Friday, 19 March 2010

Buying that Election

Business Secretary Lord Mandelson today put £80m behind Britain’s nuclear renaissance - or at least behind one company in Sheffield – intended to strengthen the UK’s civil nuclear supply chain, and to ensure that taxpayer funds were spent in Labour' client State.

The loan to Sheffield Forgemasters combined with funding from US reactor-builder Westinghouse, will enable the steel firm to build a 15,000 tonne press and finishing facility to produce the ultra-large forgings, such as reactor pressure vessels, for civil nuclear power and other applications. We are pleased to subsidise foreign companies especially when we can see votes for our people

“This is not just help for one company. Today we’re announcing a willingness to invest that will make the UK a leading provider in the nuclear and the low carbon supply chain,” said Lord Mandelson.

The company will be one of three in the world with the necessary nuclear accreditation to press the very largest forgings required to make critical components for nuclear reactors. The other firms are in Japan and South Korea.

These components have become a bottleneck in the nuclear supply chain and Westinghouse welcomed the emergence of a new supplier.

The decision to offer support to Sheffield Forgemasters is part of a strategic intervention to develop the nuclear supply chain and enable it to meet the demand of the next generation of new nuclear power stations to be built in the UK and to compete for orders worldwide.

“This will help to realise the potential of our industrial base to be world leading, export-led, and creating jobs and value here at home,” added Lord Mandelson, as we know only the State and large corporations can create employment.

The work will create around 180 direct highly skilled jobs in the long term and many more during the construction phase, according to BIS.Needless to say that this announcement can only help our election campaign

Today’s loan offer follows last year’s announcement of a Nuclear Advanced Manufacturing Research Centre in South Yorkshire, to help UK civil nuclear manufactures develop techniques, plus the creation of a Low Carbon Economic Area in civil nuclear in the North West and Yorkshire region.As you know these areas are critical for securing the next election

The UK is able to supply around 50 per cent of the plant and equipment for a civil nuclear programme in the UK, but with investment this could increase to 70 per cent, according to BIS. Of course believing the State can provide all, the next step is to mationalise the means of production and make the UK a fully fledged Plc

Sickening, they are using your money to buy Votes


Ron Broxted said...

I don't care what you all say, I *still* think he's a gorgeous hunk...

Anonymous said...

Yeah he does need a good seeing to.... A chainsaw ripping his sphincter apart will be very enjoyable to watch....

Anonymous said...

Another small victory for the taxpayer.

See what YBC has to say about it here:


Ampers said...

Ha! I read:

We are pleased to subsidise foreign companies especially when we can see votes for our people.


We are pleased to subsidise foreign companies especially when we can see votes from our people.


Anonymous said...

May I suggest Ron Broxted that you need a visit to Specsavers? The man is an oily self-seeking cunt who would sell his dear old Mother (if he ever had one, which I doubt - he was probably spawned in some lab after an experiment went terribly wrong) by the lb (Imperial pound weight ) if there was money or advantage to him in the transaction.

Marchamont Needham said...

What an excellent thing to do - when we have world beating companies like this we should help them build exports.

I'm grudginly beginning to accept that Mandy's doing a rather good job.

Anonymous said...

In the Euro elections last year, the BNP notched up almost 20% of the vote in South Yorkshire.
Any connection ? Spooky !

Ron Broxted said...

Peter can cum on my face any day, he is soooooo fucking gorgeous.....Oooh matron!

Ron Broxted Esq said...

Is the Chief Constable of Grampian a child molester or not? We should be told. Is he covering up for nonces such as me? I do hope so. Now where did I put my Werthers originals?

microdave said...

"A Nuclear Advanced Manufacturing Research Centre in South Yorkshire"

They've already been carrying out tests:

Anonymous said...

Looks like he's lost a bit of weight. Hope he's got aids

Oldrightie said...

Like his pal Bliar, Peter Pederast will be on huge commission. Say 10%. I make that £8 million into his "blind trust".

Anonymous said...

Did the twat Mandelbum also mention that until a few years ago, the UK taxpayer owned Westinghouse through BNFL - but its sale (and the total break up of BNFL) was ordered by an inept Dept for Trade & Industry, just in time for the nuclear industry to get fashionable again. That same Westinghouse is now getting orders by the shit load for its power stations from the US to China - think if the effect that would have on our trade deficit.
Throw a 1 mile radius net round Big Ben and you'll get so many useless fucking bastards you won't have enough ammo to put them out of their misery.

Ron Broxted said...

I just love Mandy, just one look at him with his chestnut colour dyed grey hair and I get a boner....Oooh matron. I just wish I was a young fit Brazilian toy-boy, instead a short fat ugly, please slap me about kind of middle-aged ex rent boy who still has to go cottaging looking for rough trade.

The Paragnostic said...

Like most Neues Arbeit announcements, this is a recycled piece of news - this proposal has been floating around for at least 3 years, and it's nice of the chutney ferret to remind us that Forgemasters are going to do what they were planning to do anyway.

We should have let them make those tubes back in the late 80s - Tel Aviv could do with smartening up round about now...

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