Saturday, 27 March 2010

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The Prime Mentalist has announced five pledges that his utterly corrupt minority government cabal are going to foist on the 61 million of us forced to live under his dictats.

1. Secure the recovery - By placing a debt of £23,000 on every child born from now on
2. Raising family living standards - see above
3. Building a high tech economy - by handing out laptops to poor people. Brilliant.
4. Protecting frontline services - protecting millions of non jobs created by Labour
5. Strengthen fairness in communities - except for homeowners, law abiding citizens, tax payers, motorists and small businesses.

13 years they've had. I'm not going to start, otherwise I won't stop and I'm busy this weekend.

Just make sure you join me, Ollie Cromwell and Guy TV down at Southwark Crown Court on Tuesday for the trial of the three sockpuppets

I shall be handing out free packets of these


Anonymous said...

…61 million of us...

And the rest.

I strongly suspect that just like crime, inflation, unemployment and immigration figures etc…the official figure for the UK's population is an outright lie.

bofl said...

An ex Labour activist Stuart Bower, a former police officer who was later a constituency secretary for the Labour Party in Hove in 1997 took Gordon Brown to court today.


An ex Labour activist Stuart Bower, a former police officer who was later a constituency secretary for the Labour Party in Hove in 1997 took Gordon Brown to court .
Mr Bower claims that the government promised a referendum on the European
Constitution in its election manifesto of 2005. The court was asked
to decide whether the government's refusal to hold one is a breach of
contract with all those who voted Labour in the 2005 General Election.

Gordon's barrister, who stood up this morning to inform the court that
“manifesto pledges are not subject to legitimate expectation” and
therefore cannot be relied upon in a court of law.

Did you get that – A Labour manifesto is WORTHLESS. So that's official then.

He disgustingly displays his Contempt, complete and utter contempt for you and your country.

and 1/3 of voters want this hoon for 5 more years?

please copy and paste to everyone!

Kit said...

Only three of the scum, still, some justice, it is a start.

I plan on being there.

Kit said...

OH, can you give us the time people are meeting up?

Demetrius said...

Red Rag has kindly provided a template for interested users.

Shaun Pilkington said...

I posted this comment at LFAT but then reposted it on my own blog:

The five promises are, in their own right, fucking hilarious.

circus monkey said...

Just a pity he isn't P.M. of Wonderland isn't it? He could have the Mad Hatter for Chancellor and the Dormouse heading up the Home Office. Keep calm and enjoy your week-end!

Atheist Ranter said...

Speaking of the free laptops for 'poor' people, did you know that those fucking idiots in power are paying more than £1000 each for them! Typically should be £250 for a reasonable one, off the street to Joe Public. Probably £75 when bought in bulk so who got and how big was the brown envelope that changed hands on that fucking deal?

Christ but I hate politicians!!!!!!!

Atheist Ranter said...

Sorry - I was informed that the first send didn't work! I see it fucking did...

Field Marshall Watkins said...

Atheist Ranter, £1000! What are they, poncey Macbooks or something? I'm on a netbook now, cost £250 brand new.

Free laptops, courtesy of the private sector, currently being crushed under the EUnited Komrade Empire.

Still, probably means cheap laptops on the black market soon.

I'm surprised that phrase hasn't been banned. Dark market? Photonically challenged?

Richard said...

In fairness, Gordon didn't say WHERE he was going to create a high tech economy.

With the Home Office dishing out ICT visas on demand to Indian IT graduates and HMRC granting total dispensations from UK tax and NI to them, there's a flourishing IT industry in India that's using the UK government's largesse to train its engineers.

Eddie D said...


This is an Anagram of:-


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