Wednesday, 17 February 2010

Tory HQ in tatters


Watcher said...

OH, on the subject of Tories, I have just seen Theresa May MP on Sky pontificating about the need to create jobs and what a terrible state the economy is in and whatnot. Like she really gives a shit! Talk about mendacious! BTW, there's something deeply creepy about her. I reckon she's one of these reptilians that David Icke is always warning us about. In any event, she is one ugly, creepy, swivel-eyed Jewish shape-shifter to say the least.

Ampers said...

Ah! A Jew Hater? You should learn to hide your prejudices, you may work for a Jew one day LOL

Eric Von Pickles said...

We will not tolerate rumours, or rumours of rumours!

Anonymous said...

Israel Ueber alles!

Anonymous said...

Blame OH for the "watcher" style comments - all part of the ICKE crap that find its way here.

WV: DosType

TheBigYin said...

Oh when will this ever stop? This footage has been so bastardised to reflect the mood of bloggers tastes ad infinitum. If I was a German I'd say WTF!

Can we get to the scene where Hitler shoots himself and his smoking lieutenants light up a ciggy while looking at his rotting corpse?

Watcher said...

Ampers, I will never work for greedy, money-grubbing Kikes. The truth is, they work for ME. I do very nicely thank you out of all the money the slimy cunts pay me. For once, the boot is on the other foot. LOL!!!!!

Hairy Arsed Bloke said...

Excellent stuff OH. It captures the problem with both parties: they don’t have a fucking clue. They are all devoid of any new ideas.

And, yes the ‘downfall’ videos
have been done to death.

Dick the Prick said...

One of the better ones. Cheers.

Catflap said...

The Cons stance on the environment says it all.
Despite a recent poll showing the majority of the people think AGW is shit Osbourne announces some bollocks about 'Green Banks'.
Forget the science.
The Cons who want the majority of peoples votes should DO what the majority of fucking people want.
Folk say,
"Ah, but he must win the election first".
Oh right,so I have to believe there is some unspoken Tory grand plan.
We have had a LabCon coalition government for at least 50 fucking years.

418 said...

Well done OH.

Anonymous said...

Hairy-Arsed Bloke, why do you have comments disabled on your blog? Those of us who have been following your intrepid but futile attempts to get yourself organised are unable to provide you with the tips and inspiration you so obviously need!

Von Pickles said...

Forward with

Hairy Arsed Bloke said...

Anon 14:46 "Hairy-Arsed Bloke, why do you have comments disabled on your blog?"

News to me. Others are able to manage it.

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