Saturday, 20 March 2010

Every vote counts

Now we know why they fear a low turnout. Every single vote is worth 14p to a political party. Plus £14,000 for every seat they win. The Tories have received £4.7 million in taxpayers money alone.

Read and weep how they help themselves to your cash. On condition that you vote of course. I won't be. Starve the beast.


Lorenzo said...

Thieving bastards the lot of them.

ukipwebmaster said...

Bearing in mind the majority already don't vote, by doing the same you feed the beast.

There are alternatives which you may not agree with 100 per cent but at least there is a lot of common ground:

Anonymous said...

The postal vote in our vibrant and enriched areas must be worth a fortune to ZanuLab

caesars wife said...

No no all low turnout sceanarios are no good , the news that the armed forces may be cheated out of voting just shows you what these idiots will do .

Anonymous said...

I refuse to give someone else a mandate to rule over me. The deal was that I select them to do things on my behalf, they don't. They do what THEY want, often secretly.

the beast of izal said...

I keep a low profile but this year will vote
Im wiping my arse on the ballot paper
How's that for a "spoiled" vote?
Try and get that going OH
Fawkes wont do it

Gallimaufry said...

I'm thinking about standing as a None of The Above candidate so that people can positively register a vote against crap politicos and their policies. Pros and cons anyone (apart from me getting a reserved seat in the 1st class dining car of the gravy train should I win).

Zaphod Camden said...

If I had the money, I'd stand as a Monster Raving Loony.

On second thoughts, maybe not. In the current political climate, I may actually win.

The Hon. Z. Camden M.P.? Nah, couldn't live with myself. Would be like waking up in the morning and finding I'd turned into Gary Glitter.

talk the talk the walk the walk said...

You don`t vote OH because you are a moron, and then to prove it you moan aqbout things you had a chance to change.

if we all thought like you oh we may as well go strait to east germany, do not pass go, do not collect £200.

what a c*nt!

pdf ughhh said...

Links to those pdf files send my computer into a frenzy OH. Any chance of a warning ? I see pdf on the link but it's usually too late as I've clicked on it.

talk the talk...

Voting makes no difference. All the parties have the same policies. If no one voted then changes would have to be made. There would be a constitutional crisis.

Rogerborg said...

Weren't you pimping Jury Team?

Anonymous said...


Like it. But you'd have to be 'Zzz None of the Above' on account of the alphabetical listing.

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