Tuesday, 16 March 2010

Austin Mitchell deserves his pay rise

Back from his stint on Channel 4's "Tower Block of Commons" (where he insisted on a flat to himself, his own furniture and his wife to accompany him) hard working Austin Mitchell MP, Labour MP for Grimsby managed to find time to answer an Email from a constituent had the nerve to ask if Austin would he be accepting the 2.5% payrise due to MPs and if so why?

The response was curt

From: "BENTON, Joyce"
To: xxxxxxxxx
Sent: Mon, 15 March, 2010 14:49:55

Dear Mr xxxxxxxx
Thank you for your email dated 5 March on the MPs` pay rise. Yes I`ll be taking the rise. It`s the rate decided on and I need it to do the job and deserve it because the work is increasing all the time.
Now tell me how many bank executives and directors, company executives, fund managers and local government officers you`ve sent the same enquiry to!

Yours sincerely


He must have been busy. It took him ten days to reply. As for the reference to bankers, let's just say: Pot, Kettle, Black. In that order

PS. the only reason to have children


Bearly Concious said...


Ho Ho Ho

british insurgent said...

No Reward For Failure.

I demand that every New Labour MP & Minister forfeit their pension & pay off.

No Reward For Failure.

sonste said...

To state the bleedin' obvious:

No. He. Fucking. Doesn't.

yeah baby revolution! said...

no reward for failure!

hand it back you new labour pigs!

its our money - you have not earned it.

no reward for failure!

no reward for failure!

no reward for failure!

no reward for failure!

Baccus said...

I knew a chap called Austin, because he was conceived on the back seat of one. As was his brother Morris.

418 said...

Lord to be Austin Mitchell of Great Grimsby is, of course, a particularly deserving case and he needn't have adopted quite such a defensive tone in his reply: perhaps he's one of the few who do actually get it.

Dazed And Confused said...

Ah New Labours "Class War", alive and well and living in Grimsby....

"Lets blame the bankers for all of this Country's current woes, as it's all their fault we're now up shit creek".

If his Party hadn't bailed them out, they're bonuses would be zero, just like their job prospects.

Does this shite still work on members of the public?

I am Stan said...

I spent a couple of months in Grimsby on a work project,the people seemed defeated by life and lost!,their ambitions in life were on the floor ,with people like Mitchell leading them its no wonder.

Nice fish n chips though!,and there was a barge converted into a pub which was different and.... er...thats it!.

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

If I let my business go down the pan, can I claim a payrise too? In fact, I'm thinking of becoming unemployed, so I deserve a payrise of 1/4 of a million like the fat incompetent scum council Kommiesars get.

Anonymous said...

I hope that Austin Mitchell's family gets a visit from the Tumour Bunny this Easter.

Worthless Labour parasite. Takes money from my pocket to pay for his dubious second home. My all his grandchildren have Down's syndrome.

That would be, in an evolutionary sense, progress.


DS 501 Danny Lawrence said...

Ee by gum, the troll that usually post gay porn on here is D.G.Haslam of Downham Market, Norfolk. Funnily enough I gave his details to a large crowd of Irish travellers and some less than polite fellaheen from nearby along with his recent comments on Mohammed (S.A.A.W).

bofl said...

i think anon. 17:03 has it summed up pretty well........

just waiting for the next politician to tell us that they went into pokitics to 'make a difference'.......

they certainly have done that.....elevated themselves above the law and first in line for stealing as much as possible.....

perhaps all the grimsbyites watched the series? how could they vote for such a hoon?

Dicksucker Gobshite Haslam, R.N. said...

Sir, I am outraged. That this great nation is reduced to a laughing stock is intolerable. I lost uncles in Normandy in 1944. OK they were Waffen SS but what the hell. My Father died before his time after getting buggered by a Rajput Fusilier at Daquiri Ridge in 1943!

Dick the Prick said...

Also, and this is the sheer cheek of the cunt, Grimsby is so fucking cheap that you can buy a bloody great mansion with sea views for a couple of hundred grand - Chelsea it ain't. Cunt.

Catflap said...

I live 20 mins from Grimsby and you sum up the place quite well.
I will describe Grimsby to those that have not been there.
Large parts of it look like it's been in recession for ten years already.
Some fucking achievment when you consider how much money Labour have spunked and that we have just come out of a 13 year boom.
Austin fucking Mitchell is nothing more than a Parliamentry Jester.A fool,the jolly face of politics that tries to kid you into thinking their not all cunts.
You want to see how dangerous a fool can be?
Look at fucking Grimsby.

Marchamont Needham said...

And his qualifications - oh yes, he was a buffoonish presenter on regional TV before he stood for parliament.

microdave said...

"Global Warming is freezing me to death"

So we can take it that you won't be supporting all the rip-off green taxes your darling EU want to foist on us then??? You'll be even colder when the fucking lights go out in a few years time, thanks to your party's head in the sand attitude...

Captain Haddock said...

"I'll be taking the rise" ... I'll fucking say he is ..

He should be taken to the top of the Humber Bridge & there secured with piano wire around the neck .. before being pushed off ..

Mitchell was a pompous and useless wanker when he presented "Look North" on the BBC .. all that's changed is that he's become richer and fatter ..

Uranus, The Magician said...

I like the "carefully crafted" bit!

You know zilch about me! said...

From the files of Naked Gun "I was investigating a paedophile ..." Daily Telegraph 31.08.06 (11.03)
"I was married C of E..." 22.02.07 (odd, we thought you were gay but obviously as I said to Colin you are bisexual). "I lived in Lincolnshire.." 26.04.07 Explains a lot. Full of cunts that county!

Anonymous said...

I think he gets it least of all of them. After watching the CH4 thing I can only conclude he is a deluded old twat well past his sell by date and doesn't even fully grasp the consequences of the socialist bollocks he peddles to the terminally thick people of Grimsby who continue to vote him in.

carbchick said...

bank executives and directors, company executives, fund managers

but they aren't in my PAY, dear Austin. So it's none of my fucking business what they award themselves.

CHRIST, the arrogance.

Anonymous said...

The reason for Grimsby's current dire state is surely the deliberate destruction of Britain’s fishing industry back in the 80s. An act planned in secret between the Common Market and Ted Heath I believe, as a condition to join the fucking thing.

In stark contrast to the mining industry, Labour has always kept quiet about the loss of our fishing industry and the tens if not hundreds of thousands of jobs that went with it. Why? Were they in on the deal?

‘Our’ political parties and Brussels conniving amongst themselves to stitch up the British people. Never!

M de Plouquenet said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
DS 501 Danny Lawrence said...

Dear D.G Haslam of Downham Market Norfolk. 3 sons? So is that what your wife said? Every cock in Lincoln was up that slag whilst you were "away". If you appear on this site again you will think cancer was a fucking Xmas present. Yes Grimsby is a shit-hole, I taught in Waltham. Free Tibet.

Catflap said...

Can I say that I am an expat from South London and the small Lincolnshire Market town I now live in, is indeed full of Cunts.
Recent events where I have been assaulted,verbaly abused and slandered both in the street and on facebook by a fucking loony woman has shown me I'm on my fucking own here.
My crime was to tell this loon to fuck off away from my step grandaughters school where she had no right to be.
Everybody concerned and so called local mates have ducked for cover,stabbed me in the back or shit on me.
If I ever win the lottery, I will provide an all expences paid, luxury trip for my REAL mates from Mitcham and their mates to come here and smash the fucking place to bits.
Stan,if you and some brothers want in on the action, let me know.

Anonymous said...

I emailed my MP, Anne McKechin and she is not taking the pay rise. I almost fell off my seat (she's still a cow)

The Grim Reaper said...

Anonymous at 5.03pm's one word comment - simply saying "Cunt" - sums it up better than anyone else does, I think.

Just following orders did not cut it for the Nazis said...

How Austin Mitchell voted on key issues since 2001:

Has NEVER voted on a transparent Parliament.

Voted FOR introducing a smoking ban.

Voted FOR introducing ID cards.

Voted FOR introducing foundation hospitals.

Voted strongly FOR introducing student top-up fees.

Voted FOR Labour's anti-terrorism laws.

Voted FOR the Iraq war.

Voted VERY strongly against an investigation into the Iraq war.

Voted AGAINST replacing Trident.

Voted FOR the hunting ban.

Voted FOR laws to stop climate change.

Mrs Rigby said...

£75.99 - for a kettle! What the ....

But, at least he's trying (or has tried) to do something about photographers' rights, which is something I suppose

Anonymous said...

Mrs Rigby said...
£75.99 - for a kettle! What the ....

But, at least he's trying (or has tried) to do something about photographers' rights, which is something I suppose

16 March 2010 22:52

Voted FOR introducing ID cards.

You were saying?

crumbs from his table?

Brian said...

The cunt only tried to do something about photographer's rights because he fancies himself as a bit of a David Bailey.

If he's not swindling £10,000 of allowance money or voting to fuck up this country then he's out and about snapping shite pictures of shite subjects while he's supposed to be representing 60,000 cunting constituants!

The man is a pompous cock. I know what I'm talking about, I've met the pissy smelling old fart on severl times. He talks over everyone, no matter what the occasion is, believing his world views to be the only ones.

And the sad thing, the really really sad thing, is that he will get elected again because most of those who can be arsed to go and vote in Grimsby will vote Labour. In fact, they'd vote for Gary Glitter if he wore a red rosette.

But no matter the level of voter's ignorance and apathy no one deserves a cheating, arrogant, bumptious cockend like Austin Mitchell as their MP.

I hope I'm wrong and that come the election the old cunt will reap the anger that was so plainly apparent when BBC's Question Time came to Grimsby during the MP's expense scandal. The audience were the angriest I've ever seen, so maybe all is not lost.

woman on a raft said...

The breath-taking thing about Mitchell and so many of the others is that they really do think they're worth it.

Honest, if you called a glue factory you'd still have to pay to get them carted off for rendering, the factory wouldn't do it for the carcasses alone.

Anonymous said...

Snotty cunt! Hopefully, soon to be EX-MP Austin Mitchell.
Hope the writer responded that as he was not actually paying his bank manger's salary that was not his concern - however........

Anonymous said...

@catflap.... I had a mini run in with Mitcham and Morden MP this weekend... the slimey yellow bellied bitch sent her foot soldiers after me who then proceeded to try and intimidate me and then proceeded to indulge in a bit of racism... Aaaah Labour... what fuck nuts!


Catflap said...

Yeh,they pulled that shit on my mates on rememberance day,aided by 'The Mitcham news'.
It's their way or the highway,so they fucking think.

McEgan's Mummy said...

"DS 501 Danny Lawrence, 16 March 2010 21:13

If you appear on this site again you will think cancer was a fucking Xmas present. Yes Grimsby is a shit-hole, I taught in Waltham. Free Tibet."

I think you need to start your medication again, McEgan.

You're starting to have delusions again - delusions where you actually have some power in the real world, other than in your semen-stained sweaty bedsit...


Protect young children from pervs said...

Well said McEgan's mummy, I'm reliably informed the little deviant prick Kevin Edward McEgan is on a sex offenders register. How pleasing to know that the police gave the horrible little twat a good thrashing and made him cry, when they last caught him. No wonder he fled to Belfast and failed to turn up at court. I understand he hangs about drinking free tea and gobbling free biscuits at Amenesty International Belfast branch. I wonder if the the local CIRA know he is rather overly fond of children?

Protect children from pervs said...

Mother and Toddler day

Mother and Toddler day at Belfast Islamic Centre every Monday from 10am to 12 noon. Refreshments.
Belfast Islamic Centre.

This probably explains why K McEgan spends so much time visiting the Masjid. I wonder if he takes mobile 3.2 pixel camera phone with him?

McEgan's Rabbi said...

It looks like K McEgan aka Broxted has really lost the plot judging by his latest piece of badly written shite on the Indy live journal blog. Could it be some gay inbred farmer has spurned his sexual webcam advances?

Normal for Norfolk. (Downham Market remix).
Posted by ron_broxted
Tuesday, 16 March 2010 at 05:10 pm
I am from Deptford and even I look down on people from Norfolk. Downham Market is twinned with Lurgan and Pyongyang.
You would feel at home only if your name was Fritzl.
When God made the world he had to put the arsehole somewhere, he chose Downham Market in Norfolk.
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