Friday, 12 March 2010

++Guidogram early release++

what a week eh?


Field Marshall Watkins said...

Keep rocking the boat ladies and gents, water is leaking into the 'elites' engine room. What would be a direct torpedo hit I wonder...

WamBam said...

Nice one! Smoking laws are made to be broken

My Thoughts My Country said...

Another great Guy News.

I have to hand it to you guys and gals.

Best news broadcasters ever.

some bloke said...

"At this early stage we don't want to prejudice the trial, but it's fair to say a lot of people will be happy to see these thieving bastards go down"

Nice one, Emily! ROTFL!! :-D

Catflap said...

F.M Watkins:
I too wonder what it would take to sink fucking Labour.
The Cunts seem able to morph from one Scandal and disaster to another, unscathed.
"If I can come back...WE can come back" said wanker mandelson.
He should have said,
"The public are cunts,I got away with taking the piss, so can you, the Labour Party..again"

Ron Broxted said...

The country is well and truly fucked, I would pour petrol over myself and set it alight in protest at the way the Socialist left wing cunts have ruined my country. The problem is however I do not wish to add to my carbon footprint. I shudder at the plight of all those polar bears sitting in deckchairs. Perhaps I will shit in a shoebox and send it to Gordon Brown at Easter. Hopefully he will think it's an Easter egg.

fawkes is a state agent said...

If I want Guy `news` i'd go to their site of goverment distraction and trivia.

Get your own media shit sorted or give up.

Hanging on to the coat tails of a censoring state agent is not the way forward.

Billy Blofeld said...

Emily Nomates clearly has a bit of freudian lust for you OH.

She appears to call Hogan, Nick Holborn.

Hypocrites and closest fascists say nothing! said...

BNP survive the NWOs attempt to shut real democracy down, where was Dave? Dan Hannan? the libertarian party? chuck a butty? OH? Guido? -

Now i know where the `no mates` part comes from! said...

If OH describes Emily no mates as a babe I would suggest he goes to specsavers!

All I see is a very average looking, amature, smug, middleclass muppet playing at media very badly! quite pathetic really.

a school drama group would be more professional and less smug.

Ron Broxted said...

Remember the Orkneys fiasco? Social services swoop and impound children. These stolen children are then processed into the system, one as Kafkaesque as any imaginable. The individual holds no power, can be arrested, threatened and beaten by the police and jailed and water boarded by Freemasons. Whatever happened to to my X-rays? Why does my head hurt and why I hear voices in my head telling me I am a very naughty boy Who are they, what are they? Is the balance tipped by the courts in favour of the Mother ship? Yes yes I know I sound like a cunt.
Finally, has the time come simply to ignore such an unequal system? It is demonstrably a proven failure. My next blog will be on how me and three workmates once gang banged a female chimpanzee whilst on night shift at an animal testing laboratory. Zoophilia rocks. Ya rast clarts.

RantinRab said...

Lot of negative comments today...

You must have annoyed a few folk Holby!

And by the looks of it, TB needs to lay off the pies for a week or two! ;o)

ukipwebmaster said...

Off topic but important. You can download the official opt out from the NHS database form here:

Anonymous said...

Bog off UKIPwebmaster. Like all party politicians you only want to hijack stuff.

Dazed And Confused said...


It's simply McEgan, in all of his new U.A.F. guises. He rarely bothers to invent new monikers anymore, as he's so transparent a fucking newly born could see through him.

Anonymous said...

Holby walks like he's cacked himself, NoMates looks like a scruffy version of the Cooper-Balls boy and she called that bloke 'Nick Holborn'

Sorry, no Baftas for this effort.

Anonymous said...

Still way better than any MSM news, coz we know the agenda.

Anonymous said...

If anyone lives in the Streatham/Mitcham/Morden area and are interested in helping me hand out flyers to promote Cromwell Day please let me know via admin at youve-been-cromwelled dot org I'll be at a jobs fair organised by Siobhain Mcdonagh and apparently she'll be there. it's happening 10:00am-12:30pm

Sir Olly

Anonymous said...

Of course I meant to add it's tomorrow 13th March... sorry

Sir Olly

Ron Broxted said...

Anonymous I would love to help but I am booked in for a crack wax and anal bleaching session tomorrow afternoon. I was hoping to squeeze a visit in to the nail bar also as my toe and fingernails are in a right fucking state.
I know the area well, Streatham that is. I used to hold my old mums coat for her up Bedford Hill Balham when she serviced punters on common. I also know Morden, as I used to fuck a Muslim boy who went to the bleeding great mosque there.
Small world when you think about it. I'm off out now for an Indian, I hope he keeps his turban on when he bones me.

Rogerborg said...

That tosser from Forest - and what did THEY do to get him out? - needs to learn to make a distinction between allowing people to smoke, and actively preventing them from smoking.

The latter is what the statute mandates. Enforced deputisation. You thought you'd seen the last of the press gang? Think again; we're all tools of the State now.

Anonymous said...

It should be put on DVD and a copy sent to ALL MPs.

banned said...

OH, did you really get in, and out, of that prison while wearing your mask?

Just asking, congrats to one and all still stands.

Teesy Weezy said...

How come Emily Nomates looks like shes been dragged through a hedge backwards? What happened on that long journey north?

opposing mass immigration and ethnocide is against the law in fascist Britain said...

The goverment to decide all paties constitution policies - fascism is alive and well. OH and state blogger Guido have nothing to say!

Anonymous said...

Leave our Emily alone. I'd rather have realism than some overpaid little media flusy with no brains. Anyway, I bet you look shit all the time.

Teesy Weezy said...

I take the trouble to dress for dinner.
Emily looks like the dog's dinner.

Anonymous said...

Golly, UKIP and now the British Neanderthal Party.
You just don't get it, do you: We don't want any of you lying party wankers, we want independent politicians to stand on their own brains and merit.
Political parties inherently breed slime.

more state trivia and distraction from guido said...

Another smokescren is the prosecution of four MP's for expenses fraud, they were literally told, these are your expense, fill your boots, someone signed off those expenses, they were encouraged to claim.
How many Proletarians would have said no its unethical, not many.
There is a video somewhere of documents showing that in the end the EU must be shown in a good light and Westminster undermined.

Meanwhile Gordon Brown has handed the International Zionist Bankers 1 Trillion pounds worth of public money backed by the future labour of the proletarians.

Not a word is said, the Left stirs up the workers saying look at these Parlimentarians, we need a revolution. not a word about the 1 Trillion handed on a plate to their backers by Gordon, not a word from Cameron.

Similarly with Fred Goodwin and his million pound payoff, so what, it's peanuts compared to the Bailout money.

Meanwhile the public are stirred up to hate Goodwin, it was Brown and Co which turned the city and the banks into Casinos, deliberately so the crash would occur.
Then they throw a few sarificial lambs to the baying mob and say we must ensure this never happens again, hey Presto, Global financial control.

It wasn't goodwin that turned the city into a casino.

If Goodwin had said no, i'm not doing it, someone would have taken his place and the same crash would have occured, it's been designed to.
These expenses scandals and Bonus scandals too are smokescreens.

Here's another case, you can now watch live cricket on Youtube.

Wow great say the Proletarians, a short time later, in comes licencing and Govt control.

The masses are being led towards internet licencing, which of course means control hence all the scare stories on pornography, facebook bullying, terrorism online etc.

why dont they track them down and cath them then, because thats not what they want, what they want is to control the Net.

Pogo said...

I reckon that that Emily Nomates is alright. I'd give 'er one - several if my strength held out!

blind leading the blind said...

Anonymous said...
Golly, UKIP and now the British Neanderthal Party.
You just don't get it, do you: We don't want any of you lying party wankers, we want independent politicians to stand on their own brains and merit.
Political parties inherently breed slime.

12 March 2010 22:52

Nice idea, totallybunrealistic with state sponcered added ad hominin insults to boot!
Good luck with that, now i know why the country has been destroyed, it's thanks to pea brains like you and your idiotic ubrealistic non ideas.

just how independant would these independants be, once the corporate blackmail and bribery machine gets hold of them that is if more than 3 of them do a miricle and actually get elected with no resouces.

jesus wept!

Cosy Nostra said...

Blind leading the blind.
So, kiss the Godfathers hand and pray that the day he calls upon you to "do him a service" never dawns.

Anonymous said...

@Blind Dipstick
With Independents also comes the rule that they can be dumped any time, like in real industry. In fact there is no need for set national elections at all. Each constituency could keep or sack their representative any time.
Can't be any worse than the broken shit you are so keen on upholding. Are you a party trougher in waiting?

Rogerborg said...

Fair point. I'd like to see annual reviews, rather than 4 or 5 year trough-ins.

blind leading the blind said...

@Blind Dipstick
With Independents also comes the rule that they can be dumped any time, like in real industry. In fact there is no need for set national elections at all. Each constituency could keep or sack their representative any time.
Can't be any worse than the broken shit you are so keen on upholding. Are you a party trougher in waiting?

12 March 2010 23:17

You seem to have missed the points i made, first and formost they have no financial backing and no media greasing their way, unless a corporate backer wants to back this `independant`second no coherent group ideology and that a group ideology is needed to convince the masses which is why almost no independants get elected as it does not idicate how the country could be lead should many of them gain power - which is why they never do!.

Still good luck in your fairy land of make believe.

as for following a party ideology, i see nothing wrong in that as long as it suites you overal and the party itself acts on its principles should it gain power.

with the smaller parties this has never been tested, though to accuse me and my pragmatism of dogma when you seem to be following a rather far fetch dogma yourself is quite odd!

you sound like a brain washed coward, who has no ideology - no ideas. even the libertarians have an idea of their goals, you have nothing.

you will get nothing.

Cosy Nostra said...

Blind leading the blind.
Smell that? That's fear,that is. The fear that there is no alternative but to stick with the system that has served us so proud.
"Corporate Backer"? Is that the pimp that puts the whore on the street purely out of altruistic motives just to keep the saddo's satisfied?

allan akhbar said...

emily is actually rather nice in the flesh......saw her on nov 5th....

meanwhile gordie and assorted bum chums weirdos and assorted champagne commies continue to spout bollocks.....

according to my research in the court of public opinion this election will be fun.........the win treble of liars(lab/lib/con) are going to get a nasty shock......

i can just see mandy and gordon fighting off the proles with their handbags...gordon behind his ginger dyke claiming that he is disabled........

Anonymous said...

Had I been Nick wotsit, I'd have sat out another few weeks come out, raised two fingers at the establishment and taken the cash, which I'm sure would be handy for a bankrupt.

Mr Straw and Gorgon said 'Ta' for the nine grand.

Anonymous said...

I got here via a link that said 'A media star is born'

Hmmm...'Attention whore' would be more apt.

Well done with your campaign Holbers, but why do I suspect this is more about you and your funny outfits more than anything else or am I just a cynic?

Answers on a postcard to:

Non cynic Competition
Farque Hall

First Prize: A night out with Holby

Second Prize: Two nights.

realist said...

Cosy Nostra said...
Blind leading the blind.
Smell that? That's fear,that is. The fear that there is no alternative but to stick with the system that has served us so proud.
"Corporate Backer"? Is that the pimp that puts the whore on the street purely out of altruistic motives just to keep the saddo's satisfied?

13 March 2010 00:01

fear? i think you will find it is called organisation! it can be very effective when organised as a group against other organised groups, unlike the powerless fragmented naive idea you spout that will serve to strengthen the hand of the estabilshment parties as you fragment the vote through a thousand different ideologies and state plants.

still if you want to back an idividual trougher rather than an ideology that counters the destruction of the corporate stooge parties, then good luck as it will never get off the ground as people are not as stupid as you.

notice the current growth of the smaller parties? notice any growth in true independant champions of the people.

nuff said!

now off you trot back to la la land.

Anonymous said...

Party goons are loyal to the party and the whips. It adds a whole extra layer of divided loyalty.

Catflap said...

It's a bit 'Peoples front of Judea' versus 'peoples Judean front' round here.
I have said before on the comments, that to get real change people like us need to get involved in politics localy first and then go national if possible.
You can't expect to play premiership football just because you kicked a fucking ball round a park,let alone watch from a bench someone else kick a fucking ball round a park.
OH and Guido have become the Nexus for us good folk to rally together.
I get more info and have made more connections through the comments sections than any post by OH and Guido.
That is good right?
If they were both establishment stooges then they have done a fucking poor job then and surely would have been shut down by their 'Handlers'.
I hold my manhood cheap compared to anyone prepared to stick their neck out and run for political office, local or otherwise.
But I at least admit my impotence and don't pick holes in what others do or not do.

Ron Broxted said...

Blair Cunt Reject.

By changing one letter you will arrive at how most readers feel about Tony.
Read these quotes: Chris Huhne "Ron Broxted is undoubtedly the worst and a satirist on the blogosphere today and a complete cunt"*
Davina McCall "Ron is such a Ras Clart and a fat frog faced arse poking wanker, his mother should be ashamed to have let him exit her enormous cunt, the mid-wife should have smothered him"*
Rabbi Issac Goldwasser "Pastrami on rye, hold the pickles this pecker head should be locked up for a long time".*
Rod Liddle. "This prick has the writing skills of a dyslectic ape."
Colin'Use Your Loaf' Berry Emeritus Professor of late night television porn. "I have know Ron since he first introduced me to his old mother who was offering blow jobs for two quid, my favourite late night porn channel is Red Hot Euro, and the one with the forty plus old bags with tits like rubber hot water bottles, Ron's writing is for a severely mentally challenged dwarf unremarkable."
Julian Clary. "Sadly Ron is well past his prime, his arsehole reminds me of the Blackwall Tunnel, except larger."
Katie Price. "I find it hard talking to him as he is so thick."
Miss Price, his former special needs teacher. "He gives other retards a bad press."
(May or not not actually have been said)

Ron Broxted said...

A message to regular followers of my exciting life on twitter. When visiting my page you will see the message below. I have had to adopt this control due to an ex-boyfriend saying nasty things about me, and divulging intimate details of my sex life and bizarre sexual peccadillo's.
Hopefully normal service will be resumed in the near future.

This person has protected their tweets.

Anonymous said...

Fuck off you pointless cunt. I don't care who Ron is and I care even less about some closet gay writing about their fantasies under someone else's name.

Ron Broxted said...

Anoymous....Oooh matron you appear to be a tad tetchy today. Got the painters in?

Ron Broxted Esq said...

With Mothers Day coming up on Sunday what is a boy to give his mother when she already has everything? Clap, Syphilis,Crabs, Vaginal Worts and Cunt like a Wizards sleeve, Bad breath and a bunch of grapes hanging from her well used arsehole. A gift box of antibiotics perhaps? Or just a card along with a large box of U2 batteries for her heavy duty vibrator? It takes six at a time and she uses them up in no time at all.

bofl said...

what is all this broxted stuff?

it has nothing to with this blog....

there seem to be a few jealous people out there......whatever holborns motives are getting nick hogan out of prison was a commendable thing to do........what have you piss takers done to compare?

do you think blair,brown,mandy,darling,balls,ladyboy balls-cooper etc aren't pushing their own narcissistic agendas?

get real!

Anonymous said...

It's useless wankers who want to dilute this blog, for a variety of reasons. Mostly boring bottom level attention seekers with chips on their shoulders who are too crap for their own blogs to be of any interest, so they try and leech off more successful ones.
Their IPs are logged with sitemeter.

Catflap said...

Anonymous I use a fag counter and live feed on my own blog. Sadly they are very unreliable in my experience. You are correct of course about the total tosser K.McEgan and his fake alter ego's Ron Broxted and many others he uses here on OH site and elsewhere on the web. I had an email recently from someone who knows him very well. It would appear that he has a long history of mental illness and addiction that has meant he has been in and out of institutions for most of his adult life.
All very sad.

Catflap said...

Me,the real Catflap issues a disclaimer of the above post and say,
If the poor fella needs advice about ECT I may be able to help.
It fucking rocks baby.

Anonymous said...

Fake Ron sounds like plod.

Anonymous said...

Nah, Plod usually start with something really subtle like "Gordon Brown should be killed", then they wait and see who takes the bait.
I suppose it could be crazed domestic terrorism watch jobsworths.
They must be going potty with so many people who want to string up their lovely masters with pianowire.


western protectionism leaves africans scrapping over the handful of products permitted to be imported into the united states and european union (eg. coltan for mobile-phones and computers). 7 million dead in the continuing african-world-war. cameron and obama, the slay-as-you-go oyibo cunts - glad to do business with the corrupt rwandan-born president of the democratic republic of congo, joseph kabila, who has allowed rwandan troops to rape, murder, and pillage valuable minerals in the eastern congo.

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