Sunday, 28 March 2010

Hostile Reconnaissance

You know I keep banging on that we have become East Germany?

Here's a guide on how to deal with the Police from Spyblog

Spy Blog Hints and Tips for attending this sort of anti-surveillance state public event:
  1. Tell all your friends and family about the meeting, eben if they are not interested in attending themselves, at least have someone worry about you if you are late home from such a meeting.
  2. Although there will obviously be journalists at this particular event, tell any other journalists or broadcast media contacts you have about it - these issues affect them and their readers / audiences, it not not just a a London thing.
  3. Switch off your mobile phone(s) when you are within, a couple of blocks, or Tube or train or Bus stops from Euston. Even if you do not make or receive a voice call or send or receive an SMS text message or use your mobile phone internet connection, then your phone will register its Location every 10 minutes or so with the nearby mobile phone Cell tower base stations, simply to be ready for any such normal mobile telephony uses.

    This will generate Communications Traffic data including Location Based Services data, which will be trawled through, en masse, by various police and intelligence units with an interest in trying to identify and track some or all of the attendees of this meeting.

  4. Take note and photographs if possible, of anybody seeming to record or photograph vehicle number plates of nearby parked cars or the people entering or leaving the meeting rooms / building etc.
  5. If you are "stopped and searched" under the Terrorism Act 2000 section 44, you do not have to give your name and address (although this can be demanded if you are actually arrested under the vast swathe of other legislation ).
  6. Remember that Police Community Support officers have no powers under the the Terrorism Act 2000 section 44, unless they are being physically supervised by a real , sworn, Police Constable in Uniform (plain clothes or undercover police also have no section 44 powers)
  7. Neither Police Constables nor PCSOs can demand that you delete any photographs or video you have taken on your camera or mobile phone (that is potentially "destruction of evidence") .
  8. This is a peaceful meeting, but just in case you are arrested, or stopped and searched etc. do have the contact details of a firm of solicitors who deal with criminal law and human rights etc. Say nothing until you have access to proper, independent legal advice.
  9. Do not rely on keeping these solicitors details in your mobile phone - that is one of the first things that will be taken away from you by the police - memorise them and / or keep them on paper as well.
  10. Set a security PIN code on your Mobile Phone. This will not prevent the police from examining it forensically if you are actually arrested, but it may be enough to prevent casual, illegal, snooping by Police Constables or by ill trained Police Community Support Officers.
  11. Delete all your stored SMS text messages (sent, received and draft). These can be forensically recovered or reconstructed from central records, but again, there is no need to give anything private away to nosey snoopers who might have your phone in their possession.
  12. Ideally, do not take your normal mobile phone to such a meeting - use a cheap / disposable, prepaid, unregistered mobile phone, with little or no Friendship Tree history or stored contacts or SMS messages.
  13. Since this meeting will be in the run up to the General and Local elections, do please make very clear your views on the creepy Labour Surveillance State and its counterproductive effect on innocent people, to any politicians who might be trawling for votes at or near the meeting.
  14. If you are going to publish any photos or articles or emails or blog entries or tweets or other reports about this meeting, especially if you are inspired to participate in or plan some sort of peaceful action against the Labour Government or Whitehall, or other tentacles of the surveillance state, then please bear in mind our - Hints and Tips for Whistleblowers etc. - Technical Hints and Tips for protecting the anonymity of sources for Whistleblowers, Investigative Journalists, Campaign Activists and Political Bloggers etc.


Jess The Dog said...

There's a good reason to avoid your details ever being taken by the police, at any public event or under anti-terror legislation(in accordance with the law or otherwise).

They'll end up on an intelligence database. In the event of any attack or atrocity (which we all hope will never happen) the police will trawl these databases for anything they can find. Could be your name that crops up by coincidence. If investigated - even to eliminate people from further inquiries - it will generate further records. Try getting past an Enhanced Disclosure, Developed Vetting or US entry visa check in that case.

sixtypoundsaweekcleaner said...

That's me screwed then. I've been talking about shooting the prime monster for yonks.

Bugger said...

Link does not work

debil said...

Be easier just to wear a burqa - or is it Jury Team policy to ban it?

Old Holborn said...

I'm not aware of anything the Jury Team want to ban.

Oh, apart from Scottish MPs voting on English affairs, first past the post etc.

Why should I care if someone wants to wear a burqa?

CrazyDaisy said...

Take your battery out of the phone, a mobile can be switched on without your knowledge. Better safe than sorry chaps.

OH, The SNP do not vote on England only matters. I happen to live here not thru choice but vote in Scotland, what happens in England is not of my concern.

Good luck.

418 said...

"just in case you are arrested, or stopped and searched etc. do have the contact details of a firm of solicitors who deal with criminal law and human rights etc. Say nothing until you have access to proper, independent legal advice."

This is good advice which should be heeded by all citizens in the Stasi State. Saying nothing infuriates the filth, though. Don't spill your guts; don't sing like a canary. Think of Kate Moss and keep quiet: don't give the filth any ammo to use against you.

klingoan said...

.Why should I care if someone wants to wear a burqa.

So a burqa-clad MP for Braintree's OK?

Anonymous said...

Or, try and live a few hours without a stupid mobile!

I don't even own one of the fucking things, they are for drones.

Marchamont Needham said...

Here's a working link for the whistleblowers thing.

Fausty said...

I believe you have to remove the battery from your mobile phone to prevent it from registering its location.

By the way, Holby, you might be very interested in what Alaska is doing to circumvent the Feds and take their state back - via common law. They've instituted their own common law courts, as well. It's all lawful, peacful and cheap - and working in Alaska. Now Montana's going to do the same.

Sounds like an excellent plan which might be very popular here.

microdave said...

@ Marchamont Needham - Thanks for that link. I've just spent the last hour or so looking through that huge page, and now I'm even more paranoid than I was before....

Antipholus Papps said...

Think of Kate Moss and keep quiet

It is difficult to keep quiet when thinking about Kate Moss.

418 said...

"Here's a guide on how to deal with the Police from Spyblog"

Kim Barrett could probably have benefited from the guide on how to deal with the Police, but probably didn't think she'd ever need it. Only in broken Britain:

"A five year old boy was stuck in a tree in his school playground, "at least six feet off the ground". Staff did nothing to get him down, but instead followed their policy, which was "to observe the situation from a distance so the child does not get distracted and fall" - according to the headmistress, as quoted by the Daily Mail. The boy remained in the tree for up to half an hour, until he was eventually rescued by local mother Kim Barrett, who just happened to be passing by. Instead of thanking her for coming to the aid of a distressed child, the headmistress accused her of trespassing, banned her from the school grounds for life, and reported her to the local police, who - to Ms Barrett's astonishment - came round to visit her. A PCSO informed her that "she had committed a trespassing offence by helping the young schoolboy down from the tree."

Ms Barrett, for her part, told the reporter that she was angry and upset at being treated like a criminal or a potential paedophile, when she was merely doing what any decent person would have done."

Read the full article here:

Rogerborg said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
418 said...

@ Rogerborg

Not only are you wicked, you're also naïve.

Anonymous said...

Anyone noted the Link between Baroness Ashton and You Gov?

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