Thursday, 25 February 2010

Tobacco Peddlers or Pederasts?

Uproar in France today, as the group 'Droits des Non Fumeurs' - DNF reveal their new anti-smoking advertisement.

The visual and written allusion to forced oral sex by the hand placed on the head, and the cigarette appearing to emerge from the fly area of the adult male is reinforced by the accompanying slogan reading 'smoking is the worst submission'.

The French Health Minister, Roselyne Bachelot, has described the advertisements as 'innappropriate' at a time when the French parliament is in the middle of passing a law cracking down on online paedophilia.

Family Minister, Nadine Moranao, has called for the advertisements to be banned on public taste grounds.

Yves Trevilly, the French spokesman for British American Tobacco in France, has denounced the advertisement for effectively branding tobacco sellers 'paedophiles or rapists'.

Strong passions - it seems that France is about to enter a period of vicious infighting between the righteous who denounce tobacco and those who support a major French industry, in which a 'below the belt' advertisement is not considered 'below the belt'.


BTS said...

These people are raving lunatics - everyone knows that you place both hands firmly on top of the head..

Captain Ranty said...


I was taught to grab the ears.

Tomayto/tomarto, I spose.


wv = suctinsm. Close enough.

I am Stan said...

No no noooo,its one hand at the back of the head the other hand is for smoking and drinking,or fishing or throwing darts..whatever!

E said...

"...the cigarette appearing to emerge from the fly area of the adult male "

Actually, "...the cigarette appearing to emerge from the fly area of the white adult male

Oldrightie said...

Shouldn't this be Belgium?

Rogerborg said...

One hand in the hair, another under the chin. N00bs.

BTS said...

I've just heard that, not to be outdone, ASH are hastily putting together a collection of posters showing smokers skullfucking 2 year-olds..

thelunaticarms said...

BNP - Dirty Nasty French!

No wonder God built the English Channel.

thelunaticarms said...

D'uh! - so used to typing the BNP moniker, stuck that in my earlier comment.

Meant to be DNF - Dirty Nasty French... I'll get my coat.

Catflap said...

Can us smokers have our own motorways and roads so we don't have to breath the fumes from non smokers fucking cars?

weric said...

E said: "Actually, "...the cigarette appearing to emerge from the fly area of the white adult male"

Backwards. If anything the fags are emerging from the mouths of the (old looking) youths.

G String down-Anusol Up said...

BJs are so yesterday.
The fags should be sticking in/out the youths arses.
Girls taking it up the shitbox is now the in thing.
I have sunk my pension pot into Anusol shares, expecting a healthy return on a predicted spread of prolapsed arseholes.

jocelyn jack esien said...


oh fuck off esien

obama - the ditch messiah said...


superb campaign, you can never promote death enough man

Mrs OH said...

Do they really grow that big?

poisoned choc-absorber said...

heavenly arsecracks, the shit that gets spouted around's a fucking wonder you haven't got injuncted yet old ho mate?

moanica by flickasho said...


you're obviously a cigar-lover like me honey

to weep perchance to scream said...


in fact, suing people for breeches of health and safety is generally considered counter-productive - as it reduces the party's capacity to invest in future environmental improvement. and this is where a perfunctory punch on the nose becomes a socially conscious act.

mcq said...

the french are just so cold and clinically chic

trevor fitlips said...

18:53, 22:52

yes, a black male with a big fat spliff would have been more acceptable multi-culturally

jocelyn jack esien said...


you brother, are a big fat black chauvinist pig with pink spots...what about the ethnic under-representation of bi-polar black bitches here? why don't we get to take these parts.

Anonymous said...

I suppose it'll be Golden showers with drinkers next.

caesars wife said...

Dont know what BAT are complaining about , they have got product placement before any act has taken place , rather than the once familiar iconic post act scene of lighting up.

like all good socialist ecnomics , they never tell you that without the tax revenue from smoking , they would have to put it somewhere else , hence despite all the talk they never banned it.

To rectify the smoking cost/tax balance would take a long time in that once the costs of dealing with smoking related ill health had worked out of the system would be about 20 yrs , the better health (assuming people do other healthy things as well which I doubt) would reduce NHS spending , as you would need less treatment for chronic effects of circulatory and lung ailments.

No one has ever made the case/proved though that the spending would ever decrease by as much as the smoking tax take by the government.

The freedom aspect is the line most people get upset about which CW has sympathies for .However CW thinks at some point the land will be needed to produce somthing of far more value than tabbaco .

scrumpy said...


is that like cider with rosie?

desperate dave lammy said...


no, i'm afraid it's got to be me and the president's cuban

thefrollickingmole said...

No no no!!!
Youve all got it wrong.

TRhis is the new product "Kidarrettes", made to defend kids from pedos.

The catchy slogan "aim for the hogs eye"was supposed to be released in the teaser campaign last week.

Made to burn hotter, longer and with more afterburn.

And it should be one hand pinching the nose shut and the other on the back of the head...or so Ive seen in some European art films... (well they were speaking in german)

Sigmund Freud's Guilty Conscience said...

Sometimes a cigarette is just a cigarette.

Ivor Bigot said...

This and a few more "shock tactic" ads here

Emily Fuckcock said...

How is cock sucking any more an act of submission than cunt sucking?

Surely it's just a means of mutual pleasuring.

The real problem here, as in so much else, is that you've got a group of feminazis who think they know better than everyone else.

What's really pissing them off is that women are choosing to be women and doing as they do.

The internet shows us that the feminazis were liars all along and that men were not making them do anything at all. Of their own volition they're acting out their natural behaviours.

Next they'll be wanting to ban the internet because it disagrees with their puritanical drivel.

AndrewWS said...

Mistranslation, I'm afraid. In the ones you show here, the slogan is "to smoke is to be a tobacco slave".

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