Friday, 26 March 2010

++Mandelson blocks an elected Lords++

Proposals for a 300 seat elected Lords chamber have been scuppered by an unelected crook, the guardian reveals today.

Firstly, I like the idea of an elected second chamber. I really like the idea of proportional representation in that chamber. I like the idea that it can hold the Commons to account. Obviously unelected Lord Mandelsnake didn't. And that was that.

There were also suggestions that Mandelson's opposition stemmed from his fear that he will be left without a political platform if the Lords is abolished.



Custard said...

He really is a weapons-grade cunt, isn't he?

Uncle Marvo said...

That particular custard mixture would have benefitted from the addition of some Prussic Acid, methinks.

Anonymous said...

Hey OH, slightly OT question.
When ones becomes an MP, dont you have to take an Oath to the crown?
How does this stand with your freeman status?

Guthrum said...

All the more reason for introducing it- in fact the only reason for bringing it in

Ἕκτωρ said...

Why do you want an elected second chamber? What is to say that it won't end up like the commons is now. At least historically the Lords (not politicians bumped up) could hold the commons to account, but it now seems so politicised that it is just there to rubber stamp the commons's laws before the queen rubber stamp them.

By virtue of the fact that they are in there for life and then their children are they can take a more balanced, long term view.

iteters said...


The old Lords took a long view. That the HoL is a necessary check on the Commons was teh reason for undermining it with a piecemeal reform - better for Labour (and the Commons in general) to have a revising chamber that didn't know what was going to happen to them than do a proper job of reforming it and letting it get back to checking the Commons. The HoL has been in flux for 13 years at the same time as the Opposition have been AWOL and a lot of bad things have come about.

However, the damage is done and it would be politically unwise to return to hereditary peers, and increasingly the life peers are seen as a troughing lot like their Commons cousins. A proportional representation revising chamber would perhaps be the least worst option give the current starting point.

Old Holborn said...

I would add the caveat that if you have served in one house, you may not serve in another. In my ideal world, members of political parties would not be allowed to stand for election to the Lords

Catflap said...

I am pasting an email I sent a local journo who is towing the party line concerning the Iceland bank fuck up.
If you live under a council which has lost money in this shit, then just change the names, but the conclusions are the same.

Dear Sadie,
> 'Lessons are learnt'(Louth Target) is now a cliché and should read 'No one
> will be sacked'.What? The fact that ELDC is still having to sweat on
> trying to get £2.5 million back from the Icelandic government, whose
> people have just voted not to pay the money back in any great hurry.
> That is big news for a place like this but the ELDC have been allowed to
> retreat behind the line of 'We all did it' and 'Best practice' etc,
> sharing their incompetence nationally.
> Well they can't have it both ways in my opinion.
> If the people employed by ELDC to invest Taxpayers money operate a system
> of only following central government guidelines as to where to invest ,
> then WHY are they paid so much?A Public servant on £15K could do an
> equally good job of following instructions and blowing the money.
> Any Mug punter who read the financial news pullouts could have told you a
> month in advance that the Iceland bank situation was looking fragile, and
> indeed one council on the south coast as a result pulled its investments
> out of Iceland., and isn't sweating on getting its money back like ELDC.
> So we have an Investment team at ELDC who not only have neither the wit or
> the skill to invest our money without instruction from above,but who are
> out of touch with the financial markets in which they put TAX payers
> money.Markets that they are PAID lots of money to watch.
> Sackings and reduced pay grades should be the lessons these incompetent
> fools should be learning.
> Just because this is a national/international issue should not let the
> incompetent at ELDC off the hook.
> A full enquiry along the lines of 'Who did what?',Who earns what?'and 'who
> is still there?' would ensure 'Lessons will be learned' I think.

OH shows he is a moron said...

The people are meant to hold the commons to account you moron, what is the point of a second third or forth frickin chamber?

If the first chamber isnt doing its job then fix that, dont keep adding expensive layers.

what the hell goes on in that tiny mind OH?

Pogo said...

I don't like the idea of an elected second chamber - all it would mean is that we get a second tranche of the cunts that are in the Commons.

IMHO, the best system would be to draw its members at random from the electoral register, by using a version of "ERNIE". Each member (subject to a mild degree of vetting, ie able to read, write count and speak English) to stand for 8 years fixed-term, to be paid a decent salary - the same as an MP or senior civil servant - and 25% to be replaced every 2 years. Start now with the first group and replace existing Lords drawn by lot.

It couldn't be any worse than the present system. Frankly I'd rather go back to hereditories rather than elected - they've done a better job of protecting us proles from the Government than the opposition.

Old Holborn said...

How about we give most powers back to the regions (as the swiss do)?

Catflap said...

Meanwhile back on the farm,you guys,whose councils have lost your money(all of us virtualy) have a chance to stick the boot in.
Write letters to the local press and politicians demanding heads roll and wages are slashed for the useless public servant cunts who have been paid loads of TAXPAYER money to fuck things up.
The Iceland Bank investment fiasco is an oppurtunity to kick em in the balls.

Anonymous said...

"How about we give most powers back to the regions (as the swiss do)?"

Sounds good to me OH. But as you are saying, we still need a House of Lords, both as a check on the the Commons and as a court of last resort again instead of Labours Supreme "Court".

I agree with you, Pogo. Members of the House of Lords being appointed from the general population by sortition/allotment. Sure you will get some odd bods but most people in this country are a lot more sensible and conservative than our scum-sucking politicians.

yardarm said...

Of course Mandelson wants an unelected House of Lords. His ability to speak and vote on legislation will be a point on his C.V. when he sets himself up as a cab for hire. Next Chairman of the BBC and we`ll see how that Megrahi business plays out, eh ? Links with Libya might get him a seat on a board or two.

No doubt lots of the Labour bastards will have been lining up cushy numbers for themselves as they face opposition or being fucked off out of the House by the electorate.

Membership of the House of Lords is merely a qualification they need to obtain more lucrative work.

Anonymous said...

Im all Democratic CANTONS!

Rogerborg said...

I actually believe that apolitical hereditary peers do a better job than elected and appointed political apparatchiks.

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