Tuesday, 9 March 2010

Attention - The room is now completely full of elephants

The size and shape of your wifes breasts are now examined at airports by officials of the State - thanks to Muslims

Your dog will now have to be licenced by the State- thanks to Muslims

Democratically elected politicians are barred entry to the UK by the State - thanks to Muslims

Our prisons are full to overflowing - thanks to Muslims

Rickets and TB flourish in the UK - thanks to Muslims

Gang crime is soaring - thanks to Muslims

360,000 innocent people stopped and searched by the Police - thanks to Muslims

Whilst I await the screams of "racist!" may I remind you all that Islam is not a race. As a Libertarian, I believe that anyone should be able to live their lives as they see fit without hindrance on the condition that they do not negatively affect the lives of others.

The State is happily using Islam as an excuse to impose ever more draconian legislation against the remaining 95% of the population instead of simply addressing the problems it has created. It is my solid belief that New Labour hates ALL citizens of the UK, black or white, young and old. We are simply a convenient mechanism to achieving that most corrupting of vices. Total Power over your fellow man.

If I may remind them once more. There are but 646 of you. There are 61,000,000 of us. The Soviet Bloc showed us that once the State treats its citizens as mere fodder for yet more power by a minute untouchable elite, the outcome is inevitable. You govern by our consent. It is YOU who should be afraid of your people. Not the other way around.


Anonymous said...

My vote will be going to the BNP, in the hopes that it can do something about immigraton & getting us out of the UK. Then we can start tackling the rest of it. Labour are complete & utter corrupt cunts & the other two main Parties aren't great either.

Anonymous said...

Throw every muslim out of our country. It doesn't matter where they were born,or even if they have converted. Islam is a mental disorder.

Anonymous said...

DOH - typo s/b 'EU' of course. Too early in the day for me.

Billy Blofeld said...

Powerful post OH.

You've hit the nail on the head though. The government are being ultimately cuntish by using Islam as both the catalyst and excuse to fuck with every second of our lives.

I am Stan said...


I dont give a fuck what people are or are not,I treat em as I find em,and I tend to find most people are mongs,however I love dogs,and as much as I detest guvmint meddling on the dog chips etc I with them all the way,mongtards can look after themselves,dogs need our help!

Save the dogs!

Is Nick Hogan free yet?

Drop John Terry!

Anonymous said...

The conclusion Is missing from this post. We all know the problem, but what is the solution? We know there are more of us than them, but Shad does OH say we should do? And what us the Libertarian solution, since you say you are a Libertarian?

You left us all hanging; and don't try and palm us off with a "it's up to every individual to find his own solution" Chakrabatti style gatekeeper BS. Let's hear a concrete plan for a permanent end to this wretched state.

Ampers said...

I keep on saying until I am blue in the face. It is NOt that nuLabour (another name for Marxists) hate everybody in the UK, they don't.

They hate the Anglo-Saxon. These are the people that are hated.

OK, we all know that the Anglo-Blood as been diluted to non-existence. But that is not what they see. They hate English WASPs. In other words,"White Anglo-Saxon Protestants", a "WASP" may not always be of English background, nor Protestant -- it has more to do with race (white) and "social class". Or, "a member of the privileged, established white upper middle class.


Anonymous said...

"Let's hear a concrete plan for a permanent end to this wretched state"

War. It is the only solution and it will come. It's just a question of when.

John Bull said...

And get rid of the Gypsies, Jocks and Jews whilst we're about it. England for the English!!!!

Old Holborn said...


You need only look at how the East Germans overthrew the state.

They used mass communication to spread dissent. Every Sunday morning, in church. They couldn't put all the priests in jail. Eventually the citizens of East Germany found the weakest link in the brutal chain. The Hungarian borders.

Why do you think all UK politicians wish to maintain their stranglehold of the BBC and are attempting to control and censor the internet?

Anonymous said...


NuLab ARE the "white upper middle class". Its the White Working Class they, and all stripes of lefties, hate these days


sheeple power said...

er OH the Rothchilds control everything, the politicians are being held by the goolies and dont dare break free, especially now it is an international racket that has fingers in every pie and not just banking, involving the worlds wealth, military, oil, gold, intelligence and media.

They would rather take the cash handouts and not have their skeletons exposed than stand up for ANY political belief, political ideology is all pantomime, wars - rothchilds, economic crashes - rothchilds, media oppression - rothchilds, the end of freedom of speech - the rothschilds, selling off the utilities - the rothchilds, the EU - the rothschilds, the IMF - the rothschilds, third world debt - the rothschilds, banker bailout - the rothchilds, global warming hoax - the rothschilds.

You may not want to believe it but those are the facts.

once you join the dots and look at the evidence EVERYTHING makes perfect sense.

So mwhat has changed?

previously the rothchilds just wanted the wealth by controling state banks and financing and waging war, and collapsing economies but leaving domestic law to the politicians giving the impression that the people were free to chose and giving `some` political choice and independance as long as it did not clash with the bankers usery scemes, hence the different parties and some changes that were made over the years to public policy, after the the second world war, it wanted to control everything, This would start of slow as people expected more after they had been fighting and dying largly for their profit - same shit in Iraq etc today. but now things are being ramped up as they now control almost every state bank in the world and the few they dont control are defined by them as the axis of evil - wonder why? Just before we invaded Iraq the Rothchilds tried to take over their bank and saddam told them to get stuffed, so here we are today, chip chip chipping away at our freedoms as the Rothschilds have decided we cant be trusted with democracy and when democracy goes it has to be replaced with tyranical totalitarianism or the people revolt in record time. you are seeing an expression of this through policy, no matter if it were Dave - a rothchilds pet in charge or Doom, Mr skeleton.

Same shit.

Now before you shake your head, do just a tiny bit of research, then you will realise what you are up against.

You will realise almost no one has the balls to challenge them and pretty soon we will be a gulag state - NO? orange jumpsuites anyone?

but dont worry OH no one will challenge the Rothschilds as they simply claim rascism and all the brainwashed sheep would rathyer die than have that said against them.

You have already been attacked by their rabid dogs indirectly!

That should give you a clue.

middleclass self harmers said...

"Ampers said...
I keep on saying until I am blue in the face. It is NOt that nuLabour (another name for Marxists) hate everybody in the UK, they don't.

They hate the Anglo-Saxon. These are the people that are hated."

Not quite, what they hate is themselfs, they have been conditioned to feel this hate, over many decades of carefull brainwashing, through the schools and media.

These are the week and the gullible, the sheltered and the dim.

however most of these people who hold influence to make change are middleclass as you say and like you use other peoples lifes(the working class) as a price to pay for their guilt and self hatred, how kind of them!

Anonymous said...

Anonymous said...
"Let's hear a concrete plan for a permanent end to this wretched state"

War. It is the only solution and it will come. It's just a question of when.

9 March 2010 09:26

yes it will, the rothchilds wish it, and many will die, and at the end you will still be slaves and canon fodder.

because that is all you are destined to be.

Anonymous said...

Oh dear, this blog post isn't up to your usual standard and I don't think you wrote half of it.
Half the reasons why Muslims are justifiably miffed is because of our sub-ordinance and support of Israel who ARE Racist, Supremacist, lying zioNAZI scum. We would be neither in Iraq nor in Afghanistan if they hadn't connived the yank oil dregs into it.

The other reason why Muslims are justifiably miffed is because we invade and trash their countries regularly. Like it's a fucking tradition.

The way to address the problem is to take Israel to task and to build energy independence. Also by not allowing people loyal to a foreign country into british politics and even fund british parties. Even Browns dad went to Israel every year for decades. Gordy grew up watching dad's films on Israel. WTF is it with that racist leech shithole who forever fuck up other countries from the inside. THEY stirred up the latest shit so we would take apart the Muslims for them. There are only about 260 000 jews in GB many of whom aren't even zionists, yet they are by far the most over represented group in positions of power over you. THEY make sure you hate THEIR enemies.

Anonymous said...

Oh dear.

Never mind, I'm sure McEgan will be along shortly to spout some liberal bullshit and then prepare himself to suck the collective 'Umma' cock...

Anonymous said...


The pastic left, have been tools of the super elites for years destroying the working classes!

It would be funny if it weren't so tragic.

But now they all run and hide, pretending they are real lefties and have nothing to do with Labour, just like the plastic Tories who run and hide and now claim they are Libertarians to rid themselfs of the guilt, and the role they played in our destruction, yet they are still the same dangerous brainwashed clowns.

Anonymous said...

You missed one important one OH. Thanks to Muslims, English Home Educators are now facing being licensed to be with their own children during the day, "to stop forced marriages": http://www.timesonline.co.uk/tol/life_and_style/education/article5549380.ece

Reason said...

Old Holborn, 9 March 2010 09:30:
“…citizens of East Germany found the weakest link in the brutal chain. The Hungarian borders.”

East Germany didn’t have a border with Hungary is was Czechoslovakia.

bob said...

The breast examination issue is quite a serious one, although it's a pretty tiny number of Muslims who are responsible.

The other issues, however, are a little less so. There have been moral panics about fighting dogs on and off for years now, and attempts by the state to clamp down. There are lots of fighting dogs in my manor, and overwhelmingly it is white and black boys who own them.

The overflowing prisons. Well, yes, Muslims are overrepresented in prison, which you can put your spin on, but they are still only a fraction of all the people in prison.

Rickets and TB - I'd have thought you'd be happy to see them suffer? Anyway, the article says "modern GPs are so unused to seeing cases that the disease is often not recognised until the symptoms are far more advanced" - so it's not exactly flourishing is it?

Marie Antoinette said...

Est-ce que c'est une guillotine que je vois avant moi?

VdeMot: Merde.

Ron Broxted Esq & General Cunt said...

The Daily Telegraph My Telegraph blogsite.

The haunt of retired Colonels in the home counties only interested in salacious court details about the Venables boy entered the white heat of technology in May 2007 by establishing "My Telegraph". Winner of a Double Cross Media award it was "the best deployment of blogging yet seen in a newspaper". What has happened? Trolling abounds (if you hurry you may catch Shanghai - a hijacked ID). Moderators are claim Kate Legsopenallday, cute arse and titties "equally impartial" but left of centre blogs last as long as a snowflake in hell, especially when as badly written as mine. India Whatshername in the right wing "The Sunday Bugle" had a look at the site, only to declare that it seemed like a playground for vicious ugly mutant children pretending to be Irish, namely Kevin McEgan. Moderators play an important role and in their absence (for instance with MyT) one had The Naked Gun (erstwhile Alamo/Sigourd/Man In a Bag/TUG/McEgan is queer) posting homophobic comments ad nauseum. Still, what can one expect from the Islamic arse kissers? This blogger does an especially good cyber stalking (along with Dane "J.Anus") a decrepit ex-pat and former Kit-Kat salesman, posting photographs of dead pets, fake family war graves taken from other sites. What is the legality of this? Many sites have procedures to halt multiple IDs. They arent all bad. Araminta doubles as Ethel Stenchgussett, a crap poetess and general lonely old bag with her even uglier sister Bilgerat. Flag counters are deployed to halt trolling. 756th stated he was "Begbie". Turns out he is Dave Spartacus from Belfast, and someone you wouldn't wish to babysit for you. Finally, it is acknowledged that the far left are becoming media savvy. Censorship is the new black. How very different from the home life of my own dear Queen and present squeeze, Colin Berry aka Sciencebod and the now banned Bizzybody. Doesn't this old Queen ever learn?
My advice today is don't be like me and let the punters rip your arse. Off to the hospital again for another bit of anal repair work. They know me by my first name now at Belfast General....continued on page 69 Fnrrr Fnrrr........Oooh matron, free tibet, is Bob Marley really dead?

Ron Broxted Esq. said...

Thinking of applying for a dream job at the airport working a body scanning machine. I like the idea of taking a long 'hard' peek at the bodies of fit male travellers. I understand you can take mobilephone camera pictures of the screen! It sounds to fucking good to be true. I would gladly do the job for free if I could keep my state benefits......Oooh matron.

Indigenous Brit - & really pissed off said...

Labour deliberately flooded the country with immigrants to destroy the traditional white working class council house Tory vote.

It was Labour policy to disenfranchise their own people from a viable future in their own country.

They did this on purpose.

Labour hate the British - especially the white working class British - that much is obvious when you weigh the net result of their policies for the past 12 years.

This has been the systematic stripping away of ballot box influence by the indigenous peoples of this land.

Call me a racist if you like, I am not only voting for the BNP I am going to help them leaflet & canvass.

They are the only party that represents my views on immigration & addresses my fears for my childrens futures in OUR country.

I am going to be as tribal in my voting as the immigrants are in supporting Labour - sticking with my own & fighting for OUR rights & country & heritage & culture & history & language in Great Britain - it is the only way for us to regain what has been stolen.

AnonyBNP said...

Yep, count me in. The BNP will be getting my vote again this year.

Nephilim Child said...

Heard it all before!...where are we heading?

bofl said...

did anyone see any pics from the edl march last week in westminster?

i wonder why the RMT were there?
apparently they even organised transporting people to the demo.....

rather odd when the hoons are always trying NOT to do any work!

i can just see brother bob crowe attending a stoning in tower hamlets....'packet of gravel'?
..anyone see the pics of a stoning in last weeks sunday times? very unpleasant.

Nephilim Child said...

Shouldnt that be "thanks to Socialists"

Anonymous said...

Whilst there may be some problems associated with muslims, I think you are falling for labour's distraction here.

The problem is with poor people.

We should eat a few of them every so often just to keep them on their toes.

Nephilim Child said...

Your deflecting blame Holby,like the Socialists do!.

Elby the Beserk said...

Fuck me, what happened to spelling? Don't they teach it at school anymore?


@Ampers, 9 March 2010 09:25

// I keep on saying until I am blue in the face. It is NOt that nuLabour (another name for Marxists) hate everybody in the UK, they don't. They hate the Anglo-Saxon. These are the people that are hated. //

With you on that. It is the English they hate, and it is to England that they have done the most damage.

Anyone who wants to look at the techniques used, see here The Frankfurt School - destroying society from within and here are the main techniques used to achieve this.

1. The creation of racism offences.

2. Continual change to create confusion

3. The teaching of sex and homosexuality to children

4. The undermining of schools’ and teachers’ authority

5. Huge immigration to destroy identity.

6. The promotion of excessive drinking

7. Emptying of churches

8. An unreliable legal system with bias against victims of crime

9. Dependency on the state or state benefits

10. Control and dumbing down of media

11. Encouraging the breakdown of the family

One of the main ideas of the Frankfurt School was to exploit Freud’s idea of ‘pansexualism’ - the search for pleasure, the exploitation of the differences between the sexes, the overthrowing of traditional relationships between men and women. To further their aims they would:

• attack the authority of the father, deny the specific roles of father and mother, and wrest away from families their rights as primary educators of their children.

• abolish differences in the education of boys and girls

• abolish all forms of male dominance - hence the presence of women in the armed forces

• declare women to be an ‘oppressed class’ and men as ‘oppressors’

Munzenberg summed up the Frankfurt School’s long-term operation thus: ‘We will make the West so corrupt that it stinks.'

It's worth noting that Gramsci's ideals are close to the above; and guess who is a big fan of Gramsci?

Miliband Major.

Treason, they cried. Hang the fucking lot of them, in public

Reimer said...

March 2010 10:00

middleclass self harmers said...
They hate the Anglo-Saxon. These are the people that are hated."

Not quite, what they hate is themselfs,

Some may hate themselves - I suspect a good many condemn their nation as a form of competitive moral perfection congruent with a highly individualistic, competitive society where all the relevant economic outlets are taken or simply unattainable. Reminds me of the tactics used in tyrannies for ingratiating one's self with the regime, and in so doing get ahead. England being the most individualistic of the home nations it's perhaps not surprising the concomitant pathologies are most pronounced/advanced there.

Anonymous said...

I was mystified at the "Muslims are to blame for fighting dogs" allusion. Sign this petition.

Will U Stand said...

The English Defence League have come a long way in under a year, nearly 11,000 members on thier forum.

I hope they can reach enough people and get them talking,


bofl said...

shame about frankfurt.i worked there for two years and it was rather nice!


JP said...

Wow, a wonderful libertarian you are OH - blaming an entire group of people for the actions of a few. Seems like the policy of the government regarding treating us all like a bunch of criminals.

Old Holborn said...

JP, I know you've had a hard day at School but did you actually READ the post?

It does the exact opposite. 1/10 see teacher

JP said...

"The State is happily using Islam as an excuse to impose ever more draconian legislation against the remaining 95% of the population instead of simply addressing the problems it has created."

And you are happily using the actions of a few Islamic extremists to blame it on all of them.

Anonymous said...

"Our prisons are full to overflowing - thanks to Muslims"
Judging from the study you link to, looks like the French win hands down on thos one unlike the pathetic Brits kowtowing to their every whine. Criminals are criminals and should realise they are inside to be punished not afforded rights and privileges.

Phoebe said...

Photographs of the Englist Defence League and reports of the march attended by around 1,000 can be found here:


and here:

and here:


self harmers 2 said...

Reimer said...
March 2010 10:00

Interesting post.

But we must remember what the driver of this condition is and why it is there - that is critical.

Enforced and indoctrinated guilt.

They go to school all bright eyed and innocent, first thing they see is starving people and the story of why white people are evil racists!

Next they get the slavery guilt trip again falsely identifying white people as evil.

Next they get the global warming hoax portraying once again that the west/white people are evil.

All of this is total nonsense off course and is obviously racism, racial abuse dressed up as anti racist.

It paves the way for the destruction of a people and a strong nation, rendering it defenseless against the corpoarate banking cartel and their imperialist globalist conspirators and war mongers.

They hate themselfs and the nation as an extention of their hate of who they are and what they should be. almost everything they do is driven by some indoctrinated guilt.

Guilt about the planet, guilt about slavery, guilt about etc etc etc, it is illogical but it make the more

It is what motivates them to be self destructive, an ingrained hatred of themselfs, which through brainwashing pushes them to demand the perfect world they have been lead to believe they are seeking, when in fact they are seeking and aiding the direct opposite like well trained lab rats.

At least one man is making a stand said...

"Indigenous Brit"

Good for you, you have more guts and individualism than 99% of the people reading this blog.

K.McEgan said...

Its all a big misunderstanding. Islam really *is* the Religion of Peace.

This kind of thing is just an unhappy coincidence.

Irish arrests over 'plot to kill Swedish cartoonist'

Free Tibet !

My tattered sphincter delenda estee lauder !

Anonymous said...

K. McEgans's real name is Shmuel Dribblestein an he longs to return to homeland of his chosen race (though all his ancestors are actually from Russia)

Of course the chosen ones can't actually have a country unless they dupe dumb Idiots into sending their kids to fight for them and pay for it. This also serves to fund the Israeli arms trade at the same time. Oyvey schmuck Goy!

K.McEgan said...

My real name Spartacus not Shmuel Dribblestein, and my ancestors are a bunch of cowardly war dodging pikey's from Peckham and lesser men fear me. That is according to the Belfast Clap Clinic who keep sending me contact cards.

Serial Shagger said...

'The other reason why Muslims are justifiably miffed is because we invade and trash their countries regularly. Like it's a fucking tradition.'

Fuck off you boring cunt, they've been at it since day one of their religion which was created in the first place because the Jews laughed at little tiny dick Mohammed who was jealous of the empires they seized through religious infiltration and subversion ala St Paul.

The only reason the muslims hate the jews so much is because they like the ugly little unpopular brother they are, are jealous of everything their older more popular Zog brother has achieved.

You wouldn't be sat here now if it wasn't for Charles Martel and Vlad The Impaler and others constantly repelling these fuckers back to the desert for most of the middle ages.

Look at the poor bastard Italians, most of the modern Italians have Muslim ancestors after the genocide and raping that occurred when they invaded Italy.

They want to rule the world just as much as the zogs and the only way they can pull it off is taking out the competition.

And no it aint going to be sunshine and roses like some of you dumb dhimmis have been lead to believe.

Anonymous said...

Serial shagger, you're a thick fucking prat. It's the zionazis who do all the string pulling, including yours.

Serial Shagger said...

And if you want to know why i am so fucking pissed off and have a chip on my shoulder about the muzzies, well try having a woman you loved shipped off to and arranged marriage and later honour killed just because she was seeing an infidel and couldn't produce kids.

Anyway now that is off my chest any birds looking for a date?

Serial Shagger said...

Fuck off both you are as bad as each other, I know your game you al takkia lying cunts.

Hates Thickos said...

Wot, you mean like british kids being sent to somebody else's country to kill people who barely even know where GB is and then getting blown up themselves because some stinking ZIonazi like Milliband or any of the others ordered them to fight the enemies of the *zionist* reich? Why do you think they're in Afghanistan and pressured to attack Iran, thicko? WTF do you think cretin Dubaya included Syria in his pathetically named "axis of evil"?
Grow a brain.

Serial Shagger said...

What part of your both as bad as each other are you having trouble understanding? Did i say i liked or supported the zogs either? no exacatly!, if only the both of you had down the rest of the world a favour and stayed in the desert the world would be a better place.

You aint some fucking saviours trying to save the world from the joos you are out to emulate and copy them in every single way.

Hates Thickos said...

The part you don't get is that there are two reasons Muslims hate us:
1) Because we (the west) have been invading their countries like it's a fucking habit.
2) Because the ZIoNAZIs (amongst the most racist country on the planet) have duped us into supporting their crackpot racist colony, which we gave them in the first place (to get them out of our hair)

Stop doing 1+2 and you'll find that in 2 generations they'll want to sell us more oil, buy our stuff and be friends. Iran/Persia would certainly be on friendly terms if Dubaya and his zionist masters weren't threatening them.

Every prat in the west is in fucking cessantly bombarded with zionist propaganda almost hourly (if they read or watch TV). Name me some films were muslims are portrayed as the Goodies. You appear not to have an inkling of the sheer massive scale of manipulation a poxy tinpot bunch of religious freaks exert over the west. (Some) Muslims are only a problem to us because they've been made into one by the zionazis whose bidding we've been connived into doing. Going BNP Neanderthal is playing into Israel's hand even more.

Adrian Peirson said...

We are being set up, the Zionists want to destroy both their enemies and rule over what's left.
I'll be contrarian and vote for whoever the Govt tells me not to IE the British NATIONAL Party.

Alternative News

WAKE UP said...

Mosley was right - and the tipping point is coming.

Silly Kuffar said...

They should look at English History to find out what happens to Traitors of England/Britain.

Beginnings 1915

It was not part of their blood,
It came to them very late,
With long arrears to make good,
When the English began to hate

They were not easily moved,
They were icy willing to wait
Till every count should be proved,
Ere the English began to hate.

Their voices were even and low,
Their eyes were level and straight.
There was neither sign nor show,
When the English began to hate.

It was not preached to the crowd,
It was not taught by the State.
No man spoke it aloud,
When the English began to hate.

It was not suddenly bred,
It will not swiftly abate,
Through the chill years ahead,
When shall count from the date
That the English began to hate.

The British have not strewn their dead across the world to bring about Civilization and end Tyranny only to be attacked by TRAITORS FROM WITHIN.
(How many in New Labour Lackeys and Ministers have come from IMMIGRANT familys ?)
Hodge, Hain, Baroness Scotland,Straw, Lord Ahmed, Milliband, Khan, Malik, Philips,etc etc etc.

I think this list is out-of-date
Adam Afriyie Conservative Windsor Shadow Minister for Innovation, Universities and Skills
Ashok Kumar,Dr.LabourMiddlesbrough South & East Cleveland David Lammy LabourTottenham Minister of State for higher education and intellectual property, Department for Innovation, Universities and Skills.Dawn Butler Labour Brent South Assistant government whip Diane Abbott Labour Hackney North & Stoke Newington.
Keith Vaz Labour Leicester East.
Khalid Mahmood Labour Birmingham, Perry Barr. Mark Hendrick Labour/Coop Preston.
Marsha Singh Labour Bradford West.
Mohammed Sarwar Labour Glasgow Central.
Parmjit Dhanda Labour Gloucester. Sadiq Khan Labour Tooting PUSSi, Department for Communities and Local Government.
Shahid Malik Labour Dewsbury PUSS, Ministry of Justice.
Shailesh Vara Conservative North West Cambridgeshire Shadow Deputy Leader of the House. Virendra Sharma LabourEaling, Southal.

We owe it to our forfathers.

Silly Kuffar said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Silly Kuffar said...

Adam Hafejee Patel, Lord Patel of BlackburnLabourAmirali Alibhai Bhatia, Lord Bhatia CrossbencherAra Darzi, Baron Darzi of DenhamLabourPUSSi, Department of HealthBhikhu Chotalal Parekh, Lord Parekh LabourBill Morris, Lord Morris of Handsworth LabourHerman George Ouseley, Lord Ousely CrossbencherJohn Taylor, Lord Taylor of Warwick ConservativeKamlesh Kumar Patel, Lord Patel of Bradford LabourGovernment whipKumar Bhattacharyya, Lord Bhattacharyya LabourLola Young, Baroness Young of Hornsey CrossbencherLydia Dunn, Baroness Dunn CrossbencherMeghnad Jagdishchandra Desai, Lord Desai LabourMichael Nazir-Ali, Bishop of Rochester Non-affiliatedMohamed Sheikh, Lord Sheikh ConservativeNarendra Babubhai Patel, Lord Patel CrossbencherNavnit Dholakia, Lord Dholakia Liberal DemocratNazir Ahmed, Lord Ahmed LabourPatricia Janet Scotland, Baroness Scotland LabourAttorney GeneralPola Manzila Uddin, Baroness UddinLabourPratap Chidamner Chitnis, Lord Chitnis CrossbencherRaj Kumar Bagri, Lord Bagri ConservativeRosalind Patricia-Anne Howells, Baroness Howells of St Davids LabourSayeeda Warsi, Baroness WarsiConservativeShreela Flather, Baroness Flather ConservativeShriti Vadera, Baroness VaderaLabourPUSS, Minister for economic competitiveness and small business (joint with the Cabinet Office), Department for Business, Enterprise and Regulatory ReformSwraj Paul, Lord Paul LabourTarsem King, Lord King of West Bromwich Usha Kumari Prashar, Baroness Prashar LabourValerie Amos, Baroness Amos LabourVictor Adebowale, Lord Adebowale CrossbencherWaheed Alli, Lord Alli LabourSource: Based on lists complied by Operation Black Vote

This is representation for a supposed 8% of the population, and they are still declaring that Minorities are still under-represented.


Silly Kuffar said...


The Unions are whats driving the UAF.
The Unite in 'Unite' against Fascism ,UAF is UNITE the UNION.
A lot of Unions are in bed with UAF.
This is third partys acting against Democracy.

chuckyman said...

Muslims this, muslims that...blah, blah, blah

Can’t you feel the jew hand up your ass working you like a glove puppet. The Khazars blow up a few skyscrapers and a few tube trains, point their crooked fingers at the nasty moooslims and off you go like Pavlov’s dogs.

The friends of israHell have bought off 80% of the main political parties and it only cost about 10 grand a pop. Same price as it takes to imprison a free English pub landlord. Left and right politics are a form of public theatre that kept the sheep entertained before the Jew tube was invented.

Immigration was used to let all those poor Khazars out of the communist states that they were running. Once they got comfy they opened the doors for everyone else. It has been deliberately used to change the demographic makeup of Britain, Europe and Amerika. Anyone round here old enough to remember Enoch Powell or heard of Moseley?

Funny thing about it all is they are the willing shock troops and patsies for the Rothschilds and their fellow demons. Once they provoke the Persians (Iranians are an Aryan race by the way) into kicking off WW III the inhabitants of IsraHell will lead short but exciting lives. We will all get the pleasure of living in the Rothchild superstate of Oceania. Muslims are the least of your worries.

I’m not normally this blunt but this one tweaked my nipps.

Here’s some easy reading if you can be arsed

Jim_Watford said...


Ratings and Recommendations by outbrain


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