Wednesday, 24 March 2010

Help needed for Cambridge

The Team

Just got back from a meeting with Sir Paul Judge, head of Jury Team at Old Holborn Jury Team HQ in London.

The team are busy making sure that the first Internet Angry Rant Blogger in Parliament Campaign (me) gets the necessary clout to be able to boot down the doors of Parliament and throw the mace about a bit to clear out the immoral thieves and liars who are currently running the place. In OUR name.

Donations are coming in and I will put all those who donated on an email list so you can get updates on how YOUR money is being spent upsetting the cosy little apple cart our "masters" have created for themselves.

What I now need is:

A room in Cambridge to use as a campaign HQ. Preferably with wireless internet and a desk. I'll sort the rest. And yes, I'll pay too.

A printer who doesn't need to finance his Sunseeker yacht and villa in Tuscany with your money to print flyers and posters, stickers and flags etc.

All the contacts to University students I can get. I want to remind students that they were once capable of making governments cower, instead of now being cash cows to be landed in debt until they retire.

Somebody to create a flyer and posters ready for the printer

Any media contacts people have in Cambridge. Journalists, TV crews, broadcasters, photographers etc., I like to make noise and I intend to be heard far and wide.

Humourous stuff on Cambridge Council or any of the other people standing. Especially photos of them pointing at potholes or being hugged by Gordon Brown/Charlie Whelan/Derek Draper.

Volunteers to raid the dressing up box and come punting with me down the River Cam letting off fireworks and shouting at Communists (who are always called Crispin, read Politics and end up running the BBC on £800K a bastard year of your money anyway)


RantinRab said...

Can't help with any of that except throw a tenner into the pot come pay day.

Dicksucker Gobshite Haslam, R.N. said...

I will help if you make me Minister for Gay rights. It has been downhill since wife left after walking in on me & Wladislaw.

Ruth said...

The Jury Team just seems an off-shoot of the Establishment to channel unconformist/rebellious activists into the submissive fold.

By becoming a candidate or voting you are supporting the corrupt system that gives the illusion of democracy.

Fausty said...

I've put feelers out, Holby.

Can't promise anything, though!

What happened to the glibs? said...

What do you need the people for OH, you have the jackanory `party` machine!

Interesting how quick the libertarian policies get dumped when you are seeking election, a touch of realism tends to kill of the extremist nonsense.

So why did you not stand for the wonderful Libertarian party OH or a new freeman party?

Anonymous said...

Trying contacting NATO,
Im sure they will bung a few Dollars for your Afghan support.

Anonymous said...

The Jury Team FFS?

Vote OH for NWO enslavement! said...

Anonymous said...
Trying contacting NATO,
Im sure they will bung a few Dollars for your Afghan support.

24 March 2010 16:56

The NWO are loving OH, they are hoping to replace all MPs with people as ignorant and as helpfull as him!

Global enslavement can't be far off when someone who claims to be a rebel is as `state` as they come!

Perhaps that is why he was picked up by this suspect group, jackanory team?

Anonymous said...

Fausty said...
I've put feelers out, Holby.

Can't promise anything, though!

24 March 2010 16:49

Don't bother!

Billy Blofeld said...

I think a lot of the students at Cambridge read their own on-line tribute to The Sun. It is called The Tab.

Get yourself in there and it would be a good start.

Ampers said...

You wrote: Donations are coming in and I will put all those who donated on an email list so you can get updates on how YOUR money is being spent upsetting the cosy little apple cart our "masters" have created for themselves.

Damn you, you bastard! I hate missing out on anything, so have sent Twenty smackers via PayPal.

Also have emailed you with my contact of a really reasonable printer in Nottingham.


Pieces of Eight said...

Holby the Betrayer.
A muppet ~ now PUPPET

People could have put up with the FREEMAN ticket, but Jury Team????

Anonymous said...

The New (improved) OH
Neutralized and self sanitizing.

Joining those you once denounced.
Hope your pay cheque bounces!

haddock said...

Jury Team, FFS OH..... they are more like a Jury Rig than a Jury Team..... something cobbled together to try to get you the nearest friendly port.

Still, you might beat the thirty whatever votes the child got for the Libertine Party.

I might send a few quid just to help foment local carnage.... the resulting publicity will probably sink the Jury Rig Team.... so it's win-win

Beware of Geeks bearing GIFs said...

Good luck OH - I'll put some cash in your coffers.

O/T Guido's PMQs Live Chat Highlights here - checkout all the funnies you missed earlier today!

Catflap said...

The student scene is very fickle OH.The politicaly motivated amongst them are already motivated against blokes like us.
The others are too busy shagging and getting pissed to give a fuck.
If the lefty students read your blog or comments section you may find yourself the hunted and not the hunter.
There lies the way of madness.
For a serious shot at becoming an MP you will have to drop most of the commentators and scrub your archives.Nothing will be the same again.It is the price of being taken into the fold.
I don't like it and I'm sure neither do you, but thats the way it is.

Protect the kiddies said...

I see that the delirious and mentally challenged K McEgan (Hello Sailor Broxted) is asking to be made Minister for anal affairs under yet another user name. I surprised with his track record he isn't asking to be made Minister for Children. Not that he has any of his own. Which proves there is a god.

Cat A Belmarsh said...

Protect the kiddies, your right there mate, he sounds like a fucking nonce.

Anonymous said...

I shall spread the word about on Facebook to the best of my ability. Some of my friends run the Students Union at a high-profile University: I will see if I can get them onside.

~Pugwashed out~ said...

Im sure many will have now cached your old blogposts, so being the cleaner than clean scrubmeister is noton.

Your Anti-Israel comments will be noted by a number of individuals if not groups.

Students are a fickle lot. For ten onboard,you have ten against. Standing under the Jury Team flag, is in my opinion - a very big mistake.

I suspect your EGO had alot to do with this decision. If you had stood on an Individual (even Freeman agenda) you would have been better received. As is, I beleive you have now SOLD OUT to the State and its whole crooked "democratic" agenda.

Stray Taoist said...

I might pop by and say hello, at the very least.

Billy the Fish said...

Punting on the Cam, 'Oh please do come', they say.
Beagling on the downs, 'Oh please do come', they say.
'Garden party held today', they say.
'Oh please do come, oh please do come'.
They say.

Careful, OH, we all know how that one ended. Fire and chaos and the Establishment in fearful disarray.

Actually, carry on...

bloke with nadgers said...

Ruth, I've noticed since OH declared his candidacy that there has been a big increase on this blog of opponents - many of them anonymous. I divide those opponents into two categories. Those who just want to ridicule the whole thing - presumably UAF and Labour and general lefty supporters who don't want anyone putting forward ideas that they 'viscerally' (a favourite word of theirs) disagree with - and people like you who accuse OH of selling out.

I have no truck with the first bunch, but I ask you and others who think he is a sell-out - what would you do? We have seen recently that our MPs can sell themselves to the highest bidder and sell us down the river. If we eschew politics we will carry on as an unfocussed protest movement with no influence whatsoever. Surely the answer is to supplant and displace the 646 with people who want change, whether they be economic libertarians, social libertarians (like myself), or even christian loony libertarians or anti-islamist libertarians. If we can replace enough of the 646 with people who want change we may get a result. If we sit back and curse the system, as you seem to be doing, we end up powerless on the sidelines as usual.

Anonymous said...

Go for it OH. £30 in the bin from me. If it causes even the slightest amount of discomfort to our esteemed & honourable leaders it will be worth every penny.

Old Holborn said...

Be the change you want to see - Ghandi

quoting left wing heros = all racists! said...

Old Holborn said...
Be the change you want to see - Ghandi

24 March 2010 22:05

Gandhi was a racist and a race supremacist, gandi also wanted to throw all foreigners out of his country.

Voice of Reason said...

The people are fed up with being bullied, lied to, ignored and insulted.

Every human being has the right to be treated with DIGNITY.

Take action NOW

Anonymous said...

Firstly I must say that reading your previous un-sanitised site was very informative and thought provoking, and led me to query and think before leaping to conclusions so I must ask..

Is there a reason you did not stand as an Independent?

Is this the same Sir Paul?

Was Groucho right about being a member of a club?

Dave (Strong Cider Drinker)

Henry North London said...

Well I'll do you flyers You have an email from m.

But get your designs to me quickly as I am busy the first two weeks of May with other stuff Thank God for postal votes

Radio Free Britain said...

We are not far away and will be in touch soon.

Dave H said...

Humorous stuff on Cambs Councillors?

Try googling 'Rosenstiel' and 'ambulance'

That's for starters. I'll be able to think of more in time.

Anonymous said...

Cambridge, you say?
You do know about the (mis)guided bus, and how our delightful Council spunked vast amounts of our taxes down the crapper on a scheme that they're now wrangling with the contractors about?
Or about the "road to nowhere" near Addenbrooks Hospital?

(I've posted some fairly unpleasant posts previously regarding you standing for parliament, but I'm more than happy to help fuck up your opposition)

Henry North London said...

The Budget will kill off both the Labour and the Conservative parties

I think we are heading for a hung parliament

Anonymous said...

I know Cambridge isn't Cambridgeshire, but here's something on Andrew Lansley, who is a cunt:

(remember, this is the twat who splashed several grand of our taxes on luxury paint for his mansion)

Anonymous said... - councilors pointing at pot holes

Anonymous said...

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