Saturday, 27 March 2010

From the sublime to the outright ridiculous

He just can't help it, can he?


Uncle_Raz said...

Dis blog goin down fasta than a nigga at a Klan convention.

Oleuanna said...

He's fine....

Raz when were you born? 1950's?

Dazed And Confused said...

Five seconds, then I had to switch it off, as that's about as much as I can take of that fucktards voice.

It would be interesting to trawl back through all of the other completely worthless New Labour pledges, throughout the last thirteen Years, just to ascertain the Socialist mentality of hideous tractor stats, and outright bullshit, without any shame.

Still waiting for my vote now on the ghastly E.U. superstate.

CrazyDaisy said...

Fuckin deluded, same in Scotland with Spud Murphy, a pair of cunts and Balls in between!

Vote for another 5 years of this prick, I very much doubt it, never voted for him in the first place.

Stop Common Purpose said...

Like Dazed said.

I can't said the corrupt piece of shit.

Stop Common Purpose said...


Like Dazed said.

I can't stand the corrupt piece of shit.

Sue said...

I don't think I've ever hated anyone quite as much as I hate this man (except for Bliar).

He has completely ruined my country. How one political party can completely undo almost every freedom that Britons have fought for in the space of 13 years will go down in history as the great british betrayal.

I really wish someone would assassinate him!

john in cheshire said...

I think that the sadness is us normal people have always tolerated the abnormal, provided it doesn't thrust itself in our faces. We don't like socialism, but while it was quiescent we were prepared to put up with its idiosyncracies. We didn't really like all the immigrants but while they behaved themselves and weren't too obvious, we put up with them. Alas, the socialists and the ethnics insist on us acknowledging them and not only that we have to agree that they are the true messiahs. Well, that's the line that should not have been crossed. Because if you want me to acknowledge you, I will. And I say I hate you. All you socialists, all you belligerent muslims. I hate you. I want you to go somewhere else. If you weren't so stupid, and had kept your heads down, I'd pass you by and think no more of you than a dog turd. But you won't will you. You just have to want me to respect you, and I don't. So, now you've got my attention, I want you to leave my country. And I don't care how inconvenient that is to you because you have caused me so much pain and suffering over the past decades that I just don't care about you any more. I won't give to fake charities for your beloved countries and I won't vote for anyone who puts your needs above mine. So leave while you can.

Catusflapus said...

What is the fucking point filming that cunt Brown?
Its like when the BBC film fucking Big Ben on an almost daily basis.
There must be hours of archive footage of Big Ben they could use.
Some twat is sent to film Big Fucking Ben especialy for the days newsheadlines.Whats the point?
Filming Brown it's the same old slack jawed swivel eyed shite.
There must be enough footage of the cunt by now for a montage surely.

Anonymous said...

Brown, like most establishment politicians, is no different from a gutter level yob, in that truth consists of whatever leads to the most immediate gratification possible.

Lorenzo said...

Hey don't knock the tractor stats, I spend all night getting my balls out for Gordon and sometimes I give him my lucky number.

Guthrum said...

I refuse to even open it now

hangemall said...

Gordon Tells Court His "Manifesto Pledges are Not Subject to Legitimate Expectation"

Dug up from my memory and Guido's site. Couldn't be bothered to waste my time seeing the vid bearing in mind what he said two years ago.

"Manifesto Pledges are Not Subject to Legitimate Expectation" should be the standard reply to anything Labour say in the run-up to the election.

hangemall said...

Just saw bofl's comment to the previous post. Sorry.

sixtypoundsaweekcleaner said...


I thought I was the only one who had mad thoughts like assassination.

Couldn't we bribe the SAS?

Rogerborg said...

Thanks, OH, we know. At some point though, you're just picking on a retarded no-mates cripple.

Care to actually add any commentary of your own? I've noted that without access your traditional "cucking funts" vocabulary, you're peculiarly reserved.

caesars wife said...

What struck me was the ruins "carefully costed" pledges might as well have had the slogan "A bigger ruin for all" .Help for first time buyers CW thought hold on a mo isnt youth unemployment the highest in europe ,so not much to spend there, cancer test results within one week , thats probebly down to new testing methods . Restoring link between incomes and pensions (please give the figures) .CW wasnt too sure if the knowledge base economy was a cover for the stae having knowledge about you and ID cards (still on) or for that matter if the ruin should have been blow out of the water with the creating 1 million high tech jobs whilst he will be making cuts . Then it was off up to Glasgow (dont know if he met purcell) to give the safe pair of hands mantra .
Dave was more promising that the jock communist megaphone ,"do we really want 5 more years of the the Gordon Brown" .
mandelson wasnt there , no doubt polishing his gold smith and wesson with wagner on for background music and engraving a box set of silver bullets.

John Redwood made a reminder of Labours 97 pledge card "to control public spending" CW got the gist of labour lying then in 97 and lying now in 2010 .

The scene is set we are told for "ruins experienced but safe clunking fist" vs Daves "get some new in we cant have 5 more years of Gordon Brown".CW thinks its a start as the set pices come up which by the standards todays ruins performance , should be like having root canal work done , buzzzzzzz , ernnnnnghhhh , errnghh ,excpet the only request will be to open your wallet wider while he tugs on £20s with pliers and sedatives.

CW gives the most troublesome line for the ruin from Sarah Palin ,where USA budget problems have the same end in that "we are leaving the bill to our children and thats amorral"

You will walk yourselfs onto the cattle carts said...

You know whats really funny, Dave will be even worse!


Because Dave will nail the UK coffin shut with his friends and gordons friends and tonys friends and mandys friends and heaths friends and majors friends of the NWO.

All those talking about left wing socialism etc have completely lost the plot, the real plot is to enslave everyone in a global corporate fascist police state with a technology driven spy and control grid that will make Hitler and Stalin look like beginners.

Comming soon is the Eco tax and control arm of the NWO control grid, Brown couldnt force it on us inj time so Dave will.

It is a rothschild hoax, where all the money gets paid directly into his PRIVATE banks, along with his royal and corporate backers.

The NWO controled media will pretend it never happened - like the NWO EU treaty as they know the people will not swallow the propaganda.

On top of this the EU will ramp up the Euro wing of the NWO police state, anyone who speaks out against the EU/NWO will under the guise of zenophobia will be carted off to their gulags or worse.

Remeber these are the people who think it is ok to make people wear orange jumpsuites for years while drowning them daily and not letting them stand trial, after invading their country killing their people and all based on lies and false flag ops.

Yes, really.

These people have used their media to get you to parot the state fed lies and demonise the only party that ever offered the antidote, not perfect but the only antidote that has any popular following.

Yes thats right the BNP.

They have tried to shut this party down, have used violence and intimidation as well as illegal political oppression while also using immigration as a method of attacking free speech and getting the police state ball rolling - terrorism.

Even thogh 90% of it is NWO funded and backed.

Nothing to do with some bullshit racist claim, EVERYTHING to do with stopping the NWO enslavement agenda.

Mass immigration, all part of the weakening of a nation, destroy its cultural and ethnic identity and you are halfway to not having a country at all, why resist the EU after all we are a nation of mongrels and immigrants was the racist lie, lapped up by those stupid enough to think it would lead to some socialist utopia followed by the free market globalist muppets whom did not realise it would lead to the destruction of our industries and see everyone eventually working for a bowl of rice a day and your rights stripped away, all the while the unions backed the destruction of the working class through the NWO agenda.

The NWO have waged a war of hate on Africans for decades, enslaving them with unrepayable debt, raping their resources, backing genocidal maniacs and war for money deliberately keeping them poor, starving them. wouldnt want Africans strong enough to resist the raping and pilaging NWO corporate cartels now would we?

These are the people behind your so called socialist utopia!

Most of you helped them to do it, most of you sneered at the BNP who saw exactly where we were heading.

Knuckle draggers you said, racists you said, like the good brainwashed sheep you are.

welcome to the slavery you helped the NWO create.

Anonymous said...

Hello Peeps,
Looking foward to meeting two hero's over the next few days, Nick Griffin and Jim Davison the hilarious comedian. Soon I must rush back to the meejah luvvies from the Sunday Rag. Mwah.X

Hairy Palms of Hampstead said...

Cheers for the link to that Pubic Lice expert,Proffessor Y.Pud.
I have asked him for some advice about my latest infestation.
I hope he replies soon because they are driving me nuts running around all over me nuts.

Anonymous said...

'a retarded no-mates cripple' who has fucked & ruined the country I love beyond all recognition. I hope the bastard is humiliated beyond all reason in the coming election. I hope his 'mates' like NoBalls turn on him & treat him like the dog turd he is (with apologies to all decent, normal dog turds everywhere). I hope he is carried out of No 10 screaming, having personally lost his seat in Jockland. After that I'll begin to consider 'fairness'. Until then, nothing can be too bad to happen to him, Jimmy McSnot, Failure Supreme.

TractorStats said...

Gordon should be paraded from city to city in a poopmobile dressed in the king's new clothes so as we can all point, laugh and throw rotten fruit at him.

Boudica Pankhurst said...

I have been considering assaination of GB and a few others for quite a while

i trust mr brown as far as i can throw a lorry


Ampers said...


Bribe them, they'd be happy if you just bought the drinks after...

couse said...

QOTD at order-order is Brown saying “… there is no rebellion against collectivism in the country..”

Guido's quote of the day comes from here: Gordon interviewed by the Guardian yesterday

Gordon Brown tomorrow unveils Labour's key election pledges, promising that a re-elected Labour government, which would retain Alistair Darling as chancellor, would help create a million skilled jobs, a state-funded citizens' right to take antisocial offenders to court, and "the largest set of constitutional reforms this country has ever seen".

Wot, even bigger than Magna Carta, the Bill of Rights or Oliver Cromwell? Of course, an enormous and steaming pile of shite *would* be bigger than such finely crafted or constitutional issues. This is change for the sake of change and making lots of changes so you can say 'We've made more changes than anyone else'. When did 'changing things' become the measure of productivity of a politician rather than 'doing a good job'?

Speaking just 11 days before he is expected to go to Buckingham Palace to call the election, Brown says he will offer the nation "more fairness, more responsibility from vested interests, a greater sense that people have more control over their lives."

As one comment puts it; some would be a start.

Insisting that Labour can still win the election without the need of Liberal Democrat support, he argues: "This is a progressive moment," claiming "there is no rebellion against collectivism in the country" akin to the late 70s.

More power to Old's elbow, Jury Team and all the rest and we can shove that thought down Brown's throat.

Joe said...

Sorry, I must be the only one who watched it. It still suprises me that the cunt can keep a straight face.......

Anonymous said...

Dave needs to take this piece of film with him when he goes on telly to face GB and rub his nose in it. Unfortunately you can't help thinking the Tories election pledges hold about as much solidity.

Loving the picture of GB there, shame it's only photoshopped and not a real snap of him being dragged to the tumbril taking him to his public beheading.

Anonymous said...

News of the Screws has finally come out against McBroon and his pile o'shite party.

As the slogan says 'every little bit helps' maybe a few more brain dead will wake up and realise what a state we're in.

One can only hope. Mind you, to get the message across the Screws and The Bun need headlines such as...

'MASSIVE TITS, GOALS ETC, VOTE AGAINST THAT CUNT BROWN' else the readership will ignore it.

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