Tuesday, 16 March 2010

Labour Unite!

Bela Lugosi plays the lead role in the forthcoming film 'Union of Vampires', with Christopher Lee as Count Mandelstein and a decade's collection of white dog-turds as The Lump of Stuff in the PM's Chair.

(Picture exsanguinated from here.)

I didn't photoshop those teeth. Those are his real ones, just starting to protrude as the sun goes down. That's Charlie, one of Mandelstein's 'Cheeeldren of ze night', head politico of the union that is bringing the Brown Gorgon's government into disrepute while simultaneously funding their election campaign.

It makes no sense. If the union wants the Gorgon to win, why are they wrecking the Easter plans of thousands of people who will then blame the government for not doing something about it? And why make it harder for the Gorgon to get re-elected while paying for it?

Why doesn't Unite sit quietly until after the election and then kick up the crap? It's only a matter of weeks away.

Charlie says:

“With many of our members working shifts we’re also asking you to make sure as many of our members register for a postal vote.”

Well, far be it from me to suggest that the union reps might be helping members with those postal votes, or collecting them for posting, or anything illegal like that. No, I think Charlie has missed the point. He's been doing too much spinning and has made himself dizzy.

The number of people passing through or hoping to pass through airports over Easter far exceeds the number of people striking in those airports. Even if, by some strange coincidence, every one of those postal votes turned out to be a vote for old Saggy-Face and his party of poopers, the number of people Charlie has enraged in order to achieve this is much greater.

Especially those who have had to save up to afford all Labour's extra taxes on flying.

And those who have had to travel a long way to get to the airport.

And those who have been looking forward to this break for a long time.

And those who, in the recession, know that this break might be the last one they can afford for the foreseeable future.

And those who have already endured the nudie scanner only to be told their flight is cancelled and they can go home after sitting for six hours drinking beer and their car is parked in the car park and now they can't drive it...

Charlie Wheeliebin doesn't care about those people. He is concentrating on making sure all his members vote for Labour United. It does not occur to him for a moment that some of those people whose trips he has cancelled might be his members. It does not occur to him how many shellsuit, Burberry hat and sovereign ring wearers might be left disappointed this Easter. No, he doesn't care at all about anyone but himself and he has absolutely zero ability to consider the consequences of his actions. Perfect Labour party material.

Charlie says:

“We’ve been in touch for the last year or so with Unite members in the key parliamentary marginals. We’ve asked them their voting intentions and what issues matters to them."

You what? Since when was it the business of any union to know what their members' voting intentions are? For what possible reason could this union need that information?

Charlie says:

"That has led to a dialogue to firm up Labour support.”

In other words, if they said they weren't going to vote Labour, Charlie's people pressured them until they said they would.

Unite is not a union. It is a cult. With the substitution of a single letter, so is Charlie.

You get into that union and you WILL vote Labour. No matter what you want or think you want, the cult overlords will persuade you and bully you and oppress you and harangue you until you are thinking in the way you are told to think.

If you are in that union and you are pressured to take a postal vote, decline. Vote in person. It is the only way to be sure that your vote isn't tampered with. If you cannot resist the postal vote pressure, fill it in and post it yourself as soon as it arrives, before the Unite cult come around to 'help' with it.

If you are in that union and you have been harangued into saying you are going to vote Labour, keep saying it. In the polling station, no-one can see you vote. Say you voted Labour to the exit pollsters. Where that X really went, nobody will ever know.

If you are a Labour voter, you are actually a Unite voter. They run the party you think you're voting for. There is no Labour party now. There is only the union. A vote for Labour is a vote for strikes and for support only for those union members. The rest of us? They are not interested.

If you want that vampiric face above grinning at you from huge posters all over the country, if you want to wake up every day not knowing whether there will be a bus or a train running, if you want to be dictated to by an elite who you didn't think were even up for election, if you want to be forced to pay union dues even if you are out of work, then vote Labour.

If you don't want to live a Soviet lifestyle, vote for someone else. Anyone else.


get me out of here said...

It's like old times, listening to some Scouse union boss on the Today prog saying they are available for negotiation and all this is due to management intransigence.

Anonymous said...

Sorry, off topic.
But, did anyone hear the 'Council official' being interviewed on Radio4 this morning?
He was asked why he had been paid £400,000 to move from one Council to Anglesey Council.
He simply would not answer the question, When reminded he was a public servant he still would not answer. The utter twat.
Its high time these scum as well of the HOC mob are pinned down and sorted out.

Anonymous said...

Great post, but what are the chances of a unite/labour voter/member reading it?

Ampers said...

Quite frankly, I think it is time to emigrate. I am looking for a suitable country where the politicians aren't as corrupt as the UK.

It is a difficult choice to make, but at the moment it looks like it might be Zimbabwe.


Charlie Whelan said...

As Stalin said, "It's not how people vote that matters, it's who counts the votes that really matters."

Ron Broxted Esq said...

Open letter to the Chief Constable of Hertfordshire.

Dear Frank Whiteley, The definition of rape according to D.S Danny La Rue in May 2004 was any penetration of the male whether anally or not, and the example he gave mentioned fingers. Yet statutes quoted on another blog today say this is wrong. Detective Sgt La Rue wouldn't lie now, would he? He wouldn't try and fit up an innocent person like me for a serious charge of male rape? You can see that would annoy some folks. Like P.C O'Thief stealing things like my giant luminous butt plug? Can O'Thief arrest himself? Looking forward to your reply, Have a nice day, Ron M. Broxted, Esq.

PS Can I have my DNA sample back if I promise to behave in future?


mc_nebula said...

Quite a few unfounded statements there Holby. Care to provide any sources for your accusations?

White and Proud said...

Starting early today K McEgan you fuckwit, what happened did you wet the bed? Do us all a favour and die.

microdave said...

@ mc_nebula - it's not Holby's work, if you care to look at the bottom of the article you will see it was written by Leg Iron. Actually I spotted his writing style before I had read 1/3rd of the way through....

I fear I will regret admitting this, but I was a union member for many years (I'm not any more), however I signed the "political levy" opt-out as soon as it was introduced. And anyone trying to persuade me to vote Labour got told where to go. How difficult is that? Some people (actually a LOT of people) need to get a grip....

new maggie union killer required said...

The EU gave the British trotskyite unions their poweer back.

Another reason to wish the EU a painful slow death.

Ron Broxted Esq. said...

I have never worked since leaving Bristol university where I failed to complete my studies due to discovering the pleasures of other men. Therefore I have no experience of unions, that is apart from the student union where I was very active in encouraging other people to demonstrate. I did go on a few gay rights demo's and still do if there is no chance of me getting another kicking off plod scum and my bag containing expensive make-up stolen.

Fausty said...

Excellent post, Leg-Iron - and sound advice.

I hope people help to make this go viral, by emailing to all their union friends.

Alamo's Mum is a cunt and whore. said...

Dear All, false Ron is D.G.Haslam of Downham Market Norfolk. His past included a spell at Her Majesty's Pleasure for indecency at public toilets. "Married" he has blazed a trail grassing up (other) benefits cheats in Norfolk.

lenko said...

I thought the idea of the strike was that it would be suspense all the way -- will they won't they? -- until the last minute, when Gordo the Magnificent strides in to solve all and get the men back to work.

Result -- men back to work with probably some gain, BA flights resume, passengers happy, Gordon looks to be a hero, everyone votes Labour, Whelan wins.

Is that not the plan?

Leg-iron said...

Quite a few unfounded statements there Holby. Care to provide any sources for your accusations?


Firstly because this is a blog, not a scientific journal. If I start putting a list of references at the end of every post, nobody would read any of it.

Secondly because you'd dismiss anything that wasn't in the Guardian as biased, and anything that was in the Guardian as misinterpreted.

Thirdly because I no longer see any purpose in engaging in discussion with those who have already decided which answer they will accept and who will not listen to any alternative view.

The time for conversation has passed. I've learned how to use those Righteous weapons and intend to do just that.

The population of this country now think like infants and even accept instructions on how to take a dump. They will believe anything if it is presented correctly.

I didn't do that to them but I'll sure as hell make use of it.

Anonymous said...

I used to be a Unite member. Although voting for Labour in 1997, having seen Miranda Blair in action I went for the political levy opt out when I heard about it. I have to say that when our company was sold & redundancies were rampant four years ago Unite was very, very helpful in advising us of our redundancy rights & what procedures management had to follow (there were only a handful of staff in the union so they couldn't negotiate with the company en masse) and they certainly helped ease the strain of a very stressful time. However, I eventually found their message of 'always vote Labour' & their unwillingness to engage in any discussion of whar Labour were actually doing too depressing. In my resignation email I stated this was why I was resigning. I received a reply along the lines of 'this is to confirm that your direst debit has been cancelled' - nothing else - which confirmed to me that I'd made the right decision. Needless to say, I've never voted Labour after 1997.

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