Tuesday, 23 March 2010

I Thought The Orange Juice Was A Weapon M'Lud, So I Hit Her A Lot

This has to be the lamest defence I have heard for Police brutality, thank God she was not on the Tube and he had a gun.

City of Westminster Magistrates' Court was shown the footage and told it captured Sgt Smellie, who was wearing protective armour and gloves, first "backhanding" Miss Fisher in the face then hitting her with the asp baton "with some force".

The court was told Sgt Smellie felt he had to act because she was carrying "weapons".

However, Miss Fisher was only carrying a small camera in her right hand and a carton of orange juice in the left.

Nick Paul, prosecuting, said Sgt Smellie told investigators that Miss Fisher had "refused to obey orders".


RantinRab said...

That's not a police officer. That's a thug wearing a uniform.

Honestly, who the fuck do they think they are?

Anonymous said...

Dear Mr Holborn

‘ ... Miss Fisher had "refused to obey orders". ‘

So that’s alright, then.

And presumably our beloved police sergeant Smellie was 'only obeying orders'?

Can’t wait to hear that defence repeated again.

And how appropriately is he named.


The Penguin said...

Orange Juice is incredibly dangerous in the wrong hands. The Septics used it to defoliate most of South East Asia a generation or so ago, thereby winning the Vietnam War and making lots of new friends.

The Penguin.

John R said...

Sounds like it's from the Gumby sketch!!

Who's Smellie's lawyer? Monty Python?

Anonymous said...

Next time the fucking waste of space bitch will perhaps go find a job instead of disrupting the rest of us who want to go about our business. Fuck 'er. Sorry, no bloody sympathy for her.

Leg-iron said...

Reminds me of the bar fight scene in Airplane - "Look out, he's got a broken milk carton!"

Refusing to obey police orders justifies a beating now, does it? What's the betting he's still in a job when all this is over?

bofl said...

if you remember the plod were being whipped up into a frenzy because GGGGgordon was saving the world and the proles had to be controlled....

plod were told that they were going to face a lot of trouble.....so they were all hyped up......so which government dept. or ministers werre responsible for this?

we haven't heard a peep as to who the orders came from have we?

reading the article i wonder how much they were paid for overtime?

most of the police i have met are twats with big personality problems.....this one 'dingbat wankstain' or whatever he is called probably has a bee in his bonnet about his name.......

of course he was only obeying orders ( a defence not accepted at nuremburg).

mind you he did show a little restraint by hitting her across the legs..........see the internet videos of the hunting/farming march outside the hoc a few years ago.....
plod were very happy cracking womens skulls that day..all one double time!

snend said...

bofl said: "plod were told that they were going to face a lot of trouble.....so they were all hyped up......so which government dept. or ministers werre responsible for this?"

Weren't the gubmint. It was ACPO that warned of a summer of rage.

I see 2 immediate issues.

Smelly'd finished one shift at 2am and started another at 5am. That surely should not have happened.

*If* Smelly had a gun that would make him agitated in such a crowd control situation - for fear of having his weapon taken off him.

Because we're young said...

Delroy Smellie? You KNOW this joker was bullied as a child with a name like that, he must be fucking loving it now with his baton and his armour, smacking up bihaches who get "vocal".

Clearly also a mong who lacks the imagination to change his surname to something less shit when he turned 18. What a dickhead. Let the cock take off his armour and put his baton down see he likes a bit of his own justice.

Rogerborg said...

Would I be charged with mere "common assault" if I coshed a copper with a steel bar? I'm thinking not.

Zaphod Camden said...

Bloody hell.

EVERY DAY NOW I say to myself "surely to deity things can't get any more bizarre"

Then I read through my RSS subscriptions, find stuff like this being discussed and realize they can.

Just as well my blood pressure's on the low side, isn't it?

Didn't my grandfather's generation fight and die - twice - to save us from living in a country "policed" by people like this?

sixtypoundsaweekcleaner said...

wv: looniess

i kid you not.

Anonymous said...

What a cunt! Typical of a cowardly fuckwit like that beating up a woman - after all, a man might have hit him back. What scum we have in the Police Farce these days. Incidentally, with a name like 'Delroy' s he one of the Favoured People i.e. non-white?

I am Stan said...

with a name like 'Delroy' s he one of the Favoured People i.e. non-white?

Does the name Stan count?

Bill said...

If you can't beat them, join up and beat them.

100's want to:



D.G.Haslam said...

The Grauniad (which never lies) said she was slapped in the face "But that is legal". Delenda est New Scotland Yard.

Henry North London said...

Legal to slap a woman in the face?

I think its more likely common assault with battery

Chalcedon said...

Obey his orders? No, he can fuck off. He isn't a member of the armed forces during a time of emergency but a civilian in uniform. It really is about time these storm trooper Nazis were disbanded.

Captain Haddock said...

"I think its more likely common assault with battery" ..

I thought he used an "ASP" Henry .. not a "Maglite" .. Lol

Ron Broxted said...

Am I alone in being "surprised" that the main witness in the case against Sgt Delroy Smellie has not turned up? Witness tampering is a crime, but not if it is the Metropolitan Police doing the tampering, it would see,. Threats and intimidation are their stock in trade. When I had my little problem at the kiddies swing park, sadly all the witnesses and their friends, along with a very hostile crowd turned up at court and threw eggs and insults at me. One old woman spat even in my face and she was the clerk to the magistrate!
Finally, why are the riot squad (T.S.G) referred to as "elite"? Can they, in groups of half a dozen or more, provide a better kicking than, say, Norfolk Constabulary?
I know from personal experience that Sussex and Hertfordshire police can be very rough when confronted by an overtly gay mincer such as me. I still have the traffic cone from one incident where I got a slapping.
This Easter I am off to Portsmouth with a coach load of other old Queens for a the annual Hampshire Drag Queen contest. I have been warned that the competition will be 'Stiff'....Oooh matron!

Colin Berry ( Expat) said...

Ron Broxted may I be the first to wish you well in your endeavours in Portsmouth this Easter at the drag queen competition. I know you have sent me a photo of you wearing one of your new girlie outfits, but you sent it to my googlemail account and I am having problems opening it for some reason.
Janet sends her best wishes to you, and between you and me I think she is getting rather jealous of the time we spend talking late at night. I told her I was just bi-curious. I think she believed me.

M de Plouquenet said...

Colin let me assure you that you are not the first or the last 67 year old outwardly straight married guy to discover your real sexuality after living a lie for all those years. I have never looked back since I came out the closet. I am sure Janet will understand, she might even want to watch you with another man?

Colin Berry ( Expat) said...

M de Plouquenet is that your drag queen name Ron, I like it very much. I take on board what you say about living a lie for all these years, but just recently I have become aware of stirrings within me. Just today I was reading one of W.S Sonnets and I suddenly started thinking about you. Could it just be a crush, or might it be my ageing body demanding that I be truthful unto myself?

Ron Broxted said...

Colin perhaps it would be better if we continued this discussion on your website if your googlemail account is not working. It would be much safer as nobody apart from us comments there.
My drag queen title by the way is Kiska. X X X

Michael Hewitt said...

Kevin you are a promiscuous old queen and a cottaging male slut. If you think a relationship however short lived, between you and some 67 year old nutty professor is going to lead to anything meaningful, you are a bigger cunt than even I thought.

Colin Berry ( Expat) said...

M de Plouquenet message received. Suddenly I feel like a love struck adolescent young boy. X

Ron Broxted Esq said...

Me also Colin....Oooh matron, but I have to be careful these days when it comes to young adolescent boys. Unlike Sergeant Smellie, my witnesses for the prosecution always seem to turn up.

Janet (The wee lassie indoors said...

Your making a complete fool of yourself Colin. Yes, I also read this blog, surprised?

Henry North London said...

Keep on topic please

Old Holborn said...

Do you know how long I've waited for a comment like that?

Over to you Colin

Old Holborn said...


Do you really think I can't see your IP address (singular)?

Give it a rest Ron

FTAC Watch said...

What we need is a public database on the internet of people like Sgt Delroy Smellie of Clapham, London with as much detail on them as can be found.

Once the Labour regime has fallen, we can go looking for him and the other colaborators for some redress.

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