Friday, 19 February 2010

Shot Yourself In The Foot Again, Jonah!

Top Shagger Thomas Legg

I am mightily amused by the story on Coffeehouse about the disgusting hypocrite Harriet Harpy and how she has prevented Sir Thomas Legg-over from pontificiating over the MP's expense claims rejected by the Fee-ble Office.

Considering what they accepted as being "within the rules" I think it would have been highly entertaining as well as informative to find out what the cunts were trying on but not getting away with.

However, the thing that amused me (apart from the embarrassment that must accrue to the old bitch) is that it seems "Sir" (John) Thomas was infamous in his previous incarnation as Permanent Secretary at the Lord Chancellor’s Office for over-stepping his remit.

And yet Jonah chose this safe pair of hands to investigate the stinking dunghill of MP's expenses.
No wonder Jonah has to watch his back for fear of aggrieved victims of Legg-over getting direct revenge.

The Penguin


as a working class Brummie I say I will never vote Labour again said...

My fellow Brummies will never vote for Harpys commie husband.

The court of public opinion in Birmingham has a nasty judgement in store for the Harperson family.

Captain Haddock said...

Christ Almighty .. was he really a "top shagger" ?

I hadn't realised that there were so many sadly desperate women around ...

If he had hair, he'd remind me of the bloke who played Standartenfuhrer Kessler in Secret Army ..

Anonymous said...

I read about this bollocks on my way home from work tonight. If an MP claims for something regardless of whether it's re-imbursed or not we should have a right to know what they've tried to claim. As per the Spectator link. Attempted Fraud is a crime is it not?


It makes me feel a little more justified in what I'm doing with my site whether people like it or not :-)

Olly C

PS: Anyone with intimate knowledge of the Fraud Act of 2006 and how to go about laying a charge against some one with ref to that particular act please get in touch... Contact details on YBC

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