Friday, 26 February 2010

When does this stop?

I am sick to death of being told what the law is by people who have no idea of the law yet are being paid by me to uphold the law.


Ampers said...

Christ! Those policeman seemed really uninformed and certainly had no idea of the law. They can't quite be described as Stasi, but it won't be long before they are given this facility to act like said Stasi.

Everything points that way.

The police are no longer friends of the public. I have helped the police in trouble three times in my life but if I saw one in danger now, I wouldn't walk away. I'd stand and watch. And then walk away.


Anonymous said...

how about an official complaint to the Police complaints crew about BS5856 "I am not a public". What is stop and account?

Anonymous said...

WTF is the black guy in the blue uniform with a blue & silver cap badge? If he's a Harrods Security guard telling them he can detain them out on an open pavement they should just tell him to FRO.

Chris said...

They were using a poor pretext to make their point but otherwise, excellent work.

Anonymous said...

How excruciatingly embarrassing (for the Police).
Lest we forget. Prior to 1997 we had enough laws, many that had been used and tested in stated cases over many years.
Since then we have law after law. Many so badly written and grey that they can be construed as many things.
The Police are now useless. They cannot keep up and unfortunately have made it very clear that they will do this Governments dirty work.
Rough times ahead.

Ron Broxted said...

How long do we have to put up with these useless and dangerous buffoons?

Useless plod said...

God help us. No wonder they fuck up so often.

catflap said...

Fucking Specials.
The point is still the same though.
The Police and judicary have given up on real criminals.
Their purpose now it seems, is to criminalise the law abiding,deny them justice and prevent victims from seeking justice of their own.

Not A Racist Yet said...

Baboons more like.
Its like watching a very poor version of the planet of d apes, you know, where the guy crashlands back on what he thinks is earth yet its run by chimpanzees.

Speak the lingo twat said...

How many times does she say " pardon me?" She clearly has trouble understanding English never mind her job FFS!

bofl said...

how depressing.....the british public being harrassed by foriegners!!!!!!

they will shit on us all day.yet ask them to do something and they chicken out!

Let's invade Switzerland!! said...

World powers have reacted with outrage to a call by Colonel Gaddafi of Libya for holy war on the "obscene, infidel" state of Switzerland.

"Those who destroy God's mosques deserve to be attacked through jihad, and if Switzerland was on our borders, we would fight it," he said. "Jihad against Switzerland, against Zionism, against foreign aggression is not terrorism."

"He called for a boycott of Switzerland by the Islamic world. "Any Muslim in any part of the world who works with Switzerland is an apostate, is against Mohammad, God and the Koran," he said.

"The masses of Muslims must go to all airports in the Islamic world and prevent any Swiss plane landing, to all harbours and prevent any Swiss ships docking, inspect all shops and markets to stop any Swiss goods being sold."

"If these reports are correct, they come at an unfortunate moment," a spokesman for Baroness Ashton, the EU's foreign policy representative, said.

Friends of Geert said...

Here in Amsterdam we are increasingly worried by the fascist action against Geert & the corruption & political interference with the Judges.

Please offer what support you can to Geert - as the BBC in your country refuses to report the trial it is up to you & me & freedom anti fascist peoples everywhere to fight the fascist tyranny that moves against us all.

Today it is Geert - tomorrow it will be you.

Help us fight this new European fascism.

RantinRab said...

Do the Swiss have ships?

microdave said...

What Chris said..

Anonymous said...

"If these reports are correct, they come at an unfortunate moment," a spokesman for Baroness Ashton, the EU's foreign policy representative, said."

Gaddafi & communist Baroness Cathy Ashton have alot in common.

Niether has ever faced an electorate.

Friends of Geert - we stand ready.

Just fuck off you stpuid cunts said...

Let's be honest though. If them pair of tiddly idiots came up to me, I'd just piss myself laughing.

The whole fuckin mess is like some cosmic farce.

How can them tiny wee cunts be in the police. No wonder they're afraid to go into a pikie camp.

This whole social engineering politically correct shite just has to stop. It's destroying everything it touches.

I am Stan said...

I`ve got a Harrods mug you know!

WV-squati hahahaha

Anonymous said...

SO what happened next?

Anonymous said...

"Ron Broxted, 26 February 2010 15:33

How long do we have to put up with these useless and dangerous buffoons?"

Just until we get a BNP government McEgan. That's how long.

Anyway, what's your problem ? You *love* coons don't you ?

Anonymous said...

'Paedophile Suspect' For Taking Son's Photo

You could NOT make this shit up !

Copshop said...

You know one reason why they dropped the W from WPC?
Because in force/orders the amount of WPCs going out on a sick pension was a fucking embaressment.
Not willing to do 30 years.
Not willing to simply resign.
No,they have to leave because of a bogus injury and get an enhanced pension.
For every Male PC who WILL do his thirty years, you have to recruit,train,moddycoddle and pension off, THREE WPCs.
If the force is unlucky the WPCs will sue for some old bollocks as well.
Ethnic minority ratios aren't much better.
At the rate we are going Police forces will be reduced to pension administrators with no cops on the street.

Stan said...

Oh and a thingy you put used tea bags in/on. yeah! on, no in!, er!

opsimath said...

Ampers said: The police are no longer friends of the public. I have helped the police in trouble three times in my life but if I saw one in danger now, I wouldn't walk away. I'd stand and watch. And then walk away.

I wouldn't piss on one if he/she was on fire.

Wossat? said...

The BS on the shoulder tab. Same as the BS coming out of the dumb bitch's gob?

Stan said...

House warming at my gaff....loads of hot birds and buff twinks,booze,drugs n samosa`s.

Bring a cd.

banned said...

I got the distinct impression that the lady officer with hair braids would have been very happy getting ready with the electic shock treatment perhaps follwed with a bit of dogs at the bollox action.

Rogerborg said...

So disappointed. I wanted to see the midget "coppers" start laying into the insufferable Hoorah Hippies. That'd be a win-win. What a wash out.

Anonymous said...

There will be a rally at 12.00 at the House of Lords on Friday 5th March in support of Geert Wilders as he shows his film FITNA in the Lords

desperate dave lammy said...

yes, i think the penny's finally dropped with you lot. you're not allowed to film us, but we're allowed to film you, got it? for bloggers, this means we were authorized to set up a joint cia-mi5 undercover operation to infiltrate, carry out surveillance on, and manipulate the rampant virus otherwise known as the british political blogging community. it was funded via a 'truth and reconciliation program' run by a bogus non-government organisation in nigeria, called cash-for-porkies. as you may appreciate, reconciling nigerians with the truth is a long arduous and highly sophisticated job, which requires the specialist services of many highly skilled psychologists - thus we were easily able to divert millions towards our ultimate cause. well, at least i hope so anyway - because when i read some of the vile anti-obama comments on this particular site, i sometimes wonder whether the cash went to the right accounts...

incidentally, before you all start screaming that this ghost-writing department is a gross abuse of public money, i can assure you that we now self-fund to a certain degree - by selling pieces of commercially sensitive information to the local cops, business corporations and other interested private individuals.

guido spooks said...


well, don't blame me for the leaks - i got my pay-offs, as did all my sub-snoops, and we carried out orders to the letter. we're real pro propagandists, you know.

caesars wife said...

Boycott swiss goods ?? Jihad against the country of fine chocolate and emmental cheese as well as respected pocket tool kits/knifes .

Ye gods what is the world comming to.

Anonymous said...

Now a publican jailed for allowing smokers. How can we let this continue!

bofl said...

roger bore.....

you are pathetic............

let's hear some of your solutions?

did you protest with the sdl?

did you go for a walk on nov.5th?

i do not remember spaeking to you pver a john smiths lager?

bofl said...

too much stella....'speaking' and 'over'...

by the way .nige was right.the dutch hate the effing belgians.

most famous belgian? roger bore!

woman on a raft said...

Caesar's wife 23:57

Cuckoo clocks, you forgot the cuckoo clocks, although whether this should be regarded as in their favour is another question.

Shithouse Britain said...

The back-up unit didn't seem in too much of a hurry to turn up, did it? I expect the regular plod was having a fucking good laugh at these coons being given the run-around by two blokes with megaphones!! ROTFL!!!!

Rogerborg said...

Fair point, bofl. I wish I'd been there when your adorable little walk "solved" whatever it is you think the problem is. Most likely the last thing your case worked read to you from the Daily Hate. Here, he missed this one: slaaaaaaaaags

Maturecheese said...

Nice to see affirmative action in full swing:-)

Maturecheese said...

opsimath said...

Ampers said: The police are no longer friends of the public. I have helped the police in trouble three times in my life but if I saw one in danger now, I wouldn't walk away. I'd stand and watch. And then walk away.

And that is because every year that goes by, the Police move further and further away from the very people they are supposed to represent. Their priorities are not ours and in a lot of cases they are alien to us. As a young man I saw the Police as the opposition but respected them, now as a middle aged man, they unfortunately are still the opposition but deserve absolutely no respect. I think I had better point out that I am not a criminal.

Anonymous said...

Two foreigners who can hardly speak English, let alone understand trying to tell another foreigner,wathched and engaged by other foreigners that they can't speak in public. My Grandad will be really pleased he spilled his guts in France for this fucking shit.

johnny nunsuch said...

I wonder how many real crimes where committed while these three idiots were doing that if we then extrapolate that figure it makes you want to cry

bofl said...

roger bore- the 'problem' is that the uk is now a shithole with the people in charge believing that they are deities and above the law.

where everyone is bought and paid the fucking rest of us!

go to aushwitz and see what happens when a load of nutters are allowed to take over a country.......

i asked you a while back for your ideas.........oddly ia m still waiting............

and yes,a lot of uk girls are slags.......go on holiday and you can spot them a mile off..the locals are all smartly dressed,the danes,the germans,the dutch all pristine..the uk tarts are all fat ,pissing in the street,eating kebabs and getting fucked by loads of 'geezers'.!

Anonymous said...

Listen whitey, this is our country now

Rogerborg said...

Why must you harp on about the past, bofl? We've established by now that going for a walk in costumes solved all that. Move on, man.

@Maturecheese said... I think I had better point out that I am not a criminal.

I think I had better point out that you almost certainly are; you just haven't been caught yet. It is not possible to live a normal life in modern Britain while staying within the bounds of each and every law.

I mean, it wasn't possible until bofl and OH and the other Costumed Heroes struck a mortal blow to the State on November 5th 2009, a wound that will bring the whole edifice crashing down any second now.

Anonymous said...

Both females were members of the 'Special Constabulary', they have full warranted powers of a regular police constable but limited training (they even get free travel on the buses and trains I believe). I'm not sure about the nationality requirments for the job as both were not British (in origin I hasten to add) one being from Africa the other from eastern Europe by the limited sound of her. The male uniformed ignoramus was a PCSO, supposedly there for public reassurance but in reality to allow the polcie to recruit all sorts of people from our wonderfully diverse society and thus be more representative of the various communities. He too had seemingly just got off the boat from Nigeria.

All were clueless and had no idea about the law relating to this scenario. I doubt they have much of a grip on any other aspects of the criminal law they are supposed to uphold, especailly the contentious operation of Stop & Search as well as the policy on Stop & Account - the latter being sheer drivel.
Using a loudspeaker can in some cirmumstances be a crime, it depends on the statute and the manner in which it is being used as wella s the time of day. These three allowed the users of the loudspeaker to make their point. They should have just walked away - end of problem. Harrods should know the law as most of their senior security staff are retired Old Bill - maybe they enjoy a larf too.

Yes they are ignorant, thick people - these representatives of authority but it isn't their fault they are allowed to ponce around making cocks of themselves.

Looking at it another way I would suggest you take full advantage , the danger will be when they KNOW what they are doing.

bofl said...

roger- still waiting for your plans old chap......

tell me how much you love being fucked up the arse by the govt. lords,plod,utilities,railways,the tax man etc..............


Lion of England said...

Just to put you in the PICTURE,We do not have a Democracy and we have not since
1945. there are no controls, nor checks
to make sure that Government serves its
People and not itself or those with power and Money,Since 1945 the Controls and Checks have been Eaten Away.
And what we now Have is nothing more than a one man,Political party DICTATORSHIP,
The prime Quisling has the power He controls everything,the Justice,the Police
the Complete civil Service along with his Quislings Mandy and b-liar Mandy and B-liar are the controllers of Brown
But he is The Boss man,and no Minster,civil Servant not even your
Opposition can do a thing about it,your
Prime Quislings go behind closed doors and Decides what their next traitorous plan will be,No body has anything to say, toe the PARTY Line and that is all and or be out of your Job. PMQs is the biggest Farce what there is to see in T.v YOU THE PEOPLE OF THIS Great island
done,Solution= more CCTV,id cards RING A BELL?

Do not be fooled any more Take your COUNTRY BACK IT IS SO Easy Peace to you all.

Marcellus said...

It is going to be interesting to find out.

What happens when a people keep on being BETRAYED by ALL the broadcast media and (with few but notable exeptions) ALL the politicians.

Will they continue to roll over or will other methods of resistence be developed to grab power back from the scum in charge?

Lion of England said...

All i can say, to the people is do not vote for any of the political party's
because you are only getting the same but
with a different color Tie, give someone else a try,worse than these snouts in the trough,Europlonkers,

Rogerborg said...

bofl, old spunk, I'm not sure where you're getting the idea that I have or ever claimed or hinted at having a solution.

While I do actually agree that there is a problem, and that the State is rotten to the core and bloating further every day, my presence here, on this site, is for my amusement.

The angrier you Freemenites get when your bluff is called and your childish egos popped, the funnier you become.

What you are doing, making your tiny token protests, is noble, and good, and just, and right. And futile. Hilariously, delusionally, barking at the moon futile. The State won't even bother to crush you, because you are beneath its contempt. At most, you've managed to irritate a few insignificant street Plod, although their reaction also seems mostly to be mirth at your capering.

But making a difference? "Solving" anything? Don't make me laugh.

Actually, please do. That's why I'm here after all.

Anonymous said...

You know when you think about it there are so many names for coons, niggers, jungle bunnies the list is endless but they have only one name for white people. Boss.

Lion of England said...

EAST GERMANY IS NOT DEAD! they just moved to England and became Nuke Labor but they did not take the wall with them,perhaps
we should build it around London,to keep all the MAD HATTERS IN?

bofl said...

roger- just taking the piss is not big or are like so many sheep-just sitting back and moaning and doing FUCK ALL!

you agree that there is a problem-but you personally dont have the bollocks to do ANYTHING about it!


until you do find some just fuck off-

i wait with baited breath for your actions being beamed around the globe!!!!!!

a protest may be futile-but it sets an example and possibly gives hope to others........

i hope you find my point of view amusing.

Marcellus said...

What hope is there when 95% of the population are brainwashed by the broadcast media?

Anonymous said...

Off topic but apt ("Where does this all stop?"), pub landlord Nick Hogan has now been jailed for 6 months for allowing people to smoke in his pub. Remember, the pub is his private property. On top of that HE didn't do anything - it was an act committed by another person. And finally, that heinous act was the smoking of a legal product that raises over £10,000,000,000 per annum for the Exchequer.

Good job the Government let all those criminals out early, eh, oherwise where else would such dangers to society be put?

Remember, this comes days after Labour saying it was a massively popular law because it had 95% compliance. If it's so poular why the need for such draconian action? Remember, Nick did nothing - it isn't illegal to not prevent others committing a crime. If I see a granny being skull-fucked by a gang of AIDS-ridden terrorists I am not obliged, legally, to stop it. Yet here we see a man getting 6 months for not stopping someone.... from smoking a cigarette. On his own property. Come on OH, pick this story up.

basil, the bastard blogger of basingstoke said...


an englishman's home is his pub, i say. i don't stand for any nonsense in mine, of course - but there's nothing i hate more than interfering pipsqueak health and safety inspectors performing undercover investigations on my damn flowerbeds. and whilst we're on the subject of subterranean homebreaking scum - why have i got a bunch of bloody journalists trying to crawl up my arse?

manual said...


i know naaaaarfink

Anonymous said...

I can only repeat the same words used about the other videos on OH blog where Police exceed their powers. Scary. Our country is becoming a scary place and the Police have just become an arm of the politicised organisation called Labour Party and is a sham for the Police Force that once was held in such respect.
Large tall men, using discretion patrolled our streets took no shit from criminal wrong doers, but now we seem to have midgets who have difficulty speaking English who demand respect, harass people for taking photos whilst allowing crooks, robbers and criminals to walk around with impunity and the public are left to fend for themselves, Shocking stuff.
The UK is becoming a lookalike scary, Stasi like place. Cleary the Love Police were not committing any offences and the two female Police Officers were too thick to know the laws that they need to Police the streets. As for the PCSO he has no power to detain unless for an arrestable offence. The Love Police y should have walked off.
The Met Police quota of racial, sexual and ethnic mix have been full filled, so everything is hunky dory in the land of the Labour takeover of political Police.
Scary stuff.

Catflap said...

When John Reid was given shit by that big muslim fucker(Good),the only uniformed cop in the room was a 4foot ethnic, who I think forgot what his job was until prompted by someone else.

Gordon the Termite Eater said...

"When does it stop"

It doesn't.

Clive said...

Blood sports in the Guardian, as some demented Scotch cunt begs for his political life:

Charon QC said...

OH - an excellent film - the makers were informed, measured, polite and, made their point.

I am astonished that a police officer could be so badly informed - worrying

Anonymous said...

Immediately I started watching this clip I knew how it was going to go. I think a brief exchange of pleasantries, an assessment that the situation did not involve criminal behaviour, then a little humerous banter and move on to something else. At most I think a little warning that they did not escalate their behaviour - but that is the value of having experienced coppers on the beat with the ability to communicate with people

Maturecheese said...

Rogerborg 15:22

You are right, unfortunately.

William Flack said...

Excellent film. Respect due

It is good to know that it is not a crime to film the police. I thought that this had been banned.

Its good to see white people being hassled by black police for the first time in my life. If it had been the other way round the two black film makers would be in hospital and then be charged with assaulting police officers by the end of the clip. Whatever you say about the special and the others not knowing the law etc they were still polite and respectful for which they should be given some credit.

Catflap said...

Anon 16:34,
Very good point, but as I said before it is the innocent that have been made the target.
A big fat target that will always cough up fines and be scared into compliance.
If the government wants to ban smoking in pubs then THEY should provide coppers at the door to enforce it.
The government wants to stop kids buying booze then THEY should provide coppers at the tills to enforce the rules.
Governments have created a society of fearless drunken yobs and expects landlords,barmen and checkout girls to run the risk of abuse and assault to enforce these laws.Not only without backup, but with the knowledge that they will be the ones in the shit with the law if they don't challenge an abusive violent cunt.

Lion of England said...

IF we got rid of Religion, we would all be Happy,we ourselves make the problems.
i was born free of religion but my parents,the church ,and Government stamped it on my brain thanks to my own thoughts i have shaken it off, by whose right have they taken it upon themselves
to do so?
my schools, the media,the priests,the imams who read the Bible or the Koran
have read these books, and have adjusted it to the own views and their own personal ideas of how they see the world

The only thing i needed to learn in my upbringing is quite simply common law,that
is not to steal,not to kill or Injure others not to cause damage to their property.
we are all to concerned with the crap of religion,it blinds us,and divides us
because it was designed to do so.
personally i don`t give a monkeys if some one wants to pray to Mikey mouse
as long as they leave me and my family
alone and pray at home and leave our town and city's alone keep your religion to yourself,But they cant do it,they persistently push ban all religions
for the good of Mankind.

Catflap said...

Just to ask if there are any legal brains who can answer this.
Would 'I was scared to enforce the law' be a defence for Landlords, barstaff and shopworkers should they find themselves in the shit with the law?

Furor Teutonicus said...

Why do they have to hae "Police Officer" written on their jackets?

Is that incase the Public, or THEY forget who they are?

Reminds me of the sad bastards at my firts school who would go around the play ground saying "I am a Dalek, I am a Dalek". A robot with an identity cerisis is much less dangerous than a supossed copper with one.

Anonymous said...

They should sue for this illegal arrest, that would be a laugh.

caesars wife said...

In case you havent heard OH Rosie Gray has passed away , and will be sorely missed !

As for post what the hell is this bloke doing chokey for , isnt there better crimes for prison places, if that is it was a crime in the first place.

Whose his MP ?

Gladys Pew said...

William Flack you are a feckin eejit.

These pretend police officers were an embarrassment to the Police Service. This country has been dumbed down and Stasi'd up to the point where 40 feckin % of the population would emmigrate if they had the chance. That's a feckin national scandal. Why does the BBC and the media not see this as a story? Oh hang on I know why, they are corrupted by the same festering Nu Labour scum as the criminal so called justice system and the entire public sector.

Hell and handcart are words that spring to mind.

Mr Blank said...

this makes me cringe!!!

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