Tuesday, 30 March 2010

+++Brown removed by security+++

Those lovely funsters over at Glasnost UK put up a Gordon Brown and a speech bubble opposite Parliament.

Some wise security people removed it after 30 minutes


sixtypoundsaweekcleaner said...

They should have put one up of Tony Blair too. That would have been fun!

Gregg Beaman said...

Thought at first he'd been chucked out for heckling Blair in Trimdon.

Anonymous said...

Did he write I'm Gordon and I'm gay.

Catflap said...

Just seen todays news footage of wanker Brown related to the adult care issue.
Not only has the tosser got a penchant for being filmed or photographed with ethnic minority kids but ethnic minority old folk as well.
Not an issue if you didn't already Know the man was a cunt.
No offence Stan but it is hypocritical patronising socialists like Brown who chose Diana Abbot etc to be your representatives not you.
One trick pony radicals like Abbot and Boatang do not reflect the aspirations of anyone,least of all those they claim to represent.

Anonymous said...

Great vid.


Dick the Prick said...

@Catflap - this national care service bollox has the potential to really fuck things up if it's gonna be the abortion that it's looking likely to be.

I heard that tosser Andy Burnam blithering on about it on Toady this morning saying 'it's far too big for party politics' yet the cunts have had 13 years and the final fucking act is a bag of a fag packet piece of shit - how very fucking New Labour. Cunts.

WV: taxes - is someone taking the piss?

Catflap said...

Oh shit yes this demoghrapic bomb is big and it was preventable.
The hard reality is a country needs long lived pensioners like a hole in the head.
I love pensioners and hope to be one as well but I accept that being retired for almost a third as long as i've worked is not sustainable.
Forget drugs, make fags and booze free to the OAPs and sling in a Honda fireblade as well.

haddock said...

security people removed it...

is cardboard now a threat to our nation ?

Captain Haddock said...

Pity no-one had time to dangle it by the neck from Westminster Bridge ..

sixtypoundsaweekcleaner said...

Captain Haddock...

Would have given new meaning to the phrase 'swinging in the breeze.'


Clive said...

"is cardboard now a threat to our nation?"

No, but Gordon is.

Anonymous said...

It made me think about some outdoor advertising I've seen which is done by digital projector onto the sides of buildings or the sidewalks.

I wonder if someone went around flashing messages and images by of digital projector the police would have cause to call it a safety hazard, being a beam of light and all.

With a portable unit in the car one could flash messages and images however one likes, including the PM and his henchmen, even motion images of them doing unsavory things.

Kit said...

Could someone tell me under what legal right the security men interferred with private property in a public place.

I note that those were private security staff with no legal standing beyond that of any other individual.

We must not get into the habit of reflexively granting authority to people simply because they wear a uniform.

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