Wednesday, 3 March 2010

Poop a scoop

I don't hate the BBC - that would be irrational, a bit like hating the floor for example. I do hate a lot of the people who work there though. I do hate the political agenda, the endless social engineering, the endless lies and spin and the blatent socialist bias rammed down my bastard throat 24 hours a day though.

So I'm intrigued with the latest proposal to cut £600M from the annual budget of £12 Trillion pounds, extracted from every citizen under threat of Gaol. Do they intend to make the licence cheaper? No. Do they intend to refund the money they have saved to the peasants forced by law to cough up £150 a year even if they never ever watch the BBC? No. They intend to spend it all on "quality" programming.

I do love an analogy, so let me get this right.

We are not going to put the fat useless shitting dog on a diet. We are going to continue to feed the fat useless shitting dog the same amount in the hope it produces a bit less shit but of a higher quality.

Glad I don't pay the TV licence.

The pavements of Britain thank you Mark Thompson. You useless shit

UPDATE: Daily Mash gets it in one


Former Licence Payer said...

Same here, OH. I haven't paid the Licence Fee for very many years now. I don't see why the fuck I should, since I never watch their SHITE (couldn't bear it) anyway.
I heartily urge others to make useful savings to their annual budgets in these tough times by letting their licences lapse. You know it makes sense.

The BBC exemplifies toxic TV. If it were meat it wouldn't be fit for human consumption. I sincerely hope the Corporation quickly fades away. With enough punters boycotting the Licence Fee, it surely will!

Anonymous said...

It also goes to lubricate the zionist propaganda machine, he did go to meet Ariel Sharon in Israel with his zionist extremist wife in 2005. Now why would the leader of a despot foreign regime want to meet the head of British national Broadcasting? The BBC has a mathematically proven bias for Israel.
The days of BBC objectivity have long gone.
Why should one be forced to pay for political propaganda?

Dick the Prick said...

Whoa - nutter alert anonymong. Bollox to paying the license fee. If they catch me when i'm sober it'd be a fucking miracle.

Reef said...

Everyone knows about the ridiculous overmanning that goes on at the BBC. Everyone knows about the ridiculously inflated salaries.

The reason the BBC is so bloated is because it has to continually think up new ways to waste our money, so it's clearly getting far too much of it.

It really pisses me off that I have to fund this pig of a propaganda organisation and the cocaine and Petrus habits of its laughable "talent".

Dazed And Confused said...

Kerry McCarthy Loves the BBC. Which of course is yet another reason to give it a miss.
I mean heaven forbid that like Fox news, they may examine the facts and not resort to political correctness in times of terrorist attacks.

That could be construed as balanced reporting, God forbid.

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