Monday, 15 February 2010

Twitter Wars

If you haven't joined in yet, please do. Great fun.

#ivenevervotedtory and #ivenevervotedlabour

UPDATE: Telegraph has it


Ampers said...

Hahahaha... clever marketing...

Bill Sticker said...

Nice tits BTW. Unlike the two tits at the bottom of the piece.

Anonymous said...

Heard the one about the Sheriff of Aberdeen Graeme Buchanon,Hollie Greig the downs syndrome girl,and the reporter Robert Green?
It's a corker.

mk_rev said...

I would estimate that of the #ivenevervotedtory tweets:

5% were genuine

45% were just retweets of NuLab lines by the righteous, with NuLab roses in their avatars FFS

50% were abuse, some of which I am proud.

Anonymous said...

Had enormous fun, but it would seem 95% of the #ivenevervotedtory posts were bot-generated Retweets of previous pap.

What a bunch of cunts.

Anonymous said...

Twitter is now beyond operational capacity, thanks to the NuLab auto-posters.

A bit like Gordon's brain.

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