Tuesday, 16 March 2010

Freemen and the council tax

Yup, I know you all think I'm nuts. But here is how you do it. It works.

English Freemen Standing In Court - Council Tax Hearing - The Takedown Begins! from Rebel Leader on Vimeo.


Mark Wadsworth said...

Property taxes (of which Council Tax is a poor relation) are the least bad taxes. Please read up on your Adam Smith.

Things like income tax or turnover tax (VAT) are theft, but there is an equal and opposite argument to say that land ownership is theft. So to the extent we have to have taxes (and we do), shouldn't we make the punishment fit the crime?

Libertarianism is self contradictory! said...

Land ownership is a form of slavery, if you cannot have free access to land or a designated plot at birth that can sustain you, then you are a slave.

so much for libertarianism!

it is a contradiction of terms.

Old Holborn said...

"if you cannot have free access to land or a designated plot at birth that can sustain you, then you are a slave."

Funny how every single species on our planet, from amoeba to Orangutangs makes do.

Are you a Communist?

Dazed And Confused said...


Very Interesting video, that I shall certainly watch again.

The difference between Steven Barry and yourself though from what I would perceive, would be that because of your own previous shenanigans with Nick Hogan etc, you'd be a marked man by the State. Thus, the second that you were summoned to appear in front of a court, the States consenting media outlets, would be swarming like flies to disclose who you were.

Steven Barry initially had to sign in before the hearing in person, so I presume, so would you.

Would you do that in your mask? Could you do that in your mask?

Old Holborn said...

Old: of the Holborn Family is happy to sign in anywhere

If they can wear costumes and wigs in a court, so can I.

I do not fear the state. The state fears me.

Anonymous said...

Very interesting video but it has confused me some what. I will have to go investigate a bit more on the difference between common and commercial law!

Rogerborg said...

Hmm, no, I really don't that think it does. It would fear a million of you, perhaps.

We've watched a wonderful piece of theatre, and I whole-heartedly applaud it. Splendidly done, most entertaining.

However, all the legalistic jibba-jabba won't matter a damn to Mr Stephen Barry when the bailiffs turn up with a signed warrant and some Constables and kick his door in. I think we all know that's how it will inevitably end.

I hope it takes a long time to reach that stage, but until there's a million, ten million, Mr Stephen Barrys, the State will continue to pick you chaps off one by one, not in courts, but in dawn raids on your homes, and lunchtime swoops on your places of employment. The rest of us, unfortunately, will pick up the tab for it.

bofl said...

very amusing........

personally i think the problem is that so many people have been duped..

ie they believe all the nonsense about 'services' and 'fairness'......

income tax was only introduced as a temporary measure (ha fooking ha)to fight napoleon.(now we just roll over and let the EU fuck us up the ringer....at the start of the 20th century the Inland Revenue still had fewer than a million taxpayers in its trawl. The first step to progressive rates of income tax came with Lloyd George in his "people's budget" of 1909. His "supertax" was only eight per cent - charged on incomes equivalent to more than pounds 200,000 in today's money. But in the First World War top rates rose to over 50 per cent.

On the eve of the Second World War, those paying income tax still amounted to less than one in five of the working population. By the end the number of taxpayers had tripled to 12 million and the pay-as-you-earn system was devised, though the Inland Revenue had insisted that deducting tax before income was paid could not be done.

Today 25,700,000 people pay income tax, which accounts for a quarter of government revenue.

So we can see that all of our money goes to fighting wars...........
making the bankers and arnaments manufacturers very wealthy and a future fucked for everyone else!!!

time to stop the money......it isn't used for anything good.....just lining the pockets of sad commie wankers (rich commies of course) and fraudsters....

compared to the government bernie madoff is small fry!

ukipwebmaster said...


Communist, libertarian same thing - dogma said...

Old Holborn said...
"if you cannot have free access to land or a designated plot at birth that can sustain you, then you are a slave."

Funny how every single species on our planet, from amoeba to Orangutangs makes do.

Are you a Communist?

16 March 2010 23:44

Strange that your example proves my point OH, most wild animals are now at the mercy of whoever NOW owns their land!

As indeed are humans.

It is a form of serfdom and also puts you at the mercy of the usery trade - bankers, unless you were born landed.

Now I wonder what point you are trying to make, if any?

Am I a communist, no most certainly not another unatural system flawed from the offset, still let me not interrupt your Libertarian dogma or communist sidestepping strawman!

You must up your game OH and not use such cheap tactics or nonsense analogies.

Anonymous said...

Were the red Indians eastern block communists OH?

Try and think outside the goldfish bowl you currently call your mind.

manfromthefuture said...

its not relevant that you might be correct under common law, because oppressive regimes like the one we live in operate ultimately by force.

much though, i'd like these guys to succeed, i think the next step is the council will send round the bailiffs to collect (what happens when you don't answer the summons - in their view) and these gorillas won't be interested in common law talk, they'll simply put the boot in.

Electro-Kevin said...

I bet that PS wished he had read his Butterworth's that morning.

Anonymous said...

So, in the end, they issued a warrant / whatever for his council tax, and no doubt by now, the bailiffs have kicked his front door in already.

Good try.

Oh by the way Bofl, income tax is all swallowed up by the dole-ites - all of it, every penny. Mahooosive tax on fuel and other stuff pays for wars. Speaking of which some Labout cunt was deriding the fuel companies for high prices. A bit rich considering what, 60%+ (and then VAT on that??) is fucking tx???

Cunts all of them.

Old Holborn said...

A bailiff cannot kick anyones door in.

the Council employ bailiffs, if they cannot collect goods, it goes back to the council to take you to court.

Which is what happened in the video.

Case now dismissed.

sickofit said...

Bailiffs cannot 'kick your door in' no matter how much paper or how many police officers are present.

Police officers are present to make sure the bailiff doesn't commit a crime and make sure you do not assault the bailiff.

The bailiff's cannot take a fucking thing off your property unless you sign their levy.

The bailiffs have no contract with you. They have a commercial contract with the council not you.

The state rules by the tacit consent of the fearful and many of these stupid comments on here prove that the majority of the population is shit scared of the state.

As for there needing to be a million of us saying no to the state robbery named council tax...

3,000 in one town or city would be enough to screw their corrupt and fraudulent council tax system so completely it would collapse.
This system relies totally on consent and compliance. It constantly runs at the point of collapse which you would realise if you spoke with anyone within the council tax system.

All you have to do is ask them for an invoice before you will pay what they say you owe.

There is no invoice there never has been there never will be.

Imagine the impact of an entire town offering to pay their council tax on the presentation of a none existent invoice.

Even the MSM would have to report on this sort of story.

Uncle Marvo said...

Before I go into any detail, the Stephen Barry in that video, is the the same Stephen Barry? http://www.ecademy.com/images/photo/401611.jpg

don't count on it OH! said...

The balif rules I believe were changed recently and not for the better, AFAIK they no longer need a police officer and they can use any means they wish to gain entry, same as the gas meter readers etc, they can and do break into your house to read the meter - i know this as it happend to me - i caught them trying to break in with a locksmith, no court order nothing, just a few lousy letters i never read as they were always trying to sell me something and the meter payment was up to date.

Good job they identified themselfs pretty sharpish as i came up the garden path!

all because they wanted to read a meter on a bill that was up to date! - FACT!

Better check your facts OH as i think you could be in for a rude surprise about the baliffs.

Anonymous said...

don't count on it OH!

No the same thing old chap. If you'd bothered to read the letters you would see that the meter readers were following procedures by informing you that they were coming to read The National Grids meter which just happens to reside within YOUR property.

The meter readers have a contract with National Grid to read all of their meters within a specified period of time no matter where the National Grids meters are located.

Won't matter soon as all National Grid Meters will be changed to allow the National Grid to contact the meter over the mobile phone network so they will never have to physically read another meter again.

Hot tip you can 'break' these new meters by taping a powerful magnet to them... allegedly, haha!

Uncle Marvo said...

That reply about meters is mostly bollocks, btw.

There are ways to steal electricity but a powerful magnet isn't one of them. The ways that work are seriously illegal and pretty dangerous but they definitely work. The trick is to only steal some of it, if you steal all of it they smell a rat.

And they read them over the grid, not the mobile network.


Anonymous said...


How does Smart Metering work?

Smart Meters are at the forefront of electricity, gas and water metering; recording "register reads" and collecting usage consumption profiles at regular intervals (this can be half hourly, hourly or daily). This data is then stored and transmitted using SMS mobile phone technology, the data is collected automatically requiring no human intervention (reduces human error), then checked and verified and sent to your supplier to generate an accurate utility bill.


Old Holborn said...

Can a bailiff force his/her way into my house?
Most bailiffs do not have the right to force their way into your home to seize your goods. The only exception is that bailiffs from the Collector of Taxes (Inland Revenue) can get a warrant to force entry, but this is very rare.

All other bailiffs have a right of peaceful entry only. This means that they cannot use force to enter your home, for example, by breaking a window or a door. However, they can enter your property through an open door or window (front and back) and can climb over fences and gates, but cannot break them down. See also ''If a bailiff does gain peaceful entry to my house, what will they do?''

You do not have to let a bailiff into your house. A bailiff cannot force their way past you if you answer the door. If all your doors and windows are securely closed they will not be able to gain peaceful entry to your house unless you let them in.

Bailiffs are well aware of their limited powers and may use a variety of different means to gain entry peaceably. They may attempt to walk in as soon as a door is opened. They may ask if they can use your telephone to check if an arrangement is satisfactory with their office. They may simply ask you if you would prefer to discuss matters inside. You do not have to go along with any of these methods.

Can I be arrested or imprisoned for not letting a bailiff into my house?
No. If a bailiff is accompanied by the police, they are only there to prevent a breach of the peace. You cannot be arrested for refusing to allow a bailiff into your home.

You cannot be imprisoned for not paying your debts. However, non-payment of council tax, child maintenance or magistrates court fines can lead to imprisonment if you 'wilfully refuse' to pay. This means that the magistrates must be satisfied that you have the money but choose not to pay. You should be required to attend a magistrates court means enquiry hearing before this is decided. This gives you the chance to explain why you have not paid.

Anonymous said...


I said 'allegedley' FFS

The meter isn't yours it belongs to the National Grid (Transco). FACT.

You do not take it with you when you move house because it isn't yours. FACT.

A meter reader is not a bailiff. Fact.

Uncle Marvo said...


See "what bailiffs can and can't do".

Unpaid Mag Courts Fines.

Meters: the smart metering is a service which a SP can "choose". Good way to make money uf anyone ever takes it up, but the data can be transmitted down the grid just as easily (although much more slowly).

Uncle Marvo said...

I see nobody is commenting on whether the picture wot I posted is in fact the chap in this video, just to stay on the subject.

Are I wrong?

Uncle Marvo said...

And, to clarify, I know you can't transmit gas reading over the Transco network.


Oldrightie said...

Great stuff but will take a huge overturning of apathy by sheeples to succeed.

Anonymous said...

So the judgement got issued anyway?

Anonymous said...

Afaik the judgment was highly illegal in it's own right because it had been signed before the trial.

Anonymous said...

"Most bailiffs do not have the right to force their way into your home to seize your goods.
The only exception is that bailiffs from the Collector of Taxes (Inland Revenue) can get a warrant to force entry, but this is very rare."

Quite misleading.

Section 5 of Schedule 4A of the Domestic Violence, Crime and Victims Act 2004 gave power of forced entry to persons
("civil enforcement officers", and "approved enforcement agencies") in cases of execution of a warrant not only in criminal cases (2(1)) but also in execution of a distress warrant (3(1)),
issued under Section 76 of the Magistrates Act 1980.

Just because a power has rarely been used does not mean it does not exist.

Old Holborn said...

"civil enforcement officers", and "approved enforcement agencies

Bailiffs are neither

Guthrum said...

Hugely amusing to see the pomposity of these Courts pricked, as it is just intimidation that allows them to succeed which at the end of the day all that 'power' is

Hugely sympathetic on the common Law and especially on the bollocks about issuing judgement before the case is held.

I think the ' legal fiction' is a bit of a distraction, a freeman should be able to stand before a Court and argue on the Common Law

Intruder said...

Inspiring... but I can't help thinking something is being portrayed wrongly here.

- by turning up to the "commercial court" they are recognising the jurisdiction as much as obeying any other request (eg standing up). They say standing up recognises jurisdiction and therefore would put them in cells, but just turning up does the same.

- by leaving on request in "commercial" premises they are no more recognising the jurisdiction than if they left a McDonalds on request. You can't refuse to leave private property and they can use reasonable force to remove you - so which is it - commercial property they are trespassing or public property paid for by council tax payers?

- the bit about the 'time signed' shows that the object of the video is not to inform but to misinform. The date and time of the court appearance is *not* the date and time of the signature.

Inspiring, and entertaining, but too one-sided to make me believe all the "facts".

Uncle Marvo said...

Fuck it.

Nobody's listening.

Here we go then ...

Holby, mate, I suggest you take down this post. You are progating the crap from one Mr Raymond StClair, cunt extraordinaire. He is a conman and a true cunt, a Walter Mitty of the lowest water.

I can't be arsed to do this again, so go here:

http://vimeo.com/freedomrebels Mr Freedom Rebel is he. Wanker. Cunt. Arsehole, doing more damage to the Freeman movement single-handedly than you can imagine. TPUC have dumped him. BCG have dumped him.

Then go here:


Then follow the link to Gary Beaver here:


I tried. Really, I tried.

Ask Captain Ranty if you want more details.

If I am wrong, I will buy a hat, then eat it.

And I will post myself on isacunt as well. Twice.

Glosman said...

One should stand under COMMON LAW, not argue the toss about a fuckin' birth cert with ones "legal status" on it.

All this mickey mouse rubbish about two seperate persons - wont wash. Just Stand under Common Law!

Anonymous said...

I might not agree with uncle marvo about the electrickery meter situation but fuck me if he isn't bang on the money with this shyster.

Marchamont said...

quite amusing - but there's only going to be one outcome.

And, BTW magnets do work on older meters.

Ron Broxted Esq said...

I pay fuck all and never will and never have. I am a unrelenting ponce and fucking proud of the fact. I pay no income tax, taking every penny I can scrounge by way of incapacity benefit, my squalid room is paid for by the local authority. I receive free medical treatment without ever having paid national health contributions, and in 17 years time I will start drawing my state pension, along with other add on benefits denied to you mugs who have worked and saved. I rather feel that I make OH look a real amateur when it comes to avoiding paying the state anything.Fnrrr Fnrrr.

Anonymous said...

Uncle Marvo (08.26) Before I go into any detail, the Stephen Barry in that video, is the the same Stephen Barry? http://....

Certainly looks like the same guy....
Now tells us the connection?

Anonymous said...

Ron Broxted Esq

Problem is you parasite, it is people like you who have bankrupted the system.

It matters not because you will never collect the pension you belive you are entitled to. Neither will anyone else. The whole system is on the verge of collapse. Once that happens, you'll be on your own without any state safety net, no incapacity benefits, local authority accommodation, free healthcare, NOTHING, NADA, ZILCH. And without any skills you'll starve. Tough shit eh!

Uncle Marvo said...

If that's Stephen Barry, I am the King of France.

You may address me as "Your Majesty".

Ron Broxted Esq said...

Anonymous, you forget that my non-working years have be devoted to supporting the coming revolution and other good causes. I have championed the Free Tibet movement, helped organise the two Brixton riots, supported the god given right of gay men to make love to each other without fear of plod prising them apart with a crowbar and arresting them. I have fought for a united Ireland. Fought on behalf of the miners and King Arthur Scargill. I have shed my blood at the barricades and on the inner city streets defending a multicultural society and the rights of my Muslim bro's. No small achievement eh. Best of all I fought tirelessly to undermine the evil of fascist thuggery by the BNP you ras clarts. Free Tibet, Allah ackbar.

Anonymous said...

It does indeed seem that that particular "freeman" has highly extensive form in varied and diverse trickery.
This is not to detract from this rare positive achievement of his in this court though, which itself relies extensively on dubious legal trickery..

Uncle Marvo said...

I would venture to suggest that, in the same way as in his last video, the "freeman", or "cunt" as I like to call him, is not in a court, nor are any of the characters shown in the video officers of the court or the law.

So yes, it is to detract from it.

I like the freeman movement, although it is mainly propagated by complete morons, such as Mr StClair or whatever he calls himself. There are others, though I would not sully Mr Holborn's blog by naming them here.

Suffice to say Freemanism is NOT the answer. There is an answer, but that isn't it.

Watch and wait.

hangemall said...

@uncle marvo.

I have got in from work and have been catching up on posts and comments.

It seems that it is the same bloke in the pic and video.

However, in freeman/legalese parlance "Mr" Stephen Barry is a legal fiction (some sort of corporate entity - and "is" the birth certificate. Or vice versa.) Stephen: of the Barry family (or Stephen: Barry for short) is the human being.

If the magistates had asked if the human being known as Stephen Barry was in the court then I suppose he would have had to answer.

It might not have made much difference in the case since the proceedings were against the "Mr" - the legal fiction.

Any freemen/lawyers out there please feel free to correct this.

Rght Rev said...


Decline to get involved herewith..

Uncle Marvo said...


It is indeed the same bloke.

The other blokes and blokesses are his "mates".

It is not in a courtroom.

That is the point and the only point I am making today.

That, and the fact that he's a cunt who makes Walter Mitty look like Jesus Christ.

Anonymous said...

Ray's a 'CLASS A' cunt mongtard!
Obviously OH is past caring who he puts up on for the freeman cause!

Coctail_Twins said...

How many different "Idenities" has this bloke got. Surely the local CID must be ready to pluck him?

He probably hides behind the Freeman stuff to conceal his true-ID, and contniue with his dodgy dealings.

How come TPUC are doing little to rid themselves of such a stigma?

Anonymous said...

1st class mate!

Anonymous said...

Freemen ?


Jon said...

@ Uncle Marvo

If you're arguing that that was not a court and all the players were his mates then you're off your fuckin trolly.

He may well be a cunt, but that was a courtroom and all the officials were the real thing.

Anonymous said...

The "Freeman" idea seems to me to be like a group of kids buzzing around a wasps' nest all daring each other to poke it with a stick.
Some do prod it and get away with it but anyone who is fool enough to give it a fair shove gets stung.
It's a nice idea but all those banging on about it seem to be egging on others.
David Childerly publicly tried to go all the way on YouTube but he has taken down his Freeman channel now and his newest video on his own name's sake channel shows him having regrets.
Being a hero for a few seconds isn't worth the court costs is it?

Anonymous said...

Ray St.Clair describes himself and his abilities in 50 words:

Trend Setter, Connector, Dealmaker, Networker, Designer, Creator, Husband, Visionary, Leader, Property, MLM, Finance, Networking, WealthPreneur, Software, Entrepreneur, Marketing, TAG, Technology, Leadership, Courses, Workshops, Seminars, Wealth Creation, Prosperity, ABUNDANCE, Empowerment, ENTREPRENEURSHIP, Wealth, Communications, Business Consultant, Entrepreneurs, People person, Positive, Passionate, Committed, Enthusiastic, Development, Support, Photogrpahy, Music, Product Development


Lord_Percy said...

Could you not stand under COMMON LAW without resorting the 'Antics of the Freeman'?

418 said...

This is only going to work if thousands cause this kind of disruption. The legal basis for the challenge to the Mags is nonsense and the reference to Law of the Land and Law of the Sea comes very close to the hoary old reference to Admiralty Law which the conspiracy theorists seem to regard with particular hatred. Aren't the Mags self-important and arrogant busybodies though?

Anonymous said...

Yup, I know you all think I'm nuts. But here is how you do it. It works.

Fuckin Rubbish, and whats more you know it is!

This freeman bollocks has to stop before someone really gets in the shit. i.e lose of home, kids, etc.
Its alright playing games, but I would,nt fuck about like that. OK I may be scared, etc.. but I now what I can argue under LAW, and if I dont know, then I'll hire someone who does.

Dangerous games - VERY dangerous games!

Baron_de_Mogtarde said...

Scandelous how people come up such fake titles.

Forward FREEMEN of England

PS: Register your own kilt for £500!

Anonymous said...

That video needs to go on youtube

Uncle Marvo said...


trust me.

Lord_of_the_Isles (2nd Class) said...

Does the 'Freeman Cause' no good whatsoever!

Cpt Ray St.Clair said...

Im a captain of the sea... lost my legs off iceland (dodgy trolley).
Under one of my birthday schemes, you can send me a £10 (each) to help me get well.

sickofit said...

So a question to all those who think OH is just a silly boy for trying to find out if there is a genuine alternative to succumbing to the states version of what life in Great Britain should be like.

How do you suggest we improve things in Great Britain?

Most who come on here agree with OH when he is bashing the state or attempting to free victims of state oppression, or when he is exposing politicians for what they are, or exposing the malign influence of big commercial institutions but when he tries something personal like changing the way HE interacts with the state you wankers get all hoity toity and delight in telling him he's a dickhead because YOU are scared of the state.

He isn't telling you to go down his path he is simply chronicling his own attempts to make changes. Of course he will get things wrong. This Freeman stuff is new to him but deep down each of you know that this country we are told is called the United Kingdom is fucked, completely fucked. 13 years of deliberate and cynical changes to the way the country is being run has culminated in a totally broken form of government so why do you all put up with it?

In an ideal world we would be all rioting in the streets or taking part in mass lawful rebellion by not paying income tax or refusing to buy a TV licence and yes risking being hauled before a court de facto (Google it if you don't know what that means) and possibly losing our liberty for a while but we aren't doing any of these things en mass because this United Kingdom isn't being run by people who follow the rule of Law they follow the rule of force which is why we are all scared to do what OH is attempting.

So come on all you wankers who berate this fellow for attempting to change his own life and prove to anyone with an open mind, and there are precious few on here, that maybe just maybe we are more powerful than the state tell us we are and there is a better way please tell us all what YOU are planning to do to change your life for the better.

Uncle Marvo has hinted that there is a third way that doesn't involve Freemanism but a hint is all it is.

Rogerborg said...

Nice one, Uncle Marvo.

Freemanism is as much of a cult as Environmentalism: a mumbo jumbo lexicon, a fantasy that only True Believers understand how the world really works, and a huge dose of cognitive dissonance regarding anything that challenges their preconceptions. Makes it easy for the unscrupulous to use them as footsoldiers.

By the way: anyone who actually believes that bailiffs don't force entry? Wow. Just... wow. How's the weather on your planet this time of year?

Kit said...

I like the idea of causing the tax sucking parasites trouble, but this Freeman stuff is simply nonsense.

Statute Law is not the 'Law of the Sea' as opposed to Common Law being the 'Law of the Land'. That is a fiction.

Statute law is not voluntary, consent is not needed.

Have fun winding the petty officials up, but don't make the mistake of actually believing the Freeman ideas on the Law, they are humorous fiction.

Anonymous said...

I think OH is being a bit naive pursuing the freeman solution at the moment. The basic premise is sound. The problem is, all the people who are jumping on the bandwagon are totally unprepared for a life outside the system. Most of the people who profess to be freemen-on-the land are merely freeloaders. They don't have any sense of self responibility at all or any skills that might enable them to survive outside the world of commerce. For them, it is just a chink of light in a very oppressive system but surviving in this world outside the tentacles of the state and commerce is a pipe dream. It is nigh on impossible to achieve.

For the time being, spreading the message of freedom and liberty is the way to go but creating a society where people can actually survive outside The Matrix is going to be much harder. In the meantime, a few brave sould who try will just be bullied into submission by the state. All credit to them for trying however! Safety and remedy will come in numbers but only when people are more honest with themselves how thay will survive beyond the tentacles of the state.

It's a shame that this St Clair character has jumped on the bandwagon and desperate people are taking him seriously. It does nothing to promote or advance the cause of freedom.

Anonymous said...

OOh big tough and clever Rogerborg is sooo scared of the big bad bailiffs. Wanker.

Kit why are you so keen to accpet slavery as the only option.

hangemall said...

sickofit@ 19:45. I agree.

OH might occasionally go off like Donald Duck when the ants are stealing his picnic, but the "ants" ARE stealing all our picnics.

I will follow his freeman endeavour with interest.

Anonymous said...

Kit, 17 March 2010 20:10#

It isn't nonsense at all.

It's just that individuals are totally disempowered by the system. Your common law rights have been usurped by Admiralty Law. In the eyes of the state, you are a vessel on the high seas of commerce. You have been stripped of your rights and assigned a commerical value. We have been reduced to stock (slaves). We just don't realize it. Your common law (God given, natural rights) have been replaced by benefits and privilages. It's way too big a subject to go into here. Just Google Mary Elizabeth Croft and read her (free) online book.

I am Stan said...

Hey,you knockers,I had my doubts about Holby,but when he and Anna organised the release of Hero Hogan my doubts evaporated.

Yeah the guy is out there ,but at least he is doing something,unlike you knockers who just post derisory comments then go back to Eastenders....

Do something or shut the fuck up cock ends!

Idave said...

I'm with Stan and his wonderful piccies on his blog, which is another thing the cock ends don't have... their own place!!

I am Stan said...

Baby`s you think there should be no risk`s in life,like nanny tells you?

N Pecked said...

I used to be a Freeman.
Then i met the missus.

Anonymous said...

I think that most of the wank OT posters and spineless whiners here are actually public sector employees scared that OH might actually affect their stupid little nonjobs.

I bet they spend part of their (non)working day reading blogs like this instead of filling out forms and shuffling pointless papers.

Old Holborn said...

As I explained at the beginning, I don't have the answers but I do have questions.

My ideal is to throw away my wristwatch. Eat when I am hungry and sleep when I am tired.

I hunt. I fish. I grow food. I keep livestock. My first trade was as a butcher.

My vision is a simple wood blockhaus on 2-3 acres of land, next to my own beach.

Before you laugh, you can have that for £100K. In the UK.

Don't believe me? Lot 4. £45K

Log house from Latvia. Built where you want it. £60K

All is ask is to be left alone to live MY life as I see fit. You don't need to be a millionaire. You need to be a free thinker and you need to learn to simply say no.

I'm learning

Jon said...

@ Uncle Marvo

Trust you?


The video is very obviously the real thing and cannot have been acted, neither in terms of the officials nor the location.

No professional actor and certainly no amateur actor could have pulled off such verite perfomances as these. And it's a court location with all the trappings. You just don't do that in your bedroom or even a studio.

It looks like this bloke has really pulled off the Freeman stuff here, and you've provided no evidence to the contrary.

It's no surprise that you want to put people off the Freeman approach.

Something to fear, perhaps?

Postcard from Portmerion said...

You can't opt out of reality and expect to be left alone to pursue your dream, oblivious to the rest of the world. We live in an intensly integrated society that has cause and effect. Your cause will affect the mass, therefore you will be crushed.
Be seeing you!

Anonymous said...


more proof

sickofit said...

What a fucking stupid comment,
"you can't opt out of reality"!

Is your reality the same as the Queen's, the same as Beckhams, the same as a soldier sat in a snatch land rover waiting to go and catch a so called 'bad guy' where he stands a fair chance of being killed by an unseen bomb, the same as a banker who wakes up every morning in a mansion, gets driven to work in a Mercedes, spends an hour or two in an office and then gets on a private jet for a meeting in Antigua, the same as a dossser who climbs out of her pile of cardboard where she has spent a freezing night wondering if she will see the morning, the same as the lady who will get up today and try and persuade people to vote Tory all day long because she is sick of new labour, the same as Mandelbot or Snotty who wake up every day with a smile on their faces and then implement new ways to oppress you and I just because they can... that sort of reality?

Reality is what you make it. Either that or you allow others to make it for you. OH mught be a big cock on occassions but for fucks sake at least he is trying to find a better reality.
I'm doing exactly the same but not in the full glare of what passes for publicity by blogging about it. I'm doing it for the same reasons as OH is I've had enough of having my life controlled by a bunch of cretins in government who really do belong in an asylum.

Feel free to accept their version of your reality things are continually getting worse.

Postcard from Portmerion said...

Do you really think the PTB are going to stand by and let Holby and others destroy their carefully crafted edifice?
Being right in law, as the freemen may well be, will not stop the forces of hell being unleashed upon you .

Uncle Marvo said...

I am not knocking OH.

I seek truth only.

StClair isn't it. Read properly or not at all.

Holby is kissing frogs. Soon he will get lucky.

Read Fausty and weep.

sickofit said...

Dear Postcard
You are either really scared or totally indoctrinated. You blindly accept your place in life that the people you call 'the powers that be' have decided is the best place for you.

Sad but you represent the position of the overwhelming majority of British people.

Of course those at the top won't like people challenging their methods of slavery neither would I if it was my gravy train that was about to hit the buffers but I for one am done with them. Everything they put on you can only go ahead with your consent. I doubt you'll believe this, I didn't when I was first told but I have proved it true for myself which is all that matters to me. I've long given up trying to convince others too lazy to find things out for themselves but...

If you get 10 minutes, free from your daily slavery and agree to open your mind for those 10 minutes go watch this little video called 'I'm allowed to rob you' http://www.larkenrose.com/

and then you may hopefully realise that maybe just maybe your current reality isn't the one you are supposed to be 'enjoying'.

Postcard from Portmerion said...

Once again you seem to miss the point. When the "system" sees the threat presented,you will be taken down make no mistake. And half the country will cheer. They are far happier with their ordered existence rather than see their world turned upside down.
Some stand up to the storm,others bend with the wind.

sickofit said...

On the contrary I see quite clearly. You are happy to 'sway' in the system no matter how bad it gets, and we ain't seen nothing yet because the people of Great Britain are still blissfully unaware of what the gorgon has really done to their cosy existence, fair enough that's your bag not mine.

Postcard from Portmerion said...

How will they come for you? FTAC? Special Branch? MI5? Fabricated evidence? Or just a court that refuses to listen to the Freemen and bundles them away to the Gulag?

Anonymous said...

This freeman stuff is almost certainly total and utter hogwash of the highest degree I'm afraid.

And OH - 'My ideal is to throw away my wristwatch. Eat when I am hungry and sleep when I am tired.

I hunt. I fish. I grow food. I keep livestock. My first trade was as a butcher.

My vision is a simple wood blockhaus on 2-3 acres of land, next to my own beach.

Before you laugh, you can have that for £100K. In the UK.'

Do it then! Not sure it's a sustainable model for 60 million of us though - it's going to seriously deplete the stocks of little fishes and wild birds in those idyllic lakes and forests you'll be gamboling in.

And we can't all be ye merrye butchers of Olde Engelonde.

Unfortunate really, but the reality. Find another way to rebel, this freeman stuff is a hiding to nothing.

Kit said...

The idea of fighting against the corrupt tax sucking parasites is great.

However, the Freeman ideas that Statute Law is somehow 'Admiralty Law' while Common Law is 'Land Law' is simply gibberish.

It is deluded nonsense. Statute Law is not voluntary and it is not 'Admiralty Law.

It is possible to hate the corrupt, survelliance society and bemoan the lose of Liberty without believing a lot of fantasy nonsense about the Law.

Ray S.tClements (FatPat) said...

Of course, I am the highest authority here, seeing as everyone else has deserted this blog.

Uncle Marvo said...

I haven't. Now fuck off.


no longer anonymous said...


Gareth said...

Wow! I cant BELIEVE that this has no other comments, thats the best video Ive seen in WEEK's.

I'm going to pass the link on to a big blogger i follow who should appreciate it.

Well done you sir!!

Niklas said...

I'm afraid I don't understand how statute is automatically "commercial" law. If I understand it correctly, you are saying that the Magistrate's Court here is trying to claim a monopoly on an arbitration service, which Mr Barry does not wish to have on the basis that he has not signed a contract with the council.

But surely on this basis you could make precisely the same argument against HMRC: it is a statutory body and levies taxes on the basis of a statute (the budget) and various other Acts of Parliament (that provide for penalties for refusing to pay etc)?

Surely the only forms of non-contractual payments under common law are feudal dues of various sorts (what was around at the time it developed) - surely this is worse than taxation levied by a representative assembly (well, in the UK's case partially representative, but you get my point)?

sssonick said...

I am the Steve Barry in the video, not Mr Steve Barry, Mr Stephen Barry or any derivative of that fictional name, I tell you who I am, and that is who I am. A B
bailiff employed by the court, not a court bailiff, knocked on my door with 2 cops, I told the cops to back off as they are there ONLY for a breach of the peace, of which there was not one, I told the bailiff/chancer how it all came about, told him to take my documentation and shove it up his bosses arse, thay all left, never took my car, never called again....nothing, they cannot collect a bullshit 'debt'.

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