Monday, 29 March 2010

Cambridge Labour Candidate prepares for Office

Daniel Zeichner, Cambridge PPC for ZaNuLabour, doing what socialists (national and otherwise) always end up doing



john in cheshire said...

Is he a national socialist or an international socialist? Either way, you wouldn't want to tread him into the carpet.

thespecialone said...

Can you imagine the BBC if a Tory had been captured doing this?

Dick Puddlecote said...

Oh dear. It looks like he could be someone who is easily wound up into doing, or saying, silly things.

Not that anyone would do such a thing on purpose, of course.

Would they? ;-)

Dazed And Confused said...

Is he hiding his mustache by any chance?

Joe Public said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Joe Public said...

Seems like he's sniffing a finger that's just been extracted from a Brown orifice.

Aposite wv - dhump

Size 8 said...

Thoroughly objectionable, but it is noticeable that he is not cowering behind an assumed name and a mask.

Fausty said...

Size 8, you are Demetriou and I claim my £5!

Anonymous said...

Suddenly got very sniffy about the comments OH. Has your boss told you of for allowing naughty swear words. Not so much the rebel now eh pal.

Old Holborn said...

I think I've proved I don't cower from anything.

Fausty said...

Sniffy @ 19:34?

How so?

Ron Broxted said...

Thanks to the two people who supported me all my life, my mummy and the DWP.

Anonymous said...

Keep at them buddy your rattling there cages and they hate it but its good for the UK morale :-)

Rightwinggit said...

Don't mention the war.

Catflap said...

Without need of an FOI(I have a contact).
I found that the twat at my local council(East Lindsey District Council)whose decision and incompetence has lost £2.5 million of ratepayers money in Iceland is.
Steven Larter who earns £64,000pa for being shit at his job.
In fact the cunt has even got a new office with plusher furniture. He was that shit.

RantinRab said...

The political indoctrination of our children -

caesars wife said...

Since you have become the Jury team PPC for Cambridge, any thoughts on where your going to take your blogg OH ?? , youve always had a national viewing , sperate OH for election ??

Chancellors debate was as you said up,down,wrong , not so wrong a few figures got bandied about and they are all going to make cuts , yes the very same people who told us all one thing now wish us to pay for it .

Osborne got cut up a bit bewtween both of them , got NHS one right and its your money bit right .bankers bounus was botched by all 3 as was the non sense of how growth will be achieved when you have to cut . Vince delivered some thoughtful lines and Darling didnt realy get any heat CW thought a scuffle could break out over child tax credits and a few other Darling grenades .

Seemed to just go round fairly bland concepts and meanings ,I repeat if you are to have "cuts" bigger than in the 80s , what will the growth be used for .
Vinces line on taking people out tax is popularist but means tax will fall somewhere else CW cannot see how he hypothocates that one.

They got us into this mess by running the joy luck club during the good times it boarders on being a patronising to make working together claims to sort it out . I mean to quote Peter Oborne on Darlings budget "if anyone else had given a financial statement like the one he gave the FSA would be called"

Ajabeeba using headline "Tory cuts"on news bulletin ,so no bias there then !

Pope Von Ringstinger said...

"This is no time for a novice.I have Bishops queing up for some Lillywhite ass"


Gobshite said...

That would look good on an election leaflet.

Red Rag said...

So this is where the gobshites who attack teenagers hang out.

What small time political group are you bunch of weirdos attaching yourselves to this Election. Tories,Ukip,BNP,Eunuch Defence League?.

Nice to see you hiding behind masks, any of you lot got drink driving that not the crime of choice for mask wearers?

Keep up the good work, and try to keep those knuckles off the floor.


Billy Blofeld said...

I was born and raised in Cambridgeshire, just to the north of the city.

Given the massive (once seen never forgotten) American WW2 cemetery within the Cambridge constituency at Madingley - you'd think any prospective PPC would know about that and not goose-step about the place to make a cheap point.

As a forces kid, I know Cambridgeshire is chock full of aerodromes (US and UK, both from the past and still operational)- many of which also have a WW2 heritage.

Zeichner, the cock, has effectively branded many of his constituents who have voted Tory in the past Nazis.

What a cunt.

Dazed And Confused said...

@Red Rag:

We would like to come and make our views known on your blog too, but as usual with Socialists such as your own cowardly self, you just wont allow it.

Perhaps that's the reason a kid took your flack for you.

Now do fuck off, there's a good non entity.

Cold said...

What an utter, utter cunt. I love Cambridge - for a variety of reasons - and I fear Zanulab have fucked up.


If your politician sells the countries assetts to a corporate cartel - blame socialism! said...

What is the point of this post?

What is the context of his actions, i highly doubt they were pro Nazi, but that won't stop OH from crass cheap point scoring when their are far bigger real issues to expose.

Using such crass intimidation methods is what has lead us onto the road of destruction - their policies.

P.S OH you seem to have a big thing about being anti-socialist ( of which their are many grades and levels), goverment itself is a form of socialism as is armies and the police, so rather than being a hypocrite i take it you will be informing the electorate that you would like to shut down the NHS,and put private insurance companies in charge of the whole deal.

Then see how many votes you get!

Socialism is not the issue, capitalism is not the issue, especially seeing as neither rarely exists in its purest forms without compromise to the other, rather accountability is the real issue here, not some crass dogma that kicks the real issues out of site as they love you to do.

Rottenburg said...

First time I ever saw that being done was on Monty Python. It was either John Cleese or the other one, the nice bloke.

It all came from the Cambridge Footlights and as he's standing in Cambridge I expect it's some reference to that or mimicry of it. In all likelihood quite harmless.

Having said that, he wants to be a lib/lab/con MP, so very probably a cunt in any event.

Cunts, cunts, total fucking parasitic maggot cunts the lot of them.

Anonymous said...

Who hangs out as yours, Red Rag? We can't tell.

Anonymous said...

Red Rag,

I'd like to be able to post a comment on your very dull blog telling you just what a complete cunt you are, but, like any true Marxist, you don't allow free speech.

So, I'll just have to use this Libertarian platform to express myself instead.

Red Rag, you're a cunt. And a dull one at that.

Anonymous said...

Red Rag,

Stick it in your grandma

The Penguin said...

Red Rag - I thought you'd been superceded by tampons some time ago.

So probably a very good choice of nomme de plume.

The Penguin.

g1lgam3sh said...

Red Rag

You define otiose...oh and you're a cunt.

Could I say that on your site? Of course not, you're a Socialist and therefore censorship is part of your political DNA.

Did I forget to mention you're a cunt.

As John Cooper Clarke put it: "They can't find a good word for him but I can...TWAT"

Anonymous said...

Of course he wasn't being pro-Nazi; he was describing the Polish government, and by association the Tories with whom they sit in the European Conservatives and Reformists EP grouping, as Nazis. Utterly disgraceful, especially as he has ignorantly confused the Polish Law & Justice Party (a respected, governing, mainstream political party) with the Latvian For Fatherland and Freedom Party. If Poland knew that the British governing party's backbenchers casually make these malicious slurs against their government it could be hugely damaging. Zeichner is a total fool and unfit for Parliament.

Gobshite said...

Shouldn't it be Daniel Reichner?

Achtung baby!

Anonymous said...

Blimey, the old song goes..
Himmler had something simmler...(sic)

Edward Carlsson Browne said...

Can I make a suggestion?

You might not want to accuse of Nazism a man whose father fled Austria when the Nazis invaded.

It might make you look like even more of a cretin than your Cambridge-based antics have already done.

Old Holborn said...

"I'm a Labour Party member living in Cambridge. This blog exists partly so I can rant about the labour Party falling short of its ideals, partly so I can vent my spleen at the Lib Dems and Tories when they revert to type, and partly so that I get asked lots of awkward questions at job interviews."

Nice one

Anonymous said...

I see OH is using Stalinist 'mudslinging' methods to denigrate his opponents! What a freedom loving libertarian he isn't.

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