Monday, 22 March 2010

Carry on abroad

Whilst the rest of the Blogosphere rips Byers apart, the BBC have chosen to focus on MPs who, at the invitiation of foreign governments, get to travel to exotic locations in return for influence in Parliament. Your Parliament. Not theirs.

I wish I had a photograph of Conservative PPC wannabe Iain Dale being lavishly entertained recently on an expenses paid trip to Israel

Anyone got one?

UPDATE: Got one.

A couple of fat, broken down tanks in Israel, brought to you by the Conservative Friends of Israel (no expenses spared)

PS. Anyone know if Daniel Zeichner (Lab) Cambridge has been on a fully funded trip to Israel?


Joe Public said...

Ask him far his "yes" or "no" answer.

Joe Public said...

Or even 'for' his "yes" or "no" answer

Anonymous said...

Patricia Hewitt is also a non exec on the board at BT.Anyone with shares should e-mail the Chairman and demand that she be sacked. Shareholders still have a little power, lets open another line of attack against these disgusting people, one that 'paliamentary Privelidge' cannot protect them against.

D.G.Haslam said...

A Jew going to Israel? File under "No shit, Sherlock?" Mr Holborn.

Cold Steel Rain said...

Get elected OH. Then take the war to these fuckers..

I mean that.

We have kids dying in the Afghan while these pigs suckle on the teat of power.

The BBC needs a Torpedo in her midships. I think the goodship OH has the ordnance.

Anonymous said...

Dale's photos from his Israel visit.

Iain Dale said...

Seeing as I am a) not an MP and b) not a PPC and c) declared my interest at the time, who don't you go swivel? Or worse.

Old Holborn said...

I used the word "wannabee" Iain.

Which after numerous attempts at grasping, you still are.

Coming to a vacancy near you said...

Dale, you fat cocksucking cunt, why don't you try Nick Griffins gang? He's desperate for bums on seats, which is your aim after all.

Quiet_Man said...

Oh here we go again, the OH diatribe against the democratic state of Israel and the visitors too thereof.

There are far worse places than Israel in the world, most of them bordering Israel and occasionally invading it.

Old Holborn said...

There are worse places in the world than Israel, I agree.

Israel has the right to exist, I agree.


Now about WMD, Nukes, Settlers, Racism, Religious Supremacism......

SorenK said...

if ure going to be campaigning in Cambridge u should know that the Polis just shut down the v popular annual Strawberry Fair because people go there to smoke joints, drink alcohol and HAVE A GOOD TIME, which is obviously illegal in today's England.

details here:

u could win a lot of votes by vowing to let Strawberry Fair continue (although it does involve a lot of hippies - what's the OH view on hippies?)

All the Sons of Abraham said...

There is only one problem in the Middle East and that is the genocidal ethnic cleansing chosen ones whose biblical history decrees that no other people have any right to challenge the destiny of the Zionists to lay claim to a land inhabited by the indigenous.
The sooner they are deported, the sooner the problem will fade. If they refuse to integrate send them back to where they belong.

D.G.Haslam said...

O'H not anti-semitic. Great headline, think I'll use it.

caesars wife said...

Miss Furcombe !

Says on sky, lab mps have been suspended at angry parliamentary labour party meeting , so why werent all the expense fiddlers suspended ?

NN was rubbish Mandelson was speaking about sci finance , future tech manufacturing ! meddling with genetic codes for ownership of seeds, so lite it was untrue .Ken didnt even get going on debt and lib dem was taking useual adjuictor armchair , oh yes after 20yrs of lab/con ruining of manufacturing the lib dems now want manufacturing , except its these very same saddos who want to sell us to europe waste of money ,who run a rigged market.

mandelson was future this ,future that , high speed , space craft ,flying cars, plants that grow gold coins , we havent built a fiction finance economy ,everythings allright.Well it isnt creating a bankster rush and benefit client state has been a total fraud . problem is were all begging to see just how much they have ruined the real economy as well ., Hoons all round

Anonymous said...

Yeah, Israel is completely ethnically cleansed for all non-Jews. Apart from those 13 Arabs on the Knesset. And those 1,144,000 Arabs in general. And those 120,000 Christians. And those 115,200 Druze. And those 302,400 other guys. But apart from them, its an entirely Jewish state!

Martin Wellbourne said...

Regarding the comment about Strawberry Fair:- the following types are found in abundance. Climate Change Activists. Anti-racist groups. Purveyors of Tofu and similar. Drinkers of Special Brew, complete with interesting collections of pet fleas. And scabies, of course. Human Rights campaigners. People who live in very lovely houses in lovely lovely Cambridge, and like to insist that they are a lovely multicultural community because there are hordes of well-heeled foreign students and visiting professors from Burkino-Faso on two year sabbaticals living just down the street.

It is an event which should be nuked, once it is as full as possible, shortly followed by the rest of Cambridge, which is as stinking a pit of hypocritical, santimonious smirking arseholes as you are ever likely to find in this life or any other.

Purge the vile liberals, both lower and upper case Ls by the way, keep the interestingly non-aligned genuine intellectuals and it would be vastly improved.

Hang all the beggars or, should this prove impractical, have them ALL expelled immediately

Jus' sayin'...

Old Holborn said...

A little like saying Louisiana was multicultural in 1801 methinks

All the Sons of Abraham said...

And what voice do these non Jews have when it comes to launching Phosphorous shells on the prison camp that is Gaza? Enjoy seeing kids with burns that would cook your Pizza to a T? Where are those voices in the debate on building settlements on land that is regarded as Palestinian?
The Zionists have God on their side just as the ragheads have Allah on theirs.

Anonymous said...

It's a pity that none of these bastards visited Germany,Holland,Albania,Greece,Italy,Switzerland etc etc etc and found out that:-




Quiet_Man said...

@ All the sons etc. etc.

All the Palestinians have to do is stop lobbing rockets into Israel, it really is that simple.

Anonymous said...

Maybe Iain Dale just isn't informed enough to know that Israel Is a racist extremist apartheid colony of religious crackpots with a delusion of supremacist superiority and hold the world record for breaking UN resolutions.

Or maybe Dale is one of the ZIoNAZIs Ueber Alles Brigade himself.
He obviously doesn't know that a large number of Jews are fed up with the zionists and their endless scheming and plotting to not have peace, their trying to steal more Lebensraum for their master race and turning the world to shit in the process.

Anonymous said...

Hey quiet man, you are soo duped.
The Palestinians have NO recourse against perpetual Israeli crimes and wrongdoing. It's hardly surprising that a few lob some lashed up gas cylinders at the edge of the only town in range (Sderot). The casualties from these "rockets" are minimal and Israel could avoid them by moving afew hundred people to the other side of town. They don't because then they wouldn't be able to claim that they are "victims". You are utterly clueless, sorry.

Israel has to obey UN resolutions and stop hiding behind USrael.

Anonymous said...

I wonder how many of this bunch of slimes have been to Israel but not Palestine either:

Anonymous said...

Netanyahu Warns Israeli Union of High Immigration Numbers

Tuesday, January 26, 2010,
Israel PM Benjamin Netanyahu

Israel PM Benjamin Netanyahu

In a speech to the Manufacturers Association, Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu warned of the dangers of high immigration numbers. Like the United States, workers unions in Israel want an increase in immigration numbers, but Netanyahu is looking to pass strict immigration enforcement laws.

"You will not like this, but we plan to legislate strict laws and enforce them with a firm hand against the illegal employment of infiltrators and foreign workers," Netanyahu told the Manufacturers Association.

The Prime Minister also spoke about the "cultural, social, and economic damage" created by accepting a large number of immigrants. With an unsecured border with Egypt and close proximity to other Third World nations, Israel's economic success and prosperity has led to immigration issues much like the United States.

"Anyone walking around Arad, Eilat, or even south Tel Aviv today, can see this wave, and the change it is creating, with their own eyes," Netanyahu said. "They are causing socio-economic and cultural damage and threaten to take us back down to the level of the Third World. They take the jobs of the weakest Israelis."

A proposed immigration enforcement bill in Israel would construct a fence along the Egyptian border and calls for stricter penalties for Israelis who help illegal crossings.

"This is a strategic decision, that will ensure the Jewish and democratic character of the State of Israel," Netanyahu said. "Israel will remain open to war refugees, but will not allow its borders to be used to flood it will illegal foreign workers."

Zionazis said...

Fuck me, but that Iain Dale is a right fuckin creep.

He's so fuckin typical of the cunts that are MPs already.

No one but a total selfish cunt would be supporting what the Israelis get up to, if there wasn't money in it.

extest said...

OH, are you going to put your full home address on the nomination form for the Cambridge election ?

Anonymous said...

Exclusive to all papers: MP's lie, cheat, steal and are corrupt.

Surely nothing these lot are exposed at doing can come as a surprise anymore?

Uncle Marvo said...

Mr Zeichner looks a decent chap, but I can see why you're gunning for him.

I would look hard at the present incumbent though, not him. He has no chance.

Anonymous said...

About time someone have the balls to speak against the worst terroist apartheid state, Well done Mr OH, you got my vote.

Bertie said...

Thats it OH keep knocking ISRAEL,
and one day they'll knock you back.

Bertie said...

Heres a thought... my Father was doing his National Service in Germany when a call came to issue "Tropical kit" - it was Suez.

Now if the Yanks had left things to us Brits, French, and Israels, Im sure things would have been "sorted" in the middle East. None of this current state of affairs, and certainly no rise of tinpot towelheads.

Oldrightie said...

Martin Wellbourne, 23 March 2010 00:10

Sounds like most of Labours' Britain.

Fidothedog said...

I see Mrs Dale has declared war, its handbags an makeup at dawn.

Anonymous said...

@ Quiet_Man

"Oh here we go again, the OH diatribe against the democratic state of Israel and the visitors too thereof.

There are far worse places than Israel in the world, most of them bordering Israel and occasionally invading it"

Certainly there are worse places in the world, there are also places that are as bad or were so in the past, like South Africa for example.

Jewish racism against Ethiopian jews in Israel >>

Kishmein Tochas said...

OH - some electioneering and gratis myboy! Go full on for the Muslim vote (there must be some , even in Cambridge) - look what its done for NuLab...all those phony postal ballots getting their lackies elected! Your stunts punting would really get you on primetime and the front pages if your boats were crewed by burkha'd groupies chanting 'Allahu Ahkba!" Build on the Jew-baiting - call for Sharia, and why not even ban alcohol? Once elected all these rule will be for us 64 million MPs can do what you fucking like!

Anonymous said...

US aid to Israel

Anonymous said...

Supporting Israel is plain crazy and totally against the west's interests.
What kind of moron supports a tiny despot state guilty of all manner of crimes and thereby antagonises over a billion people who have most of the world's oil, Duh.

Ah yes, it's traitors like Iain Dale and the rest of the zionists running *this* country and USrael. Why hand power to people loyal to a foreign state?

Anonymous said...

Jury Team, who the fuck are they? Last heard of doing crap. Why dont you stand for LPUK?

Remember, the google, "Old holborn closed and gone"

Bertie said...

Go for it OH, stand on your ANTI-ISRAEL ticket and see how far you get.

You are a moth that longs for the bright lights, (its your nature), but when you are exposed you (like the rest of humanity) collapse into the fetal position crying

"Oh G_d where art thou?"

Anonymous said...

Since nobody else is, that alone should get OH masses of support.

Anonymous said...

More photos from the concentration camp that is Gaza>

Anonymous said...

And even more here!

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