Sunday, 7 March 2010

Mandelson Is Currently Resting Waiting For The Off

His is the big shiny new one on the right.


Leg-iron said...

Where did you get a picture of the Brown Gorgon's cellar?

Anonymous said...

Not the cellar, it's his cupboard where all the skeletons are hidden.

Anonymous said...

That's the NWOs hoarde of skeletons of living British politicians.

One false move in favour of the British people and the skeletons come out.

Ron Broxted said...

Six fishes, the Qu'ran and Labour.

Are there any fish in the Qu'ran? Six mentions, actually. One asks merely to see why a man was arrested for photographing a chip shop in Kent. I dealt with l'affaire Georgia Gould in "After Watt"
on "The Daily Politics"
but as I have Labour by the cojones I shall continue to squeeze.
With a general election shortly (unless Brown declares himself President For Life, and nothing now would surprise me) we see a nation that has managed to have more cctv/spy cameras than anywhere, (even Milton Keynes) and holds over one million DNA samples includung mine. Add to this internment without trail or even trial, abolition of juries (aka twelve generally bored thick cunts) and no right to silence when being rumped up the rusty sheriff's badge with a large untrimmed pineapple....Oooh matron.
It is not a question of the Tories being better (they would not), nor of the Liberals offering a choice, or viable third way (they don't). As for my personal favourite, the BNP, voting for holocaust deniers is well worth consideration in my opinion as a cock jockey.
Perhaps Popeye had the right idea when he said he preferred stuffed Olives.
Top Tip of the day. Google Sciencebod, I guarantee you will laugh your cock off.

Anonymous said...

Why did you lie about being in India?

Ruth said...

Mandelson will become the new prime minister at the head of a coalition government. It's all been fixed.

Mitch said...

Surely its a closet.

Anonymous said...

I have to admit that looking down into the cold dead face of Fondlebum in his coffin would do it for me!

lenko said...

Quick -- who's got a spade? Let's fill it with earth and dump it in the Channel

the slime machine said...

looks like mandleson's shagged the arse out those three and is now having a post-prandial snooze in his top-of-the-range tax-deductable sarcophagus.

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