Friday, 26 March 2010

House of Commons and Old Holborn

What fun


Crispin said...

You bastard.

J Demetriou said...

I'll be amazed if you get more than 200 votes. Truly amazed. And that includes stupid drunk students and anyone in the constituency daft enough to read your blog and fancy a protest vote.

Mind you, I'll give you one thing: you'll score higher than Mr Burridge.

Stop Common Purpose said...

It pays to advertise.

Rev.Ray St.Calir said...

I'll vote for anyone who promises free booze.

Ampers said...

To: J Demetriou

Even if he only gets 200 votes, there's a good chance he'll get more than Gordon Brown.


Demetrius said...

Could I stand for either Old Sarum or Dunwich? I would love to join in were it not for the not so small matter of the down payment.

Anonymous said...

I be mainly eating Baken Beanz

Dick the Prick said...

Good man - quite tame really.

UKIP help the NWO? said...

Useless UKIP

EU Passes Bill Punishing British Taxpayers by 5 Votes — Because UKIP MEPs Left the Chamber

March 26, 2010 - By BNP News

European-ParliamentThe European Parliament passed a motion — by five votes — which will force European taxpayers to hand over cash to the Third World for “climate change” because most of the useless UKIP MEPs wandered out of the chamber before the final vote.

“This was a shocking UKIP betrayal of the trust of their voters and of the interests of Britain,” Nick Griffin MEP said.

The “Report on the effects of the global financial and economic crisis on developing countries and on development cooperation,” authored by socialist Spanish MEP Enrique Guerrero Salom, contains six separate calls to strengthen the EU and undemocratic global government institutions including the United Nations.

Other proposals in the report would transfer the burden of billions of dollars of debt from ‘developing’ countries onto the backs of taxpayers and consumers in Britain.

“The ‘Salom Report’ will set in motion another EU power grab which will have shattering effects on British taxpayers and businesses,” said BNP MEP Andrew Brons.

“Yet it could have been strangled at birth if Nigel Farage and his idle bunch of show-boaters had bothered to stay and help vote it down.

“We knew this important vote was going to be close, so when Nigel Farage left the chamber some time before it was due, we assumed he’d be back.

“What happened instead was that first William Dartmouth followed him, and then all but one of UKIP’s total of twelve MEPs sneaked out in dribs and drabs.

Anonymous said...

“As we’ve noticed before, UKIP tend to stay for the electronic roll call votes, but couldn’t be bothered to stay for the final round of votes that were done by show of hands,” Mr Brons said, adding that the likely reason for such UKIP behaviour was the fact that participation in a sufficient number of roll call votes is a condition of getting paid as an MEP.

“The end result was that the final show of hands vote on the report was so close that Mr Griffin and myself called for an electronic check.

“After our demand was supported by several dozen other members, the result was counted via our voting machines,” he said.

The socialist report was then shown to have been passed by only five votes, or 283 to 278.

“If just half of the UKIP contingent had been bothered to stay, instead of dashing for the bar, smoking lounge or the first plane home, we would have defeated it,” Mr Brons said. “Instead, the far left socialists and internationalists won, thanks to the bone-idle laziness of the UKIP MEPs.”

The motion will now provide the European Commission with the excuse they need for another wave of pernicious legislation. UKIP let down their voters and all of Britain.

Mr Griffin recounted that at the end of the session, MEPs from other parties who are formally allied to UKIP in the European Parliament, and who opposed the motion, were scathing of Mr Farage and his lazy MEPs.

“One Tory was standing next to me in the queue to sign Written Declarations,” Mr Griffin said.

“He commented on the fact that Andrew Brons and I ‘against all predictions and expectations’, are taking a really active part in parliamentary affairs, ‘unlike UKIP who only come in to do their 50 percent of their votes to get paid and then bugger off’.

Guido is state said...

Why does guido delete many posts that expose the Tories as corrupt hypocritical EU police state masterbators?

Guido is state.

fascist police state Britain - you voted for it. said...

Millions of Britons face being snooped on by a new European intelligence agency which has been handed frightening powers to pry into our lives.

Europol can access personal information on anyone – including their political opinions and sexual preferences – if it suspects, rightly or wrongly, that they may be involved in any “preparatory act” which could lead to criminal activity.

The vagueness of the Hague-based force’s remit sparked furious protests yesterday with critics warning that the EU snoopers threaten our right to free speech.

It is understood the agency will concentrate on anyone thought “xenophobic” or likely to commit a crime involving the environment, computers or motor vehicles.

Joe Public said...

No salary. OK.

But is a uniform provided?

SO17 said...

There is not a lot I can bring to the table concerning your campaign OH,But I may be able to answer questions for you about the nuts and bolts of working in parliament should you get in.
The place is a rabbit warren with lots of procedures,and after an election things are fucking chaos.
Forget constituancy work.
Just having a place to work and a clean shirt can be an issue in the early days.

Ruth said...

So you're looking for 'rebels' to advance your agenda of serving the Establishment via the Jury Team.

I suspect that all along you have been a tool of the Establishment to gather and lead the rebels back into the fold.
What a let down!

caesars wife said...

There could be some usefull people called Crispin , or is that too Nu labour ?

Highlight of the week was skys Adam Boultons interview on colledge green with wee dougie, (not verbatim)

wee dougie "we will come out of recession with growth"

Boulton "how much growth ?, how much was last quarter?"

wee dougie "zero point three percent"

Adam Boulton "you call that growth when you need 5%"

Have you got an unpaid intern yet ?

Pig Hunter said...

"Moat MP Douglas Hogg calls for higher MP salaries " On BBC site.

Now who wouldn't want to smash that drooling slime's stinking gob to a pulp?

Fausty said...

J Demetriou, your attack on Holby is a plus.

We're surely on the right track when you're against it!

~Pugwash~ said...

Sorry OH but you are a SHEPHERD hearing lost sheep into a new pen.
Not for my, Id rather remain outside anyones enclosure.

~Pugwash~ said...


Should have read "HERDING"

Tommygun said...

Yeah but are you planning on keeping all your pay and expenses holby? Very vulgar of me to discuss money I know, but there you go, modern times and all...

... I'd happily help you out all I can buddy, I'm 29 which is probably a decade or two younger than most people here and I've no experience in politiks or the like, I'm usually late for work and when I do turn up Ive got more of an interest in the skirt on the floor above than whatever shit email I'm meant to be looking at. I also hold the lunchtime pint in uber high regard

Anyway let me know if you need a chap of my calibr and I'm all yours.

Viva la..... Etc etc

Regards, faithfully,

The right reverend Tommygun

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