Tuesday, 16 March 2010

Maintaining the status quo

Guest Post by Rory Murray, Social Media Campaign Manager of Jury Team

The traditional "Big 3" parties just don't get it!

They are simply using New Media as additional channels for old media messages and, quite frankly, they are insulting our intelligence!

Social Media is all about dialogue - it's about getting into a conversation, not just pumping out the same old messages through new-fangled interweb FaceTube thingies.

As Brown showed today on the Politics Show, he's not interested in listening. Half the time he was so busy thinking of an answer that he wasn't even listening to the people throwing questions at him!

The Big 3 are basically treating the people of Britain with utter contempt - they aren't actually interested in us, what we think, how we feel or what we want, they are only interested in telling us how we should be feeling, thinking, acting and voting. If Brown could, he'd probably pass a law that taxed people who didn't vote Labour, but he'd do it using National Insurance because that's not a "tax" is it?

The really, really bad part about all of this is that the 3 main parties have such a strangle-hold over the media that they can afford to be this arrogant - and the media do NOTHING to change the balance!

To give you some idea of what this dominance of our media looks like, yesterday (13/3/2010):

The word "Tory" appeared 1450 times - 1181 of those mentions were in Newspapers, 186 were Tweets, 50 were on message boards and forums and 30 were in blogs. This doesn't include references to "Tories" or "Cameron" or any of the other words and phrases we would associate with Her Majesty's Opposition.

"Labour party" appeared 1,239 times in our Newspapers across the UK - that just the words "Labour party", not "Gordon Brown" or "Labour" or "Prime Minister" or any of the other tems associated with the incumbent Government!

"Lib Dem" (not "Liberal Democrat", "Nick Clegg", "Vince Cable", etc) appeared 1,340 times in local and national press.

These figures are worrying because it demonstrates a comfortable marriage of convenience between the big parties and the Press - that's the best way of looking at it! The press get spoon-fed stories and they publish them, but it's still megaphone politics because they tell us what we should think, based on what they are told.

It's clear from this that the press (and, for that matter) the television channels have every intention of trying to maintain the status quo on behalf of the big parties. Is this because they have a vested interest in that status quo or are they just too damn lazy to get out of their warm offices and talk to the smaller parties who could make politics:

a) MUCH more interesting
b) MUCH fairer for everyone
c) MUCH better for us and future generations

I don't know the answer and I wouldn't like to hazard a guess, but it's clear that the Establishment is either trying very hard to preserve itself, or is putting absolutely no effort into giving change a chance - what do you think?

The media (especially the tabloid press) seem quite happy to chase "human interest" stories and ruin people's lives, they seem far less interested in chasing stories that actually matter to ordinary people!


Anonymous said...

Agree completely.

But also don't know what the answer is.

I'd love to vote for a small party but given this seat is marginal, by doing so I increase the chances of ending up with a labour again.

I think we're due/in a media recession.
Just like banks were too big and failed, but also so were companies bringing out products that weren't innovative or even work. Cars/planes/trains have looked the same for 100years. - I think we'll see innovation come soon/next, if it's allowed to.

The big beasts of media that no longer fit properly will fall and smaller ones are rising up.
But it all just takes too long.

Uncle Marvo said...

The term "Jury Team" appeared all over a page of the Times on Saturday. It was an advert.

I think people are aware of it.

But most people will vote for Labour because they always have, or Tory because they always have, or Lib Dem because they have heard of them.

I don't think it is the answer. I think the only bloke who had any idea was Guy Fawkes.

Sorry to be so negative.

Anonymous said...

Im voting UKIP, dont know who else to choose. All pretty similar, no choice really. Looks like a hung parliament for sure.

Hoping for PR!

Catflap said...

A start would be.Don't vote for the big two and a half in local,county or European elections.
The reality for most of us is in the implementation of central government policy by compliant local councils.
Independant councils would tell government to fuck off with thier micro management shit.
Central government would be forced to retreat back to running the country and not controling it.
Change IS possible without fear of letting'Boogie man Brown'back in.

Anonymous said...

Instead of 5 year dictatorships, the country could by run by us via the internet. Look at all the forums that have polls, for example. Now that would be real democracy.

Catflap said...

Sorry to bang on but I had an Idea.
People can start their own local party with a ready made brand name.
The name being that of the locality you are wanting to represent.
'The Mitcham party'for example.
Approach other independants and invite them to join 'The Mitcham party'.
It wouldn't matter what political views the other Independants hold,that's not the point.
'The Mitcham Parties'only policy,
"We are NOT big 3 party stooges".

bofl said...

most people are not interested in a 'future fair for all'....but only in themselves....and others have completely given up because they have been programmed to feel powerless.

as for the media.it's the same......all sucking the main parties proverbial.....why jeopardise a nice six figure salary (the flat in richmond or islington) with lavish expenses when you can just be a lazy sheep and broadcast/print whatever your masters tell you?

and where would they get the money for all the charlie?

Anonymous said...

People have given up, there will be a really, really low turnout at the election because they know the only real way to get change would be civil war.

bryboy said...

I have been advocating from my insignificant little blog that we turn this next election into an EU referendum. I am of the opinion that the EU is at the heart of our problems. None of the three Westmonster parties dare to challenge this unaudited conglomorate so vote for any party who want us out of Europe. I don't exclude the BNP from that either. This election should be a war it is us or them. We can sort out our local differences once we slam the door on the EU!

Pissed off with politicians said...

How about everybody writing on their ballot slips, 'You are all a bunch of totally dishonest self-serving bastards and undeserving of my vote.'

Uncle Marvo said...

Too long, I have therefore blogged.

see tiomarvo for details, if you dare.

Doomwatcher said...

We're too far down the road to turn it back now. Too many vested interests in maintaining the status quo and too many people conditioned into believing in the system.
Never mind, a real war will be along sooner or later.

Giolla said...
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Giolla said...

Utterly unrelated to this but relating to an old campaign of yours:
call a cunt Jacqui
(2nd attempt didn't like the URL last time)

Ruth said...

I don't think for a minute the party in power makes decisions; this is done by the government within the government, which all three parties are subservient to. For them it's necessary to keep the veneer of democracy to stop us all revolting. I personally think that a peaceful revolution is the only solution but to be honest they have us by the balls with all their surveillance etc.
I'm not going to vote because in doing so I'll be giving support to a corrupt system.

Ruth said...

Maybe we could set up our own government on the internet. Of course it would have no power but with a growing membership could influence and put the fear of god up the arses of those who pretend to represent us.

why i wont be voting jackanory team said...

"The traditional "Big 3" parties just don't get it!"

You are right their and we don't have much time left before democracy is stripped away and we won't even get the pretence of democracy as we do now, which is why we will vote UKIP and BNP rather than dilute our vote on something with no direction or group accountability and on something which would do more to strengthen the mainstreme parties in the short term and all w have is the short term.

in short we have about 5 years before democracy completely implodes, vote UKIP or BNP or the game is over and we become communist China!

In fact i have to wonder given its directionless aims if Jacknory team is a state op to syphon of dissalusioned votes to maintain the status quo.

Use the two parties mentioned to dismantle the EU then worry about the fine print!

Anonymous said...

The British people today have as much say over the running of their own country as they do the running of Outer Mongolia.

The political class, dictators in all but name, might as well be an occupying power for the fuck-all they have in common with the average Briton. In fact that is precisely how loyal Britons should start to see them: as occupiers.

But this is just part of the wider, deliberate disenfranchisement of ordinary Westerners, a turning back of the clock to perpetual rule by unaccountable elites, elites motivated only ever by their greed, vanity and malice.

It will end in tears. But hopefully it’ll be their tears not ours.

Anonymous said...

Like organised crime bosses trying to protect their racketeering, you can bet your house the mainstream parties will try every dirty trick in the book to close down any new party making headway with the voters.

Laws suddenly changed, new funding regulation concocted, attempts to bankrupt through the courts, planted stories in the bootlicking media, even thugs hired to intimidate.

That’s the reality of what passes for ‘democracy’ in this country.

Rogerborg said...

Quite frankly, Rory, I find your use of that hackneyed and meaningless phrase insulting to my intelligence.

How about you make your point in your words, not those of CamerBrown?

E said...

Didn't there used to be a Libertarian Party?

What the fuck happened to that?

Anonymous said...

"If Brown could, he'd probably pass a law that taxed people who didn't vote Labour"

There's already a tax on those that don't vote Labour, it's called Income Tax. Surely there's only the pikey scroungers sucking the country dry sitting on their fat arses watching Jeremy Kyle all day long rather than working that would ever vote Labour these days, isn't there?

Anonymous said...


What like Broxted?

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