Friday, 19 March 2010


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I give up

"The aim is that within a year, everybody in the country should have a personalised Government website through which they would be able to find out about local services and do business with the Government. A unique identifier will allow "citizens" to apply for a place for their child at school, book a doctor’s appointment, claim benefits, get a new passport, pay council tax or register a car from their computer at home."

I am going to lie down.


Dazed And Confused said...

Is it just me being paranoid here?

Or is anybody else out there considering taping up the "crystal eye" staring back at them on their own PERSONAL computer?

Barnsley Bill said...

Ha........... I make sure I am always dressed when walking past the elctronic foghorn these days.

Not Watched said...

I already taped over the built-in cams and have lumps of blutack over the built-in mics, D&C. It just occurred to me that it's really not natural, and we mustn't ever get accustomed to having cameras constantly on us all the time. Perhaps the manufacturers of netbooks should provide little sliding covers over the camera lenses. Just to keep them from getting scratched, you understand. :-) Funny they don't!

Anonymous said...

Do you mean a webcam crystal eye? Neither of my PCs have a built in one but I have USB connectable webcams for use when I want to contact my family living abroad. When I'm not actually using them, they are disconnected. I understand a lot of people are taping over the built in ones when not in use too.

sickofit said...

Mine is disabled always has been, my integrated webcam I mean. Should I poke it's eye out as well?

And the chances of this or any other government getting a computer system to work?

Corrugated Soundbite said...

D&C - already done it. Means I can smoke like a chimney whilst grinning cockily at the fact my baccy is hooky ;-)

Anonymous said...

Don't panic, folks. Everything but everything that has Gordon's clumsy, sweaty fist in it turns out to be a total and utter failure - EVERYTHING.

The only downside is that we will all still have to throw yet more good money away in the process, just to prove this truism correct once again.

Anonymous said...

I can see the sheeople falling for that by their thick droves. Hopefully there will be loads of well publicised hackery of these databases, maybe with the intimate details of politicians being broadcast on the net. Their medical records sure would make interesting reading.
Nothing to hide nothing to fear, but they'll sure try to make you fear if you don't give them all your details. Stock up on pianowire, folks.

Anonymous said...

And don't forget the little microphones if you use laptops and netbooks, children. They're mounted behind a hole no bigger than a pin-head but can detect all normal speech in an average size family room very easily.

I found out for myself some years ago when experimenting with a sound mixing program I had bought, which rather bizarrely was showing its virtual VU meters flicking away merrily even before I'd plugged a microphone in. The flicks co-incided with ambient noise in the room, so it was obvious the 'puter had ears without needed an external mic at all! A most excellent and discreet little bugging device that I didn't recall requesting as a feature! That certainly woke me up, I can tell you!

Anonymous said...

Anon 22:38 - where are those usually located?

Anonymous said...

Depends. On regular size laptops look for a maggot-hole somewhere around the keyboard area. It will usually have a teeny little logo of what is supposed to be a microphone right next to it, but you'll need a watchmaker's lope to be able to make it out. The hole will be around 1mm in diameter.

On Netbooks, the hole will typically be on a few centimeters away from the webcam lens on the same level, just above the screen.

Anonymous said...

Sorry, I meant around the *periphery* of the keyboard. Could be anywhere, but most likely around there. On this laptop I'm using right now, it's 10mm to the right of the bottom right hand corner of the k-board.

Anonymous said...

Actually it's smaller than a pin-head. I can only get the shaft of a pin down it. More like 0.8mm I'd guess.

Dazed And Confused said...

Just switched my crystal eye on for the first time, and had the unappealing site of a cunt staring back at me.

Fuck it was awful, and I'm not following health and safety standards on how to sit when using a computer either....

Six months in old chokey for flouting their laws?

Anonymous said...

Thing is, D&C, those cams can be switched on remotely by the authorities at any time (if you're using a Windows OS). You don't actually have any control over turning them off, unless you use a physical screen to cover them with. There was an interesting story in the American media about 2 weeks ago about a school who did this and caught some 14yr old pupil having a J. Arthur in what he thought was the privacy of his bedroom. Caused a bit of a stir, I can tell you!

JJ said...

My little crystal eye is wedged firmly up my rectum...and it's fucking staying there!

I've even made room for a little I'm going for ludricously big shit!

banned said...

This is supposed to be the sweetner? "Tens of thousands of public sector jobs could go in Jobcentres, benefit offices, passport centres and town halls"

Will they fuck.

Dazed And Confused said...

@Anon 23:12

Yeah I read that. The webcam stories on This Video Blog Along with a number of other public privacy outrages, that our political elite now seem to think fully justifiable, in 2010, but for our own safety and protection of course.

Harold Shipman MD said...

March on Downing Street is the only way.

Hang all of them, every single one of them.

selsey.steve said...

Ferky Nell.
When I first read the linked article I really thought that some clever sod had managed to edit an otherwise genuine newspaper site. How wrong could I be?
It is fucking TRUE!!
I am beyond speech, beyond obscene comments; it's almost beyond belief.
Does the shower of shit in Westminster honestly think that we would all fall for this scam?

Ron Broxted Esq said...

Kiddies fiddlers at the gym.

Trying to make it to the Belfast Islamic centre mosque, but might be too late for Dow'ah. Bit of a hangover so probably not theologically correct. Howard waved to me last night and smiled adoringly in the changing room. Recently married and trying to pretend he is straight, Sigh. A young male German exchange student was at the swimming pool, nice buns, Wunderbar.....Oooh matron.

Anonymous said...

Anon 23:23 - thanks for that. I'll check carefully tomorrow in the daylight - and plug it.

Anonymous said...

Only positive thing about this article is it talks about the project taking 4 years & I can't believe that McSnot & his cuntish sidekicks still being around then. I must stop referring to them as 'cunts'. After all a cunt is useful which is more than can be said of Jimmy & his friends - more like 'Wankers'R'Uz'

You get what you vote for and you vote as you are told said...

Anonymous said...
Don't panic, folks. Everything but everything that has Gordon's clumsy, sweaty fist in it turns out to be a total and utter failure - EVERYTHING.

The only downside is that we will all still have to throw yet more good money away in the process, just to prove this truism correct once again.

19 March 2010 22:31

Bullshit, everything but everything has the NWOs hands all over it, it is for when democracy no longer is percieve to function as planned and to control and round up the masses.

You were warned what was comming and all you tosspots claimed it was just Brown, well i have news for you, this shit will be ramped up when Dave gets to be the NWO new administraitor.

You could have voted BNP and put and end to this, they may not be perfect but they sure as hell aint as bad as the lot you are getting and every day you dig your hol a little deeper and further from a solution. you screem obscenities as you have been programmed about the BNP - you are walking yourselfs onto the cattle trucks. UKIP will just tread water for a week and then be drowned by the rothschilds.

You get what you vote for, and you vote as you have been programmed, why do you think the state has demonised the BNP, if you say racism then you are a moron.

The state is the most racist organisation of all, the double standars are insane, and the core of the NWO will have you in those cattle trucks at the first opportunity they get.

Now how many wankers will vote for Dave?

banned said...

And another thing
" A unique identifier will prevent "citizens" applying for a place for their child at school, book a doctor’s appointment, claim benefits, get a new passport, or register a car unless they have one, voluntarilly"

Billy Blofeld said...

Ha! Ha!

What a pile of shite. Everyone should buy a time machine, because with this plan Gordon clearly wants to take the country back to France in 1982.

caesars wife said...

It all starts off so benign doesnt it , new market ,new fortunes to be made ,must have gadget that enables you to sit in the comfort of your own home and travel a world of records,articles,videos communcate effortlessly making a much better world . My first encounters with computers were at school , we had a PET micro (still iconic shape) and 380z , we made little programs that filled the screen with weird ASSCI charactures , or made them bounce around the screen like the early tennis video games .
Then at work it was quite obvious the accounts department needed less staff , there was still the chore of data base set up , the goods bar code was many years away . From the bar code we now have the RF tag borowed from the first chip/transponder anti theft devices , A small electronic tag unique to wht ever it is attached to and can be followed in real time all over the globe .
There were the other little creeping things , the security pass card that just happened to tell the time clerk how much time you were in the office or the canteen .
The ultimate one was at a call centre when I found out that you had to type in a code for going to the toilet and a different one for going for a break . It was so efficent that the call centre later closed and they set up abroad to pay staff £120 a month rather than the £200 week most were on here . All under a Labour government of course .

The fact that the thing sold to you into the adds as a liberator , was then able to transform into a state monititoring device , doesnt surprise me , its how these nut job socialists see world rule , a concert conducted by them for ever and ever , nudge, monitor, modify eventually we will arrive at perfect socialism .
I also like the added market of selling you , anti virus , anti spy, privacy suiets all at $39.99 a year , when in truth you dont really know if some other company can secretly hack and monitor your personal habits , to sell to some other company .

After a while it all begins to look like the Borg , resistence is futile , I mean having ID cards in the way this goverment wants is like becomming a member of the communist party , better access to the polit beaureau services , a sort of electronic dacha plus .

They play of course on time , assimialtion or uptake as often termed is generational , after a while people forget about when it was diferent , opposers seperated off and dealt with exclusion from paradise measures .

Its a powerfull tool , a grail even for those who want power , what better than authority/gadget developers knowing/changing/modifying your habits and then making polices from the data , so long as you use the gadget more !

Even the TV synopisis of the revolutionary internet age are funny , images of tiny box juxtaposed next to steam beam engine , never mentioning that one is far more mind/mental orientated than the other , and it didnt have the ability to watch and record you 24/7 .

The socialists eh dont just love em !

Rog said...

A short story of the very near future.

All of a sudden it's a bit late to realise that the state has been building a dossier on you.

The Paragnostic said...

Ha! CW, at my school we used to send off punched cards to Manchester Uni and get back the printouts the next week - debugging was a right bummer in those days... Even when we got a computer, it was a PDP-11 that was booted by punched tape, and our storage limit was 256K. Mind you, we could still simulate a moon landing on it...

Nowadays, I run a hand-rolled Linux on my netbook, behind a firewall - good luck to anyone who wants to activate my crystal eye.

If the state requires my identity to access what I have paid into for the past 3 decades or so, then I shall get medieval on their arses - for what it's worth, I may as well live in a prison with walls as one without.

wv: 'const' - I prefer variables.

expat in exile said...

BBC World TV is currently running a very interesting series (probably already been shown in the UK) on the historical development of the web and all its ramifications. This morning's episode was about the power and reach of Google who from very small beginnings now have the ability to spy on just about everything you do on line including retention of details of everything you search for, plus copies of all the emails transmitted over Google mail links).

That Martha Lane woman was on it and stated that she was "quite relaxed" about all the spying and database building (on individuals and their habits) going on unchecked. The cover for all this was the so called freedom to do most commercial transactions on line now and the companies' desire to be "more helpful" in assisting your searches. Thin end of a big fat wedge stuff...

The future looks bleak, rather than orange.

Uncle Sam said...

You got some great contributors here, OH. Nice to see the Brits haven't ALL been assimilated by any means.

Elby the Beserk said...

Don't panic folks - you all seem to have forgotten that for any of the above dystopias to happen, government will need some degree of competence.

Blog full of morons said...

Elby the Beserk said...
Don't panic folks - you all seem to have forgotten that for any of the above dystopias to happen, government will need some degree of competence.

20 March 2010 09:33

They've done a pretty f*cking good job of it so far dumbass.

You think they arrived at the total destruction of this once great country by accident? you think this is puely Labour driven and not globally driven by those pulling the strings of all goverments?

You are a moron, do some research and this time pull your head out of your arse.

It's called the NWO.

It is the global banking and royal mafia#s plan to further enslave the world.

It is a fact not a theory.

Far fetched? - Bollocks, it's fact and documented.

Now think on this as it may sink in better to your tiny mind -

If a few poor illiterate Italalian families can emigrate to the USA and end up controlling almost all criminal organised crime, paying of politicians, buying the police etc, do you think a small group of families that control most of the worlds national banks could not achieve far more?

Why wouldnt thay, is more a valid question than why would they!

Now take a look at the corporate giants, who owns them, the industrial military complex, the wars waged for no good reason other than money and world dominance, the global warming tax and control scam.

Who's behind it all, the same f*cking people - all documented.

Ever wonder why NO goverment does what the people want?

Why every policy is now enacted on a global scale?

Why we have the f*cking EU and the EU placemen in our goverments?

Why we have pro EU fake charities and propaganda think tanks?

Why the country have been flooded with immigrants - not just the UK but the entire west.

compitance you say! - F*CK OFF

They have achieved their goals already, the only person lacking competence is twats likes you, who come here to have a rant and blow smoke up everyones arse!

YOU ARE THE PROBLEM, you allowed this shit to get where it is through your utter ignorance!

Why the f*ck didnt any of you research what was going on years ago when it was clear the goverments did NOTHING in the peoples interests?

Wasn't the Iraq war enough of a stimulus? they were murdering innocent people FFS.

wasnt the EU ratification enough for you to dig a little deeper - they were killing democracy FFS.

Wasn't the global warming hoax exposed through climate gate and common sense yet all backed by the same peopel enough to give you a f*cking hint FFS.

What the f*ck are yiou c*nts waiting for? the f*cking gas chambers?

Dr Evadne said...

Another thing is that they will probably charge (compulsory) to use the wretched system. I have just been asked to cough up 20 quid to get my driving licence photocard renewed. 20 effing quid!! They may have put the ID card on a back burner but have substituted it with something much worse.

So...I have been wondering for the last week or so why the BBC have been running a campaign to get people connected/up to speed with using the internet etc. Question answered.

And, should the filth decide to confiscate your compooter for whatever reason, there's your life story all in one little box. I have already given up.

Anonymous said...

" Uncle Sam said...

You got some great contributors here, OH. Nice to see the Brits haven't ALL been assimilated by any means.
20 March 2010 09:32 "

You're a fine one to talk, USrael is owned and controlled by the chosen ones of Tel Aviv.

Anonymous said...

Of course we could compile our own database of the scum, and their intimate details.
The names and home addresses of all the dregs who come up with this crap might come in useful.

paul vaulta said...

Did someone say "Fire Sale"

Guthrum said...

The Stasi had a file on everybody, AND still missed the Revolution

out of the frying pan... said...

Guthrum said...
The Stasi had a file on everybody, AND still missed the Revolution

20 March 2010 12:21

Yeah they walked out of communism and strait back in through the EUSSR only this time it will be even worse.

Makes you wonder if it were a setup!

418 said...

Don't worry OH. This is just more IT porn for government wankers and civil service wankers.

So much wishful thinking.

In reality, it ain't going to happen because the government and civil service are ... wankers.

And they're skint. Skint.

Anonymous said...

Apart from a couple of crawling "I've already applied for an ID card" toerags the comments are absolutly against. Most note the God awful mess ZaNu have made off everything they touch==HMRC being an especial example of how they have turned two Depts that once worked with "reasonable" efficiency into a complete shambles. Brown, as ever, talks out of his arse.

woman on a raft said...

Never mind 1984, it sounds far too much like Revelation 13:17-18 for comfort.

And that no man might buy or sell, save he that had the mark, or the name of the beast, or the number of his name. Here is wisdom. Let him that hath understanding count the number of the beast: for it is the number of a man; and his number is *your Euro Clubcard number goes here*.

Book of Revelation 2010 Millenium Edition, p.293 Terms and Conditions appendix.

Rastus said...

Brownman speak with forked tonge (as per).
Once you have a line in he has a line out!
Millions of users will not know how to block his spying.prampufe

Old Holborn said...

Woar, would you be so kind as to email me. I have news for you

Beware of Geeks bearing GIFs said...

Welcome to the Government Website. Would you like your details to be hacked by a gentleman in:

a. Lagos
b. Rio
c. Amsterdam
d. All of the above.


tomsmith said...

share that news please OH

Rogerborg said...

That'll be a "Government Gateway" ID. I got one of those a while back, I forget why. It's a random 12+ character string that there's no way on God's clean earth that you'll be able to remember. I suspect that using your National Insurance number would have been too cheap, and they had some contracts to award.

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