Saturday, 27 March 2010

++MP's expenses to be hidden until after GE+++

Can't think why


john in cheshire said...

Make them publish the figures NOW.
They make us sick. The best they can do is to prove to us that we don't have to projectile vomit over them. Leaving it till later will only make us want to shit on them too.

Zaphod Camden said...

What, you mean AFTER the largest cohort of retiring MPs at an election EVER stand down?

Now why would they do a sneaky thing like that? I mean, they're honorable people, aren't they? That's what they keep calling each other on the telly, isn't it?

Pif. We should treat them all as suspicious and vote them out accordingly on May 6 or whenever. Excepting only those who make a full disclosure off their own bats before that date to allow the voters a chance to factor said information into their decision.

After all, if they've done nothing wrong they've got nothing to fear, yeah?

Anonymous said...

I can't think why either,what a cluster fuck! Lying,thieving,cheating, corrupt, motherfuckers.


Summer_Breeze said...

They can justify that decision, how precisely?

If that is going to be the case, perhaps the D.T. should just reprint all of their files, in the week before the election, just to remind voters of the thieves in the den and those that stood by and allowed the thieves full rein.

Kit said...

Maybe someone will leak these figures out like the expenses were leaked earlier.

I hope and pray so. This is so obviously an attempt to hide information from the public before an election, why isn't it the headline news on BBC?


caesars wife said...

Dont we have the raw data anyway ?

vulanest said...

There is nothing to stop them publishing their expenses themselves.(As a few already do iirc)

Revolution now! said...

Fucking cunts.

Useless sponging fucking cunts, the lot of them.

Look at how this miserable shit of an MP behaved when she was caught out. The bitch screwed us for even more money by claiming to be ill.

The stupid retard cunt even had the audacity to claim that people were out to get her because they didn't like "strong women".

These scum are little more than dirty filthy criminals on the make.

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