State engine. Your life has value to you and those around you. You are always more important than the state. Roll back the state. It does not have your interests at heart. At all.


I am Stan said...

Holby your on fire!,

Damn the Socialists to hell,DAMN THEM!.

and the BNP ,National Socialist Nazi scum!,big brother loving,control freakery,knuckle-dragging,embittered,big guvmint SOCIALISTS!.

I am Stan said...

Give me my taxes back NOW! GORDY!.


Anonymous said...

Hey Stan,

Heard the one about the coon who looked up his family tree ?

He found it was full of monkeys.


bofl said...

perhaps if we didnt have income tax,council tax,vat,stamp duty,petrol tax,air tax,window tax,111 stealth taxes etc and that jock cunt didnt keep pissing money down the drain then people would be able to look after themselves?

but i think that is the point......the people that think they 'know' something all need to lord it over gives their massive egos a boost.......mental twats all.....

like gordon amd mandy and jack.....all so effing clever there are 8 million unemployed and the
uk is bankrupt........bbbbbuuuuuttttt....itaaaaaalllllsssttststststststsaarrrted in ammmmmmmerikkkkkkkaaaaaa!!

really? money to to to tanzania..swaziland..etc etc......£billions to the EU.....

benefits to every mustafa,josef and dilip.......

£ billions for wars which none of us understand the 'validity' of.....

an almost endless list of fuckwittery..yet these hoons are unaccountable........

question for gordon:

if we need more money then why dont we just print it?

if it was such a great idea then why dont you just print more and we will all be rich?

it was ok last year so why not now?

Catflap said...

Unless you are directly employed in a wealth creating industry.By which I mean earning money from exporting goods and services abroad or,servicing directly the needs of those wealth creators.Then you are surplus to requirements.
The reason we have so many non jobs is because there are NO fucking worthwhile jobs for most of us cunts to do.
The Miners lost their non jobs and look at the fucked up communities left behind.
I don't give a shit about Public servants or miners, and see this as part of the slide into third world status but if you are not in the chosen few above, then whether public,private or self employed expect to lose your non job as well.

caesars wife said...

Was the top photo taken at Michael Foots funeral. I think the ruins on the front row with Hattersley and Kinnock

british insurgent said...


The equal sharing of misery forever.

A future fucked for all forever.

Weep with joy at the equality of poverty around you in modern Britain.

Everyone in the same decaying rudderless boat, with a fiscal lunatic at the helm busily pissing away our childrens futures.

Currency ruined.

Economy ruined.

The country a laughing stock.

The Unions owning the Government.

The EU with a self amending treaty to fuck us forever thanks to Labour.

British Armed Forces moral destroyed.

New Labour 1997 - 2010 - mission against the British state & people accomplished.

I pray for insurgency here.

I pray for violent & bloody revolution against the traitors of New Labour.

I pray them all dead.

coneon said...

It's an edited version of UNISON's shit advert, so wtf is 'tree surgeon' doing on it?

That's not a sodding essential public service. There's loads of 'em in the Yellow Pages!

Fausty said...

If you think things are bad now, wait till they kick of Copenhagan II in Bonn, in April.

Monckton has delivered a dire warning about the Bonn summit and I hope many of you will see fit to propagate it, in some form, on your blogs, Facebook, Twitter - everywhere!

Put it in newspaper comments, send it to top bloggers around the world - not forgetting America.

Sorry for whoreing this around, but it's too important, if we want to keep our freedoms and democracy. It might be in a state now, but it can only get worse if we don't do something about it.

Love the video, OH!

thefrollickingmole said...

Great and to the point ad.
It might also be worth mentioning most of the positions being replaced are lower paid than the non jobs crowding them out.

I suppose they have to do something with all the uni arts graduates.

Anonymous said...

I lived in Berlin during the seventies under the shadow of the
Wall. Every other weekend I and
other Westerners visited the
Bolshevic DDR wonderland where humans had been reduced to the level of poorly dressed mutants.
Meanwhile back in Britain our
decent freedom loving folk had just
voted Commissar Wilson back into
no 10.When the Soviets rolled into
eastern europe in 45,when they
crushed the east german workers in 53,the Hungarian in 56, the Czechs
in 68,what did the British people do,,zilch,zero,garnichts.
Now the dark shroud of Marxist
misery slowly but surely wraps
around the sleeping Brits.
Who will care,who will be bothered,
who gives a toss,just a few ,but not enough

Binthere & Hadsum

Anonymous said...

Gypsy and Traveller Liason Officer!!!!!!!! WTF!!!!!!!!

Anonymous said...

Wilsons Socialist gov in the 60's nearly fell foul of a military coup.
We can only hope.
Another 5 years of this and it will be all over for them.
You have to remember E Germany was invaded by the Red army ,1945.
And in effect remained an occupied country till the wall came down.
This government would be terrified of using the military on British soil.
Simply because they don't trust them.
That's why they keep sending them all abroad ?

fascists - a word used by fascists to oppress others with non fascist views! said...

I am Stan said...
Holby your on fire!,

Damn the Socialists to hell,DAMN THEM!.

and the BNP ,National Socialist Nazi scum!,big brother loving,control freakery,knuckle-dragging,embittered,big guvmint SOCIALISTS!.

15 March 2010 19:05

Don't like the BNP do you Stan!

Is it because they don't believe in the ethnocide of a nation?

Is it because they believe in sustainability and self reliance?

Is it because they don't ant a imperialist war for the elites that are not in the nations interests?

Is it because they understand that globalisation leads everyone to earning a bowl of rice a day in a shanty town starting with the working classes but ultimately everyone?

Is it because they understand the destruction of the political system through voter replacement.

Is it because they unjderstand that the balkinisation of the country leads to poverty and strife and the undermining of national security?

Is it because they are sick of the racist hate directed at the British?

Is it because they want to bring in grammer schools and invest in our young rather than throw them on a scrapheap and replace them?

Is it because they want to break the grip of the global banking parasites that now own you?

Or is it because you are a brainwashed mug who feels you have something to benefit from the afformentioned destruction of the UK?

You clearly don't even know what a fascist is, it certainly isn't the BNP seeing as a fundermental for fascism is the end of democracy, their is no indication that the BNP currently persue such an agenda, in fact quite the opposite, they want referenda as a common feature.

Please try harder in future, and try not to give your subversive agenda away while you do it!

Next you will be telling us the native Americans were fascists as they resisted being wiped out by the colonists with their culture in shreds and now living on the boarders of society!

If you want fascists try looking at the EUSSR, it has many fascist traits unlike the democratic BNP which has almost none.

Nazi, nationalist and fascist are three different things.

The ignorant tend to overlook this simple fact in order to oppress others with a racist and crass attempt at verbal abuse, pushing YOUR wonk racial based social engineering with no democratic mandate, sounds a bit like a form of Nazism to me!

How ironic, now run along Stan, or do something usefull and give us the gang rape figures by ethnic origin, now theres a good boy!

Socialist scum but I defend their right to have an opinion said...

A genuine Libertarian viewpoint of whats happening to the B.N.P. under Labour.

banned said...

The only real job mentioned in that silly ad was "hospital maintenance workers". They were all sacked a couple of decades ago to be replaced by contractors and Hospital Disease is the direct result because they stopped cleaning the drains.
All the rest can go fuck themselves.

Labour are not socialst they are a totalitarian corporate mafia said...

Socialist scum but I defend their right to have an opinion said...
A genuine Libertarian viewpoint of whats happening to the B.N.P. under Labour.

16 March 2010 02:01

Why scum?

I don't think libertarians are scum, just selfish, short sighted, unatural, ignorant and doomed to fail.

as for socialism, it is under strict limitations a natural state of affairs where people work together for the benefit of all.

This is why tribes are always formed by humans and always will.

This is not to be confused with blind equality and totalitarianism.
which appears most on this blog do, which really illustraits their dogmatic ignorance.

what your really decrying is anti - socialist, the goverment has no social goodwill which would contribute to society in a true democracy.

Everything they have done has dragged down society for NOT following a pro socialistic stance, but a corporate takeover by a mafia cartel in order to destroy the excisting and natural social/ist structure.

marriage, working together for the good of ALL in balance, not just their society destroying plans that drags EVERYONE down.

Accountability democracy and free speech is the key and this includes the corporate press, all the rest is dogma, it is not natural. libertarians would simply replace goverment with corporate corruption greater than it has ever been until it builds another pupet control system to maintain their wealth, the unatural libertarian stance which is as extreme and as unworkable as communism.

To be honest i dont think any of you are true libertarians, much like there are no real communists.

The purity of both systems is unobtainable.

I am Stan said...

@Bone head 00:55 -Nazi, nationalist and fascist are three different things.

Foolish child! the clue is in their title look...National,the power and domination of the Nazis ,silly boy!

globalist UK = shithole said...

I am Stan said...
@Bone head 00:55 -Nazi, nationalist and fascist are three different things.

Foolish child! the clue is in their title look...National,the power and domination of the Nazis ,silly boy!

16 March 2010 08:17

please try harder Stan, you posts are not only crass and wrong but pathetic.

The BNPs policies mirror much of British policy which could be classed as `nationalist` before they decided to destroy the country from the `40s and `50s, when people had greater freedoms, lower crime, full employment, better education and almost no race attacks on whites or racist gang rapes and where they still had freedom of speech and didnt have to compete for work with people earning a bowl of rice a day. where the mother could actually take care of the children and be a part of the community and extended families and people never got diveorced and chilred wer not feral animals with no disipline running around playing gangsta killing each other.

Wow! this `national` idea is so evil! the country was also far more self reliant which buffers you from global financial collapse. You will also note that nationalism prevented adolf from world domination, it was the firewall!

what happens should a undemocratic global power decide to go apeshit and start snuffing out entire populations? not too far removed from the NWO and its globalist wars today!

who will be there to stop it? lets say it wants to use a certain group as a scapegoat - who will stop it and it spreading its `imperialist` aims globally?

stan think about that word it is critical to you understanding a critical difference you are clearly ignorant of! democracy being another one, these things are key Stan, but then you know that which is why your post was so pathetic an hardly worthy of a reply other than to make you look even more stupid than you already do.

Now get back to your pathetic crass play on words and leave the rest of us to discuss politics in a more mature manner that does not descend into evil goverment anarchy shite.

This country under a nationalst style goverment was worth a thousand time more than the shit we have today and i will not even give time to your crackpot anarchy/libertarian shite.

Now care to make yourself usefull and give us those stats and while you are at it the gun crime stats by etnicity for youths!

Nah thought not!

Stan = UAF activist! said...

Stan why don't you just admit you are another alias for the UAF terrorist left wing subversive, posing as a Libertarian.

It stands out a mile, your kind are all over the net, it fools no one.

You always use the same methods, now toddle off to the UAF with the rest of the terrorists eh!

I am Stan said...

Nazi!...begone!,BEGONE I SAY!

I am Stan said...

If you Nazis want to live in your own all white enclave dominated by your beloved leader Nicky boy shut off from the big bad world and darkies thats fine by me!

However I do not want to live under a domineering authoritarian Nazi Government thank you very much.

Ever heard of Hitler? he loved Nationalism,however it didnt work out too well for him!or anyone else.

Ron Broxted Esq said...

We are winning greetings from the Belfast Masjid. Allah be praised.

I am Stan said...


Nick Griffin (Party Chairman) Received a two-year suspended sentence in April 1998 for inciting racial hatred. His magazine The Rune carried obscene anti-Semitic and Holocaust denial material as well as crude racism.

Tony Lecomber
Tony Lecomber (Group Development Officer). In 1985 he was convicted on five counts for offences under the Explosives Act, including possession of homemade hand-grenades and electronic timing devices. Sentenced to three-years imprisonment.
In 1991 he was sentenced to another three years imprisonment for unlawful wounding for his part in an attack on a Jewish schoolteacher whom he caught trying to peel off a BNP sticker at an underground station. He has a total of 12 convictions.

Colin Smith (South East London organiser). Has amassed a total of 17 convictions for burglary, theft, stealing cars, possession of drugs and assaulting a police officer.

John Tyndall (founder of the BNP). Six convictions. In 1962 he was jailed for organising a paramilitary organisation. Four years later, he was again sent to prison for possession of a loaded gun. In 1986, he was convicted for incitement to racial hatred under the Public Order Act and sentenced to 12 months imprisonment.

Warren Bennett (Chief Steward). Supposed to keep order in the party yet has convictions for football hooliganism. In 1998, he was deported from France with over 50 other Scottish hooligans, including several BNP members.

Steve Belshaw (East Midlands BNP organiser. Was convicted in 1994 for assaulting a lawyer in his home-town of Mansfield. At the time, Belshaw combined his BNP membership with Combat 18 activity.

Kevin Scott (North East Regional Organiser). Was convicted in 1993 for hurling a glass at a black customer in a pub.

Alan Gould (Waltham Forest Organiser). Was convicted in 2000 for racially abusing people in a local pub. He told the court that it was the drink getting the better of him.

Robert Bennett
Robert Bennett. A leading activist in Oldham BNP during the 2002 elections campaign, Bennett has served five years in prison for the gang rape of a woman. He has also served seven years for armed robbery and has over 30 convictions in total.

Mick Treacy. The Oldham organiser has five convictions for violence, theft, and handling stolen goods

Darren Dobson. Found guilty of racially aggravated assault at Oldham magistrates in November 2001. Fined £300. Connected to football hooligans in the Oldham area, and has links to the nazi terror group Combat 18

Darren Hoy. April 2002, the BNP supporter was sent to prison for 3 months for racially abusing people as they left an anti-fascist rally in Oldham.

Anonymous said...

Great picture but please dont leave it up to long Gorden and his fcked up labour party could be tempeted to have a masturbation party. ;-)

Anonymous said...


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