Sunday, 14 February 2010

A picture paints a thousand words..

A Times reporter, Dominic Kennedy being "removed" from the ultra left wing BNP meeting today. As Walter Wolfgang proved, what they do to them, tomorrow they will do to us

“Because he is from The Times, which is owned by Rupert Murdoch, and it lies and it lies and it lies about this party - Nick Griffin

Note the black Kevlar sand filled security gloves in the photo. They really pack a punch. standard BNP issue?

Full story HERE

How the BNP deals with "critics"


OH noi better than the scum media said...

Not sure where you are drawing the comparison here OH, seems a rather incoherent post.

The propagandist (he is not a reporter) wasn't invited dispite what he claims, he lied about the party and was asked to leave and then refused and resisted.

He was removed with minimum fuss

someone standing up to the corrupt press has to be welcomed.

However the Labour incident, was an attack on a paying member who was invited, someone who had every right to make a comment.

There is no paralell here.

Other than the same dirty tactics the media use, you use yourself!

The Thunderer said...

A Murdoch "Journalist".
From the Hillsborough School of truth no doubt.

king chillout said...

He was asked to leave an event that he wasn't invited to. He refused and then was forcibly removed.

The only reason it is newsworthy is because it was the BNP who removed him.

All the BNP ask is that reporters report the truth.....and this makes the BNP the bad guy ?

Only in todays Britain.

Old Holborn said...

I'm a grown up

He's a journalist. I'll make my own mind up about what he writes, in the same way i can make my own mind up about what Polly Toynbee writes

Sorry, guys. No press equals no freedom. If this was a Scargill or Galloway meeting, i suspect you'd be on my side.

JPT said...

Good enough for him.

Old Holborn said...

Would you be saying the same if it was ME being ejected by my nose?

Ethan said...

OH -No press equals no freedom.

I agree but that wasn't the case. Other reporters were invited and remained. They simply took exception to the Times following the Time's hatchet job on one Richard Barmbrook. Whoever the heck he is....

Gobshite said...

Didn't Alex Ferguson have the same sort of policy with one of the media outlets? Why should the BNP not have the right to refuse a newspaper access to them?

The mistake the BNP made was to let him get access in the first place.

I smell a setup here. The BNP were dumb enough to take the bait by the looks of it. Journalists are not known for taking a principled stand, are they?

And OH, the press is not, and has never been 'free'. They are just as political, and involved in propaganda as the political parties themselves.

They are far from being the freedom-fighting little angels that they sometimes think they are.

Which is why the internet, and political blogging is so much fun.

Guthrum said...

"He was removed with minimum fuss"

Blimey- what happens when there is a bit of fuss !

When in a hole stop digging! said...

OH your posts and comparisons get dumber by the second.

king chillout said...

Would you be saying the same if it was ME being ejected by my nose?

yes,if you had been printing bullshit about the BNP or any party, in an attempt to discredit them.

Why would anyone want someone in their house if you knew the moment they left they would be telling lies about you ?

He just got what he deserved. But I bet he got the shock of his life when probably for the first time ever someone said piss off you are not wanted.

It should happen to the press a lot more. A free press does not mean they are free to to lie.

Guthrum ande OH apply to the Sun for a job! said...

Guthrum said...
"He was removed with minimum fuss"

Blimey- what happens when there is a bit of fuss !

14 February 2010 22:32

Ever tried to removed a full grown bloke resisting with all their force through small doorways without ijuring the guy Guthrum?

Guthrum back to his usual imbecilic form.

You and OH should write for the Sun!

the dishwashing queen said...

what a strange co-incidence - i too had to throw an interfering white cunt out of my office today.

Kit said...

I don't think it is reasonable to equate freedom of the press with some 'right' for the press to trespass in private meetings.

If an organisation doesn't want an univited guest in their meeting they have the right to eject them. It doesn't matter if they are the BNP or Scargill or the Barnsley Brass Band Association.

It does highlight how crass the BNP are, but it isn't a freedom of the press issue.

Anonymous said...

OH, I'm glad to see most of the posters here understand what was going on. You pretend to be non-conformist,OH, but your blog says otherwise.

Free Press? said...

Read the tone of the article and decide if you would let these unbiased and balanced news reporters into your meetings.

Culumn inches for the Libertarians a bit lacking eh! said...


Good publicity, making an example of the lying press.

for the BNP it is win, win.

Only the anto BNP goons will see this as a negative, but then when the BNP gives money to charity these same people see it as a negative.

reading through the papers own write up and comments reveals two things -

1. The paper gave an accurate account - win to the BNP

2. A good percentage of the comments from the papers own readers are in support of the BNPs actions.

Hardly crass, unlike your moronic conclusion.

How is the Libertarian party doing these days?

Many column inches? - NUFF said!

Nothing less than Pravda said...

OH think we have a free press!

Funniest thing I have read in a long time, we have propagandists for corporate owners that control the puppet parties for their own interests.

Boats, Mandy, Murdoch, Cameron, Rothschilds, Osborne, Bilderbergers - ring any bells?

No? Do some research!

"We are grateful to The Washington Post, The New York Times, Time Magazine and other great publications whose directors have attended our meetings and respected their promises of discretion for almost forty years. It would have been impossible for us to develop our plan for the world if we had been subject to the bright lights of publicity during those years. But, the work is now much more sophisticated and prepared to march towards a world government. The supranational sovereignty of an intellectual elite and world bankers is surely preferable to the national autodetermination practiced in past centuries." David Rockefeller, Bilderberger, founder of the Trilateral Commission, in an address to a meeting of The Trilateral Commission, in June, 1991.

mandiba - a decent, humble, humanitarian man who earned the right to be prince of his people said...


unfortunately, i never got around to throwing the whites out of my yard and they continue to breed discontent amongst us. the cheeky cunts are using our money to corrupt our own political leaders.

Ron Broxted said...

I used to be a doorman at a Gay Club. I only got the job because the manager wanted to bone me. I should explain, I am on the small side and not very muscular due to the fact that although I visited the gym a lot it was just to blimp the other men in the changing room and showers...Oooh matron. I digress however, the thing is I know from personal experience that it is not easy to force an unwilling man through a narrow doorway into a shithouse cubicle to bone him, or tickle his tonsils with my manhood......Grrrr Slurp slurp. The BNP are entitled to throw these spineless truth deniers out of their meetings.

the beast of clerkenwell said...

That fucking Trot had no more "right" to be in that room than he had to be in my house.

Anonymous said...

Only the anto BNP goons will see this as a negative, but then when the BNP gives money to charity these same people see it as a negative.

Wishful thinking. This wont play well however you try to spin it. It just looks like a bunch of thugs in action. As far as the Times article goes it didn't strike me as much different to what most of the media print. Though did you expect anything different? Most of the journos are lefties so it's hardly a shock when they give it their bias. As for Margaret Hodge's seat. I think she will probably retain it in no small part due to an anti BNP vote. It will be interesting to see how it turns out but man handling journalists at meetings wont garner a great deal of support I'm afraid despite what you think.

Anonymous said...

@ Anon 23.41

Fair enough. Maybe there was not enough time to send for a policeman to expel the journalist so it had to be done by security. After all this was a very important meeting and I don`t think they would have wanted it being held up.

But if this guy was writing outright lies about the BNP (taking it at face value) then it was totally ok to ask him to leave. And of course, he refused!

Ampers said...

What's all the fuss about. It's just the thugs behaving naturally. Of course they fear being reported. Surely we can all understand that. Sorry, OH, no news here.

Mind you, I still don't know which is the thug and which is the Times reporter :-)

caesars wife said...

Theres a bit of dejavue about this as most far left or right parties suddenly view the media as fith columists , its a fact of life that some media reporters are lefties in the case by the BBC a majority . Nick griffin goes through all the huff and puff of transforming his party and winning seats , candidates come forward , funds are raised , he gets the messages better more often , becomes positioned to have a chance at the general election .

Then the small party crops up, the one that met in pubs with 50 people based on conspiracies and crude views . By all accounts Barnbrook didnt want him there , nod to security , turf salaried journo out on his ear . Even if he was a propogandist , he had been invited ,they gave him directions.

bit of back to 70s moment for them , its in nearly every paper, i mean what if you were from the FT and disagreed with interest rate policy with them , would you get called a propogandist and beaten up ?? .

perhaps next time they will a run a "dry" event .

hangemall said...

O/T but this link concerning Iceland and Wikileaks might be interesting to some.

caesars bore - yawn said...

"caesars wife said..."

More bollocks

Gets your facts right, he was not invited, see BNP press officer Simon Darby's blog from a few days ago where he states the paper is unwelcome.

Still nice of you to be on the inside and know more than the party does about its own internal affairs.

Still you are at least consistant in the tripe you write.

Unpopular opinion! said...

OH your star rating seems to have taken a dive with this post, seems you and your glibertarian sychophants are at odds with the readers.

caesars wife said...

caesars bore , its on video he shot , he was invited in ! look at vid , who gave him directions?. In his times article with above photo hes just served his rough handling up for the public. open goal .
why didnt you just refuse him at the door ?? on issued press passes .

He may well have concealed who he was , but he was let in .

see the vid on bbc news and tell me how hes rigged it then ?

Anonymous said...

When the BNP are described as ultra left wing I feel no need to defend their antics. As right wingers I feel their hurt. This is dog-whistle politics at its best.

Anonymous said...

Journalist are paragons and should be given free access everywhere in order to write the truth.

Hmmmmm. There's something about that sentence that isn't quite right.

I wonder what it is?

Bingo ! I shouldn't have written the word 'truth'.

KG said...

"A free press does not mean they are free to to lie."
Too bloody right. Kennedy and his ilk have been spinning and lying and distorting the truth for years, and when somebody has the balls to stand up and say "enough!" you're shocked and disgusted?
You need a reality check. If the Libertarians were any kind of real threat to this government and the laughable "alternative" how well do you suppose they'd treat you?

Anonymous said...

the lying press support the liblabcon. They are bought and paid for. The BNP is the ONLY real resistance.

AnonyMong said...

I'm in two minds over this one.

Part of me thinks 'Good, a member of the liberal elite got booted out onto the street, quite literally..'

But then part of me thinks 'Hmmm, they could have done this without someone grabbing the guy by the face, that really doesn't look good at all...'

Kick the lying scumbag out onto the street by all means, but do it with a modicum of dignity.

As for OH's suggestions that this somehow contravenes some notion of freedom, why the fuck would anybody feel the need to co-operate with some left-liberal stitch-up operation run by a Zanu-Labour supporting rag ?

These cunts have been distorting the truth about what's going on in this country for years, so fuck 'em.

I think OH like to throw in the odd anti-BNP comment now and again to try and achieve some 'balance' on his blog.

Anonymous said...

The BNP don't like ze jooooz either, so why you no like them?

Anonymous said...

A free press does not mean they are free to to lie.


Where is the chapter on book burning in the BNP handbook

At least they are not a racist party anymore- phew!

Anonymous said...

I wait patiently for the day when Gordon Brown is removed from 10 Downing Street in the same manner.

As for the picture, I don't give shit who he is or represents, if asked to leave, go, or take the consequences.

I am Stan said...


The Nazis lose a few thousand more votes hahahahaha! CUNTS!....

I am Stan said...

Apparently non whites can now join the Nazi Party,mmmmmm best get to the bunker early ,I bet there`s a mad rush eh!

Ron Broxted said...

Does this now mean that if the party I support (BNP) has to allow black people to join its ranks, will the Black Police Association will be forced to allow White policemen and women to join? Will the have to be a Mans Hour on the BBC and not just Womans Hour? You can't have it both ways, well I can actually...Oooh matron. The scum left wing have infiltrated all areas of the media and government. They are the real fascists and enemies of freedom, not the right-wing. Well done BNP for chucking this ras clart out. You have to give Nick Griffin his jew, he talks sense unlike zanu-labour.

Anonymous said...

Old Holborn said...
I'm a grown up

He's a journalist. I'll make my own mind up about what he writes, in the same way i can make my own mind up about what Polly Toynbee writes

BUT Many read and Believe..

Anonymous said...

'Apparently non whites can now join the Nazi Party,mmmmmm best get to the bunker early ,I bet there`s a mad rush eh!'

The pathetic response to the threat to their working class vote by Labour is to make the BNP ' inclusive'

I do not know which of these lefties is the more laughable.

Anonymous said...

They have the right to throw any fucker out of their meeting. It's that freedom thing you keep bleating on about OH. Or does it only apply when it's your specially approved kind of freedom?

Anonymous said...

@I Am Stan "Apparently non whites can now join the Nazi Party..."

Pity I can't join those nazis in the NBPA.

BNP Black Members Branch said...

Pussies- real Nazis used rubber truncheons

Old Holborn said...

Give it time.....

Anonymous said...

OH you've gone down in my estimation. The bnp are the only party prpared to tell the truth that most english, welsh, scots irish think but daren't say because of the totalitarian mindlock the press and the other establishments have gripped us with. Don't play their game mate - its the ultimate cheap shot to have a dig at the bnp.

Dick the Prick said...

I got booted out of a union do for shouting Jarrow at probably the wrong time - whoops!

Sheeple only see and hear what they are programmed and conditioned to hear said...

Dominic (the state propagandist) shows himself to be a liar as well as stupid and I can use the posted video to reveal to you the truth.

In his sad excuse for an article he claims that he was invited into the EGM and that he finished up with a bloody nose. Now I am reliably informed that the above video, which was broadcast as shown above, has the sequence of events wrong - yes it is propaganda folks!

By showing Richard speaking to the hack at the end of the video they attempt to misinform the public by suggesting that hack was warned he was not wanted at the EGM after being expelled from the building. A completely different story, had they shown that the Times hack had entered the building despite being informed that he was not welcome there and therefore should have expected to have been expelled.

Notice how calm he is while Richard talks to him, hardly looks like someone with either a bleeding nose or someone who had just been in a tussle!

The lies they tell!

Now in previous articles covering this event, other reporters present reported that the Time hack had been expelled without suffering injury and certainly images I have seen show no signs of blood. I suspect that had there been any blood those images would have been on all the front pages today.

Yet so many sheeple here WANT to belive the lies, they have been programmed to believe.

and you wonder why the country i in such a mess!

thelunaticarms said...

Good, never liked the twat before and I'm not going to cry about him now.

So the Corporate Media (Globalists/Internationalists) have another go at a Nationalist party yet it goes over your head.

The ONLY suitable Government any nation should have, is a nationalist one.

You wouldn't want your council based at the other end of the country, so why should it be any different with our nation?

I think you LPUK should concentrate on making your own headlines instead of trying to piggy-back on others.

"As Walter Wolfgang proved, what they do to them, tomorrow they will do to us"

I'll go one further, for what they do today to the BNP, tomorrow they will do to all the fringe parties.

McEgan's boyfriend said...

Ron Broxted, you can stiffen up my long black truncheon any time you naughty little boy!

Btw, has anyone seen my boyfriend McEgan? He went for a walk in the woods...

Anonymous said...

Grabbing by the nose and twisting the neck is an old bouncer trick, it works in the same way as a halter works on horses.

It almost totally controls the subjects' movements without harming them, it just looks vile to the untrained eye.

If the bouncers really wanted to hurt him, they could have done so easily without looking brutal, all they need to do is arrange for him to be able to struggle enough to self-inflict damage.

Strategically, bouncing the scribbler was still a mistake by the BNP, because every time the BNP gets 'the treatment' by the papers, their popularity rises, so Mr. Griffin is making a mistake here kicking out his (unwitting) most effective PR staff...

Andy said...

The BNP have repeatedly wrote of this reporter slandering the BNP.

A known trouble causer. Who dyes his hair bright red. A propagandist. When recognised and told to leave and would not. He fought to stay in. These bouncers are fully professionally trained. Grabbing the nose to enforce discipline is what they do. They broke no law. The same sort at any political meet. Only these, being privately hired do not carry guns.

Back in 2004 in a disco There was a scrote who was trying to make fun of me to the lady I was with. The bouncers had to remove him in exactly the same manner.

I admire your blog a lot but here shows a weakness in your knowledge to this affair.

Anonymous said...

the person wot wrote this doesn't has good grammer

Andy said...


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