Sunday, 21 March 2010

Must Watch

Not often I do this.

But if you haven't seen it, please watch.


Lord Blagger said...

It's still bollocks.

It's all based on the assumption that rearranging the deck chairs will solve the problem.

The problem is with representation government.

Representation comes from an age where it took days to travel to Westminister.

The end result now is that its subverted. Manifestos are ignored. Promises are not kept. The vast majority of of laws aren't mentioned.

We also have representatives flogging legislation for cash. Trivial sums in the context of the cost to the rest of us. Our costs are vast.

What is needed is votes on issues. The electorate should have the say, yes or no, on every act. Every tax rise. Every debt entered into.

It's easy. All you do is have referenda by proxy. You nominate an MP as a proxy. You can change your proxy when you want. I suspect at least one MP sets up a system where you can vote directly over the web issue by issue, and they will cast the votes accordingly.

ie. It's cheap. We remove whole sets of government such as the scum in the lords

Ampers said...

The first comment here has got me thinking. We have bank machines on practically every corner. If everyone had a voting card, the government could have to ask us to vote on every major issue. We should give them the power to override us maybe, but if they do, we have a tally at the end of each parliament showing how many times they ignored us on each issue, and how much they fucked up the government. i.e. 50% ignoring us versus 100% fuckup means that party has to miss a term (4-5 years) and cannot stand this time round.

Now don't take me literally, this is just a lightning idea and is offered to someone else to fine tune it.


PS, that idea of having to miss a term would frighten the bejesus out of them :-)

thelunaticarms said...

Not even going to bother watching Portillo. He is a prick of the highest order.

Agree with the above comments though.

Sue said...

I can't watch BBC's Iplayer here in Spain.

I have to watch through a poxy proxy and its so slow!!!!

Guthrum said...

Trust the People ! Don't be so ridiculous ;-)

Lorenzo said...

The split second Blunkett appeared, I nearly torched the house. Luckily I had a panic button to hit. and that was the end of that.

Stop Common Purpose said...

Anything supported by Blunkett is bound to be suspect.

Kit said...

That was interesting. I especially liked the contrast between the 'evil' Sheriff Arpario who know that the people are his bosses and the Met police chief who knows better than the unwashed massed.

Real accountability for politicians and public servants. Well, we can dream can't we.

Anonymous said...

Watched most of it and he's actually promoting AGAINST giving politicians too many powers.

I've been saying for years that only wankers vote for parties. Vote for Independents that you know, or don't vote at all. A party politician will always put the party and himself before you. That's how he got to be a party politician.

Now watch all the party supporting wankers crawl out and spout bollocks.

Kit said...

Oh, and it's fascinating that people can comment on a one hour long documentary within five minutes of it being posted.

Everyone who commented before 10.43pm is a tosser.

Ampers said...

Kit, its been on the BBC for ages, I watched it before. Silly boy.

coconit said...


Perhaps they watched it when it was broadcast, yesterday at 8.30pm.

From the snatches I saw was an interesting programme not least for the appearance of Huge Ordure. The man looked very much like an anachronism compared to Sheriff Joe.

The Tower Hamlets experiment for txt voting (I think, I didn't watch much): Not much of a choice for small state-er if you can only vote for CCTV (= more money) or more police (= more money).

The activist mums wanting a new school - were they wanting to set up their own new school or get taxpayers to pay for one?

Anonymous said...

Where has all of OH's swearing gone???
I know he wants to go more mainstream and electable but I think that was a vote winner, FFS.

Spartan said...

So, our police chiefs don't like the idea of being accountable to the people ... what an arrogant super cilious prat.

Kit said...

@''Anonymous coconit said...


Perhaps they watched it when it was broadcast, yesterday at 8.30pm.''

Yes, except that they didn't.

Anyway, anything that gets up the nose of that tosser of a police chief, who thinks taking police off the beat is a good move, has got to be good.

Get Smart said...

Please put on UTube Browns Broadcasting Company is only for the UK.

banned said...

Watched in full, ta. Going by the examples in Doncaster and Hartlepool it would be most surprising if 'they' allowed directly voted mayors in more than the twelve places that already have them since they took power away from the usual three parties.

It is no surprise that Hugh Orde and his ACPO cronies dislike the idea of a democratically elected boss.
As for local accountability; my city held a series of single issue referenda (on resident parking permits); more people voted on the issue than turned out for the local elections. 90% voted against the councils proposals, they promised to honour the decision but are implementing parking restrictions by stealth, bit by bit, hoping that we don't notice.

Junican said...

I am pleased to see that you have stopped 'ejaculating from you throbing organ' and started to 'carefully craft'. Not that it matters very much, except that intelligent grown-ups (MPs excepted) say what they mean and...

The previous post has set me to think.....

Suppose that at the General Election, less than 50% of the people voted. Would that mean that ANY party would not have a legitimate mandate to govern?

I think that this thought is true - without a majority of the people voting, there is no legitimatecy given by the people to any group of individuals to make decisions. No wonder that the politicians are desperate to get people out to vote - regardless of whom they vote for. If less than 50% of the people vote, policicians have no right to pay themselves a salary!

An interesting thought.

The end of democracy will claim it is the saviour said...

If they tinker with the system it will be to decieve the people and continue the great dremocracy robbery as done by the NWO banking cartel mafia through their EU.

Until the EU is gone the rest as someone else says is moving deckchairs on the titanic, in fact it is worse, it is supplying people with lifeboats that will sink!

It gives them a false sense of hope.

If you havent allready grasped the NWO and its agenda it is time you did some research and lifted the blindfold they and their media have placed over your eyes.

thelunaticarms said...

@ Kit

I don't need to watch Portillo to know it's full of shit.

You wanted to waste an hour of your life, fine, however I've got better things to do than watch professional liars on the box.

Electro-Kevin said...

The vast majority in Britain want things like this:

- criminals to fear justice
- secure borders
- high standards of useful education ...

one could add many more but you know what I mean already. Why don't we get these things ?

"For most of my life I've lived and worked in Westminster."

I think that says all we need to know about the disenfranchisement of the British people.

Ron Broxted said...

The highlight for me was all those butch and really fit black cons with pink boxer shorts.....Oooh matron! If only I was allowed to enter America I would make a beeline to our elected Sheriffs town and do something really outrageous to get banged up. Anyone else think Michael Portaloo look absolutely gorgeous? Blunket the serial shagger supporting power to the people, yeah right! He wasn't too fucking keen on the idea when he was busy lining his pockets and trying to get us all issued with ID cards, and the fucker ignored my pleas about losing my DNA sample. What a cunt.
As for the ex school teacher who got elected mayor in Doncaster, and wants to get rid of interpreters. That makes no sense because how will visitors to that Yorkshire shithole get help to understand what the local inbred, thick as pig shite indigenous population know what the cunts are talking about for fucks sake? Ickey thump, what that about?

Anonymous said...

The main problem any democratic society faces,in my opinion,is that middle of the road, right of centre or libertarians,just want to get on with their lives,and enjoy themselves. They are even prepared to put up with a certain level of unfair taxation,government waste and interference,if for the main part they are left alone,and have a chance of decent life.
The left,however are far more motivated. They hand the baton down through generations.It seems their goal is to control every aspect of eveyone's life,even down to how we should think. Their success comes from our apathy,our divisions,and their tactics of giving unearned rewards to their voter base,importing welfare hungry voters and electoral fraud.
In short,we're fucked unless we can unite and take them on.

Colin Berry ( Expat) said...

The real danger as I see it with these proposals is that in Muslim ghetto's where they seem to spend all their time breeding like rabbits they would soon establish mini Muslim enclaves and start practising Sharia law! Imagine strolling around Bradford and seeing women buried up to their necks being stoned. No off licences where moderate and refined wine buffs such as myself can purchase a bottle of Hirondel for that special occasion? Picture this the local Magistrates court replaced with a butchers shop?
Yes, it is a frightening prospect for forgetful shoppers such as myself.
Thankfully I moved to Attibes in France some years ago to get away from all these damn foriegn johnnies. Incidentally, our local mayor is elected by the people and he is a absolute cunt.

Ron Broxted said...

Colin Berry, good morning to you I trust the sun is shining in Gib this morning and the apes are being compliant!
I am afraid I must take issue with you on the subject of Sharia law and elected Muslim Mayors. I as you may or may not know reverted to the Islamic faith whilst I was banged up. My conversion was not without some soul searching on my part. However after being forced to learn the Koran by my two muscular and fit cell mates Ahmed and Abdul I soon realised it was the religion for me. Obviously people think they are anti homosexual and do not drink alcohol. This in the main is true, however my catflap took a right bashing off my religious teachers, and they enjoyed the odd tipple of home made alcohol, usually made from fresh orange juice with sugar and fermented with Jacobs cream crackers.
Being half Russian Jew, white with genes from Trinidad and only one testicle, I realise I am not exactly your average British whitey, but I have to say since becoming a Muslim I know what it is like to be really abused......Oooh matron!
I have been gobbed on, had shit put through my letter box along with fireworks and the local newspaper.
I can assure you it is not easy.

Twisted Root said...

The whole programme was a total mind f@%k.

What you were seeing in the last item, whether you realise it or not, was a group of relatively unsophisticated people being subjected to a highly sophisticated military psychological warfare technique designed to guide a group towards a predetermined outcome whilst overcoming objection and dissent. It is unethical and well understood.

The rest of the programme (they are called programmes for a reason) was basically to make you feel warm and fuzzy towards the idea. I won't trouble you with the plethora of techniques used in the programme to steer you to that conclusion, but I predict that this will be coming to a Town Hall near you very soon.

Colin Berry ( Expat) said...

Ron, Let me assure you that I have no problem converting to the Islamic faith, indeed it saves me having to send you a Christmas card! Only joking. As a scientist I deal only in provable facts with the exception of the subject of global warming where my judgement and pronouncements are more geared to the share price of my wind farm investments. That aside I am sure there are some nice Muslims who do not wish to blow me up or behead me because I once posed the question does Islam encourage kiddie fiddling and put the woman's movement back seven centuries. As you know my wife Janet is a voracious advocate of girl power, so I have to take account of her opinions on the Islamic subjugation of split arses. I trust this clarify s my position.
Incidentally from my own perspective imagine walking into you local newsagents to find the top shelf devoid of men's magazines showing the cream of British womanhood with their jugs being displayed along with the delicious centre fold pictures.

Ron Broxted said...

Colin, many thanks for your comments on my conversion to Islam. Muslims believe Islam (submission to the will of God) is essentially the same religion that was preached by all the prophets including Abraham, David and Jesus Christ. Their holy book, the Koran, was revealed to the Prophet Muhammad, note the last three letters in the 7th century and Muslims believe, is the last in a long line of revelations including the Jewish Torah and the Christian gospel.
Muslims comprise of two major sects Sunni (1.275 bullion followers) and Shi'a (225 million). Both groups have developed different interpretations of the Koran and the practical application of Islam. Both Shi'a and Sunni Muslims can also be adherents of Sufism, a mystical branch of Islam that prioritises total dedication to worship and disregard for wealth, prestige and pleasure.
The irony as far as I am concerned is as a Muslim I could have sevaral wives providing I could support them all equally, however as a raging old queen this is not an option.

M de Plouquenet said...

OH who is that midget standing next to you with what appears to be a large coal bucket on his head? If I was a youngster again from a sink-estate with no brains, and contemplating setting out on a life of petty crime, male rape and kiddie fiddling, his presence would certainly make me think twice before adopting such a debauched and anti-social lifestyle! Sadly it is too late.

Simon said...

Oi don't be so rude to me mate M de Plouquenet, just because he's a Spurs supporter...

Oh you mean as a policeman?

Nah, for a copper he's a good 'un, hope you were polite OH.

Gordon the Fence Post Tortoise said...

The curious thing for me in the whole thing was the absence of any reference to the "executive".

Yes, the political classes need reform - possibly more so than in the early 19th Century with it's rotten boroughs n all.

The control freak, self aggrandising, politically correct, process obsessed, delivery phobic public sector is presently a parasite that's sucking the lifeblood out of UK society. 52% of GDP? like that's sustainable? - to use one of their favorite buzz words.

Few seem to want to grasp this nettle - why was Mr. Portillo so coy about it? coz it were on the BBC perchance? nah, couldn't be , noooooo

bofl said...

i had to laugh at that labour twat...

'populist ideas'?
can't have that can we?
except when an election is due and you will promise us the earth to get voted in....translation services?
if you come here pay for it yourself or learn the effing language!!!!!!

as an earlier poster said i think that there are a lot of bitter and twisted people out there who want us to all be living our lives exactly as THEY want us to.......

i had the misfortune to hear george galloway on the radio on friday on talksport......i didn't know it was him at first........

he seems to think that we should all live by his 'moral' and 'religious' code.........and stated very clearly that he is NOT a thanks george but i do not believe in the big sky pixie and if people are over the age of 18 then they should be able to do what they want with their own was banging on about drugs.........

a caller phoned from a 'head' shop.......

george the know it al wind bag expert on drugs didn't know what that was!!!!!!!!!!ffs!!!!!

why is it all these people are so insecure or deluded that they have to inflict themselves on us?

ps loved the plod in the video.......he would resign?
plod might fly!

£100,000+ p.a, a nice car,fat pension and he would gladly give it up and work in tescos!!!!!!!!

funny man.

Gordon the Fence Post Tortoise said...

After all - all these Westminster expenses (and all the other shit) has been explicitly sanctioned as OK by public servants -otherwise they wouldn't have done it - right?

Forgot to add that - not something that usually gets lumped into the "thievin git" political disconnection discussion from what I can see.

killemallletgodsortemout said...

Good programme, but why the fuck did they have to keep geeing Blind Pugh's opinions? Useless cunt that he is.

DS 501 Danny Lawrence said...

The above Ron, Colin and M de P are all D.G. Haslam of Downham Market, Norfolk. His details are now with the UAF.

Maturecheese said...

I liked a lot of what I saw but I have to say the labour councillor and the police inspector(or whatever he was) pretty much sum up 'vested interests'.

A Mayor in this country would never get the freedom that a Mayor in the USA gets as here he would have to operate within a strict set of guidelines set out by the Elite. You pretty much know how it works here, things are made to 'appear' to be good and democratic when in reality the bastards at the top are still pulling the strings.

If we are going to dismantle the stranglehold on freedom and democracy in this country, we need to start with the biggest block on that first, The EU. UKIP for me, and if they don't stand in my area due to it being a stupid staunch Labour enclave, it's the BNP.

Shanghai's a useless Cunt said...

DS Danny Lawrence surely some mistake? Yes it's that prat K McEgan again pretending he is the policeman who arrested him for that very sordid incident in Hertfordshire, that resulted in his DNA being on file, and his name on a register. Poor deluded short fat little twat! Fnrrr Fnrrr.
PS Don't forget to bring your outstanding fine with you £300.00 at the last count, or it's seven days in getting well abused again in the house of correction. Hahahaha!

Robert Napier has a squeaky effeminate voice said...

11 minutes to run a mile in the Old Queens race? I expect even that simpering little wimp Kevin Edward McEgan could have run it faster. Especially if he was being chased by two nice little police ladies from a child protection team. Fnrrr Fnrrr.

Hopalong Heffron said...

David Gordon Haslam. Downham Market, Norfolk. All those naughty quotes about Islam? Such a pity your home address is now heading east, towards the Kaaba. Now then, tell us of your time in the Met. At 65 shouldn't you be doing something other than chavving up Mr O'Holborns site? The Torygraph are pissing 'emselves laughing at you. See you soon.

yardarm said...

OH: did you notice where that copper was looking ? I think you`ve made a friend.

Anonymous said...

Ampers has a fantastic idea, use the technology that they want to use against us, against them.

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